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A fan-favorite and truly delicious, hot pot cuisine is both diverse and tasty. With inspirations taken from Japanese, Korean and Chinese culture, Hong Kong’s hot pot cuisine never gets boring - in addition to the regular additions, they often serve local delicacies, like abalone. Here are our picks for the best hot pot restaurants in Hong Kong. 

A fusion Japanese and Chinese restaurant, Ina Hot Pot by Inagiku in Sheung Wan specializes in serving traditional hot pot. While the majority of the hot pot served is Chinese style, many of the additions, broths and side dishes feature heavily Japanese cuisine. With 10 different broths to choose from, guests can opt for half and half to enjoy two different flavors. One side could be packed with young coconut soup base with chicken, while the other is stuffed with Japanese kombu broth flavored with mushrooms and seaweed. With ingredients spanning the more expensive lobster, angus beef and scallops to a creative selection of meatballs, dumplings and animal organs, there is no end to the combinations you can make. Pair your hot pot with some sashimi, sides and Japanese desserts for a perfect fusion end to your dinner.  

A Sichuan style restaurant, San Xi Lou is perfect for those who love spicy food. The restaurant is named after Qianlong Emperor’s Imperial Study “San Xi Tang,” where only the most priceless treasures were stored. San Xi Lou aims to deliver just this, as every dish is created with care. Their signature hotpot soup base is the Sichuan Mala Broth (spicy broth), bringing guests a mouth numbing spicy experience. Those not able to handle the spice can opt for the pork bone soup broth instead. Apart from hot pot, they also have a great spicy sauteed diced chicken cooked with red chilis and Sichuan style stewed fish. Located inside Coda Plaza on the 7/F and 22/F, San Xi Lou is extremely convenient for those living in Mid-Levels or Central district.  

Photo by: Wendie Lee and Chor-yee
Shing Kee Noodles features a quirky and quaint exterior. Enter the restaurant and guests can see that the restaurant almost has an art-deco look to it. Using creatively fashioned  recycled or discarded materials, Shing Kee Noodles attempts to create a unique atmosphere. While looking around, spot memorabilia, books and comics stacked on shelves, or old car tires acting as lampshades. While the hot pot is only available for dinner, they have everything from the most simple and basic soup bases to the fanciest. Signature ingredients include fresh beef cubes, local hand sliced beef, yuba rolls and spam. Shing Kee Noodles is located in Shatin and may be a little difficult to find for those that are unfamiliar with the area, however the food and design are worth the visit. 

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Perched on the 23/F of iSquare, Budaoweng offers hot pot with an amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline. Frequent guests love to get their both the spicy chicken soup base and lobster congee base, adding in their signature handmade dumplings, fatty beef and whole prawns. Those more adventurous can try their unique tortoise soup base or even order the geoduck clam to cook in the hot pot. Unlike other hot pot restaurants, the indescribable view and modern interior makes Budaoweng a great place to bring clients or family for a more formal hot pot gathering. For those that manage to get a window seat, be sure to watch the Symphony of Lights that begin at 8pm everyday. 

Photo by: Hana Davis
An all-you-can-eat Japanese shabu shabu restaurant, Mou Mou Club is great for those that want a reasonable price for hot pot. For lunch, guests are given the option for 60 or 90 minutes all-you-can-eat, whereas for dinner, guests only have one option - 90 minutes. The price for the each person differs depending on the meat quality and variety. Apart from meat, the other hot pot ingredients are served buffet style and include veggies, tofu, meatballs, dumplings and noodles. They have six different soup bases to choose from, some popular ones being the pork bone soup and sweet soy sauce soup. Included in the all-you-can-eat are desserts like matcha mochi, ice cream and frozen yogurt. Eat at this restaurant with a large group of friends and each get the Asahi beer unlimited refill for a low price.  

Written by: Audree Wang

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