5 Recommended Cakes for celebrating Mother’s Day
If you are looking for something to treat your mum well for the upcoming mother’s day on 10 May, we have 5 recommendations of cakes made by some of the popular restaurants. These restaurants do not only provide exclusive mother’s day menus, but also providing cakes with amazing designs with feminine features such as pink florals. Here are our recommendations of mother’s day cakes from 5 popular restaurants in town:

Two-day exclusive heart-shaped white chocolate cake Passion by Gérard Dubois

Passion by Gérard Dubois, one of the most popular French dessert restaurants, is well-known for its large variety of cakes with high qualities. The restaurant is going to provide cakes especially for mother’s day from 9 to 10 May. It includes the heart-shaped white chocolate cranberry mousse cake ($41). The red and white color matches well and the mixed sweet and sour flavors of white chocolate and cranberries are perfect match too. If your mum prefers traditional French-style desserts, the Crème Brulee Mont Blanc would be a good pick.

Lychee rose cake for better skin The Royal Plaza Hotel

The Royal Plaza Hotel will be introducing special cakes for mother’s day after their Cinderella’s shoes cake for Valentine’s Day! The new lychee rose mousse cake (with promotional price: $280) uses flower and butterfly as their theme. Rose damascene essence, which is good for skin whitening and revitalizing, is added to bring out a special scent of rose. The mother’s day cake has more than 7 layers with different tastes. It includes cranberry jelly layer from France and the juicy lychee layer, which matches well with the rose damascene. (Pre-order with 3 day notice)

The stylish high-heel cupcake The Food Gallery

Girls must have come across moments when they secretly wear mum’s high-heels during childhood. The Food Gallery will be introducing mother’s day buffets with creative high-heel cupcakes in 5 different flavors: rose, mango, lemon, pistachio and double chocolate. The price for breakfast and lunch buffet starts from $338.

Romantic rose ice-cream cake The Häagen-Dazs

Hong Kong people love ice-cream cakes for celebration. Häagen-Dazs will have 2 mother’s day cakes, such as the Rose Whisper cake (Mini $372;Regular $482;Large $592)with feminine features like pink, macaroon and rose. If your mum loves desserts and flowers, it would be the perfect cake for her!

Cake for charity from Macau’s MGM  the Pastry Bar

A one-day Macau trip with mum is a good idea for mother’s day celebration. Indeed, you can also find nice places for high-tea in Macau. The MGM Hotel introduces cake with modern visual arts elements. Yogurts with different colors are spread on their signature milk chocolate hazelnut cake and every unique cake looks like sculpture master piece. The Valkyrie Octopus cake will be available at the Pastry Bar and the raised fund will be donated to the Orbis for supporting blindness prevention charity.

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