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Helmed by the "Best Italian Chef in Asia" Umberto Bombana, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana is the first and only Three Michelin Star Italian restaurant outside of Italy. The signature dishes at this restaurant include the homemade tagliolini, lobster risotto and tiramisu. continue reading
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Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2011), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2012-18), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017)
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Level4 2017-12-04
My last experience at 8.5 a few years ago was not so great. I thought the meal last time was poorly organized and the food was at best mediocre. I've decided to give it another shot and I thought it would make sense for me to visit during the white truffles season so they might be paying more attention to the food. The only sense making thing was to go for the degustation menu! Started off with an amuse bouche (sorry I don't know the Italian word for that).The environment, as usual, is very central like... My first dish was a tuna tartare, I think it was fair but I wouldn't go so far to say that it's delicious. Was decent. And then the langoustine was excellent, the sauce was excellent and it was pretty nice. The meat was tender and it was really fresh. The Uni linguine was kind of special, very al dente and the Uni cream and sauce worked so well. I really enjoyed it and I also tasted my wife's red prawn pasta and it was so good. I think the core of the 3 Michelin stars comes from the pastas here. Off the chart delicious. Finally the main course was a baby lamb. It's not bad but nowhere near excellent so I don't think it's worth a lot of words on. The service here are pretty good. They changed my drinks twice as I wasnt too happy with the sweetness. This did change my mind of the restaurant and I'd definitely come again at the right time (the chef came out to say hi and I suspect that's part of the reason why the food is pretty good tonight). continue reading
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Level6 2017-03-23
After hanging out with family and friends for much of the festive holiday, I decided to take things a little slowly today. A late lunch just between the three of us was what I had in mind. I was trying hard to decide between Uncle Robuchon and chef Bombana but once I heard about L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon's children policy, it was pretty clear that 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana would be the one we would be visiting this afternoon.The good thing about chef Bombana's festive menu is that everything from starter to dessert is a simple choice between two selections. I think I can handle that.Lunch started off brightly with the first starter of the afternoon, crispy langoustine. This tasted a little like our famous Chinese dish, salted egg yolk prawn (黃金蝦) with the sweet little langoustine tightly coated with something like salty egg yolk on the outside. The citrus anchovy dressing was a very impressive addition to the mix and the small winter vegetable salad did well to balance the richness of the langoustine. Very nice start.The second starter turned out to be even better than my crispy langoustine. This beautifully decorated dish featuring Belon oyster and golden Beluga caviar was wonderfully complemented by a bit of Hokkaido crab meat and the seasoning with citrus and tarragon was ingenious.For our pasta dish, we both went with their homemade maccheroni with blue lobster ragout and sea urchin. If you're looking for a perfect pasta in the city, you're looking at it right now. The bite of the maccheroni was absolutely perfect and the richness of the blue lobster and sea urchin proved to be the perfect match with the al dente pasta.My meat course was Mayura beef tenderloin, served medium with beef cheek jus, artichoke, baby asparagus and an evil black truffle mash (not as evil as the one from Uncle Robuchon though). I thought the beef was grilled to absolute perfection and the rich beef cheek jus provided the picture-perfect finishing touch. This was really succulent and mouthwatering.Equally impressive was the baby lamb from Pyrenees, served two ways with aromatic herbs, black olive, barley and vegetables. This was another masterpiece.I was a little curious with how they do with their desserts because based on their track records (OK, it's my personal experience), things have been a little inconsistent. But I was glad to report that those inconsistencies were a thing of the past now.The first of our two desserts was one for the chestnut lovers, with chestnut cake, chantilly and marron gelato. Pretty good.The warm cherry tart with roasted cherries, chantilly and pistachio gelato was another solid offering. I particularly enjoyed the contrasting flavors and temperatures between the warm cherries and pistachio gelato.I thought chef Bombana would be busy shaving white truffles in one of his overseas restaurants but obviously, I was wrong. He jokingly told me how BIG my nugget was getting and as usual, we shared a few laughs together. continue reading
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Level3 2017-12-28
Dinner at 8.5 was nothing new, but haven’t been here for awhile. This time we went for dinner and ordered something different from the usual food that we usually order. The restaurant has always ranked quite high amongst other fine dining restaurants within Hong Kong.The first dish we started was with the Honey-melon soup w/ Iberico Ham. Refreshing yet savoury as a starter Then a second appetiser came which was a trio of 3 small bites from tuna tartare to tomato w/ mozzarella. Small bites but very tasty and fresh ingredients We had the Australian Black Truffle Pasta, one of our favourite dish that night. The aroma of truffle feels the air when the dish came to the table. They did not skimp on the truffle.For mains, we had the Boned-in M7 and Ribeye steak to share amongst 3 person. Steak was very tender and juicy. Charred on the outside but still pink in the center.We finished off the meal with dessert that base around grapes. Quite nice and completes the meal. continue reading
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Level2 2017-08-26
餐廳D服務幾好,餐前嘅各種麵包都好好食,外脆內軟,味道亦都唔錯。D湯用個水樽倒出來極特別。牛扒好正,medium剛剛好,七成熟就差咗一D。提拉米蘇好軟滑,義大利雪糕唔錯。餐後有朱古力送,都幾好。 continue reading
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Level2 2017-07-28
I love this restaurant.This is my first time dine in this restaurant and it was very good. The one I love the most was the Organic Egg Chanterelle Mushrooms. It cover with a lot of truffle. You can smell it when the waiter bring out the dishes. The second one would be the Homemade Pappardelle, it smell so good and taste wonderful.Someone recommended me to try the chocolate martini but I would say you can skip it.Services and environment was very good and I would recommend to try this out. continue reading
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