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To encourage eatery outlets to reduce food waste at source together with customers through offering portioned meals and adopting food waste reduction measures, the Environmental Protection Department has launched the “Food Wise Eateries” Scheme. Participants will be awarded with a Food Wise Eateries (FWE) accreditation status if they comply with the assessment criteria and will be granted with the FWE Logo and Stickers for displaying in the premises and their promotion for public identification. Applications are accepted all year round and are FREE of charge.

For details, please click here, http://www.foodwisehk.gov.hk/en/food-wise-Eateries.php

Exit B1, Jordan MTR Station, Exit C, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station continue reading
The restaurant has seven cuisine areas, offering a variety of international dishes. All kinds of iced seafood are sourced from worldwide. The seafood is fresh and diverse. They also have instant seafood and instant meat cutting. The buffet is open for lunch and dinner. continue reading
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Hong Kong’s Best-Value Buffet
All-day dining venue The Astor combines the nostalgia of Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng culture with the novelty and convenience of an Asian hawker center. Offering a vast selection of vegetable-first options, seven live cooking stations prepare a delicious celebration of international cuisine, from lobster to oysters, crab legs to Japanese sashimi, curries to Western grilled meats, modern vegetarian to Chinese classics and more, all served with a smile in a nostalgic retro setting.

New Tropical Afternoon Tea Launches at The Astor
New Tropical Afternoon Tea Launches at The Astor Things Get Fruity at Hong Kong’s Best-Value Buffet The Astor, the all-day dining restaurant inside Eaton HK, sweetens the deal with a new Summer Fruits Weekend Afternoon Tea (HK$248 per person + 10%), from 15 May until 31 July. Western dishes like Five Spice Rum Glazed Ham & Roast Pineapple and Cajun Spiced BBQ Chicken with Mango and Mint Salsa are the perfect balance of sweet and savoury – testament to Chef Paul Dodd’s ability to combine flavours with excellent results. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup is a fantastic alternative to typical summer gazpacho and serves as a refreshing palate cleanser for those looking to move between The Astor’s many international cuisines, such as a Coconut Chicken and Rice Noodle Salad from Vietnam, Aussie-style Watermelon, Cucumber, Feta and Mint Salad or Thai Pineapple Fried Rice served in the fruit itself. Sweet delights come in the form of classic Fruit Salad, packed with pomegranate seeds, strawberries and more, a decadent yet light Citrus Jelly Mousse Cake, Lychee Meringue, Eaton Fruit Tart and more. Special ‘Summer Fruits’ drinks