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開設Sevva餐廳的名人Bonnie Gokson開設的精品餅店,供應多款精緻甜食,包括綴以手製糖霜蝴蝶的蝴蝶之吻、以24K金箔包裹的百萬元朱古力蛋糕、由多層法式薄餅及香橙忌廉組成的香橙薄餅蛋糕等,亦有無糖及不含麩質的甜點供應。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-05-07
214 瀏覽
Terrible service! I purchase 2 pieces of cake came in a doggy bag. When I request for a box, the staff inform me that I will get a box only for 3 pieces of cake. I offered to pay for the box, she said it's not possible. I was a shocked! Even McCafe cakes comes in a box! It's just ridiculous! Cakes taste so-so, Will definitely not go back! 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-04-22
525 瀏覽
以前見客,幫襯過兩次Sevva, lunch 的食物質素唔錯。果兩次當然有食蛋糕,味道難忘!自從唔洗過海返工見客,就少左機會食好野,難得尋日出去上環training, 老公又正日生日,一心唸住去Ms B訂一個比老公又唔提早訂,好彩去到都仲有現成蛋糕,好開心咁買左個Madam Butterfly 返屋企。晚飯過後,打開個盒兩個小朋友都好興奮,當我搬個蛋糕出來時,發現個生日牌竟然貼係膠圈外面(上下套兩個膠圈),都唔緊要,我自己拆好再貼上蛋糕外。一分蛋糕,就支離破碎.... 三層蛋糕同我玩分體,唔緊要,因為我知B小姐的蛋糕標榜健康,所以唔用cream 來接駁蛋糕層掛... 但今朝上來睇咁多位既食評就會明原來唔只我一個係咁,到上返佢地網站再睇多次個蛋糕既介紹,你會發現參考圖片既每一層都有Apricot jam/ compote😵 咁我係咪中伏呢?定係師傅偷工減料?真係見仁見智。味道其實可以,因為唔太甜同漏,我好欣賞最上面既黃桃醬,蛋糕中心有忌廉混水果肉,聽住,係中心,唔係夾層。最底層係我兩個小朋友唯一話好味既脆脆餅底。我從來唔寫食評,因為覺得食物既口味好個人,今次真係失望到頂點所以想同大家分享,希望只係糕餅師偶然失手,因為我係B小姐粉絲! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-03-29
637 瀏覽
有朋友生日,有人買咗呢一個Miss B嘅蛋糕,聽佢哋講話好出名。個蛋糕叫做The Gift Pink. 外表真係好靚 ,成個禮物咁。佢外面係一針焦糖牛油忌廉,裏面係榛子醬加朱古力蛋糕。食落唔太流, 外面嗰曾平亦都唔會好甜, 不過都係唔好食咁多。呢個蛋糕確實係唔錯,比普通食開嗰啲個新質感係實淨好多。不過價錢未知於要去到$1000 個。🙂 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-12-14
2562 瀏覽
訂左個 the blue 朱古力旦糕比外甥女生日 $1050/500g旦糕不用放雪櫃,都幾方便攜帶外出食用。但一切開,旦糕鬆散,散落下來,好像有點不太新鮮,朱古力味道尚算濃烈。總括而言,物不所值,試過就算,一定冇下次另外,訂購過程是客户主動致電確應,收到電郵訂單后只回覆電郵作實而沒有任何確定,差! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-11-16
2538 瀏覽
Remember my quest on finding the perfect cake for my mom's 60th birthday? My last tasting outing brought me to Ms B's Cakery. As soon as I entered the shop, one of the staff greeted me. She did alright, not especially friendly but still ok: responded and asked questions. As for the display, I was more than satisfied as it had different cake sizes which gave me an idea of what to get, and plenty of taster size (TS) cakes to choose from. Like usual I picked four flavours. 'Better Than Sex' (red lips), being the best seller was included. The staff also recommended 'Melting Moments', her personal favourite. I also brought home two other TS: 'Paradise' and 'Sunshine'. From left to right: --- Paradise ---Look: layers of light purple and white; fondant butterfly topTaste: taro with hint of coconut; tiny bit on the sugary sideTexture: chiffon cake combined with creamy coconut--- Melting Moments ---Look: elegant red flower on bed of fresh creamTaste: wonderful blend of strawberry and vanilla layersTexture: layered chiffon cake with moist and fruity berries  --- Better than Sex ---Look: sharp red lips; golden rock-looking caramel on dark brown choco meltTaste: salted toffee and caramel; too chocolatey and sweet for my tasteTexture: moist chocolate fudge; caramel crunch--- Sunshine ---Look:  elegant yellow flower on bed of lemon creamTaste: tangy lemon flavour Texture: soft cream, poppy seed chiffonMy favourite: definitely 'Melting Moments'. With each new bite, I fell in love with it all over again. I would've chosen this one, but the bigger sizes don't look as grand at all. Next favourite would be 'Sunshine' because it got the right sweetness level. The only no-no would be the sourness as some of the family members can't really take it. As for the other two TS, I found them too sugary for my taste. Despite it being a bit too sweet, 'Paradise' almost came out as a winner. Not just because mom likes purple, but also because of the delicious blend of taro and coconut. Too bad regular size cakes look too different from the tasters'. It's quite hard to choose. Out of the three tastings I've done so far, Ms B's Cakery by far wins with looks, taste and texture. The icing flowers' petals carefully assembled together adds to the grandness of the cakes. The only thing I would reproach was that the cakes don't stick to their paper discs. The staff also didn't tape them down on the box. The cakes shifted a lot during their journey home. Other than that, I think I've made a decision.   繼續閱讀
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