Restaurant: Dong Lai Shun
出街都想食得健康啲? 梗係揀「有營食肆」啦!
認住「有營食肆」標誌,點選餐牌上貼有 標誌的「有營菜式」。
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2733 2020
The original Dong Lai Shun opened in Beijing more than 100 years ago. The restaurant is famous for its authentic “Shuan Yang Rou” - paper-thin slices of Inner Mongolian black-headed mutton. These stay tender even when boiled for long time and are accompanied by sauces made from ancient secret recipes.Huaiyang cuisine is also offered. continue reading
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開心大閘蟹聚 Featured Review
Level4 2016-10-24
轉眼又到了吃大閘蟹的時令好季節。我今年的第一餐大閘蟹,就來到帝苑酒店內的東來順 東來順選用的是太湖大閘蟹,除了原隻清蒸大閘蟹外,也有海鹽焗大閘蟹,以及不少創新大閘蟹蟹粉菜式。「蟹粉脆皮石榴球」($298/4隻)賣相精緻的石榴球用中式與越式春捲皮包成的,炸得極香脆,內裡都是金黃鮮甜蟹粉,相當美味。「蟹粉蜂巢豆卜」($298)鬆脆豆卜內釀了鮮味的蟹粉與魚肉茸,本身已經好吃。在吃之前再淋上蟹粉,把邪惡度與美味度都再大大提昇。「蟹粉焗蟹砵」($298),入口熱辣辣,蛋焗得滑溜而且入口蛋香濃郁,原來用了意大利蛋,難怪。加上新鮮油炸鬼片與蟹粉,每口都是好滋味。「原個椰皇蟹粉蒸糯米飯」($168),絕對是這晚我的另一心水至愛!糯米飯粒用都吸收了清香椰皇水與鮮甜濃郁蟹粉的精華!大家也點來原隻大閘蟹齊齊拆拆蟹。在清蒸大閘蟹與海鹽焗大閘蟹2款煮法之間我選了海鹽焗大閘蟹。大閘蟹的肉質較蒸的乾和味道較濃香,而膏甘甜鮮香,雖然未算最爆膏,這隻今年第一蟹已經令人吃得相當滿足。吃蟹之餘,這夜我們也點來些東來順的菜式。3款前菜「龍井煙燻蛋」、「麻香小象拔」與「無錫脆鱔」我們向來都喜歡。尤其龍井煙燻蛋,淡淡茶香加上軟糯金黃的蛋黃,做得很出色。愛吃辣的朋友聚在一起,吃蟹之餘也要點些辣菜來吃吃。「辣子蝦」原隻大蝦香辣惹味,連旁邊的炸豆腐粒也很吸引。不只香脆,更多份辣勁。「水煮魚」的麻辣香來得有層次,魚肉滑溜。過了辣癮後,再吃點清新健康的「上湯浸時蔬」。值得一讚是東來順的熱薑茶味道很夠薑、甜度又適中,而且可以全晚無限添飲讓大家盡情驅驅寒。我們的甜品,也是同樣很夠薑味的「紅棗醬汁糕」,為這大閘蟹宴來個完美結局。東來順的大閘蟹點心與菜式都全日供應,而且除了散點外,亦有大閘蟹套餐選擇呢。現在回看著相片,又心思思想再約朋友齊齊再吃一頓大閘蟹大餐了~ continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-08
Dong Lai Shun was previously a recipient of 1* Michelin, and over the decade or so when it opened from Mongolia to Hong Kong inside Royal Garden Hotel TST, it has provided some of the most authentic Mongolian Hotpot & Pekingese Specialty dishes in Hong Kong. Uniquely enough, many of the past famous Pekingese restaurants have either closed or now offer improvised dishes catering for overseas tourists. In comparison, Dong Lai Shun remained one of the most authentic and classier Pekingese cuisines in town..The Restaurant is well spaced out, with a Modern Design - Classy and spacious enough, perfect for the business dinner even if you aren't sitting inside their private rooms...Dragon Well Tea Leaves Smoked Duck Eggs - 龍井煙燻蛋 $43 EachReally well smoked, you could smell them from 3 feet away but it's not bitter at all. Nice egg yolk taste too. Well executed, topped with fried Conpoy shreds ~ 10/10.Sichuan Pepper & Spicy Small Geoduck with Mungbean Noodles - 麻香小象拔 $208This was interesting as they used the smaller geoduck than normal in Chinese Cuisine, this dish was appetizing and less chili than I envisaged from the looks ~ 7/10.Chilled Razor Clams Sichuan Style - $218This was a lovely Razor clams dish. Cleaned then sliced into good biteful sizes properly, the sauce was slightly tangy yet spicy, the clams barely cooked and plump ~ 9/10. Smoked Yellow Croaker Fishes - $98 Each Smoky again like the above eggs but in a different way. The fishes were surprisingly smooth and oily, which defers from the usual renditions of this fish which are dryer elsewhere. We commented on how this fish is different from many other fishes, as it is more bony towards the