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Offering an extensive menu of French dishes, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon serves authentic French cuisine amidst stunning decor. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009, 2010, 2011), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2012-2017), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017)
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星期一至日: 07:30-10:00, 12:00-14:30, 18:00-22:30
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Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay JCB
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Signature Dishes
Thick Sliced Wagyu Beef Sirloin Caramelized Cream Custard with Pistachio and Cacao Free-range quail with foie gras, served with mashed potato
Review (158)
Level1 2017-02-26
多年來只用開飯平台尋找美食,終於覺得需要做些貢獻 。第一次想寫食評,只因米芝蓮三星認真的體驗。 沒遮擋開放式的廚房,讓每個食客看到認真製作食物的流程。今日值得表揚之菜式,看圖! continue reading
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Level1 2017-02-02
已經係第2次黎食lunch~今次係公司食開年飯~好好彩做一日都BOOK到BAR枱5位俾左個CORNER位我地, 都叫做易D傾計今次醒目無食咁飽早餐, 所以盤面包一黎就可以食多幾個~真係個個都好好味熱辣辣之後送上廚師精選, FREE既~係一個燉蛋同埋黑松露薯波食完頭盤同main course已經好飽甜品今次試左banana,普通D, 都係strawberry好味D最後加多杯cappuccino呢個lunch真係好滿足~好好味~ continue reading
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L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, one of the most famous 3 stars French restaurants, locates in Central that earns my high recommendation in the past. For lunch set, it is also one of the cheapest 3 stars in the world. Cheapest, actually may not be the right word to describe as a 3 course lunch set (includes additional hors d'ouevre, bread basket, coffee, and peti four) is priced at hkd 498. With one additonal soup or appetizer will bring up to hkd 598; and with 2 main course will further pump up to hkd 758. To some people, a group of 4 to enjoy a 3 course lunch will cost you around hkd 2.5K, is certainly not cheap at all. However, if you compare to Pierre or Amber, the it is indeed cost less and more affordable.A special occasion to celebrate my dad's birthday, we decided to let him try one of the finest French cuisine lunch in HK. With all four of us picked the 3 courses lunch. Each of us picked different food as my review will only focus of my course selection. Again as usual, there comes the gorgous fresh bread basket as the real starter. There are a few variety of bread selection includes, mini croissant, french baguette, sourdough, bacon bread stick, etc. They are all freshly made, and it is a treat to just enjoy this basket of bread as they are all wonderfully prepared. It would be only in my dream that every morning I could have this type of top quality bread for my breakfast. HahaFor hors d'ouevre (snacks), it comes with 2 type, one is the corn paste with bacon and the other one is the deep fried truffles stuffing. Starts with the corn paste with instant intense corn flavour that wakes up your taste bud along with the truffles stuffing that they recommend to eat after the corn paste. Quite nice as the presentation is gorgous. With a few pop corn on the side makes the texture just a bit more complex and interesting.For starter, I picked their recommended, "La Saint - Jacques". The scallops carpaccio with sea urchin and cavivar. First of all, the dish looks gorgous just like a painting. The sea urchin is sooooo sweet and creamy matches perfectly with the scallops carpaccio. The cavivar (provide a slight saltiness) with additional gold flick to me is more like a garnish (to provide an extra luxury touch) in this dish as the sea urchin is so good. Definitely wonderful!For main dish, I picked the Le Veau. This one … I am in a bit of mixed feeling. The meat is definitely good but maybe I am more used to the waygu type of beef, which is loaded with fat and melt in your mouth. This is definitely