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Designed based on Fellini’s film, this classy restaurant represents the chicness of a cosmopolitan. Most of the pastas are handmade which promises a unique texture. Must-try dishes include the prawn pasta and fettuccini. continue reading
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Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2011), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2012-2017), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017)
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Romantic Dining
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Level4 2017-03-23
After hanging out with family and friends for much of the festive holiday, I decided to take things a little slowly today. A late lunch just between the three of us was what I had in mind. I was trying hard to decide between Uncle Robuchon and chef Bombana but once I heard about L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon's children policy, it was pretty clear that 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana would be the one we would be visiting this afternoon.The good thing about chef Bombana's festive menu is that everything from starter to dessert is a simple choice between two selections. I think I can handle that.Lunch started off brightly with the first starter of the afternoon, crispy langoustine. This tasted a little like our famous Chinese dish, salted egg yolk prawn (黃金蝦) with the sweet little langoustine tightly coated with something like salty egg yolk on the outside. The citrus anchovy dressing was a very impressive addition to the mix and the small winter vegetable salad did well to balance the richness of the langoustine. Very nice start.The second starter turned out to be even better than my crispy langoustine. This beautifully decorated dish featuring Belon oyster and golden Beluga caviar was wonderfully complemented by a bit of Hokkaido crab meat and the seasoning with citrus and tarragon was ingenious.For our pasta dish, we both went with their homemade maccheroni with blue lobster ragout and sea urchin. If you're looking for a perfect pasta in the city, you're looking at it right now. The bite of the maccheroni was absolutely perfect and the richness of the blue lobster and sea urchin proved to be the perfect match with the al dente pasta.My meat course was Mayura beef tenderloin, served medium with beef cheek jus, artichoke, baby asparagus and an evil black truffle mash (not as evil as the one from Uncle Robuchon though). I thought the beef was grilled to absolute perfection and the rich beef cheek jus provided the picture-perfect finishing touch. This was really succulent and mouthwatering.Equally impressive was the baby lamb from Pyrenees, served two ways with aromatic herbs, black olive, barley and vegetables. This was another masterpiece.I was a little curious with how they do with their desserts because based on their track records (OK, it's my personal experience), things have been a little inconsistent. But I was glad to report that those inconsistencies were a thing of the past now.The first of our two desserts was one for the chestnut lovers, with chestnut cake, chantilly and marron gelato. Pretty good.The warm cherry tart with roasted cherries, chantilly and pistachio gelato was another solid offering. I particularly enjoyed the contrasting flavors and temperatures between the warm cherries and pistachio gelato.I thought chef Bombana would be busy shaving white truffles in one of his overseas restaurants but obviously, I was wrong. He jokingly told me how BIG my nugget was getting and as usual, we shared a few laughs together. continue reading
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冇想像中咁好食 Featured Review
Level4 2016-12-14
又到咗食白松露嘅時候真係好耐冇食過白松露以前曾經喺過 mandarin食過白松露嗰個味道我而家仲記得呢間真係唔夠mandarin好食唔知係咪以前嘅白松露好食過而家嘅白松露有一種特別嘅氣味同味道喺mandarin食嗰陣時佢仲比左白松露雪糕我試真係久久不能忘懷講返正題先送嘅麵包真係好香同勁好食媽咪問我可唔可以買外賣栗子湯加鵝肝 真係好襯可惜我哋嗰日冇咩胃口冇試其他嘅沙律同前菜唯有集中喺白松露身上我見到我嘅pasta有一大堆白松露覺得好抵但係食落口有少少失望呢個白松露味道唔算強烈但係pasta食得出係新鮮handmade非常彈牙醬汁亦非常creamy真係我食過最好食嘅意粉偷偷食咗妹妹嘅牛肉肉質鮮嫩非常juicy食咗呢啲我唔心足想試下佢既 白松露 gelato睇下搵唔搵得番以前嘅味道呢個反而 白松露味重啲好滑送咗啲甜品畀我哋過啫喱糖真係太甜喇service very good continue reading
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Level2 2017-03-14