tail - whereas most fresh water fishes have bones further towards the belly side. A must order here, I seriously can't remember a version better than this anywhere else ~ 10/10.Crane Sculpture with Crab & Lobster Meat, Crab Roe on Salted Duck Egg Coated Rice Puffs 鶴湖蟹影 - $418 for 4 PiecesBasically the must order here since for many years, it's been their Multiple Awards Winning Signature dish. Despite not being in season yet, the Shanghai crab meat and roe were fresh tasting with umami and sweetness, the lobster adding more texture, the salted egg rice puffs completed the final touch. *Note: usually this is also served on top of a fried Taro Nest, but its a bit humid in Summer in HK so this reverts back to the Taro recipe when it's in season ~ 9.5/10.Amazing Crab & Lobster Dish -One can never get enough of this... One of the best dishes available in Hong Kong.Mongolian-Pekingese Hot Pots -Their Specialty here on top of the amazing, award winning appetizer dishes.Sichuan Pepper and Chili style 'Ma La' Hotpot - This style of hotpot seems to have taken the world by storm these years, in fact, you can also see this being prevalent within China's provinces everywhere these days... The one here tonight was only mild-spicy, even someone like me could take it easily. It has the sichuan pepper fragrance and also a bit of the numbness factor. If you like spicy, order it extra spicy here !.Top - Tuned Sesame Sauce with Dried Shrimps, Fish Sauce, others, etcBelow 9 Sauces - Sugar, Chives Puree, Red Fermented Beancurd, Black Vinegar, Hua Diao Wine, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Chili Oil, Fish Sauce.Green Amaranth, aka Chinese Spinach 莧菜 - $98Surprisingly these were very young sprouts, meaning unlike the ones you use to boil soup, these were very tender and not old chewy ~ 9/10.Prawn Balls - $168 for 6 PiecesWith both an 'elastic' well beaten minced prawn texture, filled inside with chunky pieces of diced prawns, this was recommended by the staff and well received. I personally thought this was on the pricier side, but knowing the inflated price of fresh prawns nowadays (it is more expensive than most lobster by the tael) ~ 9/10.Thick Sliced Mongolian Mutton Shoulder - $195Thick and full of mutton lamb flavor, this was everyone's favorite for the night.. ~ 9/10.Hulunbeier Deluxe Mutton cut from just Behind the Neck 杜泊貝爾大草原羊上腦 - $230A cross breed between Inner Mongolian x South African muttons, this butchered cut and breed is one of the most sought after in the world for its soft marbled meat and balanced sweet lamb flavor! This polarized the table, I guess it is a bit refined and soft... But it is a very rare part..Chinese Chives and Mutton Dumplings Beijing Style - $98This came highly recommended by the staff. We really loved this, the skin is still Beijing like but more evenly pleated, you can actually taste the Chives in the skin, also the lovely mutton meat within. Note that Dong Lai Shun is actually a Halal restaurant... so they don't serve any pork dishes here ~ 9/10.Honeycomb Frozen Tofu 凍豆腐 - $98This is one of my