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等级4 2019-06-01
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This Japanese restaurant is located in Kennedy Town, near the harbour front with a nice sea view. Arriving early we were the first group of customers and as requested we were seated at the counter, with the staff warmly introducing the menu and recommending the sake for us, which was very reasonably priced. I decided to have a bottle of Masumi Jinmai Daiginjo Sanka to accompany my meal tonight.The interior setting of the restaurant is rather nondescript, with the counter only accommodating six customers and there are several tables as well. Very soon the whole restaurant is fully occupied, with many customers apparently long-term patron, showing how popular the restaurant is. And I strongly recommend to make a booking in advance.We ordered the omakase menu ($988) and first came the Fresh Oyster, with some vinegar added to enhance the flavors, as well as having some mashed radish and chives on top. Very fresh and creamy, the oyster is bursting of a light brine taste. While it was not as crunchy as some of the best I had tasted, it is a good start for our meal for sure.The second course was two appetizers, one being the Braised Eggplant, with the eggplant cooked to such softness, fully absorbing the stock to infuse with nice flavors, with a good complement of the Bonito flakes on top. The other one was Toasted Cashew Nuts which had sprinkled with some fine sugar during the process to give a nice sweet note. Quite a nice combination. The third course was a thin-sliced sashimi, featuring Madai and Kinmedai. The fish is so finely cut that you can see through the flesh, and the chef had prepared mashed radish, chives and shredded ginger flower to pair with the delicate taste of the fish with yuzu vinegar. The Madai has a nice texture with a more refined taste while the Kinmedai has a comparatively fuller body and richer flavors. The plating is also very beautiful.The fourth course was another sashimi, including Botan Ebi and Mirugai. The prawn is really sweet and fresh, with every bite a real treat of the wonderful taste, and the soft texture also offered a good contrast to the geoduck, which is even sweeter in taste, but offering the crunchy mouthfeel which is another great offering.The fifth course was yet another sashimi, offering four different types of delicacies: Kuro Mutsu, Isaki, Chu-Toro and O-Toro. The Kuro Mutsu is lightly torched on the skin to liven up the fish oil to give an intense taste, while the Isaki is truly one of my favorite fish with its amazing taste. The two tuna were chosen to be less fatty, as requested by my wife, still rich and having no compromise on the enjoyment.The sixth course was my favorite in the evening. It was a Awabi Marinated with Crab Yolk. The abalone is tender, and on the bite the rich flavors seeped out to the mouth. But the real amazing part is the crab yolk which added an intense, complex note to this truly great experience. If you come here I strongly recommend you have to order this one and try it out.The seventh course was the Seafood Soup. After squeezing some lime juice into the teapot to bring out a refreshing fragrance and a bit of acidity to balance the rich broth, the soup offered a good comforting sensation, helping to get us ready for the other food to be served. Just a tiny criticism is that the soup might not be as 'clear' as some of the best ones I had tasted.The eighth course was Crab Claw with Turnip Ball. Despite I had sampled this frequently in Japan, I did not recall eating it here in HK. The crab claw is nice though not particularly special, and in fact the feature of the dish would be the turnip ball, which was made from mashed turnip and adding some sort of sweet potato flour (?) in, before steaming it and then put in the bowl with the thick sauce. Interesting in taste.The ninth course was