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位於香港怡东酒店顶层三十四楼,拥有二百七十度的全面景观,可尽览维多利亚海港及两岸景色,享受时尚餐饮体验。於2009年加添了室外露台餐饮区,提供一系列全新拉丁风味的鸡尾酒及精选的小吃。 继续阅读
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一早 book 定今日 Sunday brunch 😆黎到才知道今日系最後一天了 😚平时未必舍得食 $538 加一两个人要 $1200 左右 😅食物款式有生蚝,长脚蟹,冻虾,青口 海鲜不错但寿司款式比较少 ,不是好选择🤪🤪但朱古力松饼很喜欢💕我吃了三个🤩🤩🤩🤩甜品其实有很多款,普遍不错,但我不太喜好 😌😌雪榚味道有四款 ,movenpick 系重点,吃了云呢嗱同朱古力,朱古力味超推 💕💕💕💕离开这洒店,非常唔舍得,又是一个时代结束 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤪🥺 继续阅读
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This restaurant is located on the top floor of The Excelsior Hong Kong, the hotel going into its 46th anniversary but would be closing in March. Paying homage to this hotel in Causeway Bay, we visited a few of its restaurants, and today came the turn to go to ToTT's and Roof Terrace. With a panoramic view looking at the Victoria Harbour, our table offered a fantastic background for us to enjoy the meal, with the tables spaced quite well apart so enabling good privacy. The lighting was a bit dark though for me. We ordered the special 1973 Menu ($1973 for two), recreating some of the dishes the restaurant started offering upon opening. The first course was CEufs Brouilles a la Truffe, or Egg with Truffle and Vodka Cream. The egg was rich and quite nicely done, with the truffle adding great fragrance to it, though I was not particularly impressed by the vodka cream as there was nothing I could differentiate versus just a normal cream. But still not a bad start for the meal. The second course was Cocktail de Crevettes Rose, or Prawn Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce. The shrimps are small and you could tell they were the frozen ones, with only a crunchy texture but not much taste. As a result it would need the sauce to really provide the taste of the dish but unfortunately the sauce was rather light and lacking in flavour. The rocket salad underneath was fresh but was a bit too bitter to pair with the sauce itself. The third course was Bisque de Homard au Cognac Fine Champagne, or Lobster Soup with Cognac. Certainly intense in aromas and flavours, the soup was quite good, served with the right temperature, with a piece of cracker on the side. Considering its name and the fame, I was a bit surprised on how little seafood they had added to the soup. Is it because the restaurant wanted to maintain the price so they are compromising on the ingredients? I hope not. The fourth course was Filet de Sole Amandine, or Sole with Brown Buttered Almonds. The first impression I got tasting this dish was 'SOUR!'. While I know the butter sauce needed the lemon to acidify and reduce the heaviness of the butter, the overall taste was just too sour for me and my wife. On a positive note, the almonds could create a bit of crunchiness on the skin along with its unique aromas. Still a bit disappointing. The fifth course was Carre d'Agneau aux Herbs, or Roast Lamb Rack with Herb Crust.This one I had learnt and prepared at home before, so knowing that the pesto sauce on the meat was really the determining factor for the quality of the course. Good that this one met our expectation, with the lamb roasted to medium level and the pesto crust giving herbal notes which I found good in complementing the meat. Lastly came the dessert, which was Tarte aux Pommes et Glace Vanille, or Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice-Cream. Decently done, the dessert was not too sweet, with the tart having a nice crust and the apple fillings rich in cinnamon. Adding the highly complementary vanilla ice-cream further enriched the flavours of the dish. Despite we were quite full I still managed to finish this dessert completely.With a bottle of still water and a cocktail, the total bill was $2332. On the price it was not overly exaggerated, offering reasonably good deal on the money spent. Service was acceptable, but I would prefer the staff could share more introduction of the dishes and its components.Overall I would not say the meal impressed me, and compared with the Chinese restaurant in the same hotel this apparently was less sophisticated and tasty. So if you could only visit this hotel once before it was closed, I would recommend Yee Tung Heen more. 继续阅读
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数年来成了朋友饭後喝杯的去处今天饭後时间尚早女生间又总有说不完的话题朋友提起Totts 原来怡东酒店3月31日一切都结束了记得上次去还是人很多今天去变得冷冷清清暗暗角落 小小灯烛外藉的侍应很有礼貌的放下伴酒小吃跟餐牌今天就不点食物了因为驾车还是不喝酒精被问到为何不沾酒可恨酒鬼今天没酒喝会跟客人聊天的才是好侍应这样的体验不太多地方做得到了大家都不讲话小吃是任添的点了mocktail的我sweet melody 心想会是strawberry药水味但果味浓 很喜欢其他cocktail朋友说还好lemon breeze 好像说也ok希望3月前再跟朋友在此聚聚吧 继续阅读
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同朋友食完饭,当然要饮返杯啦🥂大家都冇特别想去边,倾倾下就提起excelsior就黎close所以就决定黎tott's成班friend gathering Nice View & Place 继续阅读
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睇到新闻话excelsior就快拆,拿拿声写返篇食评,记低可能系最後一次既经验。话说国庆当日同朋友喺铜锣湾食饭,除左一心谂住要避开自游行之外,根本唔记得国庆有咩特别庆祝活动。早早食完饭,谂住去间有海景既bar,去到门口见到有minimum charge,先记得国庆有烟花睇!上到Excelsior 34楼,进入室内餐厅/bar之前,左面有一道门通去Roof Terrace,如果冇黎过可能唔知有呢度!Roof Terrace望向尖沙咀,而室内餐厅/bar就系望另一面,系睇唔到烟花既。要达到minimum charge,每人大约要消费2杯cocktail或者红白酒。我地8:15左右去到,但可能大家都等睇烟花,已经冇位坐,要企了。当晚比较多人,但等拎本menu睇,直至可以落order,再到杯野饮黎到都起码等左半个钟…睇烟花的话,呢个位置系几正。不过当晚开始放烟花後唔少人(大部分都系国内游客)不但冇叫野饮,重要推开其他人sip去最前面不停影相,放完烟花之後就走左。To be fair,当中有啲人可能系喺入面餐厅食完饭过黎terrace,但见好多一早黎左等既人反而比佢地迫左去後面,令人觉得之前既等待同埋比minimum charge失去意义。总括黎讲,呢度系唔错既睇烟花位置,但野饮价位都偏贵,又唔太多位,所以如果下次有心睇烟花,应该会搵一间海景餐厅。但如果平日同朋友放松一下,可以望到海景,又喺正铜锣湾中心,都算系可以既选择。 继续阅读
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