favorite tofu dishes in the world, even in Japan they have a similar Koya Tofu 高野豆腐. The one here was more layered than porous, interesting. Lovely and with plenty of fresh soybean flavor, not easy to achieve considering this needs to be frozen and thawed at least twice ~ 10/10.Sliced Local Yellow Beef Neck Meat - $380A lot of hotpot aficionados in Hong Kong or Canton region swear by eating locally slaughtered cows or steers for meat flavor, over the USDA or Australian, even Japanese Wagyu options. I think one could argue either way, but when it comes to local beef it has to be hand-sliced by default. I thought this could do with even more beefiness, so I preferred the muttons above ~ 7/10.Osmanthus Flower and Fermented Rice Lees with Sesame Dumplings - To me this is a mix between Shanghai and Ningpo recipes, although since decades ago this was always a dessert in a Beijing Hotpot restaurant. Very good dessert soup base, slightly sour from proper fermentation and plenty of Osmanthus floral aroma, something hard to find nowadays... encore ! ~ 9/10.Black Sesame 'Tang Yuan' Glutinous Rice Balls - Black sesame was toasted well fragrant, lubricated but not too lardy greasy. Great balance with a thin skin that held its shape and chewiness. Not too sweet either! ~ 9/10.Longan and Date Dessert Soup - This is soothing for summer, although we deemed it a bit too sweet tonight ~ 6/10.'A Rolling Donkey' Rice Roll with Red Bean Paste & Soybean Powder 馿打滾 - $88 for 4 PiecesOne of my favorite Beijing desserts, which used to be served in the Imperial Palace. The Beijing dessert version here has always been famous within Hong Kong, within revisiting this I found it quite chewy with a good non-cloying red bean paste. Apparently Donkeys clean themselves rolling on the floor and this dessert also coats itself with soybean powder, hence the name. On the spot I kept thinking this seems to be like a mixture between a 芸豆卷 and a 豌豆黃 when it comes to ingredients, or looks ~ 9/10.A Photo showing the New Extension of the Royal Garden Hotel Rooms Upstairs - Overall Dong Lai Shun has always been exceptional, from Appetizers to Hotpots. The Michelin 1* they occasionally receive depends on each year, but over the last decade or so it has opened in Hong Kong and despite the occasional swap of Chefs, the standard to me has always been consistently dependable and comes highly recommended______________________________Price: HKD $300 to $400 + 10% (Remember Crab Dish above is around $108 Per Person)Food:  - Address: B2, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀麼地道69號帝苑酒店B2層Ph: +852 27332020 continue reading
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終於一👅頂頂大名嘅東來順。黎到當然要試下得獎名菜「鶴湖蟹影」蟹肉。蟹膏混合出來。蟹肉鮮甜。蟹膏份量唔輸蝕。旁邊啡色蟹仔係由薑造成。驅寒。窩心賣相100分。味道同樣100 分。試過你就會❤️上。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-23
