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Starting from a modest cooked food stall, Yung Kee Restaurant is now developed into a renowned Chinese restaurant served Guangdong cuisine. Yung Kee acquires fame for its gourmet specialty-Roast Goose. After tasting the Roast Goose, tourists buy and carry it home with them by air to share among relatives and friends. For that, Yung Kee's Roast Goose is nicknamed "Flying Roast Goose". continue reading
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Best Guangdong Restaurant (2008-2011,2014), Best Restaurant in Central and Western (2010)
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Sauteed Frog's Leg and Bamboo Shoots Steamed Sliced Chicken with Ham and Vegetable Braised Supreme Bird's Nest Braised Superior Shark's Fin in Brown Sauce Steamed Live Fish in Soya Sauce Yung Kee's Imperial Abalone with Wine
Review (549)
It's All About the Goose Featured Review
Level4 2017-10-19
After my godfamily was treated to dinner at Yung Kee back in May, my godfather has been saying that he has to treat my grandmother to the marvelous Stewed Goose in Casserole!  So, come August, my godfather invited my whole family to Yung Kee for dinner.  Our table was located on the fourth floor of the restaurant, which can be reached by elevator, and has a more elegant decor than the general dining area on the ground floor,  Since the dinner was my godfather's treat, and he set the menu, I have no idea about the price of the dishes.As soon as all the guests arrived, the appetizers were served.In addition to roast goose, Yung Kee is famous for their preserved eggs, which they have even packaged as souvenirs that you can buy!  What makes this preserved egg so special?  It embodies all the qualities that a good preserved egg must have!  The egg white has a stiff jellylike consistency that doesn't fall apart, the yolk remains creamy and hasn't solidified completely, and the egg itself has a distinctive pungent flavor.  