Had a little expectation on this one when i've been told the next two week ends were fully booked and next available date falls on a monday. Heard much of this place but i always had a misconception that fine dining at an italian would be no more than homemade pasta. We decided to break that ideaNo wonder why it was fully booked, the place is split into a bar/lounge at the front and the dinner place is actually not big, probably containing 20 tables at most. The menu is also a little tiny two pagers with not much selection if you don't eat raw food.The waitress told us there were two apetizers which were not in the menu, a roasted langoustine and let us know how it was cooked but didn't tell us the price. Not that it would have matter much but I thought you would always mention it to a client for the sake of transparency and decision making. Ended up being 500$ (higher than any other apetizers on the menu)We had only one amuse bouche which was a very nice vegetable puree with truffle, constant refill of bread which is always nice but nothing special to it aside from the fact the crust is a too hard. The old fashioned cocktail was unexepectedly refreshing and of a good proportion. The waitress didnt bother asking us if we wanted wine with dinner and just took away the glasses. Also found it odd for a fine dining service.The scallop and sea urchin was toppled with truffle and nice but a bit thin (ard 420$)The blue lobster was perfect (ard 560$) but so so tiny it looks like a shrimp Milanese veal (ard 420$) was an absolute value for money. A big piece in its bone that we shared between the two of us. Only downside was the side dish which was next to none. Two smaller than finger size roasted potatoes and some cherry tomatoes that couldnt fill the sauce dish containing them. The veal was deep fried but the veal itself lacks of flavor and no side dish was there to cut that oily feelingWe had a souffle and a chocolate 5 style (both under 200$) which was nice but not outstandingOverall it was an underwhelming experience. The menu was very limited and even variation of egg with truffle took up a half page. Hopefully the price were less expensive than other venues fine dining and you feel you are paying for the truffle which is used in almost all dishes (make sure you are not allergic to it)A place good to have been but probably not returning here. Other fine dining have better service, more extensive menu, and serve food in between courses fasterStill leaving me with my wrong idea of italian fine dining... continue reading
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這夜,我們來到中環歷山大廈內的 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana 參加了一場特別的晚宴。這場晚宴是特別為慶祝餐廳行政總廚Chef Umberto Bombana剛在一年一度飲食界大事之一的「亞洲50最佳餐廳」頒獎禮中獲頒終身成就獎。由名廚Chef Bombana於2010年創立的意大利餐廳 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana 用餐環境優雅浪漫,氣氛輕鬆。餐廳的威水史其實不用多介紹吧~ 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana 是意大利境外首間及唯一一間榮獲米芝蓮三星的意大利餐廳,至今已經連續第6年奪得此榮譽了,兼且亦多次被選為其中一家「亞洲50最佳餐廳」。現在加上Chef Bombana獲頒大獎,實屬錦上添花。大家先以這杯清涼爽快的意大利汽酒NV Mattia Vezzola,Costaripa Brut開開胃。餐前小食Purple potato emulsion, root in truffle jus "melanosporum" black truffle,入口質感細滑,帶幽幽黑松露香。開始第一道前菜,Confit abalone carpaccio,慢煮鮑魚薄片質感軟嫩。鮑魚片的鮮味與2015 Argiolas 'Meri' Vermentino di Sardegna這意大利Sardinia區出產的清香白酒很夾。Royal langoustine海鰲蝦配海膽小龍蝦汁。海鰲蝦肉質爽甜,醬汁鮮濃。與乾果香突出的意大利白酒2014 La Monacesca Mirum Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva真是美妙配搭。我這夜其中一道超喜歡的菜式,就是這客Burrata cheese ravioli,burrata cheese,cherry tomato and basil。意大利小雲吞的皮爽滑,餡料清新醒胃。而意大利Tuscany餐區的2012 Duemani Cifra紅酒,酒體輕盈優雅、帶芬芳莓香,與意大利小雲吞的酸甜清新番茄香確是好拍檔。接著的主菜是Challans Duck,foie gras and spiced organic pear。厚切鴨片肉質軟嫩多汁,香甜的啤梨蓉正好平衡一下鵝肝的甘香油脂。再配上酒體輕盈兼帶清香果香的意大利紅酒2011 Pietradolce Archineri Etna Rosso,滋味無比。而另一主菜Black truffle "fassone",braised green vegetables with "melanosporum" black truffle的出場,是這夜的一大亮點之一。松露大師Chef Bombana來到大家枱邊親手即刨黑松露,頓時全場松露飄香,實在誘人~牛仔肉的肉香濃郁,焗得外脆內軟。一口牛配一口2008 Mastrojanni Brunello di Montalcono意大利紅酒,大滿足。這晚的第一道甜品是Roasted Tasmanian cherry with honey gelato,清甜的當造澳洲塔斯曼尼亞車厘子,配搭蜂蜜意大利雪糕,以及帶蜜糖香的2014 Tasca d'Almerita, Malvasia di Salina Capofaro意大利白酒,清甜又不膩。最後一道菜,是甜品Black truffle gelato,chantilly cream,crispy hazelnut and pistachio。滑溜的黑松露意大利雪糕與香脆榛子和開心果粒,為這精彩的一夜做個完美結局! continue reading
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Level3 2016-11-22
今天是我們的結婚紀念日,正值是白松露季節,於是決定來這裡慶祝吧進入 Main dining room,總廚 Umberto Bombana 已經在迎接我們 我們被安排坐在窗邊的梳化圓枱,餐廳不算大,但枱與枱之間的距離十分足夠,絕對不會受到騷擾,坐位寬闊,燈光柔和,十分浪漫坐下來便奉上一盤暖暖的麵包,吃完之後,又立刻再奉上另一盤,太多吧,要留肚呀之後還有餐廳奉送的白松露餐前小食今晚㨂選了 Degustation Menu, 但內裏並沒有白松露菜式,於是餐廳經理提議我們叫一客白松露意粉共享第一度菜式,鮑魚片第二度菜式,冰島小龍蝦第三度菜式,意大利雲呑另加的白松露意大利麵,這度菜由 Chef Bombana 親自在我們面前加白松露,當他一打開個金色瓶蓋,松露味便湧現出來第四度菜式,主菜,我的是牛肉,太太的是羊肉第五度菜式,甜品最後是咖啡今晚超滿足,希望有機會再來 continue reading
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