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L' Atelier de Joel Robuchon is a French restaurant that serves delectable foods amidst a restaurant with stunning decor. A few of their signature dishes include Wagyu Beef Sirloin, Free-range Quail with Foie Gras and Caramelized Cream Custard with Pistachio and Cacao. continue reading
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Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009, 2010, 2011), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2012-2017), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017)
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Signature Dishes
Thick Sliced Wagyu Beef Sirloin Caramelized Cream Custard with Pistachio and Cacao Free-range quail with foie gras, served with mashed potato
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Level4 2017-09-23
工作到通宵,終於放工了。即使感冒了也要食D好嘅獎勵一下自己,今天同hubby 去encore 一下Joel robuchon. 這家雖然為米芝蓮三星餐廳,但午餐定價同眾多高質數法菜餐廳相約,可算是親民。午餐三個course($498) ,四course($598),五course($758).Welcome snack阿拉斯加蟹肉、jelly, potato with foam這welcome snack 送來時帶著陣陣煙霧(乾冰),好禪又有點仙氣,帶有夢幻的感覺。豐綿細蜜的泡沫下是阿拉斯加蟹肉,味道鮮甜,加上濃湯濃縮而成的泡沬,混合底下凍高湯啫喱同爽囗薯粒,味道十分清新而鮮味,估唔到免費的welcome snack都咁有心思。Le foie gras-classic foie gras terrine with figs and hazelnut 鵝肝醬真的美妙,入口幼滑而creamy, 有著濃濃的鵝肝味道,加上微微帶酸的raspberry 醬汁同鮮無花果,味道變得平衡, 味濃而唔覺得膩。而那烘脆的榛子更有畫龍點睛的作用,令軟滑的肝醬加點香脆的口感同nutty flavor。放哂所有ingredients 在一薄薄的多士上,一口氣食盡豐富的肝醬味道與不同的texture,既濃郁又香口,正!La saint jacques-Sea scallops carpaccio with mango and imperial carvier 雪白的帶子切成薄片,上面舖滿黃色的芒果汁同黑色的魚子醬,形成色彩強烈的對比,真的增進食慾。芒果汁的甜味同海鮮的鮮甜混成一體,加上少少䶢的魚子醬點綴,是一道好醒胃而light的前菜,很適合夏日享用或喜歡清新的味道的人仕。Le veau-pan seared veal Loin its creamy polenta no baby artichokes 牛仔柳-煎到半生熟,以方切形式上枱,一粒粒正方肉粒,外層煎到焦香而內側嫩紅。這牛仔肉肉味雖然無meat flap 咁濃,但肉質十分幼嫩,入口 juicy帶點chewy 感覺, 加點法式芥末吊起D肉味,食落無咁膩,唔錯!這薯蓉真的無得輸!質地極之幼滑猶如雪糕、富奶香而creamy, 而且薯仔味十足。真是joel robuchon 必食之物。Les spaghetti-marine lobster spaghetti with coral emulsion ( supplement$30)龍蝦意粉有一隻大大隻的已經去殼龍蝦鉗同幾件龍蝦:龍蝦啖啖肉,肉質爽彈而鮮美,帶有一點點海水氣息-鹹鹹地。意粉十分al dente, 口感煙韌,但不失掛汁力,每條意粉都被粉橙色的醬汁包住,滿有龍蝦味又十分creamy。醬汁的稀稠度調到剛剛好,不會太稠或太稀, 即使是第三次食這意粉,依然覺得咁好食,thumbs up.Le chocolat-glanduja cream with chocolate jelly and earl tea icecream(new dessert)這朱古力甜品沒有一般朱古力甜品的甜膩,反而口感層次十分豐富。香醇的朱古力薄片、加上香甜的薄脆片,混合軟滑的朱古力奶凍同earl grey tea雪糕,豐富的朱古力味道中混合左earl grey tea Icecream 的清香,仿彿就像朱古力奶加上脆脆的甜美。雖然和心目中(dark) chocolate 的甘醇味道有所不同,但這道朱古力甜品吃罷也沒有很膩。不錯,幾特別。Cappuccino-帶干邑味的焦糖配cappuccino 真的無得頂! Cappincino 泡沫十分幼滑細緻,無論入口的溫度,奶同咖啡的比例都是剛剛好!加點有干邑味的焦糖令咖啡份外甜美帶酒香,突顯左咖啡的回甘味,正!相信這特別的焦糖也是這兒獨有吧!嘩啦!petite fours 有五款咁多!真的叫人眼花撩亂唔知食邊樣好!左起有chocolate mousse,mixed berries tart, hazelnut 泡芙,lime marcoon and杏 桃旦糕。說真,肚子已脹到吃不下,但petite fours 每一款的味道都很好,而且很獨特。朱古力mousse 猶如朱古力燉奶咁香甜軟滑;雜莓枇用上新鮮莓果,酸酸的很醒胃;接下來的hazelnut 泡芺十分鬆軟香甜,尤其那叫人忘懷香甜的榛果忌廉在泡芙中湧出來,好好味;青檸marcoon 好香甜,口感煙韌,甜美中隱約有青檸的一點酸,真妙!而杏桃旦糕在相對之下顯得平實,濕潤的旦糕加上微酸的果醬同杏桃肉,好平凡但幾好的味道。這petite fours 真的叫我的減磅大計再次放埋一邊,今天即使感冒了,真的好好味無法唔令人由頭食到尾。近來到訪多家法日菜餐廳, 如美味程度可匹敵的amber brunch $998, pierre $588 ( 3 courses), marble 索價$780,haku$880,而這家robuchon 的午餐三個course 只索價$498包飲品,可算是性價比最高,無論食物的水準同服務,到訪三四次,品質如一,每次都有驚喜,而且榮獲米芝蓮三星,真心推介! continue reading
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a wonderful birthday lunch Featured Review
Level4 2017-06-27
