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Morton’s of Chicago, The Steakhouse is located in the vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui district overlooking the famous Victoria Harbour. Morton's has remained true to its founders' original vision of combining generous portions of high quality food prepared to exacting standards with exceptional service in an enjoyable dining environment. Morton’s serves the best available USDA aged grain-fed beef and is renowned for the extensive, award-winning wine list.

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Level4 2018-01-09
男朋友第一次帶我黎Morton's慶祝週年紀念💖有得坐window seat👫 送左全體店員既簽名卡😍連一張即影即有💋 仲有張印左我地名既menu😍 侍應點菜時會細心介紹餐牌👩🏻‍🍳首先呢個大大洋蔥包($160)🍞好香而且外脆內軟👍🏻兩個人share的話只能食一半😂 有舊靚牛油😋-然後我地點左個 Prime Ocean Platter💙 (二人份$540)🦐🍸🦀 有 新鮮生蠔,特級珍寶蝦,珍寶蟹肉咯嗲,波士頓龍蝦,阿拉斯加帝皇蟹腿😍好新鮮而且鮮甜,不過份量有點少!龍蝦湯($175) 超重干邑白蘭地味道🍾好濃郁😛龍蝦味非常突出🦐🍲 waitress幫我地分左兩小碗,好細心💖而main course 我地叫左兩份😍🍽1️⃣ Center-cut Prime Rib Eye (16orz) $6982️⃣ Bone-in Rib Eye (22orz) $748兩份我都再加左black truffle butter😍 但我發現太膩了😭🙈 唔加已經好好味🤤bone-in有一邊好淋身但另一邊會硬少少,不過整體OK😳最後叫左一個Side Dish🍽 芝士松露炸薯條😍($130) 🍟 呢個同我平時食開有d唔同,我偏向有醬點的truffle fries😂呢個係粉狀~好大筒最後食唔完😭 但d薯條是高質的☺️最後的最後😍 餐廳知道我地係慶祝Anniversary送左個Soufflé (檸檸味)比我地🥂(原價要$198)雖然我比較prefer心太軟,不過欣賞餐廳心意😘 已經超級滿足!☺️☺️ 環境好有氣氛👫不過平日去食都覺得有點點嘈呢😯 continue reading
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最愛的扒房 Featured Review
Level4 2017-12-01
愛吃牛扒的朋友們相信對這家來自芝加哥的牛扒店不會陌生,不用跑到大陸或台灣,我們香港也有一家,座落在尖沙咀喜來登酒店。小妹很愛吃牛扒,心中有牛扒餐廳前三位的排名,兩家在中環,這家Morton和另一家中環的扒房是小妹最愛扒房的並列第一位(笑)。慶祝生日紀念日來這邊吃飯餐牌還有自己的名字並附上生日快樂或是紀念日快樂的字樣,吃晚飯餐廳職員會幫客人照寶麗來,然後放在一張卡裡面送給妳,超有氣氛。我們這次去是在平日晚上,工作完陪男友逛逛要買的東西後餓得不得了,感覺一頭牛都能吃得下(笑)。男友提議去Morton吃因為大概看我再不吃點東西要抓狂,頓時覺得很開心因為很隨意地去這種餐廳感覺蠻爽!我們差不多晚上9點過去吃餐廳裡還坐滿了人,幸好還有桌子給我們。另外一樣我很喜歡這邊的原因是這裡的音樂很casual,大家講話也蠻大聲,所以沒有那種高級餐廳的約束感。可以看著美美的維港夜景吃飯感覺不錯。如果沒有來過這邊的朋友我建議牛排可以點一份share就足夠兩個人吃,因為份量很大!我記得我們第一次來的時候叫了前菜,配菜,兩份牛扒還有甜點,完全吃了一半就投降了,超級飽而且浪費食物。所以我們這次也是點了一份22oz的Bone-in ribeye($748)兩個人share. 這邊的牛扒很厚身,肥瘦均勻,很多肉汁,點了medium rare上來的生熟剛剛好。牛肉嫩滑柔軟,一塊好的牛扒不用加任何汁醬已經很好吃,贊贊贊 ✪ω✪我們還點了一份黑松露薯條($30)。薯條是幼身的那種,炸得很脆,黑松露和撒在薯條上面的芝士粉都很香。另外我們還點了一份熱盤海鮮拼盤($530),有大蝦,生蠔,帶子和蟹餅,味道都不錯。甜點我們點了朱古力心太軟配雪糕。這邊用的是Haagen Dazs的雲尼拿雪糕,很大一球,配上熱辣辣的心太軟超級贊!吃了這個牛扒頓時覺得禮拜三這個Hump day過得很開心哈哈哈✿◡‿◡ continue reading
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Good Old Morton's Featured Review
Level4 2017-09-04
With its timeless décor, white tablecloths, uniformed waitstaff and humming crowd, Morton's exudes a classy vibe that is reminiscent of upscale steakhouses in the roaring twenties of my imagination. We are here on a weekday evening at 7 and the restaurant is already packed. Guests everywhere across the room are in high spirits. For a moment, I could picture the same conversations, waitstaff pacing across the room in similar fashion, chefs in the kitchen making the same shouts, etc. happening somewhere several decades earlier. Unfreeze the temporary daze and I find myself here and now, fast-forwarded to 2016's Hong Kong, facing my partner and the familiar night-time Victoria harbor and being given a thin piece of paper that looks very much like a menu. But wait, I see my name. This is indeed a one-of-a-kind surprise, mechanic and unexceptional as it may be for Morton's (where every birthday boy and girl seem to get the same treat) it has made me feel extra special on my birthday. Not being too hungry, I skipped appetizer and decided to go for filet diane, which is 6oz of tenderloin (sliced along the short dimension), my favorite cut. Some say that tenderloin lacks flavor, but I would happily trade a bit of flavor for its incredible tenderness, or so I thought.My partner has chosen broiled sea scallops as appetizer and prime rib-eye as his cut. We are immediately offered a sizable, dome-like bread with a large knife. Unfortunately as a loyal follower of the whole grain diet and a self-respecting gourmand, I would naturally not let this beautiful looking creature