include a Summer Virgin Mary which makes the most of Italy’s most famous fruit – the tomato, and a virgin Mango Mojito for those craving a beachy vibe. Of course, an abundance of fruity ice-creams are also on hand to help guests cool off at the summer afternoon tea. The Astor’s Summer Fruits Weekend Afternoon Tea Promotion period: May 15 – July 31 (Only for Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holiday) Time: 3:15-5:15pm Price: HK$248* (Adult & Child) * Prices are subject to 10% service charge The Astor Address: B1, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan Tel: (852) 2710 1901 Website: https://www.theastorhk.com | https://www.eatonworkshop.com Eaton HK: (Facebook) @eatonhkhotel | (Instagram) @Eaton.HK The Astor: (Faccebook) @theastorhk | (Instagram) @theastorhk More
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Review (290)
Level4 2021-05-27
家姐說要吃特別的早餐, 我正在疑惑,她就立即開估。說是若去往常喜歡的咖啡店吃,人均消費都要過百元, 她找到一家酒店,自助早餐才百多元,食物企理味道不俗且選擇多:沙律芝士、穀物、麵包、中式粥粉麵點心、西式煎蛋奄列、薯餅腸仔磨菇茄汁豆意粉等等一應俱全。連果汁維他奶都是無限量供應。非常超值。這餐廳裡裝修佈置都走復古型格風。坐位也算舒適。食物區域分得很有規劃,很鬆動,不會迫在一堆, 提升了用餐體驗,在疫情期間都感覺很放心。因為是自助餐,食物實在太多,不能盡錄,所以我只能點出一些我個人覺得喜歡或有特色的。首先是沙律巴, 蔬菜生果都很新鮮, 配料十分齊全。旁邊的芝士corner雖然款式不算多, 但竟然有多款漬物,喜歡pickle的就一定要來試。現做奄列早餐必吃,廚師很友善。另外中式區域有腸粉及牛肉燒賣,我覺得都一定要試。其實炒麵都好味, 不過小心太飽。飲品有多款樽仔果汁,還有維也奶,飲兩支就值了。其他還有很多食物款式,很推薦來試一次呢。 continue reading
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Level4 2021-04-29
普慶餐廳又再翻新,又靚左新潮高雅,舒服而唔迫,裝修加入少少玩味,幾好地方相當大,雖然係午餐buffet,食物種類超多,淨係行同睇晒都要幾分鐘感覺良好海鮮吧擺法好吸引,有啲似外國啲海產街市咁專人拎俾你擺靚佢,生蠔等既海鮮都ok既,正常,特別係凍蝦,相當新鮮而肉爽甜食左幾round都仲係高水準試下刺身方面,大部分較普通,三文魚算係好厚好肥美嘅,俾你既時候都絕不手緊手握壽司都算質素幾好,魚籽蝦都食左幾次天婦羅就種類少,串燒以雞髀菇最吸引,如果等到佢啱啱燒完就仲香同juicy燒牛柳當然係自助餐中必食大大舊好香燒焦味,入口夠滑又夠腍,牛肉有啲回香,配埋mustard無得輸試埋燒豬,好吸引既脆皮,一咬點知超硬,真係食唔到豬肉就比較熟同硬身,都係食牛柳好啲驚喜之一係海鮮粥,真心食自助餐好少食粥,見佢幾好咁就食少少,點知係超鮮,海鮮味濃又好綿又好味,好彩有食最後甜品款式勁多,而全部都裝到細細個細細舊,等妳可以試晒佢好爽整體經驗係非常好既,又舒服又多選擇又好味當然都有唔好食既野但係自助餐就係咩都食下試下,有幾款正已經好好,配埋佢既價錢簡直超值無得唔再嚟啦#大到拎唔同既野食都有運動量#話說樓上個food court都好吸引咁 continue reading
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Level4 2021-04-18
Seafood Lunch buffet (all you can eat for 2.5 hours from 12:00-14:30)🦪🦀🐙🦐🦑🦞🐟🥩🍰🍮🧁🥧🍦Mon-Fri: $308/adult, $198/child or senior 60s or aboveSat-Sun: $378/adult, $278/child or senior 60s or aboveThere was a promotion earlier with 2nd person half price, and thus making up to an average of $262 per adult after +10% service fee. For a lunch buffet with oysters provided, this price was definitely worthy. The buffet area was scattered around with different stations for hot dishes, cold cuts, oysters, sushi, dessert etc., adding up to a comparatively very large area of serving tables. The restaurant had definitely made good use of the interior design in maximising the use of this basement area. The sashimi slices were chill enough and fresh, especially with serving on diced ice to every customer's dish. Salmon and seabeam were particularly sweet. Cold seafood platter contains numerous choices - we particularly