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When the skies opened last Saturday unleashing a torrential downpour that ruined Clockenflap for me, my girlfriend and I decided to recalibrate and comfort ourselves with an indulgent brunch at The Drawing Room (TDR). It also happens to be right across from where I live on Staunton Street, which means we got to avoid walking too much under the rain.I had actually gone to TDR the night before only to get turned away at the door. Fully booked on a Friday night! Guess walking in is not an option here (on a weekend). Thankfully K had the good sense to call in advance and book us a table.The SettingYou'll get decent outdoor views and natural lighting here. We would have loved to move in and out of the wide terrace for drinks / coffee / tea had the weather not been so appalling. I can imagine doing the al fresco thing here would be pleasant (I see it all the time from my bedroom window, and always thought "lovely spot for tea and a book")Layout is comfortably spaced out, arrangement is long like a corridor, so it doesn't feel like diners are concentrated.While waiting for K to arrive, I entertained myself with the paper and colouring pencils they provided. We adults never realise how we never do these things anymore - hardly do anything outside of a screen. ServiceFoodWe decided on the 3 course brunch for our eating spree. The 4 course with pasta would have been too much, so forwent the carb overload.Appetizers to shareWe thought we would choose 1 each from the 4 appetizers, but to our delight (and to our diet's dismay) - all four appetizers were served to share. The Pawn does that too, feels a bit wrong to spoil ourselves this much, really...Let's begin with the best one:Capesanta: Pan seared scallops & pork ragout on toastFresh scallops cooked exactly the way I love, the toast's crisp texture perfectly complementing the meat. K ever so generously offered half of hers to me when I gushed about it. That's a real friend.The rest of the appetizers are in