succeed in taking up tummy space when I am anticipating my tenderloin. I took a small bite to check it out, and it is the characteristically soft and slightly sweet white bread found everywhere in North America. I personally prefer tougher, grainier and longer fermented bread, but this is just fine.The scallops are gigantic . My partner quickly spooned one onto my plate before I could say no. The scallop is firm and succulent with delicately sweet flavor, and searing it with bacon wrapped around takes it to a whole new level. Placing tenderloin on top of a piece of bread reminds me of 19th century beefsteak banquets--ancestors of today's steakhouses as we know it, where working class men were served tenderloin on white bread and often saved it to keep a score. I dipped my fork in the sauce and detected mushroom, butter, cream, and maybe Worcestershire sauce. Nah, I prefer to have my steak as it is.The rib-eye came at the same time as my filet mignon. The 16oz portion is significantly larger than mine, making tenderloin nearly double the price of prime rib-eye on a per gram basis.  I sampled my partner's rib-eye as well for comparison's sake. It turns out that the tenderloin was somewhat lacking both in flavor and tenderness. If it was a 7 for flavor and 8 for tenderness, prime rib-eye was a 9 for flavor and 7.5 for tenderness. I believe it was most likely my mistake ordering the tenderloin medium well. It would have been much better cooked to medium rare. Overall, though, I am happy enough with my cut, and look forward to returning in the future to try out more of their menu when I am in a hungrier and more carnivorous state. Service on this occasion is excellent--thoughtful, responsive and professional. As it has been a special occasion, staff took a picture for us on the restaurant's camera and gave us the physical photo in a standard Morton's of Chicago paper-made photo frame, with a birthday message and signatures of their staff on duty. We were also given vouchers to spend on future visits at the Sheraton's top-floor bar. continue reading
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同妹妹慶祝生日去喜來登扒房,訂位嗰陣時已經問生日嗰位叫咩名,因為喜來登酒店會將生日嗰個人個名印喺餐牌上面。一去到,酒店職員會講解牛嘅每一個部份,佢嘅味道,同埋大概兩個人嘅份量。跟住佢哋仲會介紹餐廳最特色嘅菜式,過程覺得好貼心,因為會主動介紹我覺得呢個服務好好。期間想開一支紅酒,不過我想要嘅味道同妹妹喜歡嘅提子味道不太一樣,餐廳職員有介紹我們買一杯品嚐,經介紹之後才發現喜來登嘅酒都幾多一杯杯 offer。 講完自己鍾意嘅味道同飲開嘅品牌,果然有驚喜嘅選擇。雖然每杯嘅價錢會比買一支貴,但係飲到自己喜歡嘅提子味道才是重要。餐前洋蔥包我覺得好好味,牛扒是沒有介紹錯,肉汁,牛味都是我們喜歡的,還有那個side dish 露筍好大條。當晚叫了半打生蠔,蟹餅,牛扒,2杯紅酒,蘆筍約2500元。生日嘅話訂枱,餐廳會贈送甜品。 continue reading
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Level1 2018-05-11
We have been here for many years Nothing special or celebration. We just love Morton’s Oyster and steaks First of all, let’s get started with the Morton’s Prime Ocean platters~~ when we went there, it was not the season of Alaska king crab so they had suggested to double the lobster potion for substitutes. Of course “Yes” The oysters were so fresh and were from France Delicious ~😋 Poor EL had never come to this kind of fancy restaurant for dinning , next time when you could afford it. Let’s come here alone 🤐 (kidding loser)My love and I had the same main course which is the Signature cut prime New York strip, side dishes we had chosen jumbo asparagus and Sautéed button mushrooms 🍄 At last don’t forget wine 🍷 and steak were the perfect match. We had opened Clarendelle Bordeaux 2012 which tasted like water (not recommended). However the second one was much better (oh yeah I prefer Australia wine) Clonakilla Hilltops Shiraz 2015 which provide you a real meaty aromas on the nose before blueberry and nutmeg. 🤑 a little pricy After 2 wines and the delicious dishes, we can’t go further on the desert tonight. However , it was the perfect night with the harbour view. Definitely will be back quarterly ~ keep it up Chef 👨‍🍳 continue reading
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