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等級3 2011-03-20
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Having been let down by one too many burger joints, it never really occurred to me to try Shake'em Buns until today. Overcome with an urge to have a good burger, I headed towards S'eB with an obliging and hungry work mate.The joint is not big but feels spacious with the high ceiling and open shop front. As we were really quite hungry, we didn't pay too much attention to the decor but went straight for the menu. The content of the menu all seemed very tempting, but the menu itself was a little sticky, I think the management should do something about that. From the blackboard by the road side, we knew there were combos but none was listed on the menu. Apparently the only combo menu was on the wall but the words were way too small to be read properly from our table. Another place for improvement.My colleague ordered a Cushin' for the Pushin' combo and I the Hawaiian Surfer Girl. The burgers were quite hefty and so they should be. Personally I think all burgers should be of a certain minimum size before they can be called burgers !Now the moment of truth.... 'Tis GOOOOOOOD.... The buns were fab, crispy on the outside and soft inside, solid enough to hold up against the juicy patty but not so dense that it was an effort to chew. The meat was flavourful, juicy and had the right texture, like what one would get with good, quality mince. There was just the right amount of crispy lettuce, tomato and onion to complement the patty. As I was busy chomping away the best burger i've had in ages, I forgot to try the chips, oh, sorry, fries. But when the burger is this good, who needs fries?? I don't.A very satisfying meal, love it! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-12-22
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中環本店好評甚多,是日到灣仔逛街,忽然想食burger便順道到訪。晚上我的胃納不太多,眼看鄰桌的薯條不甚吸引,雖然大大塊獎狀置於眼前,我還是選擇單點了個包,再搶CM的薯條食算了~Cushin’ for the Pushin’ 即牛肉漢堡加Cheddar Cheese,漢堡充滿肉汁,真正的手打牛肉漢堡,混入了炒香過的洋蔥,再煎得外層有些微焦香,夠香口又鮮味,好味! 麵包很普通,不算很軟熟或者帶牛油香那種,個人覺得已結業的Beer & Burger International的麵包比較好食,配菜蕃茄和羅馬生菜都算新鮮,但略為少了點,個人還是喜歡多一點配菜,肉味搭清甜,感覺平衡點~ Cheddar cheese用上了一塊四方形的家庭裝,加了等於沒加,芝士味淡極了,令人失望。Frying Nemo…有睇海底奇兵都估到是魚柳包,魚柳都幾新鮮,沒丁點雪味,但還是Triple O的較鮮甜味美,而且後者夠厚,咬落去感覺很滿足。薯條非厚切,薯味一般,即叫即炸不會難食,但離香脆好食就仍有點距離了。桌上放著4款tabasco,試了green pepper 和smoked,最合我口味的是smoked,和牛肉太夾了,不過這裡的漢堡肉汁夠多,不用加更能食到其鮮味。除了漢堡牛肉,其他如麵包、芝士、薯條都不吸引,牡丹雖好都需綠葉扶持,一塊漢堡扒實在不足以吸引我特地再去,我想都要等到我順路經過又特別想食漢堡的那天了~ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-12-09
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多年前, 喜歡流連星街, 月街的我...無意中發現Shake'em buns..最初, 總覺得在香港吃一個幾十元的burger是何等不智...因為在外國, 吃個超美味的burger是很便宜的...再加上...香港美食太多...幾十元可以吃更美味或更有營養的東西...話雖如此, 最後忍不住叫了個Missionery Buger.....一吃之下...大叫好味..而且..往後的日子, 莫說Mcdonalds , Burger King..連Triple O也不想吃了...這幾年間...burger店開得一街滿巷....始終還是覺得Shake'em buns 最好...厚厚的漢堡每次都是夠香夠熱夠脆口...而且夠juicy又夠味....沒有因為出名了而失準...包, 永遠是熱的..汁, 永遠是夠多...即叫即做....反反覆覆吃了一間又一間....都是走回Shake'em buns....除了最多人吃的Missionary burger..我有時會胡亂點一個...有時都有驚喜 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-12-01
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What's your expected service in Shake'em Buns ? If you wonder try once in Shake'em Buns, you better firstly "adapt" their slow-speed service. When one walked into Shake'em Buns, you found no one in the order counter. No one will service you actively, untill they heard you did request help for several time. But You still could see two ladies in a kitchen and have chatting for a long period of time. In this moment, you may ask, how come you can't find the helpful one.Above is the worst experience I found in a burger kitchen... I waited my Gang Beng for over 20 minutes after orderining, however, I only got one salty rich food finally... Burger is "fallen" and I can't see how they "strive" for made this Gang Beng. There's few customer in restaurant, and there is no necessary for staff all in a kitchen for food preparation and cooking. Would they consider to improve their service ?Anyway, I don't think this worth me to visit again. I was totally disappointed and once is enough. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-11-21