On my birthday, boyfriend surprised me by bringing me to L'atelier de Joel Robuchon. Awarded three Michelin stars, we always wondered ... was it worth it? We were about to find out.There are two ways to enter the restaurant. One is inside Landmark. The other is an exclusive elevator located outside Landmark on Queen's Road Central.  The layout of the restaurant was interesting as the kitchen was in the center and everyone sat on a huge bar table surrounding the kitchen to watch the chefs at work. Decor was dark with colorful peppers and pasta as their only decoration.As it was lunch, a lunch menu was presented to us.  Menu is in English and French. They have a la carte and a set lunch menu. Set prices are $498 for appetizer/soup , main and dessert, $598 for appetizer, soup, main and dessert and $798 for appetizer, soup, two mains and dessert. All came with coffee or tea.The waiter spoke very quietly. In fact everyone seemed to talk in soft tones. He asked if it was our first time and explained to us the menu and suggested the set lunch was the best value as we could pick and choose whatever is on the a la carte to create the set. Boyfriend and I decided to go with the $598 set and chose different things to try more  items.While we waited (and I want to say, do not expect an express lunch here as food arrived very slowly), we were givent a big bread basket. The bread was warm and wonderful. Every item was great. Bread worth a note: the mini baguette with cheese. The waiter even walks by and refills it when he sees it's half empty.We were given a large disc of butter but I wasn't a big butter person as the bread clearly didn't need it. I just took a photo because it had the restaurant's initials on it.We were then presented with an amuse bouche of a mysterious black pot.Lifting the lid was this pretty little item surrounded by smoke from dry ice. It was a cold cream of cauliflower foam that was highlighted with chorizo oil. Giving a little heat to otherwise cold dish. An interesting mix to hot and cold on my palate. An interesting start to the lunch.Our appetizers arrived at the same time.Boyfriend chose this:  La Joue de Boeuf.  Braised beef cheeks in a wasabi sauce, egg mimosa and carrot and ginger puree.  There was also a small dab of jellied beef stock. The beef cheeks literally melted in your mouth. The wasabi sauce wasn't not overpowering and it just gave the beef a bit of kick.My appetizer was La Saint Jacques. Hoikkaido sea scallop salad with avocado and coriander.  The scallops were cooked perfectly. This was a clean dish where nothing overpowered the scallops but yet made it the star.Soup arrived. Boyfriend chose La Langoustine. The soup was rich and flavorful with the taste of the langoustine.  