Most preserved eggs on the market is missing at least one of the criteria. Deep Fried Sea Cucumber Buckles with Peppercorn Salt: I was wondering what sea cucumber buckles were, so I looked it up, and they are sea cucumber guts.  The sea cucumber buckles had a crunchy texture, and the peppercorn salt batter gave it a pop of flavor!Barbecued Pork: The barbecued pork looked lean, but it was incredibly tender, and it was coated in a delectable smoky honey sauce!Soy Marinated Chicken: The soy marinate had the perfect balance of sweet and saltiness, and the chicken was quite tender!  I just wish there was some extra sauce on the side!The Soup of the Day was a lotus root based soup, which was incredibly flavorful and definitely warmed the heart!Fried Prawn Wrapped in Beancurd Sheet: The Chinese name of this dish roughly translates to dragon wrapped in golden chiffon which is quite poetic!  The fried prawn (dragon) had an enticing bouncy texture, and it was wrapped in perfectly crispy beancurd sheets (golden chiffon)!Braised Garoupa's Tail with Bitter Melon: I'm not a fan of either garoupa or bitter melon, so I didn't have this dish, but it is grandma's favorite, so my godfather always orders this dish for her!Stewed Goose in Casserole: After hearing XO raving about this dish for months, I finally got to try it, and it definitely lived up to the hype!  The casserole was composed of basically the whole goose minus its extremities, so the innards and coagulated blood were also part of the casserole!  Since the casserole is layered with the components of the goose, my brother and I were like digging for treasure when the casserole got to us!  The coagulated blood was silky and tender and was completely devoured by the guests after the casserole went around the table once!The goose meat was still tender albeit being in a casserole.  The gizzard was crunchy but not tough!  