random order as they were more or less in the same level after the standout scallops.Insalata: Organic mixed salad leaves w/ pickled mushroom Something green and fresh to make us feel 'healthier'  about the mealMozzarella & salumi: Buffalo mozzarella w/ italian charcuterie & gnocco frittoI can't stand cured meat but the buffalo mozzarella was amazing - both in consistency and flavour.Pesce: Marinated fish w/ avocado, green apple & espeletteBasically an Italian version of ceviche / tartare. I loved the tangy sweetness of the apple mixed with the raw fish marinated in lemon/lime.By this time I was obviously so stuffed that I could have easily skipped the mains and gone straight to dessert. But we soldiered on:I got the Merluzzo & gamberi: wild caught cod & prawns “a la plancha” w/ parsley & garlicI was able to finish the prawns, which were deliciously cheesy, but not as fresh as I would have liked. All the butter-garlic-cheese flavours made up for the slight rubberiness of the prawns.The fish was drowning in oil and seasoning, but still delicious. I had this packed and ate it for lunch on Monday. It also came with sinfully good baked potatoes that invaded my office with its rich aroma. Needless to say, food envy abounded.K ordered the ginormous Manzo: black angus striploin steak “a la plancha” w/ rosemaryImpeccably tender, cooked to perfection. Loved the greens (overly flavoured and rich again) but we didn't touch the bellpeppers. Nothing against them, I guess that's just not our favourite vegetable.If there were to be a next time, I would probably go for the 'Polletto roasted marinated whole baby Ffrance spring chicken' instead of the fish.And now to my favourite part: desserts! Unfortunately, this is not TDR's forte. The 'tiramisu' was a melting mess of cream and even more cream (except the latter was iced. Get it?!)The fruits were warm and caramelized, as if they needed to be any sweeter. I guess I prefer mine fresh and more natural. We tried to get artistic with this one. Can you spot the lady behind the