There was some mini raviolis stuffed with pieces of the langoustine and it was balanced with a taste of mint. I think we preferred this soup between the two we chose.My soup was L'oeuf de Poule. An asparagus veloute, topped with a poached egg and chorizo bits. Wise to add some spicy chorizo to lift the soup otherwise it would have tasted a bit plain. It did taste a bit like the amuse bouche we had earlier. But what astounded me was the poached egg. It was poached, wrapped in a meringue and then poached again and still the yolk remained runny. A feat of absolute amazement in my eyes.Mains arrived and this is boyfriend's choice. Le Turbot. A nicely pan seared filet of turbot that was topped with a razor clam and mousseron mushrooms. It was complimented with a ginger foam. The fish and clam was cooked perfectly. It was balanced with the woody taste of mushrooms and the sharp ginger foam. There were edamame beans scattered to give it a nutty taste.My main was La Carnard. Grilled duck breast with a cherry confit and almond praline. The duck was so moist and tender. It went very well with the tart yet rich cherry confit. The addition of the pralines gave it crunch and there was a smear of cauliflower puree to give it balance.Our mains came with mashed potatoes. This little pot was so rich in butter, it felt like all I was eating was butter. It was smooth like ice cream. Boyfriend, who loves  potatoes, thought it was even too rich for him.Dessert arrived and boyfriend chose Le Chocolat. A chocolate  tart with Grand Mariner jelly and Malibu ice cream. A lovely boozy yet chocolatey dessert. Something about chocolate and alcohol go together so well.Then my dessert came and what a surprise! The entire wait staff came out and started to sing happy birthday! They the took  a photo with their camera and later gave a print of in in a framed card as a souvenier. WOW! I felt really special. My dessert was Le Miel. Yuzu cream puffs with honey ice cream and hazelnut tuille. This was wonderful. Theice cream was creamy and sweet with the taste of honey. The cream puffs were crispy on the outside and filled with a delicious yuzu cream. All balanced with a crispy tuille.Lunch ends with a coffee or tea. My lovely latte.A plate of sweets were provided to compliment to coffee. This included chocolates, raspberry macarons, chocolate nibs and my favorite. Passionfruit jellies.Beautifully plated food that tasted as good as it looked. Each item placed on the plate had a purpose and everything flowed together well. Service was fantastic. Not snobby and very inviting. They did try to make the lunch a very special event. Food arrived at the same time so not one of us were sitting eating while the other was still waiting. It was also great to watch the chefs at work as they were clearly the stars. Would definitely return and suggest it to anyone for a very special day. continue reading
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Level4 2017-05-28
工作忙了二個多星期,決定要食好嘢cheer up 一下。這間餐廳對我們來說,可是永無落空穩定之選。幸然,有人cancel , 我們訂到位,又可以大飽口福了!Welcome snack-白露筍泡沫好禪的一個石盒。一打開蓋,一陣煙散開,仙氣十足,嘩!好大杯的welcome snack! 一口幼滑而十分清新的感覺,一放入口,好像把露筍的精華化成一口空氣呑下去,口感幼滑,而中間又夾著香脆的火腿粒同煙肉小粒,令清新的氣息中多了一點肉香同鹹味的點綴。正!Appetiser:La saint jacquesHokkaido sea scallops salad with avocado and coriander 超讚煎帶子!北海道帶子大大粒,煎得又香又軟,帶子的鮮味同表面芫茜香互相襯托,而旁邊的柑橘一點酸起化學作用,令帶子的味道更加green更加豐富。清爽的帶子,再加上軟熟牛油果purée ,十分creamy 幼滑的質感,令這頭盤flavor palette 更加完滿。La jque de beefBriased beef cheek with wasabi sauce,egg mimosa and smooth carrot purée with ginger這牛仔肉已切碎並弄成肉撻狀,混合旦汁,牛肉味十足,而一點的紅蘿白蓉令牛肉食落無咁滯,如果是牛魔王的,應該會喜歡。