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Chachawan is a traditional Thai restaurant with artistic Thai-inspired decor. Other than the traditional thai dishes, this restaurant also serves food on skewers. The most notable dishes at this restaurant are the chargrilled chicken thight, skewered seabass and mango with sticky rice. continue reading
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12:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 23:00
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 23:00
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Restaurant Mode of Operation - Type D Details
Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
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10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Gai Yun(Chargrilled Chicken thigh) Kanom Dtom Khao Niaw Mamuang(Mango with sticky rice) Pla Phao Glua(Skewered seabass) Som Dtum Malakor(Green papaya salad)
Review (88)
Level3 2021-08-27
泰國菜餐廳愈來愈多有啲餐廳甚至將泰菜加入西式元素就好似上環嘅呢間泰北菜餐館由澳洲大廚主理將泰北菜加入左啲西式元素帶來香港餐廳裝修懷舊復古風眼見大部分都係外國人嚟食而員工好似都係泰國人主要講英文食物選擇都唔少前菜小食主菜甜品都有👌🏻Pad Thai嚟食泰菜就例牌叫個炒金邊😁Pad Thai炒得夠乾身金邊粉唔會炒到痴埋一舊但又唔會太油膩大大隻嘅虎蝦份量都唔少而且彈牙爽脆仲有大量嘅芽菜 蛋絲 豆乾 算幾足料味道酸酸甜甜好開胃!唯一缺點係唔夠鑊氣 整體正常發揮🍗Gai Yang(Grilled Chicken Thigh)比較少見而有特色嘅菜式!以蒜頭 胡椒 芫荽將雞腿肉醃24小時再用慢火燒雞腿肉用木夾夾住外皮好脆好似餅乾咁雞肉肉質依然保持嫩滑有肉汁!唔乾身帶少許脂肪但你唔會覺得油膩🤤真正皮脆肉嫩🤩呢個真係要推介! continue reading
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Level2 2021-08-17
好耐冇食過泰國嘢,所以決定今日lunch食泰國嘢! 試咗燒雞飯再加蟹肉炒飯, 燒雞飯有驚喜👍好香再加埋嗰隻半熟的蛋,蛋汁撈埋飯好好食!而蟹肉炒飯既份量都幾多!味道都唔錯😋 continue reading
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Level3 2021-08-10
💚Chachawan💚Larp Moo好食。呢個其實就係生菜包。佢有分兩款,一款係鴨肉,一款係豬肉,所以大家叫嘅時候要小心啲,個名都幾似。由於小編唔食得太多鴨,所以就叫咗豬。小編會覺得比起其他鋪嘅生菜包再香啲,多咗個特別味,唔知係米自家制香料呢?所以小編就幾中意食。同埋佢好細心咁切細咗啲生菜,變咗可能細細舊咁包嚟食,唔會食得狼狽。小編欣賞。Gai Yung推介。呢個真係好食,尤其個醬。雞本身就好嫩口,個皮又燒到脆脆地,真係幾好食。就咁單食個雞會真係食到炭燒味同蒜味,證明佢真係有經過24小時醃製,再用炭火燒。所以佢就咁單食都唔會覺得單調。再配埋個醬就更加一流,勁好食,小編仲就咁食咗好多啖醬,大愛。真係枱枱都有叫呢個😂Phad Thai小編覺得可以留返quota試其他。配料都多,但味道比起其他就有啲輸蝕,冇乜突出,不過都算正常。但係個麵質就稍微差少少,小編厭個麵有啲偏濕同軟身,冇咗平時phad thai嘅口感同味道。 continue reading
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Level3 2021-06-07
❄️ Thai milk-tea ice bing su: 5* ($ 78)呢個奶茶冰 可以同坊間一間好出名食冰嘅媲美 可能佢個冰底係用奶茶做 所以每一啖冰都有好濃嘅奶茶味 好似飲咗一杯甜度喺7分同全糖之間嘅奶茶通常冰做主角嘅話 配角都唔會好出色 但係 呢個奶茶冰嘅配角 珍珠 都有少少驚喜 有咬口 唔會一咬開就分開兩半 (好驚食到啲咁嘅珍珠)餐廳附送左青木瓜同埋兩碟醬汁 真·foodie朋友冇食到 抱住獵奇心態試咗 其中一碟酸檸檬咁嘅味 去到最後都係唔知點欣賞佢好🦀 Khao pad a.k.a 炒蟹肉飯: 5 ($ 158)炒蟹肉飯來講佢都算高分 蟹肉唔會一絲一絲到見唔到 飯炒到粒粒分明 🍖 Gai Yung a.k.a 燒雞腿:5 ($ 158)雞腿肉嫩滑多汁 鍾意塊皮燒得脆脆地 蘸上泰式酸甜醬 香口惹味 continue reading
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Level3 2021-05-30
Summary: Good North Eastern Thai food place. If you're looking for high quality food (that comes with higher price of course), this is the place for you.The Goods: Good quality & authentic tasting food, with a bit of twist. Good fit out and also good service.The Bads: The aircon is very hot, and a bit pricy. I personally think the music is a bit too loud (but probably not for the other target customers).Damage: the two of us ordered 3 dishes to share, and no drinks (just tap water), the bill came to HKD412 (no service charge but I decided to give HKD20 as tip), that's HKD206 per person (not including tip). Although I will note that we were pretty full afterward.As a Thai, I've been asked by my expats friends a lot if this restaurant is any good. It's been 5 years that I kept telling myself it's too expensive for me (I think Thai food should be affordable), but I finally gave it a try. It was a hot and sunny Saturday and so the walk from Sheung Wan station was not at all pleasant. Thinking my hot journey is finally over, the air-condition in the restaurant couldn't keep up with the blazing HK temperature! It was not hot, but it should be colder than that (I honestly was almost sweating). Think it's the problem with open kitchen that keeps drawing in new air from outside through the restaurant