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食評 (54)
等級1 2016-10-01
4025 瀏覽
食物一般.. 價錢較貴!不建議食自助餐. 因菜式好少!點餐價錢較高. 味道一般 可能我午餐時間去. 餐廳無咩feel. 夜晚應該好D. 人不多可自己揀位坐. 有戶外位. 望向街景. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2016-08-21
2959 瀏覽
We live near the restaurant and thus would like to give it a try. Brunch deal appears attractive at $198 + free flow of prosecco. The antipasti buffet table is set on a small bar table with limited choices and of average quality. Add-on pasta was delicious. However, the problem slowly appeared as we noticed the discriminated service. The staffs were spot on to refill the prosecco of other tables and for international customers that look like the regulars, while often ours and almost each time we had to signal a top up. After several times we saw the staff again not refilling ours we asked and they simply replied it passed the last call. Of course no one told us that when we first sat down nor reminded us when time was near. The worst part was that they later refilled another table and explained they paid by bottles which felt was a lie as that table paid already and we saw earlier the staff used the same bottle to refill other tables.For some Panevino maybe a place of warm service if you are a regular or foreigner, but given the poor and discriminated service quality, please don't bother. 繼續閱讀
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This was sort of a first time for me to go to one of these expensive fancy Italian restaurants in Hong Kong. I had been told that it used to be a busy little restaurant, but over the years it's popularity largely decreased. Service was very good as we were the first customers that night and the waitresses were not occupied.We were a table of 7, but we tried to order less as the dishes were quite expensive. For starters, we got some bruschetta, which was complimentary. Then, we ordered a special that the waitress introduced to us, which was like a big deep fried cheese ball served with a spicy tomato salsa. The cheese wasn't completely melted but it was nice and gooey inside. For mains, we had a Squid Ink Risotto, a Penne Carbonara, the Risotto Margherita and a Seafood Spaghetti. Portions were a bit small at the first look but we were all quite full at the end of the meal. Lastly for dessert, we tried the Apple Strudel with Vanilla Icecream and the Tiramisu. The strudel was quite nice although I would have preferred it to be in a different shape to get even bites of apple to pastry.Overall, the food and service was quite good but you have to be prepared to pay for the small dishes. Throughout the night, there were only 3 tables seated, with around 15 customers in total, so the atmosphere can be a little awkward. However, I would say that the food wasn't exceptional although they are charging like Italian restaurants, which is something I think could be improved on. For an average person, the food isn't bad but someone with higher standards should probably look for something else. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2015-07-27
3449 瀏覽
I have been in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, and never been to Panevino, and so I opportunity came, I decided to make a try.A table for 2 was booked, I arrived, the reception lady could not dare walking towards me to welcome me, eventually proposing me to take my umbrella, saying a little welcome to Panevino...but wellThe deco, with the bottle of Chianti with a lonely candle in it brings us back to the70’, and adds to the rather cold and unappealing / welcoming place. Even more so, the fact that we were on 2.We decided to go for the “buffet”, with ¾ of the food obviously coming from the tins.The cold cuts must have stayed there for a certain time as the mortadella’s rim was already brown and dry.The marinated things were just not edible.The main, we went for pesto penne…..the smell of the fridge was a serious put off, the pasta was seriously overcooked (with nobody in the restaurant why the pasta cannot be cooked in the last minute?????) the pesto, more pasty and pesto perhaps was homemade, but it was old, tasted of old parsley and mint rather than fresh basil and olive oil.I knew that eating it would be doing no good to my body, I had a few and I was right as a few hours later, I started to feel unwell.All I could say is, it’s sad, and without dramatic changes I guess their mid-level outlet will meet the same fate as their short lived Tai Hang.It’s not too late, get a proper Italian chef, stop the buffet, change the look and modernize it, shorten the menu, stop thinking that Italian always eat Bolognese and Carbonara, have a cheese and cold cut cellar of quality, …..Otherwise I afraid it won’t last much longer.Until then, not only I would never come back but make also sure to tell my good friend not to go neither.Looking forward for the new Panevino. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-01-31
2668 瀏覽
風和日麗的中午,smart bunny相約友人共進午餐,選了半山區的Panevino, 真是沒選錯。先說環境,是歐洲小店式的格局,令smart bunny 有點錯覺像到了意國來個午餐呢。先來一客熱騰騰麵包,再來一客十分美味的蘑菇湯,加上友人共聚,真是超享受。值得一贊的是sole fillet, 平時smart bunny 不愛吃的,很多地方弄得淋淋的怪難吃,但Panevino 處理得很出色,外脆內軟,味道濃,但我喜歡。甜品 home-made profiteroles 則有點失色,賣相很美,但味道一般。整體不錯,smart bunny 會再來。  繼續閱讀
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