Pan seared beef flap with girolle mushroom and white apparatus 牛柳煎到五成熟,外脆內軟,切下去還有肉汁溢出。這牛柳肉質十分tender, 肉味濃,完全無筋,,份量都ok, 有四小件。而白露筍十分鮮嫩,入口即化,是幾好的主菜。Grilled challan s duck breast with cherry confit and almond烤鴨胸應該是slow cook 加上煎封煮成的。鴨肉色澤even, 外脆內軟,充滿肉香。咬下去,肉質鬆軟而唔羶,加上焦糖薄脆十分香甜,肉的鮮味加上甜焦糖同爆汁cherry的一點酸,味道十分多層次, 而甜味、鮮味同酸味都平衡得很好,是食過最好的鴨胸,極力推介!Le chocolat Jr~10~hk chocolate tart with grand marnier jelly and Malibu ice cream 食完咁多,仲有D擔心食不下甜品,幸好朱古力撻同柑子撻都鬆脆好精緻,朱古力撻沒有一般的甜膩,只有濃濃的可可香同甘味,而香甜的橘子撻為這道甜品帶點fruity的感覺,橙酒雪糕很清新香滑,味道很特別,有如橙香同呍呢嗱的mixture.Cappincino十分香滑,奶泡smooth 又幼細,奶香加上甘醇的咖啡,真的高水準。再試試加上招牌的焦糖,這樣咖啡又多了一份香甜同焦糖香,唔錯!Mocha這杯極力推介!這兒用上真朱古力造的,所以既有咖啡香又有朱古力的甘甜,而沒有一般街外mocha 的甜膩,濃濃咖啡味之中,又有一點可可香,正!Petite fours個marcoon 好好食,好靚好脆,個filling 係棉花糖,既沒有過甜膩,又十分香甜;朱古力是軟心,入口silky smooth, 十分甘醇,暗藏少少bitterness, 回甘味十足,真心 覺得比Godiva 更好吃。試過不少一星、二星同三星餐廳,以芸芸三星餐廳中,這間性價比是最高的。年多以來,來過這裡四次,四次都有驚喜,而且portion control得好好,不會吃到唔飽或頂住個肚,能以affordable price 享受三星餐廰的服務同食物,這兒可是my top list restaurant. continue reading
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Level6 2017-05-14
I have been a little under the weather the last couple of days but with my good friend Agent-I treating dinner tonight, I won't miss it for the world.Last night around the same time, we were still debating on exactly where to go for dinner. We finally narrowed it down to four restaurants, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Bo Innovation and Épure. As the birthday boy from the month of April, of course I had the final say and I decided to go with Uncle Joël whom I haven't visited for almost a year now.Both of us wanted smaller portions for different reasons (me due to my poor health and Agent-I for staying in shape) so we danced around the degustation menu and promptly asked for the one labeled "Small tasting portions" instead.Talk about knowing how to make an entrance. Uncle Joël sure knows a thing or two about setting the tone and that was on full display when our servers brought out tonight's amuse bouche.When the smoke finally clears, we have a gorgeous bowl of white asparagus emulsion right in front of our eyes.What better way to start the meal than some "in-season" white asparagus served as a purée with chorizo and peppers. That was a dreamy start.Le Caviar Impérial ($390) - I didn't realize how much I missed this dish until it sat right there in front of me. It was a wonderfully designed dish and the execution was just perfect. The cannelloni of king crab meat and avocado was topped with the imperial caviar while the condiments of celery (green dot), grapefruit (orange dot) and pepper (yellow dot, well some sort of pepper I think) on the side added the perfect finishing touch.L'Oursin ($270) - Talk about a dish that never gets old. Robuchon's sea urchin in a lobster jelly topped with cauliflower cream.A very elegant dish that ranks right up there with the best of it including Amber's signature sea urchin dish which is no longer available these days. I don't know if there's a better match with sea urchin than lobster jelly and cauliflower cream. If there is, I haven't seen (or tasted) it yet.Le Black Cod ($240) - Finishing