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主打歐式美食,餐廳採用了有機產品以確保每道菜的質量,並堅持使用自由放養的牲畜和可持續的海鮮。特設獨立黑膠唱盤,集酒吧、音樂場地,及餐廳於一身。MyHouse會每兩個月舉辦一次不同主題的藝術展覽,展出來自本地及國際藝術家的作品,鼓勵藝術交流。 繼續閱讀
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As a pretty health-conscious foodie, I have included My House on my to-visit list for quite a while. I'm so glad that I finally got to visit after missing their Restaurant Week promotion a few months ago --- their set lunch deserves  two thumbs up!! Ingredients were fresh, food was delicious and carefully prepared, seasoning was on point, and services were great. For the price of HK$138 for 2 courses and $168 for 3 courses (coffee / tea included for both), the quality and portion exceeded my expectation. I'd say without hesitation that it is really good value for money.As far as I remember, the choices for starters were <Soup of the day>, <Marinated and Roasted Vegetables> and <Beetroot Salad>. Choices for mains were <Paper baked Red Snapper>, <Pumpkin rotolo> and <Beef bourguignon>. Dessert of the day were <Lemon Cheesecake> and <Pecan Pie>.Both my friend and I went for the same options for starters and main. As soon as we ordered, fresh and warm bread were served. The garlic butter dip looked delicious in a devilish way. As a health-conscious foodie, I was able to holdback, and just had a tiny bit for tasting- it was nice and creamy, but too heavy for my liking. So I had my bread with my starter instead. <Marinated and Roasted Vegetables>As a veggie lover, I was pleasantly surprised by the generous portion of this starter.Each type of veg was flavourfully marinated with a different seasoning, all of which were roasted on point.I particularly liked the carrots, which were sweetly marinated with an apt amount of honey, elevating the natural sweetness from roasting.The fresh cherry tomatoes were lightly seasoned  just right and naturally sweet.Everything matched well with the goat cheese (or was it feta...), and went well with my bread.I'm giving this a 4-star instead of 5-star rating only because the red bell peppers and onions were, although pleasantly tangy, a bit too salty on their own for my liking. Nevertheless, I am not complaining as they went well with my bread. Feeling happy with my cravings for veggies satisfied, I sat back lazily, and carried on the enjoyable catch-up with my friend at our comfy sofa seat.We didn't have to wait long for our mains...<Paper baked Red Snapper>served with giant couscous and leeks.Yumm.... this was so, so good... Considering the price of this set lunch, a 5-star rating for this dish is an understatement!The Red Snapper was steaming hot, fresh and juicy.It was hardly seasoned --- and rightly so, because it was so fresh!As someone who enjoys sashimi very much, I believe that good quality fish doesn't need much seasoning. All that is needed is a dash of salt, pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Voila! The perfect fish --- Simple. Delicate. Tasty. Soaking up the aromatic, sweet and beautifully flavourful juice from the fresh Red Snapper, the leeks and giant couscous  were absolutely delicious too!Services had already been great throughout, and oh, thank you so much for the complimentary side salad!  It was yummy.<Red Cabbage and Fresh Mint Leaves>lightly seasoned with olive oil and topped with an apt amount of finely grated cheese.The mint leaves were so refreshingly sweet as well!Fresh herbs are unbeatable.(Well, in fact everything presented was so fresh and carefully prepared ;) )Since the main was so good, I changed my mind and decided to end the (supposedly healthy) lunch on a sweet note We ordered a <Pecan Pie> for sharing.Nice catch-up, beautiful weather, great food and pretty colours cheer me up- Well, it was definitely my lucky day to be spoiled with all of them!The Walnut Pie was tasty, and went well with the coffee ice cream (think it was coffee).The pie filling was, to my relief, aptly sweet. All too often, pie fillings is overly sweet and does not balance well with the fruity / nutty toppings.I also enjoyed the oaty crust, which gave the pie more texture.Am giving this a 4-star instead of 5-star rating only because I wish there were more pecans  Last but not least, our drinks as included in the set lunch.Coffee was so-so, but I am not complaining as the set lunch was all in all amazing --- It is really good value for money.Considering the portion and quality of food, we were both a bit sorry to see that this lovely restaurant was rather empty during our visit (at around 12:30-2:10 on a Tuesday).I look forward to visiting again and trying different dishes!  繼續閱讀
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等級1 2016-09-21