The liver was soft, tender, and smooth and had an almost jiggly texture.Seasonal Vegetable in Broth: The vibrant choy sum was perfectly crunchy!The casserole was served with thick vermicelli (lai fun).  The lai fun was served dry, so we could ladle the broth from the casserole into the bowl of lai fun!  The broth from the casserole was completely infused with yummy goose flavor, and the thick vermicelli was the perfect vehicle for the bold flavor!  The tofu puff was also soaked with the broth and went delightfully with the lai fun!  When the casserole came around again, I dug and found a piece of the goose heart, and it had the ideal toothsome texture!  I knew that Yung Kee is infamous for their roast goose, but this goose casserole is equally amazing!  You can get delicious roast goose at other restaurants, but I doubt you can find this casserole!Mini Crab Roe Dumplings: What is mini crab roe?  It's not a minuscule-sized crab roe, but rather the roe of a minuscule crab.  As you can tell from the photo, the dumpling skin was perfectly thin and translucent!  The skin of the dumpling wrapped around the delicate filling which was infused with the distinctive mini crab roe flavor!  The pillowy dumpling had such a bold flavor yet such a delicate texture!The Egg Fritters had an impeccable light puffy texture with just the right crunch factor!  I got to drizzle my fritter with the extra honey we asked to be served on the side!I used to dislike sesame ball cookies because they used to hurt my teeth when I bit into them as a child.  I wasn't going to have one of these, but my brother said these were different, so I decided to give it a shot!  These Sesame Ball Cookies at Yung Kee were nothing like the ones I had in the past!  The aromatic cookie was crunchy but broke apart as I sunk my teeth into it!  The texture was much lighter and the sesame balls had an airiness to them!  After hearing godbro XO rave about the stewed goose casserole was months, I was so excited that I finally got to try it, and it was even better than expected!  Even grandma, the picky eater, was saying how much she loved the dish!  Thanks godfather for the treat!  P.S. Please note that quite a few dishes on this menu need to be reserved in advance! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
