Restaurant: Dong Lai Shun

To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Food and Health Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has launched the "League of RSS-friendly Restaurants" ("League"). Restaurants participated in the League will offer less-salt-and-sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the League Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here, https://www.fhb.gov.hk/en/our_work/feh/rssf.html

Exit P2, Tsim Sha Tsui / East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station continue reading
Dong Lai Shun in Causeway Bay originated from Beijing. The restaurant is famous for their authentic "shuan yang rou" - paper ting slices of Mongolian black-headed mutton. The meat is served with sauces made from passed down recipes. continue reading
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泊車: 惠顧晚市可享3小時免費泊車
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This restaurant originates from Beijing, renown for its mutton hot pot, and this branch in HK is located in the basement of The Royal Garden in TST. Arriving on this Saturday evening we saw that the restaurant was almost full, and many of the VIP rooms were also occupied, clearly showing the popularity. Seated in the middle of the restaurant, the decor was fairly neat and modern, with some stylish lighting fixtures and a red backdrop at one end giving a nice touch of design reminding me of joy and happiness. Ordering the special menu to celebrate the restaurant's 4-star achievement in 2020 at Forbes ($690 per person), the first course was Jellyfish Tossed with Scallion, Chilled Green Bamboo Shoot, Crispy Eel in Honey, and Mutton Terrine 蔥油海蜇頭、涼拌烏筍、無錫脆鱔、水晶羊肉. The staff came to explain the dish and the recommended sequence of eating. The mutton terrine is good, pairing well with the aged vinegar provided. The jellyfish got a crunchy texture, marinated well and the addition of a bit of mustard helped to bring out the flavors even more. The green bamboo shoot, which I believe was celtuce, is tender and not having any grassy note, and the sesame oil helped to give an extra dimension of flavors while not masking the original taste of the celtuce. The last was the crispy eel which got the sweetness and savory matching perfectly, and the ginger shreds truly enhanced the overall culinary pleasure. The second course was Wok-fried Crabmeat and Rock Lobster with Salted Egg Yolk on Rice Crackers 鶴湖蟹影. Very beautifully plated, there was a sculpted crane in the middle of the plate. And after taking the photos, the staff then served it on a plate for us. The generous portion of crabmeat and rock lobster meat had been cooked together with the salted egg yolk, surprisingly retaining its delicate fresh taste and not dominated by the more intense salted egg. The chef also creatively prepared the ginger tea, which typically are provided in a cup, into a jelly format which also resembled a crab. This one was my favorite among all the dishes in the evening. The third course was Shredded Bean Curd Soup with Pan-fried Spring Onion Cake 文思豆腐羹配芝麻薄餅. This one was a good showcase of the skills of the chef, with the bean curd and other ingredients cut so thinly that it was just like hair. The broth was very tasty also, despite a bit salty on its own, but together with the spring onion cake it was just appropriate. The fourth course was Deep-fried Garoupa Fillet with Savory Crisbean and Stir-fried Garoupa Fillet with Wild Mushrooms 左右逢魚. The garoupa fillet was prepared in two styles, and while the the deep-fried version got more intense flavors, I preferred the stir-fried one with the truffle paste matching well with the wild mushrooms and asparagus, and the fillet also tender and seasoned well. The fifth course was Poached Shanghai Brassica with Bean Curd Sheets 百頁小唐菜. A more commonly seen dish, the vegetable was young and tender, and cooked perfectly to keep the crunchy texture while not too hard. The supreme broth used was able to impart great flavors to the vegetable and bean curd sheets. A nice way to also cleanse the palate for the next dish also. The sixth course was Braised Noodles with Yunnan Assorted Mushrooms 雲南野菌手擀麵. This is another of my favorite in the evening, with the hand-made noodle having a great chewy bite, and having absorbed the flavors from the braised mushrooms and the sauce. A good wrap up for the meal and I honestly would like to have more for my portion. The dessert was Steamed Peach Gum and Egg White with Young Coconut Juice 椰皇玉露蛋白燉桃膠. The peach gum is a natural, healthy food, which did not have much taste. But adding that to the steamed egg white, which was smooth and favored by the sweet young coconut juice, it created a nice combination and contrast of flavors and texture. The service was decent, with the staff attentive and friendly. The bill was $1,600 which was quite reasonable considering the venue, food and services. I would like to return to try out the mutton in hot pot, to see how great that is, maybe in the winter time. continue reading
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Level4 2020-06-27
堪稱最方便的尊貴麻辣外賣砂鍋!返屋企只需將麻辣湯倒入砂鍋內,然後用明火加熱,滾5-10分鐘,即刻食得。味道是一流的,東來順出品自然有保證,$988/四位用的麻辣一品煲,裏面有八頭鮑魚、優質花膠、海中蝦、羊小排、萵筍、蘿蔔、芋頭、冰豆腐、蔬菜.....食材優質,最驚喜係麻辣鮑魚,非常入味且軟硬適中。招牌羊肉嫩滑無比,花膠非常大塊,個人認為物超所值。另外單點了東來順的招牌手㨴麵,麵條非常煙韌有彈性,盡吸麻辣湯底精華。鴨血是家裏的存貨,放入麻辣湯內烚吓烚吓,轉眼成了極品菜式。麻辣砂鍋訂購網址(需要兩日前預訂)其實酒店都有送貨服務,但係價錢都偏貴。送去港島區要大約$250,新界就要$400左右。 continue reading
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Level3 2020-05-24
麻辣火鍋湯底勁正限聚令放寬至8人,梗係着埋班friend去打個邊爐鍾意嚟呢度食中菜之餘,都好鍾意佢嘅麻辣火鍋,湯底好足料,好正好夠辣仲有佢嘅前菜小食都好吸引粉紅色嘅蓮藕片煙燻蛋口水雞,拍青瓜等......佢哋嘅涮羊肉咁出名,次次都有叫薄如紙嘅內蒙古黑頭山羊羊肉片,嫩滑得黎冇騷味海蝦鮮甜蛋牙牛肉蔬菜拼盤,鮮帶子,手打墨魚丸蕃茄原味手打麵,呢個時候手打麵真係好好食不過要小心黏底再加埋甜品,真係好滿足佢嘅奶黃煎堆真係好味到打包 continue reading
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由於我的個人情意結,我對帝宛酒店的東來順特別偏愛。(不吃豬肉的我可以在東來順放肆地任叫所有菜式!😜)東來順美味菜式多的是。今日來了個午市飲茶。我倆叫了糯米燒賣$50、黑金小籠包$65、金山餃$68、梅菜牛肉包$60、嫩雞煨麵$68、山東手撕雞$118。由小芥菜的麻辣蘿蔔干也絕不欺場。嫩雞煨麵細了一點,不過一個人或兩人小吃一口也無妨,雞湯清甜味濃,絕對會食麵清湯(清埋個湯)!黑金小籠包恰如其名,加了黑芝麻汁的包皮及金箔配上雞肉湯餡料,合美味與華麗於一身!梅菜牛肉包,很有新鮮感,甜甜地,小小牛肉粒增加咬口!下次一定要舉家齊來,多吃一點美食!太棒了! continue reading
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Level3 2020-01-18
環境舒服,待應態度好好。湯底:藥饍魚頭湯十分足料,魚頭新鮮,啖啖肉,飲完暖笠笠食物:前菜醉雞:酒味香濃脆鱔:卜卜脆特別餃子:叫了幾款特別的餃子和丸經理特別推介,但是我們覺得味道一般 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)