that's the culprit. The fit-out is nice and has rustic feeling. Tables are not cramped together. The music and its loudness level made me feel like I'm in a bar situation, a bit loud but not to the point you can't talk. Also probably because my table is right next to the speaker. I checked out their website before going, and if you do, I will note that their 'lunch' menu is actually weekday lunch as that menu isn't anywhere to be seen on my visit (Saturday). Another note is that I find their menu very hard to read because there isn't an English name, and names spelt in English with Thai pronunciation aren't easy to read too as it doesn't conform to what we usually spell.The staffs was nice and service was good although I will note that not all of them are Thai. That's not a problem though as long as the food is good.What we orderedWe went with Gai Yang (grilled chicken) at HKD158 as the main protein. It was great! The chicken thigh came boneless and it's a very big portion (2 thighs). The chicken is tender and juicy (super authentic grilled chicken is usually a bit chewy - just a matter of preference).  Overall it's taste great and authentic but It's a tad too salty but not that much, and came with the spicy tamarind sauce (my fav). If anything I would really recommend this one. As another main, we ordered Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao (Northern Thai round rice noodle) at HKD128. Again, the portion is huge. I think this alone is enough for one, although I would recommend sharing; they did give us sharing bowls. This dish is perhaps a bit adventurous for non-Thais (in general not specifically this one).  I would say it's pretty good in its own, although there's something that isn't quite the same as authentic dish. I think it has a bit too much shrimp paste which makes it too salty, has fried garlic (I think) which is a bit unusual, and a little too fatty - overall these make the broth a bit too powerful, a bit too powerful if you have this one dish by yourself. The noodle is the Chinese 米粉 (Mai Fan) which is a lot smaller and gives dryer feel than what we normally use. I would say the noodle part is what disappoints me the most; this category (Kanom Jeen) has very distinctive noodle texture that is missing in this one. Lastly, we ordered a Stum Poo Pla Rha (papaya salad with salted field crab, and fermented fish) at HKD98. This is another great dish. The waitress had to confirm with us if we're ok with spicy, which we said yes (of course!), and it came pretty spicy. I think you can order non-spicy too.  Just a note, this dish is a lot saltier than what you normally might think of papaya salad, as it has fermented fish sauce. This fermented fish sauce has very unique taste and odor, which might be a bit challenging at first, but most people like it. Anyways, back to this review. It has all the expected flavour but with an additional pickled garlic - a bit unorthodox as this is normally used in Chinese food. This gives slightly milder taste and depth to flavour, but it covers the sharp taste of chilli/lime/fish sauce combination. Although I think it taste good, it's probably not so much for my taste, but it might be for non-Thais.We also ordered Khao Niew (sticky rice) at HKD28. but it's quite standard so I'm not touching on it. With all these, the 2 of us were very full, so you could have opted for only 2 orders of mains for two.  With that in mind, it's not too expensive (HKD150 pax), although I still prefer to go to a cheaper option (see my other reviews). I'm not surprised that ONLY expats friends asked me on this restaurant, as it is definitely catered towards the target group (with taste / price / fit-out etc). If you're ok paying more for higher quality food and better ambient, this is the place for you.   continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)