鏞記超正一品鵝! Featured Review
Level4 2017-05-19
記得兒時XO仔同屋企人成日都會去老字號「鏞記酒家」度食飯,反而長大後因深覺餐店已變為遊客食肆,馳名燒鵝質素亦有下滑跡象,近十年去過o既次數真係五隻手指已經數得哂。今次多得公司貴客宴席,細佬方才有幸一試裝修後回復水準o既香港名牌酒家!唔知係咪實在太過沉迷睇射雕呢,望住店名中個「鏞」字居然都諗起作者「金庸」。。。晚宴設於四樓「蘭亭閣」貴賓廂房內,估唔到多年冇黎環境變得如此光鮮雅緻,闊落舒適。主人家早已寫下菜單,並安排人齊即起餸,房內有專人服務,經理叔叔亦不時出入跟進,十分妥善周到。鵝髻魚雲羮($1,000):靚靚媽咪教落,鵝同鴨最明顯o既分別就係前者有個髻,但係細佬真係估唔到原來個鵝髻入面係有野食o既!此道必先預訂o既鵝髻魚雲羮加咗陳皮同豆腐等食材煲製,魚味濃郁,質感滑溜易入口,好有特色。玉龍披金紗($66/隻):所謂「玉龍」亦即鮮蝦,以咸蛋黃炸出就等同披上「金紗」,淨係聽個名都覺得氣勢強勁!炸蝦皮層乾巧鬆脆,蝦隻爽厚彈牙,不需多點醬油已夠美味可口。原味清湯牛爽腩($275):清湯牛爽腩猶如餸名般清爽潤澤,就連配角o既靚菜都鮮脆過人,唔怪得知通常午市未完都已經賣哂,有心黎試記緊要預留。禮雲子粉果($44/隻;最少要半打):正當細佬喺度懷疑「禮雲子」係全真七子其中一子時,幸好未出洋相前席上已有廚神搶先解說「禮雲子」為貌似蟹仔o既蟛蜞o既卵子,係中國南方一種特別o既食材。以禮雲子包製o既粉果透出橙光,咬穿柔軟o既外皮直達脆嫩o既餡心,藏著o既清香鮮甜迅即溢滿口腔,實在美妙!紅炆斑尾($768/十六兩):小肥一向不擅長食魚,加上飯後約咗位訪港數天o既靚女朋友跳舞,結果都係決定唔試。眼見斑尾轉不到三圈後,碟上只剩下圍邊o既小棠菜,相信條魚真係好新鮮。至尊一品鵝煲($1,250):據悉,此道一品鵝除咗用上原隻靚鵝製出,煲內更有齊鵝隻不同部位及內臟,近期係餐店紅爆o既名菜,要品嚐當然係要預訂啦!一品鵝煲同盆菜有少少相似,都係層層疊。煲面o既鵝雜不單搶眼,每一款都一樣咁;當中鵝腸超級爽脆,鵝肝軟潤,鵝紅更加係滑溜非常,無與倫比。鵝煲由腍滑又入哂味o既掌翼同豆卜墊底,中間除咗有鬆軟o既鵝片同鵝肉之外,亦夾有爽潤o既鵝腎,「至尊一品鵝煲」果真精彩細膩!大家要留意,由於煲品屬勁量級,小弟建議最好都係集齊人馬先好黎試。淨湯米粉($39/碗):應經理叔叔推介,主人家即場追加咗幾碗米粉撈入一品鵝煲個湯底內。碗「一品鵝湯米」索盡鵝煲o既精華,惹味中帶有微微香辣,不過個人覺得偏咸咗少少,如果將米粉換上瀨粉做成「一品鵝瀨」,相信效果應更佳。XO仔一早已跟波士道明飯後要趕往下場與紐約美女共舞,老闆都好通情達理地特批小肥等甜品上枱後可先離開。香港名食府「鏞記酒家」以燒鵝揚名海外,亦曾獲得米芝蓮一星榮譽,可惜深受遊客愛戴後水準卻有所下降,肥肥家族都已經好耐冇幫襯。幸虧公司貴客安排特別飯局,讓小弟見識到必先預訂o既幾款功夫菜,其中最震撼必選一試難忘o既「至尊一品鵝煲」,莫非師傅最近學懂咗「九陰真經」,將之前失去o既武功都恢復過來?! continue reading
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Level5 2017-03-26
這篇食評最近才完成,但用餐時間為去年7月,衷心希望今天鏞記的食物及服務質素,已經回復昔日水平。日又哦,夜又哦,嚟鏞記食燒鵝.....這句廣告歌詞,相信身為八九十後的你,一定沒有聽過,若然你是七十後或更早出生,家中又擁有電視的話,你可能對這首廣告歌曲有依稀印像,想起了吧七十後,這首是鏞記燒鵝的廣告歌(可惜在網上找不到這經典金曲,未能在這裏跟大家分享),曾在電視播出,那年代食肆在電視賣廣告,絶無緊有,鏞記燒鵝味美的形象成功植入了普羅大眾腦袋,當然還包括我那小小腦袋,可惜爸媽都不是饞咀之輩(我都不明白自己的饞咀基因承傳自誰,追尋三代父母兩線都沒有這種特質!),沒有帶過小龜去這著名食肆,吃它們鼎鼎大名的燒鵝。