港鐵西營盤站 B3 出口, 步行約5分鐘 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2022-01-08
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15/5/2021 Throwback… Always love going back to Test Kitchen. Love their concept of holding various pop ups with different chefs. But after trying Chef Jimmy’s food the second time I was at Test Kitchen, I kept wanting to try his new menu when the dishes caught my interest haha. From then onwards have been amazed by him time after time 👍🏻Chef Jimmy amazed us once again with his new creative pop up menu! Everyone had a foodgasm, we laughed each other’s faces after popping certain food into our mouths haha 🤣The chef table on the 2/F, also the only table that faced the open kitchen was our frequent choice to book 👍🏻The menu this time was outstanding with a sake pairing as well~Bone Marrow · Brioche Toasterfect match!! Stuffed bone marrow tasted so good and matches well with the homemade brioche toast 😋Hame Sazae · Hotaru-lka · Jalapeño:Loved the smoky green pepper taste and the jalapeño sauce was so flavourful. Spanish Red Prawn 避風塘 Lemon Garlic:Super strong prawn taste and really cooked just right so the texture was good. Crème Brûlée · Drunken Crab • Caviar:Savoury crème brûlée, I think this was very creative 🤩🤩... rice wine jelly top, creamy texture but has a fresh sweet taste to it... great combination! The smell in the bowl was addictive too as it smells like dried crab & fish, smell of seafood. Salmon · Roe · Carrot · Parsnip: Loved the salmon roe, wrapped with carrot and inside had a delicious flavourful creamy mousse that got us addicted. Loved how the salmon was cooked just right, semi raw inside still. Roasted Whole Lamb Short ribs · Pickled Pepper · Onions:Slow cooked baby lamb... really tender & doesn’t have a strong lamb flavour which chef Jimmy said he purposely cooked it that way and wanted to take the challenge on making non lamb eaters to like lamb too~豆腐花 (tofu pudding) Black Sesame Sponge Cake · Crackers · Sesame Gelato Mendiant:Like the tofu pudding with black sesame sweet soup but presented in a special way, flavour was strong that makes you think of the Chinese dessert after it was placed in your mouth. 繼續閱讀
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Impressive 3-stories private kitchen in Sai Ying Pun! We enjoyed a 6 courses French fine dining menu by Chef Gabriel Chung-🦁 Snack 🐱牛肉他他, 鵝肝朱古力都好好食😍-🦁 6 courses menu 🐱🐘Geoduck / Pine象拔蚌星星 ⭐️ 彈牙 個汁酸酸地好開胃!🦐Amaebi / Sakura / Golden Trout Caviar第一次食金黃色既魚籽, 加埋甜蝦 好鮮甜!🐟Amadai / Seasonal Clam / Whey / Yuzu日文係甘鯛, 香港叫馬頭魚! 帶有清新柚子味 魚肉嫩滑🦞Lobster / Strawberry / Bordelaise 啖啖肉龍蝦配法餐經典醬汁Bordelaise, 用紅酒/紅蔥頭/牛骨造既汁! 🥩Australia Wagyu Flank Steak / Maitake / Black Garlic / Black Truffle Coulis / Fermented Mushroom 澳洲和牛😍 位置唔係食開既西冷/肉眼, 而係刁鑽既牛腹兩側! 超juicy 肉味濃郁! 仲有幾種醬蘸, 我就比較鍾意菇醬同黑松露!🍎Apple Tatin / Vanilla / Lemon因為我地仲有生日蛋糕食🤣 所以甜品係清新既蘋果塔 超靚😍 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2021-01-31
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🧑🏻‍🍳 Fat CheFelix Dining & Demo 體驗 🧑🏻‍🍳•多謝好友邀請參加 Fat CheFelix 嘅 Dining & Demo 活動學整手工製 Pasta 同教我哋煮 Pasta 嘅技巧。個過程真係好好玩,做完之後仲可以同好友坐低,一路傾偈,一齊食四道非常精美嘅菜式。本來嘅 Menu 係以海鮮做主材料,而今日嘅活動只得我一個素食者,Felix 都好好咁為我設計咗素食版本,特別其中一道菜佢用竹炭代替墨魚汁去做意大利雲吞,令我個菜外型同其他人嘅雲吞冇分別,真係好有創意同細心❤️ 活動完結後仲有得拎走自己製成的pasta 同一包醬汁、香草,返到去可以整比屋企人食呢。我的素食版~ 菊芋絲絨濃湯 · 薏米 · 野菜竹炭蘑菇意大利雲吞自製番茄醬手製意大利麵蒔蘿草蛋黃撻 · 焦檸檬 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2021-01-25
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I still haven’t had a chance to have a proper meal at Test Kitchen, and I guess the chance is kinda slim now during the pandemic, as the 21-day of quarantine would make it quite impossible for foreign chefs to fly to Hong Kong and host the kitchen. Therefore, when I saw this Street Food pop-up, I made up my mind instantly to pay a visit.This sign really tells you, the fries (rather than the sandwich) is the kick here!I topped up my fries for the cheesy one with HKD$15. The fries were really good! Thick cut, freshly fried, just like those served in traditional local tuck shop. The cheesy sauce was quite standard, but the spice powder did top up the whole thing!The Pulled Pork Sandwich was a bit so so. This is the bottom side of the sandwich. When the sandwich was served, all the pulled pork pieces were at the bottom of the sandwich due to the upright serving mode. Some of the pulled pork was quite chewy indeed…And 90% of the delicious numbing spicy sauce escaped onto the table due to poor wrapping of the sandwich (I could see that every body else was making a mess with the sauce…such a pity…).Hopefully the next street food pop-up at the Test Kitchen will be better 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-11-21
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門口冇門牌,只有一個好大好重封閉式鐵閘,簡單工業式環境,坐喺樓上廚房隔離嘅chef table,開始左一個有情有味的晩上。Chef Tomiya係喺香港住左好幾年嘅日本人,做過唔少酒店餐廳嘅廚師,今餐喺我哋面前準備咗七道日本fusion菜,淨係睇佢嘅表演,都流晒口水,佢好有心機做每一道菜,老闆好friendly,每上一道菜都為我地詳盡介紹,Chef Tomiya喺廚房裏面不時用眼神、表情同我哋溝通😆 ,係有一點冷冰冰環境下,頓時感覺到一份溫暖。整體每一道菜都好有質素,唔係太過花巧,又唔太過扮嘢,有生有熟,有魚有肉,有唔同嘅口感,唔同嘅味道。整體表現真係唔錯,服務都好好,Chef Tomiya最後仲同我哋好好傾添。不過唯一少咗嘅係筷子托,食日本fusion 菜用筷子唔係問題,不過table setting如果有個筷子托,就方便啲⋯⋯ 繼續閱讀
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