very different. It is almost a bit chewy. Flavour is good, which matches quite well with truffle slice. Of course, all main dish comes with their signature mesh potato on the side. Robuchon's mesh potato for me is always considered as the golden standard as the rich butterly flavour and the smoothness that I have yet to find any other restaurant can match them.For desert, definitely it is a no brainer to go for the chololate mousse and ice cream. It is definitely one of the finest chololate ice cream. I dont see anywhere you can find a better chocolate ice cream, and I am not sure how I can cope with regular ice cream served in the supermarket again. Maybe with exception of Godiva ice cream!As usual, Robuchon service is excellent. My mom has recently broke her arm, and they nicely re-arrange the seating to a table instead of sitting at the bar. Also, for birthday occasion, they will arrange birthday song and take photo for your group. You will actually get a hard photo print when you take the bill. A very nice touch. Again, lunch set comes with coffee and peti four.Overall, it does not disappoint. Even though my veal may not suit my preference but all other dishes includes my wife and parents are good. The scallop with sea urchin is just so good in my opinion. My dad had the lamb for the main, which is extremely tendered and juicy according to him. We are not really wine drinker, so we skip all the wine thing, but Robuchon's wine selection is exquisite. It will be impossible not find anything that suits you.With excellent service, top notch ingredient, profound taste of dishes definitely earn my high recommendation. In particular for lunch as dinner will mostly cost you 3 times as much. Therefore, consider hkd 600 per head is almost a bargain for a 3 stars restaurant. continue reading
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Level2 2017-01-24
不愧为米其林三星餐厅,法式浪漫与优雅格调相结合,灯光氛围暗中带着意境。每道新鲜出炉的“艺术品”都是Chefs无限创意和用心创作的结晶,素食菜品吃出不同原滋原味的惊喜和口感。服务也是一流专业👍。Thumbs-up~Thanks!🌹🌹🌹 continue reading
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Level4 2017-01-23
去年hubby 生曰我訂了這餐廳和他慶祝,記憶猶新,感覺良好。今天是他爸爸的生曰,我們一起和他在Robuchon 慶祝。這兒雖然是米芝蓮三星餐廳,但他們的午餐收費是最合理的。其他的米芝蓮三星餐廳的午餐都由七百多至一千元一位起跳,而這兒最平的也只是$498有3個courses, 包咖啡或茶。坐普通枱要每位另加$100, 而坐bar 枱則不用加錢。雖然坐高DD,但卻看著廚師準備食物,又別有一番風味。Amuse broche 鵝肝蓉混合para ham 的燉旦真的好好味!滑溜而味道濃香,正!而那炸粟米波波十分香脆,黑松露的味道在口中爆發!這開胃菜水準十分高,令人期待其他菜式。La saint-jacquesSea scallop carpaccio with sea urchin and imperial caviar這碟頭盤造型出衆,海膽出奇地鮮美,配上鹹香的魚子醬,再伴以薄切帶子,味道十分鮮美,正!既有外表之餘又有內涵,好像一口氣把大海的精華放進口裏,又鮮甜又鹹香,又海膽又魚子醬仲有金萡點綴,感覺好decent.Le foie grasFoie gras roll and lentil beans salad with iberico ham這碟菜式要混合各種材料再一拼放入口中,味道濃郁之餘,口感也多元化。鵝肝片味道濃香,入口即化,加上神級火腿-iberico ham, 充滿著甘香的油脂,再配上起沙的扁豆沙律,味道濃郁之餘又帶有一點清新。這道菜十分不錯!Le topambourJerusalem artichokes veloute with conte cheese and black truffle cromesqui 這忌亷湯十分滑溜,啖啖清新之餘又充滿著松露的芳香同芝士的餘韻。十分不錯。La lotteSlow cook Monkfish fillet in Mediterranean style with saffron potato這個魚肉質比較厚實,口感chewy, 質地唔係好滑嗰種而比較肉感。配上地中海式的醬汁,質地輕creamy 而輕身,富有鮮味。Le veauPan seared French veal with polenta and dandelion green and truffle salad這法式牛仔骨煎到表面焦香,內𥚃透紅,呈medium rare 的狀態。由於是全瘦的關係,雖然烹調得到位,但也沒有入口即化的牛脂甘香,吃的是牛肉的肉味,個人覺得有少少美中不足。l'agneau de lait French lamb saddle with salisflies, broccoli and hazelnuts oils這道羊架比牛仔肉好得多。羊肉肉質細嫩有肉汁,羊味十足而沒有那叫人倒胃的羶味。而那榛果油只輕輕的提高香味,有點nutty 香,沒有蓋過那羊仔的味道,推介。La poire Pear compotes with Jr-10-hk chocolate mousse and icecream這道甜品真的好好食!正!那朱古力mousse 的朱古力味十足,入口極滑又細膩,味道非常香濃又甘香,又唔膩口,是十分醇厚的朱古力味道!叫人吃過不停,相信只有Godiva 的才可與它匹敵。而梨子的清新正好balance 一下朱古力的濃郁。吃罷意猶未盡,還是想要多一點。La fraiseJapanese strawberries with smooth kirsch cream , crispy almond tulles and strawberries sorbet這道甜點比較淸新,曰本士多埤梨混合忌廉同sorbet,酸酸甜甜的,加上杏仁薄片,有少少cruchy 的口感,簡單而味美。這兒的cappuccino 十分香滑,泡沬十分綿滑細緻,不得不試試加干邑焦糖漿,味道更加甘香隱約帶酒香,正!送上甜點之時,一群waiter 送上生日歌同點著爉燭的甜點,爸爸感到十分驚喜!最後他們更為我們送上合照留念,十分細心同窩心!星級餐廳有此星級服務,是慶祝必然之選,推介! continue reading
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