things off for me was black cod fish with Malabar black pepper sauce, Chinese cabbage and coconut emulsion. This tasted a little like the always-popular Japanese dish, cod fish with miso glaze. The only difference was replacing the miso with a bit of spicy kick thanks to the black pepper sauce. I like the coconut emulsion there to balance the spiciness of the black pepper. This was simple yet very delicious.Le Pomme Verte ($170) - I thought I was done after the black cod but that was before I was handed with tonight's dessert menu. Perhaps I could squeeze one in.It was another beautiful dish with the delicate sugar pearl ball as the centre piece. Inside the sphere was cinnamon panna cotta, caramelized green apple and sorbet.Even the crumbs underneath had green apple and cinnamon flavors. Very nice.Petite four was the usual macaron, jelly candy and chocolate. They have printed the words "JR~10~HK" on the chocolate for the celebration of their 10th anniversary in the city.It feels good to be back at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon again and be reminded of what French haute cuisine is all about. Consistency has always been the prelude of success for all the Robuchon establishments and once again they delivered. continue reading
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慶生午餐 Featured Review
Level4 2017-01-23
去年hubby 生曰我訂了這餐廳和他慶祝,記憶猶新,感覺良好。今天是他爸爸的生曰,我們一起和他在Robuchon 慶祝。這兒雖然是米芝蓮三星餐廳,但他們的午餐收費是最合理的。其他的米芝蓮三星餐廳的午餐都由七百多至一千元一位起跳,而這兒最平的也只是$498有3個courses, 包咖啡或茶。坐普通枱要每位另加$100, 而坐bar 枱則不用加錢。雖然坐高DD,但卻看著廚師準備食物,又別有一番風味。Amuse broche 鵝肝蓉混合para ham 的燉旦真的好好味!滑溜而味道濃香,正!而那炸粟米波波十分香脆,黑松露的味道在口中爆發!這開胃菜水準十分高,令人期待其他菜式。La saint-jacquesSea scallop carpaccio with sea urchin and imperial caviar這碟頭盤造型出衆,海膽出奇地鮮美,配上鹹香的魚子醬,再伴以薄切帶子,味道十分鮮美,正!既有外表之餘又有內涵,好像一口氣把大海的精華放進口裏,又鮮甜又鹹香,又海膽又魚子醬仲有金萡點綴,感覺好decent.Le foie grasFoie gras roll and lentil beans salad with iberico ham這碟菜式要混合各種材料再一拼放入口中,味道濃郁之餘,口感也多元化。鵝肝片味道濃香,入口即化,加上神級火腿-iberico ham, 充滿著甘香的油脂,再配上起沙的扁豆沙律,味道濃郁之餘又帶有一點清新。這道菜十分不錯!Le topambourJerusalem artichokes veloute with conte cheese and black truffle cromesqui 這忌亷湯十分滑溜,啖啖清新之餘又充滿著松露的芳香同芝士的餘韻。十分不錯。La lotteSlow cook Monkfish fillet in Mediterranean style with saffron potato這個魚肉質比較厚實,口感chewy, 質地唔係好滑嗰種而比較肉感。配上地中海式的醬汁,質地輕creamy 而輕身,富有鮮味。Le veauPan seared French veal with polenta and dandelion green and truffle salad這法式牛仔骨煎到表面焦香,內𥚃透紅,呈medium rare 的狀態。由於是全瘦的關係,雖然烹調得到位,但也沒有入口即化的牛脂甘香,吃的是牛肉的肉味,個人覺得有少少美中不足。l'agneau de lait French lamb saddle with salisflies, broccoli and hazelnuts oils這道羊架比牛仔肉好得多。羊肉肉質細嫩有肉汁,羊味十足而沒有那叫人倒胃的羶味。而那榛果油只輕輕的提高香味,有點nutty 香,沒有蓋過那羊仔的味道,推介。La poire Pear compotes with Jr-10-hk chocolate mousse and icecream這道甜品真的好好食!正!那朱古力mousse 的朱古力味十足,入口極滑又細膩,味道非常香濃又甘香,又唔膩口,是十分醇厚的朱古力味道!叫人吃過不停,相信只有Godiva 的才可與它匹敵。而梨子的清新正好balance 一下朱古力的濃郁。吃罷意猶未盡,還是想要多一點。La fraiseJapanese strawberries with smooth kirsch cream , crispy almond tulles and strawberries sorbet這道甜點比較淸新,曰本士多埤梨混合忌廉同sorbet,酸酸甜甜的,加上杏仁薄片,有少少cruchy 的口感,簡單而味美。這兒的cappuccino 十分香滑,泡沬十分綿滑細緻,不得不試試加干邑焦糖漿,味道更加甘香隱約帶酒香,正!送上甜點之時,一群waiter 送上生日歌同點著爉燭的甜點,爸爸感到十分驚喜!最後他們更為我們送上合照留念,十分細心同窩心!星級餐廳有此星級服務,是慶祝必然之選,推介! continue reading
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