OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2017 - Prestigious Awards Winner Burgeroom Again!
Dedication and innovation is a key to success, and this applies on our Pretigious Awards winner Burgeroom. It is also the second time for them to receive the award. Operating for almost 10 years, owner Steven and Evan are surprised to hear the news. As there are so many new restaurants in Hong Kong, they thought they could only win in either district or cuisine category. They humbly told us the reason for winning is to maintain good quality in the food.

When Burgeroom first started 9 years ago, Steven and Evan aimed at creating unique and distinctive burgers. They still insist having new dishes every 3 or 4 months till now. Apart from giving returning customers a surprise, they can allure new comers to visit again. Last year they opened another branch at Tsim Sha Tsui. It is undoubtedly more convenient, but on the other hand they have to face a lot of competitions in the area. They put much effort in keeping the standard to win the support from their fans. For example, they only select French foie gras and 250g homemade beef patty for their signature Foie Gras Beef Burger.

It is not easy to win the district, cuisine categories and also the Prestigious Awards at OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards.  They thank all of the customer’s support. At the moment they don’t have any plans to open another branch as the TST shop is still young. Burgeroom will continue to keep up the standard and provide more creations as a note of thanks to the public.

Text: Perrins
Photo: Calvin Kwok

OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards
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