complimentary sweets? Another masterpiece and joint effort by K and I.Bestie brunchWould we go back?TDR is a luxurious, pampering, 2-3 hour long affair justified by a special occasion. The price point is too high for it to become a regular weekend thing for me though, but to try it once, on an indulgent day, I would definitely recommend it. Don't forget to book in advance!  繼續閱讀
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安靜地方 / 優雅環境 / 精緻美食人很少傾密計一流前菜牛肉他他有nuts、有自家製嘅醬主菜medium牛不過不失甜品係自家製雪糕Earl grey味夠特別不過比出邊有名的蛋糕品牌earl grey仲係爭好遠洗手間的洗手液都係用澳洲高級品牌 繼續閱讀
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和吃貨好友出去就是好,不用想吃那家餐廳好,這次去的是在PMQ裡面的The Drawing Room. 在兩年前這家餐廳曾在銅鑼灣開過,都還沒來得及去試已經關閉了。這次重新開張其實我沒留意到,只是好友剛好看到覺得不錯我們就去試試看。餐廳在PMQ的最頂層,晚上沒有很多人非常安靜。走進餐廳感覺裝潢優雅,還有幾個private一點的小空間給三五好友暢談品美食,非常適合和另一半浪漫晚餐或者是想要私密空間的朋友們。和餐廳名字相互呼應,一坐下便看到餐碟上放了一張印有餐廳logo的紙張還有一小筒顏色筆,給食客們畫畫。但畢竟年齡不小而且工作一整天覺得很累,趕緊把畫筆拿走看看今晚的menu更實際(笑)餐廳提供幾款餐前麵包,而menu則分成時令tasting menu和經典tasting menu兩款。大家如果覺得份量太多可以像我們一樣單點,我們點了幾款人氣的菜式share.前菜我們兩個都各自點了langoustine tartare ($320).我很少在香港能吃到scampi,這個tartare用的是scampi蝦肉,非常鮮甜,再加上一點點酸的檸檬汁忌廉,作為頭盤很開胃。接下來我們點了sea urchin risotto ($320). 這個義大利飯和我想像中的不一樣,我以為是有一大塊海膽擺在飯上面。但上來的時候發現海膽影子都看不見,原來全部融合在汁裡面了/.\ 我覺得這樣吃起來比較普通,只是淡淡吃出一點點的海膽味,不能滿足呢。飯不會煮得很軟,份量很迷你。然後我們點了Italian red prawn linguini($340). 我比較少見到fine dining餐廳用red prawns而不是tiger prawns,因為red prawns實在很小,擺在碟上只有兩小隻很不大器。但正面的是意粉味道很不錯,軟硬程度也剛剛好。最後我覺得是整個晚餐的亮點,甜點warm caramelized brioche with vanilla icecream($90). 這個焦糖布里歐麵包蛋香味很濃,上面的焦糖脆脆的,而且整個感覺不會很甜,配上雲尼拿雪糕很好味!我很喜歡這家餐廳的環境,至於食物味道嘛,就各花入各眼,哈哈和女朋友們約會可以考慮試試這家餐廳喔♥ 繼續閱讀
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友人牛一, 搵間好餐廳去慶祝一下, 考慮過四季酒店既Caprice, 不過被身邊好友勸阻, 告之質素已經跌左唔少, 加上在下喺openrice睇食評時, 啲食物相望落的確麻麻地, 縱使挾住2粒星星, 但睇落唔值得拎生日飯做賭注. 而喺幾個月前, 在下聽聞The Drawing Room 載譽歸來, 諗番起當日喺呢間餐廳食過2次好滿意既晚餐, 所以決定番黎試一試~<餐廳來頭>循例介紹一下餐廳, 一提The Drawing Room 呢3個字, 就知係勁野~  I mean當年~ 哈哈! 果陣剛剛出米芝蓮, 全香港咁多間知名意大利餐廳 (有pizza hut 啦, spaghetti house 啦, 講笑者~ 例如有Sabatini @ 帝苑酒店, The Mistral @ 海景嘉福, 等等等知名意大利fine dining 餐廳), 就淨係得The Drawing Room拎到星星, 一千零一間, 風頭一時無兩, 果陣時booking 滿到三個月後. 