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This time I had a lunch date with a friend in MK. She brought me to this cafe upstairs somewhere in MK. We were lucky to arrive by 1p.m. on a weekday otherwise we would need to wait for seats! There were 5 tables in this small cafe and all seats were sofa seats and were quite comfortable and spacious. Two of us managed to occupy a 4-seater table.For their lunch menu, they offered burger and quite a number of pasta and risotto dishes. There were options to top-up for snacks and drinks at discounted prices. As we were quite hungry and wanted to stay longer for a good chat, we ordered three sets with some top-ups and one set was their dessert dish from their afternoon tea set menu. It was so good that we could order afternoon tea set at 1p.m.!Homemade Hamburger at $88+10%We saw that other people had ordered this Homemade Hamburger which looked so big and nice so we also tried it out. Indeed, it was very big and was pretty good. The patty was very thick and was still juicy. The very interior was a little bit pink as it was almost fully cooked. There was a very thick slice of cheese covering the patty which surprisingly hadn't melted. The upper bun topped by loads of white sesame was obviously toasted and had crispy crust. There were two thick slices of tomatoes and some fresh purple onion rings. Bottoming the patty were some lettuces in very delicious Thousand Island salad dressing which went very well with the bun. It was so big that we decided to eat using fork and knife layer by layer. Accompanying the burger were some thick potato wedges which were so well seasoned and super freshly deep fried that they burnt my mouth! They had crispy and well seasoned crust yet very smooth and starchy interior. They went great with the ketchup served on the side. A very good dish at a cheap price!Creamy Smoked Salmon Spaghetti at $88+10%Another mains we ordered was Creamy Smoked Salmon Spaghetti which we also saw many other people having ordered. The portion was great with a lot of spaghetti. There were 3 slices of smoked salmon accompanied by a lot of white mushroom slices and some fresh bean sprouts. The spaghetti was of the perfect texture I like which was al dente! There was sufficient creamy sauce to go with the spaghetti yet I didn't find it particularly heavy. A very good pasta dish too!Chocolate Sauce, Banana Ice Cream Toast at $75+10%It was the afternoon tea set we ordered to share. The toast was super super thick. It was served warm with slightly crispy crust and surface. The chocolate ice cream scoop was very delicious as it was so rich in chocolate and quite smooth. There were quite a few fresh banana slices. The toast went great with the chocolate sauce and I wish there were more ice cream. It was a very very filling dessert.Fried Crab Balls at $23+10%As we could choose to top up at a cost of just $23 for either 1 of the 4 types of snacks including spring rolls, chicken nuggets and French fries, we couldn't help but try out their fried crab balls. There were six crab balls which were definitely freshly deep fried. They were reasonably elastic with some crab meat stick pieces inside. They went great with the Asian style sweet and sour sauce accompanying the dish. At a top up price of $23 only it was quite cheap.There was also an option to top up at just $20+10% for special drinks. The choice of special drinks was really quite wide and all of them looked very nice as you could see from the menu.Kiwi Smoothie at $20+10%I seldom saw kiwi smoothie and decided to try. It was made from kiwi, kiwi juice and water. It was very healthy because it was not sweet at all. There were a lot