Save the World by Eating Bugs
Eating bugs is not uncommon at all nowadays. People in Yunnan eat scorpions, East Asians eat spiders and Bear Grylls eats grubs for sake of source of energy. Indeed, consuming insects is an effective way to reduce carbon emission. The Economist serves free bug ice-creams during July which aims to promote the message of using bug to substitute meat. To seek the truth, we went to Central and tried the bug ice-creams.

The ice-creams have a total of 4 flavors, including Scurry Berry, Choc Hopper, Strawberries and Swirls and Nutritious Neapolitan. Despite the peak lunch hour, not many people are brave enough to try the ice-creams. Since the bug ice-creams do have the actual insects on top and to be honest, it literally looks disgusting at first glance. But we still decided to give it a try!

We chose the Strawberries and Swirls ice-cream to begin the challenge. Swirls don’t have taste at all and it’s crispy like cereals. It follows the most challenging ChocHopper flavor since you can see the real grasshopper chunks clearly. The first bite is quite disgusting since it seems to have a chunk of grasshopper head. But it turns better after tasting it because it doesn’t really have the rumored grass or steel taste and one of our editors even feels that he needs more!

The Economist states that 2 billion people are already eating bugs and more than 2000 insect species are edible. Insects contain rich protein, have lower cost and are more sustainable than meat. For instance, grasshopper has nearly the same amount of protein as much as beef and it even has lower fats and calories. The livestock industry is responsible for one-fifth of global greenhouse gases emission. Therefore, it’s believed that eating bugs is an effective option to reduce the emission.

Text: vin, Nat

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