而佢既成名菜就係紅蝦意粉, 食過既客人都念念不忘!不過餐廳喺幾年前就close左, 原因係主廚Mr. Roland 覺得係時候要開一個新既Project, 去下一個里程卑, 熟客個個都大感可惜, 人家都未食夠… 等到今年, 終於回歸, 由果陣既銅鑼灣搬到黎PMQ, 佔領左Vasco西班牙餐廳既竇口. 用餐環境靚左, 不過大廚Roland亦唔再喺度打骰… 桃花不依舊, 人面也全非, 究竟佢仲係唔係當年既 The Drawing Room呢? 真係要試過先知~<嚴重扣分位>知道餐廳匿埋喺PMQ, PMQ聽就聽得多, 在下知道佢係一個新商場, 大概喺中上環, 但去就真係第一次去… 喺紅磡搭過海巴士104號, 去到威靈頓街附近落車, 跟住就GG了… 大家都知中上環啲路幾難行幾複雜,路又窄斜路又多, 大熱天時三十幾度,  拎住部電話用google map, 真係成吉思汗打仔, 屬於崩潰級別.行左十五分, 鍾於搵到PMQ, 原來佢一共有三棟, Block A 同Block B 同埋連接佢地既一小棟, 唔知Block 咩… 但水牌指示唔清楚, find out餐廳原來喺Block B, 而我地就喺Block A 兜兜轉轉, 又當失路, 又要搵條路過番去Block B, 最後行到成身濕晒同硬晒 – I mean 在下個拳頭, 真係未食都一肚火!!!<叫野食>不過入到餐廳, 見到咁靚既環境, 條氣順番一半, 加上餐廳冷氣充足, 成個人好快cool down 番, 當然杯Sparkling Water with Lime都有唔少功勞~Weekend 黎到, 全宇宙都係食同一個menu - Weekend Roast Brunch: 3 個Courses (前菜, 主菜, 甜品) 盛惠$488, 加多個Pasta Course 就$588~ 一場黎到, 都唔爭在果一百蚊啦!前菜有四款, 每款都幾吸引, 正正諗緊簡邊樣既時候, 侍者走過黎告之原來唔駛簡, 因為四款都有齊晒~ 在下都不禁打左個突, 咁抵?! 冚齊?! 至於意粉course就三簡一, 主菜同甜品都係四簡一, 好多選擇, 正!餐廳另外有樣野幾得意, 為左配合 Drawing 呢個字, 餐廳特登喺枱面放左啲顏色筆同一張細畫紙, 俾大家露兩手, 不過在下見啲畫筆都好乾淨, 加上長短一樣齊葺葺…估計都係得個擺字, 應該冇人真係會落手呱~<叫野飲>Weekend Lunch 有個超正既offer, 就係加$200 可以free flow 香檳, 加$100 free flow 紅白酒, 不過考慮到在下晏晝要學車, 為免未有牌先被釘牌,  free flow 似乎唔太搏得過, 而友人則喺前一晚已經劈左個通宵, 今日都不宜飲太多. 所以我地兩個每人叫杯紅酒by glass 襯番個main course就好了.題外話: $100 free flow 紅白酒好似平左啲喎… 第一下感覺好抵, 但第二下感覺就好伏, 100蚊? 天下間邊有咁大隻蛤乸? 枝酒仲唔係made in China?? 雖然侍者解釋番賣到咁平唔係因為枝酒唔靚, 而係佢地做緊promotion… 原諒在下膚淺… “平野冇好野” 呢個concept已經被深深植入~<FOOD>Menu: Weekend Roast Brunch Menu - 4 coursesPrice: $558 per personBread Basket and Olive Oil面包籃好味指數: 5/5面包雖然得一款, 不過剛剛焗起, 所以算唔錯, 最怕食到啲攤凍晒既面包. 至於在下俾滿分係因為佢枝棷欖油, 同街邊食開果啲好唔同, 醇好多, 杰身好多, 香好多, 好味到在下下意識咁將啲面包當做海綿, 狂索落啲橄欖油度食!Appetizer to Share 前菜:Insalata (organic mixed salad leaves with pickle mushroom)意大利有機沙律配醃磨菇好味指數: 4.5/5​​第一道既前菜, 沙律是也, 正常貨色, 猜想廚師知道未必個個鍾意火箭菜, 怕佢苦, 所以呢度主角用左波菜葉, 又係在下既最愛. 但佢好食既主要原因並不在此, 所謂禮多人不怪, 油多菜不壞, 呢度正正體驗到呢句說話~ 餐廳用左 Jamie Oliver 所講既A Little Bit 橄欖油 (者係其實超多…) 去撈勻啲菜, 誇張講句,  每一塊波菜葉都被啲油封住, 又香又滑, 咁你話點會唔好食呢? 只不過又難為了在下既6 packs… 佢地開始又共聚一堂了…Mozzerella & Salumi (Buffalo mozzarella with Italian charcuterie & gnocco fritto)水牛芝士配意大利火腿, 炸面團 (推薦!)