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气氛轻松写意、格调优雅的Kudos餐厅位于酒店1楼,全日供应寰宇特色美馔。 继续阅读
09:30 - 11:30
14:00 - 17:00
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等级3 2020-01-08
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之前在网上预先买了餐厅的自助餐券,本来以为已有电话购买的QR code就可以,购买过其他餐厅的餐饮卷都有预购记录,但这间餐厅坚持要我出示列印版的自助餐券,若要他们列印出来,要收我额外$20的手续费,还跟我说: 「如果你没有hard copy, 又唔想比$20手续费,就要自己谂个方法印出黎啦。」态度很不友善,这是酒店的服务吗?真的很失望,其他餐厅都可以做到数QR code就可以即时知道预约情况,为何这间餐厅做不到,是否他的科技太落後了? 继续阅读
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等级1 2019-12-07
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一个伏字😓装修完得番半个场⋯嘢食少到呢,鱼生位成日无人海鲜只得一转,一直同朋友说应该会加的,说好的海鲜飨宴烧牛都系只派了一次,熟食10只手指数得晒,D碗洗得不太乾净,蚝要点其实都系接受,但开12只开左30-40分钟左右 继续阅读
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等级4 2019-11-16
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对上一次原本book咗呢度庆祝anniversary,架车唔生性喺轩尼诗道跪低咗,当日我哋两个都好唔开心,佢一路都冇再提,惊我又记起架车劏咗,但系我有心肝我会记住,今日决定俾个surprise佢,我坐低帮佢睇住个手袋,等佢出去攞嘢食先,因为我知道佢又会攞一兜沙律俾我食住等,之後我出咗去攞生蚝,生蚝都几肥大,而家呢啲时间通常好啱食蟹同龙虾,每样攞少少试吓睇吓边样好味再encore,女朋友依然系全程食甜品 继续阅读
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等级1 2019-11-10
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一个字,伏! 说有限度供应的生蚝,一只也见不到,烤牛是限量供应的,每人只有一件(大约半张纸币的大小),焗蚝也是分配的,一人一件,刺身说会有红虾、带子和鲍鱼,但,带子每次是2薄片(一只带子估计可切8片),红虾每次一只,鲍鱼只出过极短时间,每片大约一毛至五毛的大小和厚度。另外,每成人有半只焗龙虾身体🦞,这个味道还可以。自助热食数量不多,自助冻食海鲜有蟹脚,螺,青口和小龙虾。以原价近600元的自助晚餐来计算,在铜锣湾区是中价自助晚餐,但食物质素比300多元的自助餐更差。总结来说,一个字,差。唯一可取的是服务员态度良好。 继续阅读
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Our last visit was over half a year ago! I had a detailed introduction at the following link. If interested, please feel free to visit it:https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/still-good-despite-obvious-cost-cutting-e3363961Price had inflated by $10 to $208 +10% per head without main course with eat-as-you-please from the buffet. There was a 25% discount from openrice coupon. Overall it was still a good value for money at $177 despite some cost-cutting.When you entered the restaurant, you were welcome by the sashimi & sushi counter! This had improved because last time the sashimi and sushi were served on separate small plates and they didn't refill the sashimi fast enough. This time they had a chef to serve you. Although there was a small sign saying that only 3 pieces each time, the chef was so nice to give me more because there was no line!The sashimi were pretty standard with salmon, tuna, octopus and 立鱼, same as before. The quality of all the sashimi was generally satisfactory. Cold seafood was next to the sashimi and sushi counter. They were not attractive enough for me to try.The noodle bar at your own service had changed into a Vietnamese Noodle Station with a chef to serve you.There were two types of soup. One western and one Chinese. There were some bread next to the soup counter.The Western soup was lobster soup so I couldn't help but try a small bowl. It was pretty concentrated and it was not bad. There was an appetisers corner. I tried the cooked salmon with soba which was surprisingly good. The soba, although having been cooked for quite a while, was not like a paste of starch but was still a little bit al dente. I also tried the duck foie gras sauce with mango sauce which was acceptable. The tomato slices with Greek cheese was also reasonable. There was a cheese platter which I hadn't captured in this photo with a few types of cheese with labels. The cheeses, including some soft and some hard cheeses, were also of reasonable quality. The big red grapes on the sides didn't look so clean though.There was a simple salad bar. Fruits included water melons, Hami melons, melons and pineapples and were sufficient. There were a few berries on top but they never refilled them. They used to have spinach and sliced mushrooms which were so good but they were no longer available. The rocket was quite fresh. I was surprised that they had orange cherry tomatoes. I also tried their egg salad which was so rich in mayo and was so tasty. I liked the beetroots too which must be so nutritious.Again, there were quite a number of hot dishes so that you don't really need to order the main course from the set. Most were quite good this time.Like last time, the red curry seafood was pretty tasty. The degree of spiciness was of the right degree. I particularly liked the veggies cooked in red curry sauce. There were some seafood like prawn, mussels and fish fillets. The pork loin was quite tender with a slightly sweet sauce.The ox tongue was reasonably tender.The 猪髀 was not overly dry at all.The sweet and sour fish was a bit disappointing because the food label said it should be sweet and sour pork.For food not on this plate, I also tried some fried clams which were ok. The deep-fried fish cutlet were cooked very well with crispy and thin batter. The 牛仔骨 were quite tender too. There was one type of veggies, which were very long 娃娃菜. They were tasty but were too long and thick and so they were hard to eat. There were two types of carbohydrates: the pasta in cream sauce seemed tasty while the fried noodles with mushrooms looked ok, although I didn't try.There were HD chocolate, mango & raspberry, strawberry and vanilla ice cream in the fridge at your own service - the best part of the buffet! There used to be a frozen yoghurt machine with waffle cones at your own service. It was no longer available.The desserts seemed to have deteriorated too. Most of the cakes were not so pleasing. I tried the blueberry cheesecake and 云石cake which were both not so good. The cinnamon apple crumble totally sucked, not crunchy at all. The only thing acceptable seemed to be the creme brulee, which was smooth and tasty as usual. Most important of all, the iconic desserts plate with 9 partitions were missing.Not in this picture were one type of hot sweet soup, which was 桃胶 with red date and 龙眼 which was ok as it was not too sweet but I had no incentive to try another bowl. There was baked sago pudding which I was so excited and couldn't help but try but it was so disappointing as it was so thin without much ingredients and just like a paste of sticky cake stuck together. As usual, there was also sweet tofu with toppings like sugar and red beans. They were just ok as the tofu was quite free of bean flavour and the toppings weren't so good either.The drink had changed into a drinks counter at your own service. There was a coffee machine with hot water, hot tea, iced tea, iced coffee and even cold milk at your own service. Service was ok as most of our finished plates/bowls were collected timely enough. Some server wasn't so friendly but some were better.Despite the cost-cutting especially regarding the yoghurt machine, some salads and dessert plate, it was still quite a competitive lunch buffet with HD ice-cream cups, sashimi and reasonable hot dishes. However, it was getting more marginal with the inflated price. Hope they would keep it up for our next visit. 继续阅读
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