直至大概二十多歲才有幸首嚐鏞記燒鵝,還記得那一次小弟請客,帶着家中父母外婆及二位妹妹,到二樓大廳吃了一頓有酸薑皮蛋、燒鵝、乾燒伊麵及紅豆沙的晚飯,那頓飯小弟印像深刻,一家人齊齊整整地吃到了皮脆肉嫩肉汁豐盈的頂級燒鵝,以上湯及蠔油煨得入味非常的伊麵,香氣洋溢的老陳皮紅豆沙,通通回味至今!當晚買單金額只是HK$800多,每位計不用HK$180,這金額在當年計未夠在三星級酒店吃頓自助晚餐,所以感覺相當化算。當時侍應的服務態度親切殷勤,對我等草根食客,絶無丁點白鴿眼。另一次令人難忘的鏞記用餐經驗亦在十多年前,那時候需要經常應酬,有一次亦是唯一一次訂了他們四樓房間,寫了一圍菜,那圍菜沒有海鮮,沒有海味,沒有開酒,八人用膳,買單要HK$4,000多,人均消費超過HK$600,當晚坐上的國內朋友認為鏞記收費太高,不值!但我卻對菜式大為激賞,認為價值相當!當晚吃的除了神級燒鵝外,還有杏香滿溢濃稠的杏汁白肺湯、肉質纖細肥瘦相間均秤兼帶煙燻香氣的雲霧肉、入口軟滑零渣宰的清湯牛腩,以及大地魚湯鮮味爆棚的銀絲細蓉,每道菜的味道都令小弟刻骨銘心!十分驚嘆他們能把我們經常吃到廣東食物,做得如此細膩,如此出神入化!在打後的日子,雖未能成為鏞記常客,但每年總有機會到訪一到兩次,吃的離不開都是燒鵝、雲霧肉、雲呑麵及清湯腩等等,水準大致保持。自搬入元朗以後再沒踏足鏞記,去年我的農曆生日將至,母親問我想在那裏晚飯,我建議去鏞記。出發前曾聽友人(中環人,定期光顧鏞記)說自創辦人長子甘健成於2012年去世後,鏞記出品已大不如前 ,在2015年長房申請清盤鏞記的官司上訴得值的前後,廚房工人大換班,出品更差。我反駁他說在12年至15年間,都有偶爾光顧,水準穩定的好,請他不要危言聳聽!鏞記擁有中環威靈頓街38-40號整棟大廈的業權,樓高10層,地下及二三樓是大廳,四樓是一般廂房,十樓是私密度度更高的貴賓房,五、六、七、八、九樓則是辦工室,相信大部份都對外出租。地下大堂設燒味部及堂座,路人無需幫襯亦可欣賞到師傅的俐落刀功。地下堂座環境。大堂掛起了不少金華火腿,相信是對外傾銷之貨品,以往光顧從沒看到,未知是我沒注意到,還是新添的貨品。下圖是二樓環境,晚上九點多時拍攝,食客顯得疏落,七點多的時候全場滿座,當晚是週六,估計是有一輪食客,沒有翻桌,以鏞記這名氣食府而言,生意只算可以。鏞記菜式選擇衆多,菜名左面印有咖啡色小鵝一隻的是這裏的招牌菜。另一本菜牌,不!應該說是鏞記酒家介紹,記載了鏞記所有『威水史』,他們在何年何月得過的獎項,都有完整記載。訂座之時已預訂了他們1999年的得獎菜式 -松子雲霧肉,從來沒有嚐過別家菜館的類似菜式,它在小弟心目中絶對是獨一無二。除此之外,當晚還點了酸薑皮蛋、炭燒燒鵝、竹笙野生黃榆耳豆腐及乾燒伊麵。先說說當晚他們做得保持水準的好菜,不多,就只有免費的前菜及下面兩道。萵荀(免費)即我們常吃的貢菜,鏞記把這它做得甚好,脆口零渣,沒任何殘根,屬揀手靚貨。皮蛋酸薑 HK$12/位酸薑用的子薑必須以初夏的嫩薑醃製才會爽口無渣,不然會有嚼不爛的老筋,當晚吃的酸薑是質高典範。皮蛋糖心起松花,質素頂級。常言道松花皮蛋食味最佳,但松花皮蛋的定義卻不是人人知道,下圖便是皮蛋蛋清的松花花紋,有此花紋才稱得上是松花皮蛋,松花越大越漂亮,表示熟成度越足。若果要在世上挑選一雙天作之合,酸薑皮蛋絶對可以殺入最後八強,其他的對手可能是郭靖黃蓉、楊過與小龍女等等。酸薑的白醋酸味把皮蛋的梘味徹底中和,兩者同吃在口腔中只感到糖心皮蛋的甘香及薑的爽脆,好的味道放大了,壞的味道不見了。第二道做得好的菜,是剛才提及的獨一無二。松子雲霧肉  HK$400此道乃鏞記1999年的金獎菜,需要預訂。腩肉以先煎後蒸再煙燻的方法炮製,功夫相當的手工菜。腩肉非常揀手,肥瘦雙間均勻,肥的部份軟糯甘香,瘦肉纖維幼細,應該是用上了年輕的中豬腩,肉質上乘是兩大賣點之一,而賣點之二,是其獨有的煙燻氣味,不似燻雞燻肉,煙燻味不是來自香料或片糖,而是來自貴價茶葉,據稱是用上了宋聘普洱茶葉,這答案是幾年前所得,那時候對茶毫無認識,不知宋聘為何物,換轉是今天得到這答案,我會問他們用知不知到真正的宋聘普洱茶價值多少一餅?動輒價值數十萬一餅的茶,相信不會用作燻肉的材料吧!無論如何這道菜委實出色,跟鬆脆的松子同吃香氣倍增,吃着真的有點騰雲駕霧感覺。好的介紹了,接下來要評一評當晚水準低劣的出品。炭燒燒鵝例牌 HK$200已往在鏞記吃過多次燒鵝,沒有一次令人失望,可惜當晚相當例外。以往每次點它,都要半隻以上,但當晚咱們一行三人,希望多吃兩道菜,所以點了例牌,吃的是上裝部份。第一個失望來自份量,HK$200一個例牌,半隻則賣HK$300,當然的想法是價值HK$200的例牌,最少會有四份一隻鵝或更多的份量,可惜份量礙眼,連四份一隻也沒有!第二個失望是香氣,以往叫半隻以上的燒鵝,端到跟前時總是香氣四溢,但當晚的燒鵝香氣卻微弱得很,這跟鵝不夠熱可能有點關係。