Restaurant: Mou Mou Club

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6-min walk from Exit D4, Causeway Bay MTR Station continue reading
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Mou Mou Club is an all you can eat shabu shabu restaurant that has a 60 minutes and 90 minutes menu. The prices at this restaruant vary depending on the length and quality of the all you can eat meat. continue reading
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Meatless Menu Details: Special Green set lunch available daily. Some Vegetarian dishes available other time daily.
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Our last visit was over half a year ago and someone had been craving high quality wagyu shabu shabu which was why we were back again I had called to reserve a table just the night before and managed to secure the harvour-view seats . The server making the reservation for us was really polite over the phone! There was a half-price promotion of Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef All-you-can-eat at a price of $348+10%. However, we decided to stick to Japanese A3 Wagyu Beef All-you-can-eat at a price of $318+10% as the better "quality" might not be able to justify the extra fat of the beef! Last time we tried this and it was good enough! We ordered sweet soy sauce again as it was so good last time. We decided to try tomato with extra spicy but it was actually just spicy sauce served on the side. The sweet soy sauce was really way way way better. There was nothing special with the tomato soup base which was not concentrated enough. Even with spicy sauce added, it wasn't particularly good either. We stuck to the sweet soy sauce for the beef basically throughout our lunch.  We didn't need to eat with any other sauces after shabu-shabu in these two types of soup. We didn't feel particularly thirsty after our meal.The wagyu was as good as last time, very thinly sliced and tender without tendon. They were also rich in beef flavour. They went really great with the sweet soy sauce. Yummy! The quality of the beef was pretty consistent, i.e., first-round beef was almost the same as the last-round beef. It took quite a while for them to deliver us the beef though after we had placed our orders using their tablet. 廣島蠔 was the only non-beef item we ate in relation to meat/seafood, with reference to our first experience, given our limited size of stomach! The quality was quite good! The choice of vegetables was relatively disappointing. There were only 3 types of greens to choose from (i.e. 娃娃菜,油墨菜,唐生菜). We decided to boil the salad greens (including butter lettuce) to eat which were so good after being soaked in Wagyu beef oil Ice-cream was very very disappointing this time. There were supposed to be chocolate and vanilla flavours. But there was no chocolate from the machine for some reason. Most of the time, the milk ice-cream was melting too. The waffle was super crispy though, like last time. I felt that I needed something really cool, sweet and fluid to balance the hotness of the shabu shabu and the fatty beef. There were some other desserts. New York cheese cake was quite thick and was quite good given that they were all-you-can-eat at such a place. Cookies and cream cheesecake sucked though as it was mostly mousse. Matcha 大福 sucked as it was tasteless and so soft. The vanilla cream puff was quite refreshing. There were some other desserts which I didn't try like other 大福  and mousse cakes.It was overall a less pleasing experience compared with our previous visit but for all-you-can-eat Japanese Wagyu, it was really quite a good value for money given the consistently good quality despite competition in this district. I wish they could offer better desserts and vegetables for our next visit.  continue reading
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Level2 2019-01-23
是日和男友又到老地方速食Mou Mou Club,係我地最愛(其中一個)。點左和牛牛胸腩,午餐90分鐘任食約$200一位。第一次食(之前食開澳州牛小排,不過侍應話無做了)。和牛喎,我地都滿懷期望......點知,我最害怕的畫面出現了!雖然話係腩姐,都唔洗肥到咁呀,肉同脂肪比例係50:50,咩和牛變左種咩?都叫左,唯有硬食。滑係幾滑,香喺幾香,但係無肉味。唔健康都算,仲要唔好味。到點第二、三碟時,我最期待的畫面出現了!點解碟肉可以咁靚架?肥瘦分佈平均。食落好重肉味,好軟熟,好好味...... 開心之餘,又有點無奈,究竟頭先果碟係咩黎?唉,見你係我最愛(之一,暫時仲係),原諒你一次啦。下次唔好咁啦...... continue reading
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Level2 2019-01-10
好彩唔洗排隊,今日3個人食,呵呵🤭,媽咪無份食。我地揀左218個餐,叫左個壽喜燒湯底。個餐有牛有豬有雞任食,仲有出面d菜,腸仔,肉丸,麵,烏冬,豆腐,等等等等。。。都係任食,3個人食左起碼8碟牛,2碟雞,6碟豬呀😝🤣,太誇張了吧。(如果無記錯的話)😂😂仲有其他野嘅,飲品有汽水啦,有果汁,個果汁佢會教點樣調配架咼。最後仲有甜品都係任食架,見到有抹茶同芒果 mochi ,超好食超 Q彈,仲有軟雪糕任食😍 continue reading
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Level1 2019-01-04
尋日早收工6點前入左黎打bin爐~一入去waiter 就介紹成個套餐有75折!咁抵就梗係要試下最貴果款日本黑毛和牛啦😆和牛的花紋好靚,同埋係新鮮的。叫左一個鮮茄湯底同埋一個黑蒜豬骨湯底。湯底味道不太濃,但勝在醬汁款式多搭救。最喜歡個紅酒汁。另外貪新鮮叫左碟美國牛腩片,但同和牛嫩度差好遠。丹麥皇冠豚肉都好好食海鮮就一般,可以唔叫,有少少腥。另外食物吧都有好多其他食物可選擇,所以全日留肚食呢餐都足夠。甜品選擇都有幾款,最驚喜係個雪糕🍦好滑!有d似富豪雪糕車個味 continue reading
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Level4 2018-11-10
午餐打邊爐,牛涮鍋是我的首選,七十幾蚊可以任食配菜加甜品 一定夠飽 今日又約男友午餐,不時夜晚經過世貿佢都會提意食牛涮鍋 但成日排長龍。正好今日平日12點前入座 不用排隊世貿分店店面大 大部分都是多人大枱 或四人枱用隔板分開。被安排到靠窗位置 可以飽覽維港景色。點單改為Ipad自助落單,但一拉開平板上有啲粟米😔相信上一手留低好好清潔好枱面四周,開始出去夾配菜 因為叫了60分鐘豚肉餐 由入座起已計時。起初動作太慢,後來食得很急趕。建議大家一位點餐 另一位立即出去夾配菜 始終湯底滾起需時🔶日式醬油湯底 (評分9/10)拼蕃茄湯底 (評分5/10)首先醬油湯底,咸甜恰到好處 正好帶出蔬菜的鮮味。 另外蕃茄湯味道較清淡,不是那種有茄膏的香濃蕃茄湯 而是鮮茄加水沒有加另外調味。配料在蕃茄湯內煮過後會帶有紅色🔶豚肉 評分7/10豚肉大小均等,相信用機切割油花分佈平均值得一讚,入口嫩滑沒有雪味 continue reading
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