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Earning its Michelin star, Tim Ho Wan guarantees a packed dining experience. However, this very reasonably priced restaurant offers only the freshest of meat and makes their BBQ pork buns from scratch- which explains its popularity. Despite the 1-2 hour long queues, customers keep their taste buds satisfied by revisiting Tim Ho Wan. 继续阅读
最优秀开饭广东菜馆 (2010-11), 最优秀旺角开饭热店(2010-12)
10:00 - 22:00
古法糯米鸡 布拉肠粉 杞子桂花糕 晶莹鲜虾饺 酥皮焗叉烧包
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近日心情一般…因为近日太多风雨友人提议去觅食 好让我快乐一点今次终於排到了有名的添好运相信大家都应该不陌生因为它上了米芝莲排行榜每次经过旺角都看见人山人海幸好今次也只会等了45分钟就可以入内装潢雅致 有淡淡中式味道可是地方有限 有点儿焗促我们点了肠粉、肉饼、烧卖及虾饺上菜速度都快捷味道都挺不错 因为皮薄丫嘛没有厚粉的感觉 不像普通的茶楼价钱公道 没有加一唯一美中不足 茶温不够 有点儿冷如果可以坐得舒服一点会更好 继续阅读
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添好运自从摘下米芝莲一星後便人龙不绝, 因为价格是众多摘星餐厅中最平易近人的, 我也特地跟妈妈慕名到了旺角店试试 (对, 其实也是蛮久之前的食评)那时分店还没有那麽多, 所以人超多, 不论游客还是本地人都来朝圣, 动不动也要等上两三个小时, 幸好可以先拿筹, 差不多到的时候回来确认, 店方就会递上点心纸, 并尽快安排就座, 不用客人在外面呆等虾饺 ($22) 看起来不够晶莹, 皮不会太厚, 虾肉也爽甜, 味道不错但也不是一吃难忘的水准烧卖 ($22) 外表不够精致又大小不一, 幸好用料不吝啬, 虾肉和猪肉也尚算鲜甜豉汁蒸排骨 ($14) 跟平时的无甚分别, 肉质太腍豉汁味亦淡, 骨也有点太多豉汁蒸凤爪 ($14) 没有吃也忘了拍, 所以不作评论酥皮焗叉烧包 ($14) 果然名不虚传! 新鲜出炉热烘烘的, 外皮又甜又松脆, 叉烧馅份量刚好, 不愧是必吃~叉烧肠 ($16) 有点小, 但做得很好, 肠粉又薄又滑, 配上微甜的叉烧很好吃虾肠 ($19, 右) 虾子有点小, 肉质不够爽脆, 但这个价钱来说已经很不错黄沙猪润肠 ($16, 左) 有惊喜, 可能之前没有吃过, 很喜欢肠粉和猪润混合起来的口感, 一定会再点以平均每人$60的价钱吃到米芝莲餐厅, 实在是太超值了~~特别推介酥皮焗叉烧包和黄沙猪润肠, 不喜欢吃内脏的也要试试其他肠粉~~加上现在分店多了, 不用怎麽排队, 所以建议爱吃的人都要去, 毕竟也是米芝莲一星嘛~~  继续阅读
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Tim Ho Wan had been reported as the eatery offering the cheapest Michelin 1* cuisine in the world and this was but one of the reasons why people were willing to queue just to get a ticket. We had visited the flagship store at Tsim Sha Tsui on numerous occasions only to be turned away by hour-long queues.Entering the eatery was like squeezing into a narrow alleyway since it could house barely 30 people. I would strongly advise against having any bulky items on you when visiting for there was simply no space and mind you, you are barely a feet away from the next table of diners.*Due to the limitations in pictures upload, if you are interested in more pictures, please visit us at our fanpage or blog!Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf (糯米鸡)One of the best versions had in HK and SG. The fragrance of the lotus leaf was well infused into the glutinous rice. The ingredients were bountiful with large pieces of tender chicken meat and Chinese mushroom, which enhanced the aroma of the dish as you unwrap the lotus leaf. The savoury viscous gravy was the vital element which summed up the dish with a thumbs-up from all 3 diners on the table.Verdict: 9.0/10 Char siew buns - barbecued pork buns (叉烧包)The surface of the char siew buns was almost perfect. It was served warm and as crisp as you could possibly ask for, so needless to say, crumbs were left all over the table! The taste of the barbecued pork on the inside did not have a strong Chinese rose wine such as the version tried at Dim Sum Square, but it had a perfect balance of savouriness and sweetness. The pork in the buns was in sizeable chunks and not minced. Coupled with the crisp crust on the surface, it was so irresistible that we ordered a second round.Verdict: 9.0/10Turnip cake (萝卜糕)Prior to ordering, I overheard a lady seated adjacent criticizing the turnip cake but we figured it was a must-try for a dim sum outing, so we ordered it anyway, but this was indeed a letdown. The taste was rather bland and fragrance of turnip was barely evident.Verdict: 6.0/10Steamed sponge cake (马来糕)The aroma of the muscovado sugar was in the air as this light delicacy was served to us. Unlike normal brown sugar, muscovado has a darker shade of brown, slightly coarse and stickier. Owing the flavour and colour to sugarcane juice, it tasted much richer than the usual steamed sponge cakes. Pipping hot, the sponge cake was airy as seen by the pockets of air present in the mid-section of the cake. It left a subtly sweet after-taste of the brown sugar, but the flavour and taste was rather empowering in a good manner. The best testament was that we ordered a second serving despite the bursting tummy.Verdict: 9.0/10Pork dumplings/siew mai - (烧卖)The siew mai was bite-sized and it was how we wanted it to be, crunchy prawns atop succulent minced pork and a wrapping that did not stick to our teeth. The seasoning of the minced pork was savoury and delivered that oomph punch. It was good but not exceptional.Verdict: 7.5/10Soy sauce fried noodles (豉油皇炒面)The 'wok-hei' of the fried noodles was perfect which helped imparted the flavours of the soy sauce to the al dente noodles. We also liked that it was not too greasy and it was the perfect dish to sum up the evening for the savoury tastebuds.Verdict: 8.0/10Char siew cheong fun (叉烧肠粉)We did not enjoy the cheong fun as much as we did for the other dim sum dishes. The steamed rice roll was too thick for our liking and the filling was bare. Also, it lacked elasticity and springiness derived from the addition of tapioca flour.Verdict: 6.0/10Osmanthus cake (桂花糕)The fragrance of the osmanthus flowers was somewhat reserved in this common Chinese dessert. The 'cake' itself was jelly-like, similar to what many would refer to as 'agar-agar' though this was lighter. It tasted okay but was not good enough to leave a lasting impression.Verdict: 7.0/10 继续阅读
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等得劲耐,之前讲朋友讲话好好食,仲拎过奖TIM...谂住品嚐过所谓平民米之莲级点心............... 真系好一般, 但唔系难食, 不过真系唔值得要大排长龙咁等食!入到去,D 人又冇咩礼貌~~合桃酥 一入口感觉味道唔错, 但食完後, 觉得好"漏", 好似系 $14 一个萝卜糕比较烂,少粉多馅,其他同茶楼差唔多..... 继续阅读
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出名人多, 店子小... 等30分钟系最BASIC... 今日睇完医生, 老公车我路过门口,, (因为系平日,仲要系4点多). 等左唔洗10分钟就有位... 知道佢地就搬, 又系第一次可以坐低食... 今次一定耍食多D,,, 味道好... 点心,, 一定比较多油同肥... 总括... 好味道... 继续阅读
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