Grilled Dried Karei. The technique of drying the fish was Ichi-yabosi, essentially meaning the fish was dried by the sea breeze overnight, so the flesh would be a bit firmer but retaining the freshness of the taste. This flounder was beautifully grilled, and would be a great dish to pair with beer or sake.The tenth course was Japanese Wagyu Beef in Teppanyaki Style. However I switched mine to the pork. My wife said the beef was really amazing in taste, and while I did not sample it, the pork was also nice. With a salad on the side, there are plenty of bean sprout and onion added to the pork, and I can taste how the chef had stir-fried them in high heat to keep the crunchy mouthfeel. The sauce added further to the flavors in good harmony. The eleventh course was the sushi, comprising of five different pieces: Uni, Hamachi, Akamutsu, Karei Engawa and Toro. Already very full at this point, fortunately the sushi pieces are not big so we could still finish them. The white sea urchin is not the type I like but because of the season this is what the best is available currently, while the rest of the sushi are nice and a good wrap up for the meal in my opinion.Before going to dessert the chef gave us each several pieces of Grilled Awabi, which is directly heated on shell to maintain the best freshness and original flavors. Again, the flesh was tender and unlike the earlier dish this abalone has just its own taste, which is already intense and each bite made me feel like immersing myself in the sea. Thanks to the chef for the nice treat.Last was the dessert, which is Homemade Apply Jelly with Peach. A delicate dessert, I like the way it showed the care and pride the restaurant in its own offerings, choosing to provide the homemade dessert instead of the typical ice-cream or fruit.The service was very good, with the staff coming frequently to check with us on the food and explained to us the different dishes. And even though the chef was very busy with all the works, he also made an effort to have some conversations with us.With the two sets and a bottle of sake, the bill was $2922. It was really great value for money and no wonder this restaurant was so popular despite being in not a prime location. I strongly recommend this restaurant. 继续阅读
等级4 2019-05-02
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今次系朋友之前食过话好正而带我黎既,呢间餐厅喺坚尼地城地铁站附近,好易搵,喺正海边转角。入去环境唔错,地方好舒服,d枱 spacing 几好,当日去几乎full house都唔觉嘈。service 超超超级好,serve 我地嗰个仲几型几靓仔,每serve 一道菜都会细心解释佢既产地,煮法,食法。首先上既系薄切鲷鱼刺身。本身都锺意食鱼,每次去日本餐厅都会嗌d时令鱼刺身。今次佢呢个鱼鲜味唔错,佢个柚子sauce同个鱼好夹,配埋d葱花,好fresh,值得一试。之後就系我既至爱清酒煮蚬la。基本既无沙石,只只开始有肉佢做到,比较其他地方佢更胜一筹既系只只肥美,清酒醇度配合得好好,因为我好怕太多酒味抢哂focus,又或者变左做清水煮蚬。杉板纸牛脷就系今晚另一重点推介。师傅用慢煮手法先令牛脷入味,再喺上碟前煎香,配埋个白面豉酱,香口之余,好juicy 。 继续阅读
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等级3 2019-05-02
230 浏览
朋友推介呢间日本餐厅,见今日喺坚尼地城附近行完街,地点又好方便,所以决定过黎一试。餐厅座位舒服,而且我好欣赏佢嘅服务,成晚都好nice,仲好落力同详细咁解释每一道菜,真系好有礼貌同殷勤!我地叫咗寿司拼盘,食落去全部都好新鲜,包括甜虾,左口鱼,三文鱼,吞拿鱼,池鱼,鲷鱼等等,饭里面仲会有wasabi喺度,味道洽到好处,每一旧都好鲜甜。唯一一旧灸烧嘅寿司就系左口鱼,入口即溶,好有满足感。烧吞拿鱼下巴真系好特别,佢好适合烧呢种煮法,烧完之後肉质嫩滑,肉同埋脂肪嘅油份比例啱啱好,有种松软溶化嘅感觉。佢配埋柚子醋嘅酱汁好夹,有画龙点精嘅效果。牛肋骨串烧得好出色,少许烧焦嘅味道加上牛肉嘅味道,有种好香口嘅感觉。最重要嘅系佢烧得一d都唔韧,好淋身,好锺意食呀!道明寺鲷鱼樱叶蒸系daily special,煮法同配料都好特别,里面嘅鲷鱼蒸得刚好熟透,配埋类似糯米饭嘅质感,可以提升咗味觉层次感。总括黎讲,今次真系大满足,好耐未试过食咁好味嘅日本野啦! 继续阅读
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等级1 2019-04-24
185 浏览
Got off work early and wanted to find some lunch. Decided to go on Japanese and walked into this restaurant. Good ambience not too crowdedOrdered a sushi set $198Came with a standard salad, steamed egg, miso soup8 piece sushi with rollAlso with a small mochiWaiter courteously went through each piece with me. Service was good and swift.Fish was fresh as expected for this price point. Only issue was that the pieces were on the small side and I didn't feel completely full after the meal.Overall ok but not very high cost-performance ratio.Cost: $218 including service charge3.5/5 继续阅读
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