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天后Texas Burger的Cafe分店,主打美式漢堡,全日早餐,奶昔,精品咖啡,還有西式意粉及海鮮燴飯等選擇。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-04-29
1792 瀏覽
It was my first time here. The environment was nice. Good vibes, felt like Texas indeed. They had this cowboy bar doors inside, which was cute. It was actually quite spacious. Really nice to dine in a nice place that's not over crowded on a Sunday in Hong Kong! Food was unexpectedly good too.This burger we wrongly ordered turned out to be quite all right! (The one I wanted to order was called Melting Raclette Cheese Beef Burger, which would have lots of cheese that I love. We did not see the name of it, so we ordered a wrong one) Anyways, I wasn't happy when it was served; but I had to say, it was rather juicy and tasty. I'm not a big fan of burgers. This one was really not bad. The bun was toasted so it's got this crispy crust. Beef was juicy too, and it also got a bit of melted cheese (that comforted me a little bit. lol). Although the bacon was in the burger, it was still crunchy when I took a bite, and I liked the smoky taste of it. It was nice that they added onion rings in the burger too, that's always a  yummy snack I liked. I loved this fish 'n' chips! The batter was thin and crispy, and the fish inside was hot, tender and juicy! Served with traditional tartare sauce, it was delicious. It was a dish I did not want to share. lol 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2019-09-19
289 瀏覽
We made booking through openrice a night before.When we arrived the restaurant, it's around 12:30pm, only 2 tables occupied, even until we left at around 3:30pm, still just 2-3 tables were occupied.The dishes are actually quite heavy, so better for dinner instead of lunch / brunch.We didn't order set menu as they are all too heavy for 2 girls.We start the meal with Caesar Salad, it's average, not bad, no surprise.And then we want to order beef / pork nachos, but only chicken was available, so we have no choice.Chicken NachosThe chicken is too dry and too large in piece that it can't really stick with the nachos.The nachos is not crispy enough, and the cheese is not not enough but guacamole taste good.Tacos SetIt's a set of three, but in two separated stands... kind of weird to display in this way...The tortilla is just tooooooo tough that we can't really bite it... the worst tortilla I had ever.... but the filling are quite tasting.I ordered Tropical Forest Milkshake and my friend did Coffee Latte.Both are nice. The milkshake is quite funny, but better to check with customers if they need cream on top...The toilet flushing has problem during our visit (building problem), customer need to get water from the tap by ourselves with the bucket provided by the restaurant, however, restaurant didn't provide a tube for getting water... and the sink is not event deep enough to place the bucket...so....when we try to get water... it's even not possible... so some people didn't really flush the toilet after use... service can be improved.Overall feeling is quite good as no one is chasing you to leave, so good for people who like to spend long hours for relaxing. Better to improve the food quality and the overall food quality is quite bad. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-13
262 瀏覽
當日要係荔枝角拎野就搵到呢間餐廳~漢堡包一向都幾鐘意食~億利都出名多餐廳~所以好易搵到~係D2 Place 2期對面~上到去門面都唔錯~是日餐湯同沙拉餐湯 - 蘑菇湯都幾香菇味沙拉 - 平時沙拉好少會有橙同西柚~ 菜都新鮮加上有啲酸既醬汁~ 好開胃~黑松露烤大菇芝士漢堡黑松露都香但唔多~塊大菇好多汁好好食~但芝士好似就唔太香~德州燒烤牛肉漢堡配薯條牛肉都厚大塊~但都有少少筋~仲加左炸洋蔥圈同煙肉~薯條剛炸好~好香口~蜜桃菠蘿梳打正常梳打~蘋果茶都幾香蘋果味~是日甜品 - 荔枝千層蛋糕荔枝味都香~外皮就有啲硬~內餡都唔錯~但整體都叫可以~因為Openrice 訂位~所以套餐會有8折~P.S.食物我覺得都可以~但唔知係唔係唔夠店員~只見兩位~一位主要傳菜~另一位落單帶位執枱~店員講野唔太清楚同埋有少少晦氣~的確禮貌上係需要加強~ 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2019-09-11
148 瀏覽
呢間西餐喺正公司附近 平時lunch time都見多人食上次試左佢既扒 一般般今次係第二次食 試左佢地最出名既漢堡Lunch time黎講價錢唔算好貴 一個set百零蚊有哂湯 野飲 主食餐湯係磨菇湯 正常偏淡牛油果漢堡係用左原整既牛油果唔係醬食落好有口感 有驚喜 賣相亦都好好牛肉都算juicy 夠味 唔會鞋口但芝士就差少少 有啲膠 上餐時已經涷左咁跟餐薯條份量好夠 好飽但間餐廳既服務質素真係有待改善==待應態度好差 比茶記更rude.... 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-04
110 瀏覽
忙完過後,係荔枝角揀左間工廈餐廳慢慢享用我既晚餐,工廈餐廳夠晒寬敞,閒日人不多又清靜呢度應該係burger出名的,但眼見個burger一d都唔細,份量十足,我個雀仔肚即刻卑signal我係一定食唔晒,所以最後都係揀左比較輕量d既Dinner set,點了芝士海鮮帶子拿破崙意大利粉 & 燒焗澳洲蜂蜜春雞 首先黎既係soup of the day 同沙律,個甘筍湯甜甜地又唔太重cream味,幾好飲,沙律加左片橙同西柚,好開胃既前菜芝士海鮮帶子拿破崙意大利粉,原來就係蕃茄意粉,帶子同蝦煎得岩岩好仲好香,淨係聞都已經流口水燒焗澳洲蜂蜜春雞,一切就feel到隻春雞又嫩又滑,仲見到d肉汁流出黎,焗既時間掌握得好好,蜜糖汁同春雞好夾,配菜薯條都非常出色,好好食食物質數不比大型連鎖餐廳差,什至有過之而無不及,絕對係一間有heart既工廈餐廳 繼續閱讀
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