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等級4 2023-04-29
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Old school Cantonese dinner. My first time here since the move from Pottinger St. 2 floors to the restaurant. Table seating 16 on 4/f (with TV and sofa area); table seating 8 on 5/f.Here’s what we had. 黑毛豬叉燒 (第一刀)- really one of the best I have tried. 豉椒炒肚片- host thought chef made the 肚片 better than 肚尖 (too small).桂花炒魚翅- very soft and chewy. 燕窩鷓鴣粥- dish requested by me. Yum yum yum. 蒸方利- very big. 百寶炇大鴨- host said it was literally the best in town. My brother hated his, saying there was a strong gamey smell. No one else had the same problem. Mine tasted very nice and tender. Stuffing tasted so good. 鸽蛋蟹皇扒竹笙- also requested by me. The most unforgettable dish of the night. 沙嗲牛肉炒腸粉- surprisingly, was too spicy for me. 銀杏燉湘蓮Bday bonusOur BYOB lineup In summary: one word- Exceptional. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2021-08-30
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名人余錦基的「9號軟庫飯堂」不招乎非會員,因此之前只能久聞大名,今晚幸得朋友安排,隨行來一嚐心願。選址上環舊樓坊,分四樓五樓兩層,一梯一伙,踏出電梯已到,分客廳及飯廳,想不到裝潢新穎富色彩,若非疫情下限聚,長枱可容達15人。飯堂建議招牌餐單,盡顯70年代懷舊風采,不過並非每道皆是手工菜,每位盛惠$3000,是否物人所值見仁見智,畢竟鮑蔘翅肚有價,而且沒有大集團入貨量多的優惠,老闆志不在賺錢。 水準方面我覺得上半場較出色,黑毛豬肥燶叉燒近乎完美,玻璃大蝦球不會只爽無鮮味,焗釀鮮蟹蓋可能是吃過中最好,滋味古法佛跳牆,濃稠湯汁佐飯一流,百寶燉冬瓜盅非常清甜。不過,清蒸海方利、茶皇煙燻雞及荷葉飯並不特出,黑毛豬叉燒據說吃過這兒的叉燒,其他出品難以比不下。肥燶叉燒果然名符其實,梅頭肥瘦肉相間,適量地烤至烏黑焦燶,鹹甜入味,完美演繹豐腴香惹。 最開心是每人分得三片之後仲有得添加,感覺份外開心。玻璃大蝦球蝦球白雪巨大,不如坊間只有爽而失鮮味,蝦肉內有汁,清香美味,備以蝦醬或蠔油,點少許提點味亦好。焗釀鮮蟹蓋可能是吃過中最好,蟹蓋表層酥脆,內藏蟹肉味道鮮甜如加了糖,梳梳蟹肉貨真價實,而無混合洋蔥、磨菇、芝士或咖喱等雜物。 超甜祕訣之一在混了不只一款蟹肉,例如有花蟹及奄仔蟹。古法佛跳牆昂貴材料包括鮑魚、海參、花膠、鴨掌每份各一,鮑魚唔太細,花膠都幾厚,口感唔錯,但鴨掌未夠時間,稍硬唔夠腍失滋味。 整體味道濃稠,服務人員早有準備,送上白飯一小碗,簡單就是美!百寶燉冬瓜盅湯頭非常清甜,作為中場緩衝適宜。從前沒有留意,原來冬瓜盅以田雞烹調才更香甜! 另一重點材料是鮮蝦,鮮甜大只,而夜香花丶絲瓜及草菇等是慣用不可缺的。清蒸海方脷海方利難求,尤其現在正是休魚期。 不過今晚的方利我只覺得嫩滑,魚味不突出,每人分得份量不足多。茶皇煙燻雞色澤深褐茶燻之色,皮脆肉嫩,是好吃的。雲腿四寶蔬西蘭花脆綠,四寶柔滑。飄香荷葉飯粒粒分明,味道適中。陳皮紅豆沙現代的紅豆沙多半是紅豆及沙的混合,我亦習慣了這個口味,原來以前的富有人家很嘴尖,工人會把大粒紅豆隔走,只留下沙使其更容易吃,軟庫保持尊貴做法,只見豆沙不見豆,當然陳皮渣滓亦不會出現,就加了幾粒蓮子添口感,甜度適中,不過可能是個人口味關係,我不太喜歡。 更欣賞朋友帶來的甜酒。今晚同樣是美酒宴,貴精不貴多。富豪飯堂服務自然妥貼,當晚插曲是拿了其他客人留下的酒瓶拍照,尤其這枝放得最前、價錢不菲。  繼續閱讀
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等級3 2021-08-09
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I was honoured to be invited here for my friends birthday dinner. It was a truly private dinner. we started off with this huge white prawn 🦐then there was this crab 🦀 which was alright the fish fin soup was very fulfilling sorry Mr shark. this was very tender too I didn’t eat this dish made our of certain organs but I bet it was yum? this was so cute and the shape made the veggie more delicious hahaha 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-04-08
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This is my first time after it's relocated to Sheung Wan. Last time I had it was probably 1.5-2 years ago when it was still at Pottinger street so I thought it's the right time to come again. As usual, a very low profile place and have to book quite ahead of schedule in order to get a room here. It is required to set a menu in advance and this was our menu for the night. I asked one of my friends for recommendations and he specifically recommended me to ask for the salt and pepper crab claw and the fried glutinous rice. I must say those are my favorite dishes for the night. I honestly think that in Hong Kong this is probably the best you can get in terms of Cantonese cuisine. The dishes here are made by a ShunDe chef, it's not fancy nor is it fusion but it tastes traditional and great. Their signature Char Siu is delicious. The crab claw, one of my favorite dishes of the night, crispy and not too oily. Fried pork stomach. This dish has been there for quite some time, similar to what I had when I last came, the pickled vegetables and nuts in the dish worked really well with the pork stomach. The so called "8 treasure duck". It's probably one of the finest any restaurant can make in Hong Kong. In fact I can feel that this dish is very technical and made in a traditional method. Absolutely excellent and thumbs up to the chef for this. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of the fried glutinous rice and the shrimp paste in the beginning which was also great. In conclusion for this restaurant, as pricey as it gets, I still think this is the best Cantonese restaurant available in Hong Kong. It's also an excellent spot for wine drinkers as it's got private rooms and all the glasses (including Montrachet and Pinot glasses). I would certainly visit again despite all the restrictions and constraints (i.e. booking way in advance, minimum of 8 people, pre-set menu etc).  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-03-10
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訂了兩個月的軟庫飯堂 終於一嘗德師傅的手勢 聞說師承崩牙成的剩下最後三家私房菜 一個是營運崩牙成的兒子、軟庫飯堂的德師傅、還有澳門的勝哥。這三家也是認識人才能訂位、而且菜單都是二、三萬起跳。德師傅刀工細緻,菜式比較精緻環境比較好,四樓是個十至十二人房,有偏廳,五樓側是十人座。蛇羹刀工尤其出色,豬肚尖香滑可口略嫌切的太細粒 方利魚滑嫩可口 糯米飯超好吃。雖然各有各特色,我還是比較喜歡崩牙成的鑊氣 特別懷念他的白鴿蛋燕窩、大粒豬肚尖和桂花炒魚翅。有誰想帶我去澳門試試勝哥?等我可以做個終極食評 繼續閱讀
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