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等級1 2013-06-02
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Oh Pizza, one of the most common take out foods that exist. And it was great when there was an online group deal for 138 dollars, plus an additional 6 dollars. What was the deal for? An 18 inch pizza, 4 chicken wings, a pasta, a salad and 4 cans of pop! All for the low price of 138. Now, you may be asking, that sounds like an incredible deal. Oh it is! It is an incredible deal with the owner, not the customer. The deal was for food able to feed 4 people. What is should of it said, was that it was for 4 people under the age of 6. The food would be enough for 4 children, but it might be difficult even 4 children that are foolish to eat this stuff.The pizza was supposed to be 18 inches. Okay, I got the measuring tape out, and it was 14.8 inches. Not a math expert, but the pizza wasn’t oozing out of the box, which either means the pizza wasn’t even 14.8 inches, or the measuring tape I bought was broken. The pizza was also pizza thin. I don’t mean it was thin crust, I mean it was 3 sheets of paper thin. It was kinda hard to tell if I was eating junk mail with cheese on top or pizza. I ordered a deluxe so that should have came with lots of things. Peppers. Nope. Chicken. Nope. How about general taste? Nope, not that either. The owners want to spare you the luxury of taste and deliver the bland as a substitute.The salad was so fresh, it was black and brown. Not only that, but the dressing tasted so good, I threw all of it out. The pasta was so delicious, that everyone refused to eat more after trying a bite. This is a sign of a good meal. There’s always leftovers! What I can say, is the soda was the best part of the meal. The Fanta Orange was just like every other Fanta Orange I drank! How was this restaurant able to replicate the taste and feeling so perfectly? Could it be because this was the only part they had no hand in?Also the food was SO filling, we only had to eat ONE additional meal afterwards. Overall, the experience of excellent. I waited 15 minutes to pick it up, after calling 30 minutes before to have it ready. I got home, ate the pizza and figured out it was the kind of pizza that was so good, I would recommend it to all my enemies. So Overallresentation 2/10Taste: -4/10Price: -3/10Overall: -2/10 (not an average for you math aficionados Overall, I gave Pizzeria station a -2/10. The reason they were able to score so high was that the Fanta Orange was perfect. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-05-31
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买了2人餐的团购,放工之后和朋友一起来用店面实在是很小,坐下之后连放包包的地方都没有沙律跟鸡翼很快就上来了,质量十分一般。沙律里面的面包碎硬到完全咬不动,且如同其他食评所说一样不够两个人吃。鸡翼很明显是一早就做好又拿出来的,不知道有没有重新翻热过,因为吃的时候完全感觉不到热度…只是室温,而且味道很一般。我们叫了2号的西西里pizza,这个是来吃之前在团购的网站上凭看到的图片选择的,等了10分钟左右之后,pizza上桌了…我跟朋友都o了嘴…就算知道图片并不代表实物,可这差距真的不是一般的远…pizza的饼底非常的薄,饼身又不脆,只是在饼边有一点点脆。味道十分一般不说,pizza的材料也非常非常少。朋友吃过之后说,看见沙律跟鸡翼之后在想虽然质量较差,但是pizza应该还好吧,因为毕竟很难将pizza做的难吃…但pizza上来之后才发现,这间店做到了…如果说味道不好吃还可以解释为手艺不够好,那上面那少的可怜的食材就不得不说是毫无诚意。后悔没有照相片,无法上传…想说我跟朋友都不是对事物很挑剔的人,平时吃pizza也只是pizza box或者cheese pizza,就已经觉得很好吃。我也很少写食评,这一次实在是觉得这个团购不靠谱的人神共愤所以才出声… 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-05-25
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今次買二人團購餐$62,2小時前卜訂好位,踏入放工時間,店門裡好多人,個個持張團購a4紙同我們一樣。該店有兩名師父(不知什麼國藉)及一名青年人接待客人,雖然沒有笑容,但也不錯!食物:沙律一客、12吋勁量薄餅、4隻雞翼、2罐汽水(3款選擇),另加$10有4件蒜蓉包。可能尖咀多競爭多,該店用團購方爭人氣,店鋪較細和座位窄,建議外賣取較好。是次食評:薄餅即叫即做,夠薄和脆讚!沙律吾夠二人食,雞翼沒味,失望4件蒜蓉包硬吾蒜蓉少吾入味!得知menu正價後,雞翼及蒜蓉包貴吾值大失所望。日後光顧只買單件薄餅。 繼續閱讀
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由於是最後一日換取Pizza團購的限期,所以刻意約另一半出來吃晚飯,我倆先到Pizzeria Station,我出示了 coupon選了夏威夷味Pizza及汽水,很快遞上食物及汽水,但很奇怪沒有刀和叉,我只好問店員,取過後我便切那簿簿 Pizza,但切極都切唔開莫非把刀唔得,只好用叉算了,一咬落去竟然好似巳放了一段時間似的,唔熱、唔暖、又唔脆,只係得個硬,没有味道可言,真係所吃過的Pizza最不值評分的一間。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-04-21
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買了團購跟他去試試沒有想點的素菜口味 最後點了"Deluxe"& "混合芝士""Deluxe"& "混合芝士"相比 "混合芝士"(圖下方)的芝士味較濃比較好吃"Deluxe"(圖上方)雖有雞肉 但有點淡味 加上皮薄不脆只是有烘熱的感覺我想 要不是團購應該不會以正價買來吃因為附近有間都是出爐pizza的..皮厚一點 份量多一點 口感更豐富而這間的pizza除了口感有點比不上 另外弄好了 待有人光顧才會烘熱拿出給客人吃感覺沒那間那麼新鮮呢不過店員的態度都不錯而且店舖尚算衛生總括來說 不會有趕客的感覺但當然不能忽視另有附近強勁的競爭者呢希望將來有機會再試的時候會看到這裡的進步吧 繼續閱讀
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