love the long crab legs!The steak was cooked to just right - still tender and juicy We had to encore for several times!The cheese and ham platter choices were also generous! The smoked salmon and parma ham were of very good qualityHere came the oysters! There were two choices of oysters that day, one from Scotland and another from Canadian. The fresh oysters were quite large in size. The texture was soft and creamy with a freshly sweet taste.  I had a total of 8 scrumptious oysters by myself hahaa couldn't resist them at all!Dessert choices were relatively fewer compared to the cold dishes, but the quality was good. There were several cake slices and puddings, and my favourite was the blueberry cheesecake as I loved the slightly harder texture like new york cheesecake!Apple crumble was also made to above standard with a good balance between crispy crumbs and apple jammy. The icecream was another main selling point as there were 8 flavours from Movenpick and 2 more as soft cream. Movenpick was definitely a promising brand, and the variety provided was also amazing - not only standard flavours like Chocolate or Vanilla, but also Rum n Raisin, Maple Walnut etc plus some very sour sorbetOverall, this lunch buffet was definitely impressive. The food variety was same as dinner buffet, but we definitely preferred to have it during lunch to allow more time for digestion haha.  continue reading
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Level4 2021-02-23
-《The Astor普慶餐廳》🍡呢間餐廳對於我來講都幾有意思🙂亦都係我喺香港食過最鍾意既自助餐、(晚市)係非常之高質!講緊幾年前😉而家晚市就冇食過嘞😝有機會試到再出post話比大家知🤪今次吸引到我黎既就係 佢出咗個聖誕下午自助餐🥰個主題係:威士忌邂逅朱古力🍫覺得做得最出色係甜點🍮最鍾意係個威士忌冧酒蛋糕、買個威士忌朱古力泡芙😋鹹食方面就鍾意黑松露菇沙律🥗同埋介紹返🧏🏼‍♀️佢有兩款Cocktails 任飲🍋N.Y.SOUR whiskey x lemon juice(酸到飛起😆)🍫Chocolate 1st vodka x chocolate (甜到飛起)個人比較鍾意朱古力果款、酒味冇咁苦澀!今次呢個聖誕buffet 性價比超高😏每位$2xx 仲要有cocktails 任飲🤩佢每個季節有唔同嘅buffet、建議可以上返佢官網睇吓🌚______________________________score:8.5/10地址:佐敦彌敦道380號香港逸東酒店b1樓層 continue reading
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Level4 2021-02-17
武漢肺炎搞到過埋年,垃圾正苦仲係限聚,二人限聚限枱,真係好煩。年三十晚, 返工都冇咩好做,武漢肺炎繼續work from home, 放假hea 吓都好, 有d friend又放早, 咁就一於食個團年tea la~見到eaton做緊平日tea buffet, 有chocolate fondue, 我地一行5 人分3 枱食 武漢肺炎,你快d返武漢啦,我想安安樂樂,齊齊整整食飯呀。。。。 分3枱,呢間餐廳又好盡責,隔成條河咁, 傾吓計都唔得。 見到附近有d一家幾口, 要兩個得幾歲嘅細路自己坐一枱, 冇得照顧佢地, 食到污糟晒,成身都係。。。。 我都鄧佢阿媽慘 一日都係呢個武漢肺炎同垃圾正苦搞出嚟講返d嘢食先~ 佢個tea buffet算係semi buffet, 包一個main course, 我地加錢叫咗香草烤羊架配薯蓉,有friend就叫咗安格斯牛肉漢堡配薯條, 呢兩款都要加$40. 佢有d唔駛加錢嘅main course, 計返都係$128 加一, 包杯嘢飲, 真係好抵~我地order咗main course之後,就出去睇吓有咩食, 有生果,棉花糖, 片裝蛋糕等等, 當然有movenpick雪糕啦~ 我拎咗少少嘢就返埋位, waiter就拎d fondue過嚟,問我要黑朱古力定白朱古力, 佢地真係好 service, 又好禮貌講解。我就緊係要黑朱古力啦~ 話咁快, 個羊架就嚟喇 個羊架好好食, 唔會太大份, 食完之後仲有quota食出面嘅嘢。 有一個friend叫咗burger, 真係好大份, 見到都飽, 我地將佢個burger分屍咁幫手食, 可以大家都試吓,又唔駛浪費食物我地係咁出去排雪糕, 雖然要排隊, 但係都郁得好快, 唔駛食得咁心急。 放d雪糕入fondue, 拎出黎一陣,層朱古力就會變硬, 好似食緊脆皮朱古力咁, 好正呀~ 唔駛去haagen dazs食佢個朱古力火鍋, 呢度任食,又平, 抵食好多~ 下次夾到fd嚟, 會再食過!! continue reading
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