It’s 8 degrees in HK! The Starks are right again, for the coming 6th season. Winter is HERE, finally! Besides snake soup (I like going to She Wong Yee), there is no better time for steamy hot pot and mutton than RIGHT NOW. Dong Lai Shun (a century old Halal restaurant brand brought over from Beijing), one Michelin, guarantees premium ingredients for the hot pot experience. I mean, yeah, what’s the fuss when I have to pay big bucks AND do my own cooking, but I’m also older now so quality fresh meat, less MSG and dining comfortably are all essentials. Economical assorted fish balls, luncheon meat and cheese–filled sausages can no longer satisfy.Tonight’s set menu for 4 had everything we wanted from starters, signature cumin lamb & beef skewers, hot pot to desserts. My family had weak palates so we chose the “plain” broth base (fungus, dried shrimp, ginger & leek) instead of the popular “mala” spicy Sichuan broth. We thought the plain broth is also the best way to savor the original flavors of the ingredients anyways. You can always add chili to the dipping sauce if you prefer spicy.Dong Lai Shun offers Mongolian blackheaded mutton and the cuts for hot pots are said to be from the most tender parts of the lamb (about 40% only). The carvings are renowned to be paper-thin, even in fat distribution and take only seconds to cook. Every bite dissolves in the mouth.The soul of Northern Chinese hot pot is the “hun jiang” (mixed sauce) – sesame peanut sauce. The not-so-good ones out there would taste one-dimension and instant like runny peanut butter, for your sandwich. Dong Lai Shun makes one killer sauce with gazillion ingredients, mentioning a few like fermented fuyu tofu, Chinese wine, garlic and surprisingly, fish sauce. It was memorable and addictive. I dunked everything in this sauce tonight. I wanted to purchase a bottle but the manager said it would spoil within days (their chefs make it fresh every day).The desserts were not too sweet and were very pleasing. Lu Da Gun (translating as Rolling Donkey, like a little donkey rolling around in earthy dust) in soft sticky rice (mochi), red bean paste and bean powder is my favorite. It was an imperial dish and now a Beijing street snack. The Jian Dui (sesame ball) was filled with runny egg custard, which deserved also 100 servings instead of just 1. continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-13
較早前開始轉涼時,經過尖東這店門前,見有涮羊肉,就想起多年前在北京吃過的羊肉涮涮鍋,有點懷念,就約了太座這晚來這店,希望可以回味一下;我們去到店的時間尚早,人不多,稍後就差不多坐滿了,坐位佈局尚算不太擠迫,始終是酒店食肆,原本心想會有個銅制煱,在圍邊清湯涮羊肉,但看完餐牌後已發現完全不是那回事,只是平常火鍋店的湯煱,還設有不同的火鍋湯底,基本上只是廣東式"打邊爐",一場來到就試了這裏出名的羊肉拼盤和太座想要的海鮮拼盤,小不了的是一份菜,就要了皇帝菜,而為求食回食物原味就用了芫茜皮蛋湯底,餐後就點了北方出名的甜品,驢打滾;整體來說,打火鍋的食品是由自己控制火喉和調味,口感和味道都不是店方的責任,店方要負責的只是材料的質素和招呼,這裏終歸是酒店食肆所以材料質素和招呼都做得不差,但結賬時那價格是否值得,就真的有大家各人的看法了。芫茜皮蛋湯底,芫茜香,皮蛋靚,皮蛋入口彈牙。羊肉拼盤內一共有四款不同部位的羊肉,經向店員了解及得其耐心解說得悉包括有羊腰窩肉,肉質嫩滑,油脂較重,羊味香濃,灼得得法,鮮嫩美味;羊後腿肉,肉質較有咬口,但要灼得合適火喉,否則會有點韌;羊肉卷,標準的羊肉片,羊味適中,肉質也軟;而最後一款的羊肩肉,,肉質較幼嫩,不用灼太久已可進食,但羊味就略嫌較弱。海鮮拼盤內一共有六款不同的海鮮,包括帶子,鮮蝦,星斑魚片,生蠔,貴妃蚌和珊瑚蚌,當中帶子算是比較弱小,但入口也鮮甜;鮮蝦就真是十分生猛,上檯時雖然已穿上竹簽,但蝦頭仍然在動,灼至全熟入口肉質也非常彈牙;星斑魚片,新鮮嫩滑,肉質不削,絕對新鮮;生蠔,勁大隻,雖然上檯已是一開二,但灼熟後也不覺得會收縮得太細,十分嫩滑;貴妃蚌略嫌小一點,一隻開四片,入口非常清甜爽口,而珊瑚蚌就十分爽脆可口,味道也清甜。皇帝菜,份量不少,質素高,絕對有精心揀選過才上檯,所以條條新鮮清甜又可口。驢打滾,這是一個做得還不錯的甜品,清甜而不膩,清香而味美,口感煙韌而有噬頭。總括來說,如果以一餐普通火鍋來說,實在是超水準,只是這晚我期望的是正宗涮羊肉,所以就有點落差,也嫌價錢略為偏高一點。 continue reading
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