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We had a avocado/crab meat salad and a 1kg T bone.The salad dressing is yummy, very special the steak is good and juicy, T bone is nice lean and juicy meat (I forgot if they are rib eye+sirloin with the bone).The beer and wine are good. I forgot to take a picture of the Chardonnay. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2016-06-10
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第一次同老公去MyHouse食飯,個場都幾大,有高檯座,有大梳化座,有Bar檯座,我地選左Bar檯坐,可以同下靚仔鬼佬經理傾下偈😄個度有唱片機可以比客人玩.覺得好特別,不過我地冇玩個度D好多員工係外國人,好好禮貌,好親切,感到好開心我地叫左fried potatoes, 好香香草味,有蒜味加埋sea salt 好好味呵!仲有fried brussel spouts, 第一次食炸既brussel spouts, 好香脆!仲有個小食 Arancini, 就好似食D意大利磨茹飯咁,不過呢個係炸的,好似炸飯糰波波咁,加埋D芝士碎超好味呵!食完呢幾個小食,我地叫埋shot ribs.呢個short ribs 超正, 係多個鐘頭慢火煮的,跟住再煱,食落去外面脆的,內裡好似食牛腩咁,好林,short rib 上放左特式沙津菜,超正,好大份量呢度食野吾貴,份量大,冇10%服務費下次會再去😋 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-06-06
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呢排經常跟住灣仔嘅好友發掘呢區嘅餐廳!呢間歐洲菜新開,連佢都未試過,上到去門口(觀察下環境)睇見裝修幾舒服,中央一個好大嘅吧枱,座位有低嘅梳化位,又有高嘅高腳枱,因為已經過了午餐高峰期,所以只有一枱女性坐梳化位,問埋外籍店員攞午餐餐牌睇,價錢都ok,佢問我們想坐邊,我想向窗,所以揀高腳枱,樓層高向窗好開揚,枱面玻璃下係一個黑膠唱片盤!坐低之後,問外籍店員有無識講廣東話嘅店員,因為餐牌好多袋材都唔認識,只係列出材料!食材餐廳好多都自製,例如香腸!吧枱上亦有好多自家浸製嘅辣椒之類嘅配料!佢搵咗個中國人店員出來,經過佢詳細解釋啲菜色(好多食材名稱都係香港比較少見,好似火箭菜都唔係用香港常用嘅英文字眼)經過好友問清楚,店員亦稱可以一個午餐分享!呢個餐牌有啲問題,佢寫2個菜$188或3個菜$258,最大問題係per person,令人理解午餐係段人頭計錢,後來問清楚係段餐計,最後成功落單,呢類西餐唔好急,唔可以用香港人一般速度去計!免費餐包:餐包外脆,有咬口,入面鬆軟,充滿麥味!炸蘑菇飯波波:店員介紹蘑菇加飯再炸,好像薯仔波,面頭灑滿椰絲,火箭菜芝士沙律:好簡單,火箭菜用油醋汁撈咗,火箭菜唔會苦,好鮮嫩!上面放咗幾片薄芝士,芝士味道唔濃,反而質地幾得意,係彈牙嘅,少許水牛芝士嘅感覺!加上醃過嘅桃肉,微酸爽脆,幾開胃!香煎鱸魚:簡單煎過再燴汁,魚肉嫩滑唔腥,啲汁微辣惹味!下面墊底嘅果仁爽口,好味蘋果呍呢嗱青檸汁:蘋果及青檸味道清新,加上呍呢嗱味,令味道有層次又唔會膩!正!凍檸檬茶:朋友飲,佢話味道清爽,難得睇住外籍店員在吧枱即沖茶,再用調酒杯加冰沖製!店員有禮有耐性,食物有特色,即叫即做又好味(連飲品嘅茶都係即沖再加冰變凍檸茶)呢度又唔催促,好悠閒,不過見來嘅都係英文人,講真餐牌真係要有中文先吸引新客,至少令人明白用乜嘢食材同煮法(好像其中一款主菜係慢煮,唔係店員講都睇唔出)英文詞彙又跟外國模式,就算英文好都未必明!以呢個水準,午餐一啲都唔貴!希望可以令多啲人認識北歐菜! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-03-27
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My House has been opened in the QRE building in Wan Chai for a couple of months serving European influenced using imported ingredients and mostly sustainable seafood sourced from all over the world. The restaurant overlooks the other side of Wan Chai facing mountain with its 180 degree open window stunning view.The bright enviornment was really comforting for a relaxing afternoon over the weekend! Before we arrived, we have already heard a few really good comment about this place in terms of its excellent food, service and natural wine. The place is also well stocked with a lot of black disc and customers may pick their favourite tune and play them with their provided headphones.There are a few jars of chili sauce on the bar table, can you guess what they are for? It was actually the bartender's chili for making Bloody Mary! Le Dilettante free France 2014A natural white wine from France that can go well with any kind of seafood on the menu, literally. The natural wine has no chemical nor any unhealthy substances in it, it is believed that natural wine gave no hangovers!Bluefinatto, Sustainable Raw Tuna with a Tuna and Caper Emulsion ($228)The thinly sliced tuna is submerged in a emulsion that is made from tuna and a bit of acidity from the lemon zest. The fresh tuna was soft with a strong savoury taste to it. It was heavy with high protein content to it, I could see myself ordering this for a great started of a cozy meal with close friends.Grilled Scamorza Wrapped in Serrano Ham with Pedro Ximenez Sherry ($138)Smoked cheese was sautéed and grilled before they got wrapped with aromatic ham around and Sherry wine reduction at the bottom. The smokiness was a great match with the sweetness from the Sherry wine. The smoked cheese was chewy, the ham was crispy. Again, contrasting plays one of funky elements from the restaurant.Octopus, Garlic Lemon Whipped Potato, Chili and Smoked Paprika ($168)The House uses Spanish octopus was also sustainable which delivered a chew texture that has a bite to it. The smoked paprika promoted a prominent smokiness to the seafood dish. Meanwhile, the crispy potato crisp on top contrasted with the smooth refreshing garlic lemon mashed potato at the bottom.The House uses the original taste of each raw sustainable and organic ingredients to match wth each other. Meanwhile, the restaurant also tried to offer a contrasting texture in the bite. The size of the dishes were meant for sharing among friends or families. Overlooking for 180 degrees mountain view, this place makes a great place for any occasions from casual, business, to formal. p.s. the restaurant takes no service charge therefore feel free to tip the staff if you enjoyed the service 繼續閱讀
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