好味指數: 5/5火腿咸香不過咸, 易咬唔韌, 雖然切到少少碎同好薄, 但咬落仲有油脂滲出, 應該唔係cheap野~ (唔似早一個月喺Bistecca食到既ham, 一味死咸). 除左火腿, 每人都有一舊水牛芝士, 不過佢唔係在下杯茶, 嫌佢淡味, 所以係咁易淺嚐過便算了, 不過友人似乎好欣賞…配火腿同芝士仲有啲軟糯既炸面粉, 呢個係重點, 因為你食完會重到一個點, 哈哈, 爛gag~ 炸面粉香味十足, 夾埋落啲火腿度, 與其話佢地相輔相成, 不如話佢地狼狽為奸, 兩樣邪惡既野加埋一齊, 只會變成罪惡… I mean 罪惡感… 叫人點停到口呢, 唯有一路食一路纖悔…主啊, 寬恕我把口吧, 睇在在下既6 packs份上…Pesce (Marinated fish with avocado, green apple & mandarin)酸橘汁醃魚生配牛油果, 青蘋果, 橘子好味指數: 4.5/5呢個其實似啊根庭既Ceviche, 者係用生果汁醃海鮮~ 賣相唔錯, 用上靚靚花瓣黎裝飾呢道本身幾醜樣既菜 (因為佢都係將啲野切粒撈埋一齊, 好睇極有限) 味道都ok, 魚生配牛油果個感覺幾新鮮, 一個軟綿, 一個軟爛. 成個菜酸酸昧昧幾開胃, 青蘋果同橘子間唔中出一出場, 吊一吊味, 為酸味帶來一點甜, 為軟糯送上一點清爽~ (Yoho! 呢兩句勁有文學feel~)Capesanta (seared scallops & pork ragout on toast)煎帶子配免治豬肉多士 (推薦!)好味指數: 4.5/5又係一道好神奇既配搭, 帶子鮮甜, 不過太細舊, 頂唔住樓下豬肉既強勁光茫, 所以唔係好發揮到出黎… 至於舊豬肉有幾強勁?? 友人一聞話好香, 一食話好正, 咁梗係啦!! 我頂… 全部都係肥豬肉黎既.. 不過, 做人勻真啲, 除左卡路里高之外, 佢的確係一件天下美食, 豬肉又淋又香, 同塊脆多士係絕配, 加埋帶鮮味既煎帶子, 正啊喂!食到呢度, 在下知道6 packs 應該冇救了… 唯有唸必殺咒語減輕一下罪孽: 都係聽日先減啦~Pasta 第二道菜Spaghetti (spaghetti with crab, zucchini & sweet chili)蟹肉意粉配翠玉瓜及甜椒好味指數: 3.5/5在下一直懷念佢地既紅蝦意粉, 心諗蝦同蟹其實係Friend, 應該都會好好食, 所以就簡左呢個~ 上到枱, 賣相ok, 見到廚師好有心機將蟹肉, 翠玉瓜同啲椒切絲, 切到好似同意粉咁上下. 先講味道, 還可以, 意粉係Al dente, 蟹肉算多, 不過整體蟹味唔太濃郁, 同在下以前食果個紅蝦意粉有段天地既距離, 有期望所以會失望~.不過敗筆係口感, 大廚故意將所有材料切絲, 但一絲絲既蟹肉咬落去令在下覺得似喺度食緊伊面 (即管當在下太好想像力吧)…成件事down grade 晒~Risotto (sea urchin risotto with courgette flower & sea weed rock)海膽意大利飯 (推薦!)好味指數: 5/5友人既Pasta Course, 雖然佢個賣相在下都認為係爭啲啲, 成個大家樂太極駌鴦焗飯茄汁果一part, 不過個器皿又的確幾趣緻, 所以搶回少少分數.在下當然打番少少稅, 畢一羹試下, 飯夠煙韌, 汁醬夠濃, 幾重芝士味, 係高水準之作, 不過未到亮點~ 最後咬既係隻蜆, 一咬落去就不禁食神裏面既薛家燕上身: 嘩! 好好食既蜆啊! 蜆肥加上冇overcook, 所以依然保持嫰滑, 最冇得輸係佢本身既蜆味, 濃郁程度媲美一次過放10隻本地蜆落口, 食到在下同友人都Lam晒脷, 植樹舞子! 強烈推介是也!不過呢, 樓上既菜名冇寫有蜆呢樣材料, 所以都唔Sure仲係唔係呢個Risotto, 定或者係廚師當日轉左第二款risotto俾我地?Meat (all served with garnish) 主菜Vitello (roasted Italian veal rack with basil crust (must be enjoyed every two guests)羅勒葉烤焗意大利小牛肉架好味指數: 4.5/5主菜有四款簡, 有好吸引既羊架, 肉眼扒, 春雞, 同埋在下叫既小牛肉架. 羊架在下一個月前喺Petrus食左 (basically 係偷食左友人一小舊, 質素之高可以用感動級黎形容, 費事呢度會被比下去), 至於肉眼扒, 在下始終覺得鋸扒要去番扒房 (例如超正既Beefbar 或者Ruth’s Chris), 春雞就更加唔駛講…咁耐以黎, 都未遇過一隻好雞, I mean好味既春雞, 永遠都係鞋烚烚… 所以決定go for呢個for two persons 既Veal. 注意: 佢係2人份量, 是故在下要跟友人share~賣相唔錯, 上到枱已經切好晒一舊舊, 出面鋪滿綠色既香草醬, 入面係烤到接近熟透既Medium Well. 