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Having heard of the name Shake'em Buns for so many times, I finally got my chance to dine there! We arrived the J Residence but had no idea where the restaurant was, so we walked round the building and checked things out at the same time. During the circling, we located several decent restaurants in the building that we have heard of but not knowing where they are. Seems I would be dinning here a lot in the coming weeks.Shake'em Buns' decor was way nicer than I thought it would be. My boyfriend always refer it as reasonable fast food restaurant, so I was expecting something like freshness burger or similar. Yet Shake'em Buns was more like an American pub restaurant. Spacious settings, colourful posters, photo frames, metal plate slogans, wooden table and chairs and a nice wide open kitchen...were all over my expectation.Service was rather nice. I didn't have my glasses on that day, so I couldn't read the combo poster on the high wall. The staff noticed that and reposted the combo poster right behind the order point for my easy reading. They were such considerate ones.1) Red on the Neck Combo with Fries and milkshake $98I had this combo, priced at $98 using a $100 worth coupon but only paid for $50. Red on the Neck was Carolina Classic Burger with homemade chilli and coleslaw. I ordered this burger 'coz I thought the chilli here meant spicy chilli, but it actually meant meat paste like bolognese. The burger bun was extremely crispy at the outside, but still keeping the softness within. The beef patty was cooked medium, although not particularly juicy, was still very tender and soft. The patty was made pretty loosely which seemed like it would fall apart any second, but could still hold firmly at place. Within the burger, there were also mexican beans and caramelised onion which made the burger delicious.The fries was crispy, not particularly special but definitely better than those franchised fast food restaurants. The regular fries was more a fat fries. I had my fries goes with ketchup+mayo and ketchup+mustard. Both tasted very nice with the fries.I forgot the exact name of my Chocolate milkshakes, it was a shake with chocolate and peanut butter. The shakes was icy and tasted really nice at first, it had a strong taste of peanut and chocolate in it. However, when it came to the middle of the drink, I suddenly came to realise it was a bit too sweet and filling.2) South of the Border with Fries and Coconut Shakes $98My boyfriend ordered the South of the Border, I had thought about having that too, but stopped when I saw there is guacamole in it. The burger came with sour cream and salsa, combining with the guacamole, the sauce was quite overly much. The bun was soft and nearly mashy since the sauce made it soft. I wondered why didnt they toast the bun just like mine before sandwiching the ingredients, or is South of the Border doesn't used to go with toasted bun? Despite the bun, which was a bit disappointing, the burger was literally delicious. The salsa was spicy but the spiciness was brought down and also spiced up by the sour cream and the guacamole. The saucing deeply penetrated the burger patty and making it extra juicy, giving its natural tenderness, the patty was something to enjoy! You will find yourself could not resist in biting the burger one after another.The Coconut Milkshakes was another nice drink to enjoy. The first few sip you will find a strong taste of vanilla in it, then you will find a tint of coconut flavour lingering along your throat. What's amazing about the drink was that there were literally coconut bits in it! The coconut fruit was chewy but soft. One slight criticism was the portion of vanilla taste might be a bit too strong which overtook the taste of coconut in general.Feeling very contented after the delighted burgers, I will definitely come back for another try out of their other burgers, given their attractive price and decent food.For more photos, please visit:www.cinnamon4coffee.blogspot.com 繼續閱讀
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