第三失望是肉質,鵝的皮尚算脆口,肉卻很嚡韌兼且沒甚肉汁,上裝的肉帶點嚡口可以接受,如此差勁則萬料不及!如果這碟鵝是一般燒臘店HK$100左右的例牌,我尚能接受,但打着炭燒燒鵝金漆招牌的鏞記出品,便絶對接受不了。竹笙野生黃榆耳豆腐 HK$180竹笙厚身沒異味,黃榆耳亦爽口,貨靚!不過好食材卻煮出差味道,整道菜可以『淡而無味』四字蓋之!黃榆耳、竹笙、豆腐三種食材本身都沒有味道,要用濃味上湯或蠔油醬汁燴煮才可做出良好效果,不過鏞記把這菜放進素食一欄,當然不能以濃味肉湯烹調,卻不能以這道菜是素食,作為淡而無味的開脫借口,連我這烹飪半桶水亦知道以黃豆、冬菰腳、蔬菜、蘿白、海帶等等的平價食材以可煮出鮮味素湯,為何鏞記卻不作此道?使這菜做得淡而無味,真的摸不着頭腦。未評最後一道菜前,想先批評鏞記的服務態度。當晚每上一道菜,侍應都會說一句: 『多謝哂,請慢用』。話說得機械化兼空洞,沒感情,說那麼多句多謝,幹嗎?你賣我買,公平交易,如果菜做得好,服務到位的話,我多謝你還來不及!太多的多謝其實相當哽耳!上述是對他們當晚服務的第一個不滿。不過好戲在後頭,更大的不滿隨之而至,當我看到乾燒伊麵送到面前時,我真的憤怒了!在點菜的時候已跟侍應説得十分清楚,是晚吃的是慶生飯,千叮萬囑他們別把伊麵鍘碎,生日吃伊麵寓意長壽,鍘碎伊麵寓意等同減壽,端上來的伊麵竟然條條都是碎濕濕不足三寸的,真是大吉利是!!!馬上召來剛才寫單的侍應投訴,她回覆剛才已吩咐了廚房不要鍘碎麵條,我着她召廳面最高層那位經理過來再作投訴,經理當然馬上道歉,說廚房師傅慣了手勢把麵鍘碎了,給我從新做過。我跟經理說:『 這情況曾發生在友人在國內的壽宴,結果最後是全單免費。』我並沒有對他們作出任何要求,沒要求他們免我甚麼送我甚麼,我只是表達了強烈不滿!而當晚過後,我亦沒有任何不安。試想想如果當日慶生的是位講求意頭的長者,相信會十分難受不安。忙着投訴忘記了拍攝那碟碎濕濕的伊麵........,下圖是重做的一碟,唉!又吃了一記悶棍。乾燒伊麵 HK$180超過十年沒有在鏞記吃這道菜,但由於以前吃的味道太好,印象還十分深刻。之前吃是以橢圓形碟上,如今變成了了圓形小碟,份量大不如前。已往在這裏吃的麵,是以上湯、蠔油及醬油炆煮,顏色深麵身帶有濃湯鮮味的佳品,而這一道卻是顏色味道皆淡,明顯是麵煮至全透,以小許上湯輕煨便上碟的行貨!乾燒伊麵要煮得好味,應該先把伊麵輕煮,趁麵身未焾帶骨時撈起,煨煮麵條時才有吸入上湯及醬汁的空間,明顯地廚師沒有用心去做好這菜。買單HK$1,133,以鏞記的名氣,今晚所吃的不貴!但吃這種質素的食物不值!總結: 兄弟內訌,生意折夥,員工在前途未明之時,紛紛跳船,新血青黃不接,食物及服務水平大跌,禍及食客,打裂了金漆招牌,我說的是打裂而不是打爛,裂還有修補空間,爛至粉碎便恨錯難返,衷心希望甘琨禮二少把鏞記重新整頓,可以重回正軌,做福食客。 continue reading
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Level1 2018-01-15
今天去鏞記喝茶,因為太多人沒有位,所以再逛逛。果然沒有白等,這裡的點心款式不算多,但品質不錯,鵝肝腸卷,是他們的招牌點心,鵝肝腸味道甘香濃郁,必吃。鷄絲炸春卷,皮炸得酥脆,亦不油膩。蜜汁叉燒包包皮鬆軟,熱辣辣很好吃。還點了山竹牛肉球,咖喱金錢肚,很惹味,還有筍尖鮮蝦餃,最後一人一份雪蓮百合紅棗茶作甜品,清熱潤肺,解膩又好喝。鏞記除了燒味,點心也值得一試。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2018-01-13
公眾假期陪朋友去鏞記 飲下午茶4點幾都仲排緊隊 好多都係不同國籍的遊客等左5-10分鐘 就有枱坐 好快上茶 侍應還幫忙倒茶 服務比一般大眾茶樓好好多不過茶壺最好加多個篩 隔一隔茶葉碎 3個人叫了4個點心朋友話 牛河炒得幾好不油 河粉又好煙韌 有個XO醬炒腸粉 夠辣但XO醬味不太濃腸粉完整 無痴住or一pat pat但我喜歡粉皮實d的腸粉 這個有點軟好耐無見到 ”雞絲春卷“ 最近的茶樓春卷入面都係蝦 係幾時開始 春卷個餡變左?見到立即叫個試味 肉餡唔係好多 有幾樣料混合變paste每層皮的空間都幾多 脆卜卜還叫了一個點心 叫 鵝肝腸卷字面上我一直以為 係一片鵝肝 加 臘腸 點知原來係 潤腸 真是孤陋寡聞我最喜歡這個點心 潤腸衣 頭尾都收窄的 入面的油無漏走和蒸乾晒咬開後d油慢慢漏出來 然後比包嗦左本身個潤腸已經唔錯 皮脆 入面d肉夠淋和鬆 不是很甜 蒸好後入面的肥膏 都化晒 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)