望落冇咩血色, 擔心會唔會太韌, 不過最後證實擔心係多餘既, 縱使冇血水, 但依然保持嫰滑, 肉汁充沛, 油份適足, 係一件不可多得既 “好肉”! 不過可能仲係小牛既關係, 肉味唔係太濃, 對重口味既在下黎講, 略嫌清純左啲, 不過會推介俾啲怕羶唔食羊既朋友.最後埋單時同經理傾左陣計, 佢話通常客人第一次黎佢都會推介佢地食羊, 因為係佢地既signature, 只不過見在下一開始就好似主意已決咁叫左小牛仔, 無謂掃我地興, 在下聽後不禁講左句… shit!…點都好聲好氣勸下我地嘛, 例如講句: 咦?!今日啲羊好似好靚喎, 真係唔試下?? 最衰在下叫菜果一刻醒唔起, 呢一生人食過最好味既羊架…其實就係喺The Drawing Room (本身喺銅鑼灣果間), 唉…整定.. 注定在下要番黎多一次食羊架~哈哈哈~ 很好既借口.Garnish (Potatoes and Sun dried Tomato, Roasted Pepper)配菜 (焗薯及意大利蕃茄, 焗香椒) (推薦!)好味指數: 5/5配菜有焗薯同焗椒, 薯仔唔知咩品種, 勁香薯味, 本身皮已夠薄, 加埋焗到脆一脆, 入口又粉嫰, 同友人都起勢咁讚, 一路讚就一路叉一舊落口, 完全忘記薯仔係減肥大敵人… 薯仔上面仲有兩隻意大利乾蕃茄, 又係好味道. 焗椒齊晒紅黃綠三隻色, 隻隻都好味, 不過似乎友人唔係椒友, 食左一隻就口停手停, 交俾在下吧, 在下最鍾意吔椒架啦~Dessert 甜品Gelati & sorbetti (selection of homemade ice cream & sorbet) – Earl Grey and Mascarpone Cheese意大利雪糕及雪皅呢個係友人既甜品, 在下無緣試食, 不過佢話幾好味.Formaggi (assorted selection of cheese) 精選芝士 (推薦!)好味指數: 5/5唔駛審, 芝士控既在下當然又簡左芝士, 一共7款芝士, 在下request每樣試少少, 有勞餐廳經理Mr. Ho Lau啦, 真係切到手軟. 芝士款款都係黎自意大利, 有牛奶, 有羊奶, 有mix, 有blue cheese, 不過佢地啲名在下真係記唔到, 淨係記得灰色果隻係黑松露芝士~在下就真係無法子細緻形容每一款芝士, 不過總括黎講每隻都好平易近人, 就算blue cheese 都屬於入門級, 絕對唔似 (全部都帶極高挑戰性). 黑松露味果隻幾特別幾好食, 友人打稅試味, 試完一啖又一啖, 最後足足試左3份2舊…咁仲叫試咩….?另外一讚既係condiments, 有簿切sourdough 面包, 果醬, 同超好味既蜜糖 (高級蜜糖黎, 食得出唔係一般貨色). 夾埋佢地落芝士度, 再飽都食得落! 講笑者, 芝士其實都幾濟下~由於個芝士拼盤太吸引, 在下相都唔記得影就已經開始食, 所以唔齊七舊, 有兩舊喺肚…Petit Four西式美點雙輝好味指數: 4.5/5又係一個誇張既賣相, 玻璃金鍾罩, 罩有六個細洞, 放左一共6粒既小甜點, 包括有椰子糖, 拖肥曲奇, 紅桑苺蛋糕, 味道唔錯, 襯番杯cappuccino, 幫呢餐埋個靚尾. 不過呢…唔知係唔係在下隻手指粗大 (友人都係), “了” 極都 “了” 唔到佢地出黎, 尤其係粒椰子糖, 唔知餐廳會唔會考慮俾隻鉗仔啲食客, 方便得黎又好似高級啲呢?<DRINKS>Sparkling Water – San PellegrinoPrice: $60 x 2 bottlesRed Wine – Molettieri, Aglianico Cinque Querce, Campania, Italy 2011Price: $180 x 2 glasses同酒師講想要啲full bodied既紅酒, 佢就介紹左兩款俾我地, 一款係Molettieri, 一款係2013年既Cannonau Di Sardegna, 呢兩個字在下睇唔明, 不過唔明都唔緊要, 重點係前者$180 per glass, 後者$98 per glass. 貴唔一定好, 平唔一定差, 但貴會好過平, 玄呢~ 總之呢堆數字令在下簡左前者啦, 而事實證明在下冇簡錯, 杯酒係在下杯茶, 好啱口味~ (應該簡啱呱…反正在下冇得做比較, 幾歹都話自己啱)CappuccinoPrice: Included<OVERALL COMMENT>野食COMMENT整體黎講每道菜都好高水準, 無論味道, 賣相, 份量, 在下都俾好高分! 除左在下既意粉菜式有少少失望, 其餘野食在下都十分滿意! 有驚喜不過未到超大驚喜, 主要原因係在下未食到佢地既Signature – 紅蝦意粉, 羊架, 同埋餐廳經理極力推介既乳鴿, 下次黎, 試埋佢地再評過!