of small ice cubes inside yet not overly diluted. It was not those smooth type of smoothie.Green Tea Milk Tea at $20+10%This drink looked very nice topped by some white cream. It was made from green tea, red bean and milk. Again, it was not overly sweet at all and actually was just slightly. There were whole red beans at the bottom. Even the red beans were not too sweet.Hot Lemon Honey at $3+10%If you just order hot lemon water or tea there was no extra charge. We topped up by $3 to get this hot lemon honey. There were four slices of lemon and the good thing was that it had the perfect degree of sweetness so that it was good to wash down your food yet not overly sweet. Quite a healthy drink.Fried Squid at $45+10%This snack was not included in the sets but we wanted to try it out. Portion was giant and the squid was really very fresh and easy to chew. The batter was very thin. If the seasoning could have been lighter it would have been even greater.We were dead after finishing everything. Yet it was good to keep our mouths occupied by both food and words throughout our stay. I was quite surprised by the quality of the food.It was also a nice cafe to stay with many board games and guide books at your own service.  繼續閱讀
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今日返工淨係返上晝,收工後想同男友過一個悠閒既下午,所以我地揀左去旺角既樓上Cafe hea,跟住再去按摩😆講到旺角既Cafe我即刻諗起登打士廣場呢棟大廈,見到呢間Cafe有自家制手打burger同手拉pizza好似有D特色所以揀左呢間~由於唔想點太多麵包類既野食😅 所以我地今次叫左自家制手打burger試下先,另外仲叫左香辣虎蝦海鮮意粉(少意粉)同一杯黑森林mocha~Burger係set lunch黎,好大個,伴菜既薯角都非常多!麵包烘過黎外脆內軟,生菜🍅爽脆新鮮👍 牛肉有返咗上下厚度,非常juicy,口感鬆化但唔多肥膏,睇得出同食得出係好花心機既handmade😋 薯角香脆唔油膩,面頭灑左少少辣粉所以更滋味😁香辣虎蝦海鮮意粉雖然叫左少意粉,份量都仲係好多😂 可能因為淨係配料都已經落足本,虎蝦大大舊好爽口,加埋青椒同洋蔥就仲香口👍 不過如果可以換走我唔中意既青口變做我中意既帶子就更好🤣黑森林mocha唔只賣相靚,仲好好飲👏🏻👏🏻 朱古力既甜味中和左咖啡既苦味,但係同時擁有朱古力同咖啡嘅香味😍 加埋啲cream口感更滑,因為有個朱古力雪糕球係面,所以就算飲到尾聲啲冰溶左都唔會覺得淡🤤🤤 啲野食同野飲係負責睇舖果兩個後生女整既,又要顧樓面又要顧廚房都有呢個水準,俾個like佢地👍👏 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-09-05
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旺角登打士街廣場成幢都有好多好嘢食,之前嚟咗食雞煲,今次去12樓搵間Café坐,呢間café分開咗兩個鋪位,每個舖位大概有五至六張枱,細細地,坐得都幾舒服。而且又可以望到窗外嘅風景。我同我阿媽兩個人叫咗個二人餐,分別有一個飯、Pizza、蝦餅、同埋兩杯飲品。首先一嚟嘅就係個飯,我叫咗一個係黑松露意大利飯,黑松露味非常香,而且意大利飯佢標榜着係用意大利米,每一粒都粒粒分明,非常有咬口。醬汁亦都好濃。之後就係嚟咗個夏威夷pizza,夏威夷pizza上面有濃厚嘅沙律醬,而且亦都有好多菠蘿,再配埋非常重嘅芝士,新鮮焗出嚟,所以都幾好食。再之後就係個蝦餅,蝦餅會配埋泰式辣汁,都係新鮮炸起,好香,好好食。飲品我哋叫咗一個呢度出名嘅水果茶,水果茶並唔係普通嘅茶底,而係混和咗好多唔同嘅果汁,再配埋生果🍎,餐廳仲會比細細嘅杯慢慢品嚐,所以都零瀉有格調。最後就係叫咗杯綠茶紅豆,杯飲品綠茶味比較重,但稍微甜,這點需要注意一下。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-07-07
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旺角有唔少樓上cafe,除左有野食之外仲有好多唔同種類嘅board game玩,啱晒一大班年輕人聚聚舊聊聊天。想當年讀書嘅時候經常嚟旺角呢一類嘅樓上Cafe,皆因價錢相宜又可以玩一整晚。今次黎呢間部屋咖啡室,啲童年嘅回憶返晒黎!估唔到食物嘅水準依然保持到,環境仲好舒適添!我同有人點左一個二人套餐($308) 套餐包一個10吋pizza、一客飯或意粉、一個炸蟹餅小食同埋兩杯嘢飲🧃,分量夠晒飽肚!但由於我哋都好肚餓嘅關係,另外點左一客蜜糖雞翼😇。西西里pizza材料非常豐富,除咗有香口嘅辣肉腸之外,仲有蘑菇、肉粒、火箭菜同埋大量嘅芝士,一睇個芝士拉絲就知道個Pizza有幾好味啦!意粉方面揀咗烤雞闊條麵,意大利麵軟硬度適中,醬汁有香濃嘅忌廉味,烤雞肉粒份量多而且好入味。🥰💙佢嘅小食水準真係好高,每款都即叫即做,熱辣辣之餘味道好好。炸蟹餅外脆內軟,口感彈牙,充滿蟹嘅鮮味。蜜糖雞翼都係外脆內軟而且有肉汁,唔會overcooked!見到呢度嘅特飲咁吸引,我哋忍唔住每人加咗$20轉特飲😆!翡翠朱古力碎雪芭同埋朱古力沙漠,綠色嗰杯帶有清甜嘅薄荷味,飲落好清新,配埋炸嘢一齊食可以中和一下油膩感。朱古力特飲嘅朱古力味非常香濃,賣相同味道都係滿分嘅!👏🏻 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-06-10
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今日晏晝約咗舊同事食飯,諗來諗去決定去Cafe。搵咗幾間,見到登打士街近廣華醫院有一間叫做部屋咖啡室。上到嚟見到每張沙發都好舒服甘,因為疫情關係,每張枱就用圍板隔開。見到set lunch非常抵食!因為可以一個主餐加小食再加嘢飲。即刻叫嘢食先,叫左黑松露雜菇,蕃薯角漢堡包為主食。黑松露雜菇飯份量非常多一入口,口感好creamy,有淡淡的忌廉同黑松露味道。飯嘅口感好軟熟同濕潤,吾同平時食開嘅意大利粉口感偏硬。上面仲有我最鍾意嘅雜菇!呢個漢堡包真係不得了上面嘅包皮明顯烘過,一入口口感香脆。牛肉係自家製手打,濃濃既牛肉香,成個漢堡都好大份,真係要搵人一齊share仲另外配有厚切薯角,抵食!小食配左椒鹽魷魚酥同芝士西蘭花。椒鹽魷魚酥好新鮮彈牙,外表嘅粉皮唔厚,真係令人食唔停口。芝士西蘭花上面鋪滿口口嘅芝士,以為好漏,點知食落係淡淡的忌廉同芝士香,吾驚過漏。嘢飲我哋就帶咗水蜜桃椰果紅茶同埋翡翠朱古力碎雪芭。野飲賣相一流,可以影相呃like😍食完正餐梗係留返個胃嚟食甜品,我哋嗌左雪糕朱古力厚多士。多士好厚身,上面鋪滿朱古力醬,好邪惡😌食到捧住個肚走先至平均每人$200,又可以坐到舒舒服服咁樣同舊同事吹水聚舊,呢間Cafe下次都可以再幫襯。 繼續閱讀
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