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To encourage eatery outlets to reduce food waste at source together with customers through offering portioned meals and adopting food waste reduction measures, the Environmental Protection Department has launched the “Food Wise Eateries” Scheme. Participants will be awarded with a Food Wise Eateries (FWE) accreditation status if they comply with the assessment criteria and will be granted with the FWE Logo and Stickers for displaying in the premises and their promotion for public identification. Applications are accepted all year round and are FREE of charge.

For details, please click here, https://www.wastereduction.gov.hk/zh-hk/waste-reduction-programme/food-wise-hong-kong-campaign

Exit B1, Jordan MTR Station, Exit C, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station continue reading
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The restaurant has seven cuisine areas, offering a variety of international dishes. All kinds of iced seafood are sourced from worldwide. The seafood is fresh and diverse. They also have instant seafood and instant meat cutting. The buffet is open for lunch and dinner. continue reading
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Hong Kong’s Best-Value Buffet
All-day dining venue The Astor combines the nostalgia of Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng culture with the novelty and convenience of an Asian hawker center. Offering a vast selection of vegetable-first options, seven live cooking stations prepare a delicious celebration of international cuisine, from lobster to oysters, sashimi, curries to Western grilled meats, modern vegetarian to Chinese classics and more, all served with a smile in a nostalgic retro setting.

The Astor Presents "Euro Tea Affair" Afternoon Tea Buffet
Embark on a mouthwatering journey through the tantalizing flavors of Europe at The Astor's “Euro Tea Affair” Afternoon Tea Buffet! Brace yourself for an indulgent feast that will ignite your taste buds with every bite, featuring hot dishes and desserts of Italy, France, Spain and Britain that will transport you to the heart of Europe. Sink your teeth into succulent Slow-roasted Beef Chuck-Roll, perfectly paired with fluffy Yorkshire Pudding and drizzled with a luscious pepper gravy, heavenly Seafood Vol Au Vent, delectable Baked Mussels Florentine, and much more. Guests are entitled to one serving of Cheesy Baked Lobster (half) at the afternoon tea buffet. But the indulgence doesn't end there! Prepare to be enchanted by a symphony of dessert sensations, including our Macaron Tower, Tart Au Citron, Peach Trifle, Strawberry Paris Brest, Purple Sweet Potato Mont Blanc, Viennese Apple Strudel and perfectly bite-sized Petit Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tarts. Guests can also select from two specially curated drinks, including Green Apple Lime Smoothie and Passionfruit Mango Iced Tea. Let us take you on an unforgettable culinary adventure where the essence of Europe comes alive on your plate at The Astor’s afternoon tea buffet! "Euro Tea Affair” Afternoon Tea Buffet Date: From June 22, 2024 (Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays) Time: 3:15 pm to 5:15 pm Price: HK$298* per person *Subject to 10% service charge *Prices may vary during public holidays, please call us and check *Food items will be adjusted based on seasonal availability More
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Review (578)
Level4 2024-06-12
一行六個人去食自助餐,餐廳非常大,當天也超級多人,有九成客滿,攞食物的位置分散在餐廳不同的角落。生蠔好細隻,比較腥。凍蝦和蟹腳是不錯的。魚生方面:今次的三文魚不是太新鮮,其他八爪魚和北寄貝也是麻麻地。熱盤也不是太多選擇。牛肉,豬腩卷感覺也麻麻哋。飲品方面是要排隊去取的,飲品檔口只有一位姐姐服務,每一次都大排長龍,不明白為什麼沒有安排熱水機,自助加熱水,咖啡或者茶,而且每一次攞的熱檸茶也非常細杯,想加熱水也要去檔口排隊。用餐時間由中午12點至到2:30 ,一到2:30就馬上執嘢,由於我們是有小朋友,所以收拾得比較遲,2:45pm間板已經關上了,我們必須由小門再走出去。假期中午的價錢是$468一個人(已包括+1服務費)這個價錢,下次會去其他地方食自助餐。 continue reading
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今日放假, 又過來食佢的自助晚餐, 雖然係閒日, 但座位都有七, 八成人, 真係有一定熟客戶🤪 今次也在網上官網訂座, 並沒有使用openrice的優惠, 所以都沒有乜嘢特別折扣, 今次亦叫店員安排卡位給我😄 首先試左d咖喱串燒同印度烤餅, 咖喱香而不太辣, 照燒雞扒🐔和串燒雞翼🐤都好味, 之後試蒸魚🐟燒味娃娃菜海鮮盒及素菜區的各款蔬菜, 娃娃菜加埋炸蒜子, 可能有d上湯浸完, 食落好淋好甜😍喜歡素菜區的忌廉菠菜, 烤紫薯, 烤甘荀, 茄汁秋葵同芝士茴香, 好清新舒服🤭 今日係蕃茄湯, 飲落好濃的蕃茄味🍅酸酸地, 係咖喱區的日式炒烏冬煮很好好食🥰佢的蟹粥🦀也是必食💕也食左凍海鮮的青口🦪大頭蝦🦐和普通蝦🦐, 三樣都好新鮮, 我個人比較喜歡大頭蝦🦐食落感覺最鮮甜, 片皮鴨🪿和芝士焗龍蝦🦞也是限量推出, 都有排隊試左 , 今日無食到刺身切肉甜品, 生蠔和沙律😅😅最後食左青檸雪葩和藍莓芝士餅雪糕🍨為今餐的指定甜品🤩🤩 continue reading
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Level2 2024-06-04
呢間個自助餐餐真係食完嘢會再食,回頭率極高,位置地理超級優越好方便,食物亦都高質,尤其最鍾意食佢哋嘅龍蝦,熱盤同冷盤都同樣高質,服務態度都幾好,值得推介👍👍👍👍👍 continue reading
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The Astor is now serving south american food for their afternoon tea buffet. You can indulge yourself in unlimited Brazilian barbecue. From beef, spring chicken, sausage, and more!They have a wide selection for the south american street snack like the duck empanadas, salmon ceviche, and live station tacos.For the dessert, they have churros and other pretty cakes and tartlets.We really love the virgin colada and you should definitely try it!Other than the south american food stations, they still keep the usual congee and noodles station, salad and cold cuts station, seafood station, and the japanese tempura and sushi station. continue reading
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Level3 2024-05-21
同屋企人補慶祝返母親節,就揀咗普慶餐廳下午茶buffet試吓,一行四人♥️入到去唔算好多人坐得好舒服。今次嘅主題係肉罷不能南美洲,美食包括牛肉、春雞、豬肉、香腸等輪流供應,另外南美洲國家特色美食則有墨西哥烤粟米、牛油果醬墨西哥粟米脆片、即製墨西哥夾餅,雖然係下午茶,但係款式種類都有好多。另外仲有不同類型嘅天婦羅食,同埋自選湯麵同蟹粥,更加唔少得嘅係有大量甜品同埋雪糕。我自己就最鍾意食佢嘅牛肉同埋春雞同腸仔,而其他款式都好唔錯♥️♥️🌟性價比好很推介! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)