注意番, 呢度絕對唔係啲追求瘦身既人可以黎既地方, 菜式偏heavy, 更偏高卡路里. 自己簡, 一係食好西, 一係有6 packs, 或許這就是傳說中吃貨的悲哀… 不過, 在下就要破呢個咀咒, 決心做第一個! 第一個有6件腹肌既賤貨, sor, 係吃貨!!!服務COMMENT所有待者包括酒師都好專業, 落菜時都有簡介下道菜係咩, 而絕大部分都好好笑容, 又有禮貌!  加分位係他鄉遇故知, 世界真細小, 唔覺意遇到師兄 (大家傾談之後先發現原來大家都喺同一間餐廳做過), 大家臨尾都傾左大約10分鍾, 得悉師兄做過唔少知名餐廳, 又識唔少人, 勁啊! 相比之下, 脫離左酒店行業逹五年之久既在下, 似乎已經對飲食界行情有少少脫節~友人生日, 本身book枱時order左喺甜品度寫番句Happy Birthday, 無奈友人好叫唔叫叫雪糕做甜品, 細細杯, 人地點寫字呢? 不過, 餐廳好細心, 特登整左張生日卡, 俾我地拎住黎影即影即有相 (provided by 餐廳), 都算一個幾窩心既服務.服務係好, 不過仲未完美, 樓下有兩點仲有改善既空間.Reception 姐姐好似爭左少少少少少主動, 既然行得Fine Dining 呢條路, 自然要同五星級酒店餐廳既Service睇齊,  Greeting同講88都屬於整個dining experience 既其中一環, 由一開始聽電話接booking 到個客離開Reception 講thank you 幫客人禁lift, 個客人已經開始計緊數應唔應該再翻桌~另外有一樣野真係要講一講, 其實有人喺openrice已經提過, 由於我地坐細房, 好多時都俾侍者忽略, 舉極手都冇人應, 佢地喺條走廊行黎行去都唔察覺到有客人召喚緊佢地, 當然, 在下又冇理由勁大聲咆哮: 唔該! 有冇人啊? … 話晒都係高級餐廳, 不過有幾下爭啲忟到想自己行出去叫佢地. 又之不過, 在下同友人都唔趕時間, 等下又冇咩所謂, 所以唔太受影響, 但餐廳真係要注意一下.環境COMMENT環境呢Part認真無得彈, 唔計一間private room, 餐廳有兩間細房同一個大廳 (所謂大廳, 其實都唔係話太大, 都係擺到4張4-6人梳化枱), 大廳如下圖般一樣咁靚. 而果兩間細房就放左兩張2人枱~ 所以計埋計埋其實都唔係坐到好多人, 所以當日就算full house, 其他客人喺度高談闊論, 都唔會話覺得太嘈.此照片取自網上裝修摩登時尚, 夾番呢度所提供既現代意大利菜, 不過, 裝修點靚都係最緊要地方闊絡, 枱同枱之間有足夠既距離, 咁就唔駛同隔離枱share秘密啦!抵唔抵食?直頭抵到爛啦! $558 四個courses, 包埋咖啡茶, 仲有7款芝士食, 前菜仲要係齊晒4款, 如果夾硬計, 一共有成7個courses~ 而任飲香檳紅酒都係加多百幾蚊 (雖然在下冇叫到…), 服務好, 環境更加一流, 呢間野已經被納入在下既飯堂~最後, 喺度再次同友人講聲生日快樂! 謹祝閣下黎緊既Tripsss玩得開心愉快 (又話唔知幾月去美國, 幾月去歐洲, 幾月去古巴, 有錢真係任性~)由於呢餐太好味既關係, 在下喺埋單時已經順手訂埋10月30日, 與另一位好試試佢既夜晚, 趁機嚐嚐紅蝦意粉, 睇下係咪依舊咁好味, 睇下the drawing room係咪真係番左黎,  楽しみ~ 繼續閱讀
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友人剛回港一心諗住試下d新野見見drawing room d comment 都幾好就book左晚餐試下fine dining $9xx + 10% 就唔算貴但如果咁嘅服務態度同質素應該好快做唔住環境普通食開pmq都知唔係sell海景同裝修可能早book關係安排左坐係個房仔成日都無人行過每次有需要都要自己行出去搵人serve 講反個menu 一個係special menu (今期做truffle) 但係個個有truffle 嘅course 都要加錢咁點解唔真接set高嗰價?餐前小食無咩味又唔特別頭盤睇個都叫ok可惜食落無咩味好似食膠咁👎🏻跟住 blue lobster 睇落普通 食落去就唔係新鮮野囉呢個course 就真係嘔血賣相差都算 (真心覺得ucc都正過佢)上碟時意粉已經硬哂明顯放左一陣先攞過黎完全無味食唔落直情要換第二樣野換左個意大利飯一睇都知唔得 勁水食左小小已經叫佢黎收走呢main course pigeon 如果我比d成千食個飯呢個質素完全fail 好膠下最後連最基本嘅ice cream 都難食雖然唔知係自制定買反黎嘅 =.=成餐飯友人要勁落 salt and pepper 先食得落唉3k兩個人中環真係好多choice 😏 繼續閱讀
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