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Starting from a modest cooked food stall, Yung Kee Restaurant is now developed into a renowned Chinese restaurant served Guangdong cuisine. Yung Kee acquires fame for its gourmet specialty-Roast Goose. After tasting the Roast Goose, tourists buy and carry it home with them by air to share among relatives and friends. For that, Yung Kee's Roast Goose is nicknamed "Flying Roast Goose". continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Guangdong Restaurant (2008-2011,2014), Best Restaurant in Central and Western (2010)
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11:00 - 23:30
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11:00 - 23:30
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Signature Dishes
Sauteed Frog's Leg and Bamboo Shoots Steamed Sliced Chicken with Ham and Vegetable Braised Supreme Bird's Nest Braised Superior Shark's Fin in Brown Sauce Steamed Live Fish in Soya Sauce Yung Kee's Imperial Abalone with Wine
Review (609)
Level4 2019-01-01
This famous Chinese restaurant is located in Central, at the self-owned Yung Kee Building. Started in 1942, Yung Kee is renown for the roasted goose and charcoal-grilled BBQ pork, as well as other Cantonese traditional dishes. With advanced booking, the four of us were seated on the third floor, with the decors offering a sense of luxury with authentic Chinese elements, and we had a comfortable dining experience. First we had the Preserved Egg and Pickled Ginger ($15). This is one of the favorites of the foodie, and the dish was used to contribute to the tips for the staff. I am not sure whether this is still true today but the staff did recommend it to us. The preserved egg is decent but I would not say it was the best I had tasted. The pickled ginger has the right balance of sweet and sour, and the crunchy ginger certainly is a great appetizer to start the meal. Like most people we ordered the Signature Charcoal Roasted Goose ($375 for half). I could not help myself in comparing with Kam's Roasted Goose I tried a few weeks ago. This one is also good in taste, with the goose marinated well but not as juicy. And I would prefer the goose to be hotter, as the lukewarm meat quickly cooled down and making it more fatty. However, there are more attention in the cutting of the goose, with the breast cut separately to boneless pieces. Next we had the Deep-Fried Sea Cucumber Meat with Spicy Salt ($330). Those are in fact the intestines of the sea cucumber, and often served in hotpot. This is the first time I had it deep-fried with spicy salt, and it retained the crunchy texture. While it did not have much flavor on its own, the spicy salt did compensate for that. An interesting idea, though not something particularly tasty in my opinion. Then we had the Braised Garoupa's Head and Belly with Bean Curd in Casserole ($300). My favorite on the evening, the starch powder coated on the fish was not too thick, and i detected a bit of Chinese yellow wine used in marinating, bringing in a nice flavor, before deep-frying to nice golden brown before braising. The bean curd was also nice, absorbing the sauce, which had some mushroom, pork, ginger and other seasonings. The shredded spring onion gave an extra fragrance to the dish too. We had Poached Fresh Bean Curd Sheet and Assorted Vegetables in Fish Broth ($160). Quite nicely done, the bean curd sheet was soft and silky, and got a nice bean note. The vegetables were properly poached to the right softness, and considering that there were different vegetables requiring different times to cook, a test of the chef to do it correctly which was delivered well. The fish broth imparted delicate flavors to the vegetable without making it too salty. Another nice dish for the evening. I ordered the Fried Glutinous Rice ($250) to wrap up, but unfortunately the staff forgot my order and we waited for quite a while and only upon checking did we found out to re-order. The portion was good for four persons, with plenty of preserved sausages and meat. Fairly good in taste but I would prefer they could add more chopped spring onion to further enhance the flavors. For dessert we had the Red Bean Sweet Soup with Aged Tangerine Peel ($42). The soup was of appropriate sweetness and the red beans were boiled sufficiently to create the 'sandy' texture. However, the note was barely discernible for the tangerine peel, and given that it was specifically mentioned it was a bit disappointing. The dumplings were another disappointment as it was a bit under-cooked, leaving some raw flour taste.The services were quite good, as one would expect. The food was a bit over-rated in my opinion, and maybe it is more for the tourists now and VIP. The bill on the night was $1840. continue reading
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早知道鏞記有不少負評,但想起幾年前品嘗過的陳皮鴨腿湯飯味道不錯,所以重臨舊地。在印象中,這些有名氣的酒樓,一般服務欠佳,只懂逢迎老顧客,但今次感覺,招呼不錯,斟茶遞水做到足,對我們這些生客也不會黑口黑面。可惜,陳皮鴨腿湯飯已在餐牌上消失了。唯有試試其燒味雙拼及點心。燒鵝、油雞味道一般,而且偏咸。蜂巢芋角不夠鬆化,多加一點五香粉,味道層次會更佳。再來一籠三色蒸粿,外表別緻,有清香的荷葉味,但原來內裡是幾種不同的米,有點像珍珠雞,但不夠「糯」。一籠只有兩顆。再加多個沙爹牛肉粉絲煲、雲吞麵、羅漢齋炒麵及兩客酸薑皮蛋,四個人一頓午餐,平均要$250。總體而言,服務及食物品質尚可,但偏咸,偏貴。 continue reading
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Level1 2019-01-13
第二次來同上次一樣咁多人,燒鵝都係咁好食,個個都會點,皮脆肉香,真係好好味。仲叫左揚州炒飯,好乾爽,好足料,蝦仁好大粒好爽,仲有炒蛋臘腸,認真好味,真係食極都唔厭,環境好高檔好舒服。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-01-13
Relatives from the US wanted to try some roast goose and having 2 kids meant needing to have a reservation so we didnt bother try queuing at Kam’s goose. Decor itself is very chinese and grand and we had a table on the top floor. We ordered half a goose which ended up arriving after all of our other dishes- we had chased up numerous times but it was only when we asked for the manager to complain did the goose arrive. We suspect our portion of goose was given to another table.The goose meat itself was rather tough although the skin was nice and crispy.Remaining food was decent although the plain rice was a bit hard.More of a tourist place and so wouldnt recommend if you wanted just a casual fix of goose. continue reading
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Level1 2019-01-08
做節買左一隻燒鵝返屋企加餸,返到去打開,發覺一隻鵝甘細隻,以為自己買左半隻。跟住開飯食落去,d肉好硬好實,仲好似有陣蘇味。真係名大於實。 價錢甘貴,但質素好一般。 continue reading
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