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Daily Seafood Platter Charcoal grilled dish Black Caviar with hard broiled quail egg on toast Pan-fried Goose Liver with Caramelised Apple & Cranberry Orange Sauce Kobe Beef Burger
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等級2 2015-05-30
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I was in LKF tonight and waiting for my friends to hang out later, but I was kind of hungry. So I passed by LUX and it's seem like a cool place and nice decor inside. I was greeted and seated by nepalese server and he gave me a big welcome and smile. I ordered Beef Burger and a glass of gin tonic. The beef burger arrived in less than 10 minutes and the smell of the beef patties is good. My gin tonic is using Tanquery so thats my expectation to it. The Beef patty is juicy. Good burgerI finished up my burger and my drink and my bill came up to $200.00. It's a average price here in LKF and the decor and the seating is cozy. So it's worth the price. I will come again to this place. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-05-29
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LKF的酒吧大多喧鬧,沒想到也有間較靜的bar & restaurant,而且還蠻有特色的。Pizza Margherita-Parma ham with cream sauce8” HK$112Pizza可選擇cream sauce/ tomato sauce,亦可在smoked salmon, prawn, chorizo等六款食材中挑選一項。這裡的parma ham稍嫌薄身沒有嚼勁,但味道與cream sauce也配合得不錯。批底薄身香脆,份量二人share剛好。Crispy thick fries HK$68粗身薯條比較有咬口,裡面滿滿是薯茸的感覺。最喜歡是cocktail😋A really big WOW when the waiter lighted the passionfruit up, not because of the fire but the strong mouthwatering fruity smell💕so tempting以Vodka, Peach schnapps, Passion Fruit和Bacardi151調製的cocktail並不太濃烈,很適合酒量不好又喜歡喝酒的女生。除了這杯Sex on Fire,還有很多有趣的cocktail,一定要試試!BUT 服務態度可以更好一點,不斷催促下單像是在趕客似的,confirm兩次卻又漏了order。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-03-13
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走上旋轉木樓梯,來到LUX的上層。設計有特色,環境寛敞,空間感頗強。午餐有沙律,意粉,薄餅和肉類,都幾多元化。竟然有冰菜沙律供應,換著平日的我必點,但這天想吃熱食。前菜有椰菜花湯和煙三文魚沙律。椰菜花湯清清地,吃到粒粒的椰菜花碎,味道都不錯。沙律中的苦白菜不夠新鮮,苦得大家都吃不下,把它們挑出來。Grilled chicken fillet with fettucine闊條麵很彈牙,煮得恰到好處。雞扒煎得幾香,切成薄片,跟意粉一起吃,口感幾襯。可惜,蕃茄汁欠清新,蕃茄味不夠鮮,而且有點油膩,影響了整體感覺和味道。Pan-seared sea scallops with linguine帶子頗大粒,煎得不錯。配上不同的燈籠椒,色彩繽紛,賣相加分。扁意粉沾滿稠稠的忌廉汁,口感充實,忌廉味香濃。Chargrilled US beef rib eye with own jus牛扒不太厚,煎得外熟而中間粉紅,看男士們極速消化了一大塊牛扒,應該不錯。整體不錯,在蘭桂坊以百多元吃個午餐,價錢尚算合理。最重要是有很多位,而且環境舒適,在中環要找個靜靜的環境吃午飯,來得不易。食物算是不錯,走的是平穩路線,不要期望有太大驚喜。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-10-01
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放工同朋友試完burger想在lkf飲下野兜左一輪都唔知去邊間好最後企左o係成日經過但係都未試過的Lux度在門口openrice一輪, 見到食評多數都係講dinner...又唔知入面價位係咩...不過最後決定死就死啦咁就入左來, 上幾級樓梯~睇menu~見到有d幾特別的cocktail見到我果杯來到之後好興奮不過唔係好知個雪糕應該撈落去一齊飲/食定係點...本身諗住等埋朋友果杯先一齊飲點知個雪糕都開始溶所以最後我都係食左個雪糕先飲杯野(當時非常驚俾d waiter/waitress指責我原來唔係咁食 哈哈如果係的話真係樣衰到爆...)好好飲~~可以encore~~等左頗耐朋友杯choco melon先來我試左一啖面頭果d好似"林"d的粒粒雪糕的感覺不過杯野偏甜, 當甜品食都得..同埋杯野唔夠凍, 個溫度有d奇怪....上面仲有一層, 唔知係點呢, 下次可以試下 繼續閱讀
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中環的上班族經常為了找Happy Hour地點而傷腦筋,這次為大家介紹位於蘭桂坊德己立街的LUX Bistro & Bar。LUX的面積不大,下層是一個酒吧,而上層是較靜的lounge。LUX現在每天由6時至9時供應一個Sunset Tapas,$108便可在餐牌選一杯雞尾酒及一碟tapas,價錢很超值。食物味道當然不及城中有名氣的西班牙餐廳,但整體而然也不錯,cocktail也有很多選擇。The office crowd in Central is always looking for happy hour haunts, and LUX Bistro & Bar, located right at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, could be a name to add to your list. Operated by Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments (of Kyoto Joe, Tokio Joe and the Whiskey Priest), this bistro and bar is a small but sleek venue that is split over two floors - downstairs is a boisterous, buzzing bar, while upstairs is an intimate, elegant lounge.I came here with my friend M to try out LUX's Sunset Tapas set, available from 6-9pm everyday, where you can pick 1 tapas and 1 drink from the menu for $108. Tempted by the other offerings on the menu, however, we ended up ordering much more than just one tapas each.(1) I ordered a Choco Melon ($110), a dessert-like cocktail made with cacao white, midori, vanilla syrup and nitrogen, and served with chocolate ice cream. The chocolate ice cream had an interesting, powdery texture and the drink was foamy and citrus in a refreshing way.(2) The Lux Tea Party ($215), a signature cocktail of LUX made with vodka, sour apple liqueur, black berry jam and earl grey tea, was brought to our table. Smartly presented in a Chinese tea pot, white smoke from dry ice emerged from the drink and we were told to drink from the tea cup only after all the smoke has disappeared (so that we woulnd't burn our tongues). This fruity drink tasted of grapes and berries, and was lifted by a strong alcoholic kick.(3) With our cocktails in hand, we moved on to the tapas and tucked into the Deep-fried Crabmeat Cake ($98), served with a fresh fennel and arugula salad. The crabmeat cakes were a job well done - served piping hot, each piece was filled with tasty strands of crabmeat, and the surface was also attractively crunchy.(4) The Grilled Whole Calamari stuffed with chanterelle & white mushrooms ($88) followed. Even though I wished the calamari had a firmer texture, the chopped mushrooms, dressed in a deliciously creamy sauce, were a great match with the calamari.(5) The Sizzling Tiger Prawns with bell peppers and onions ($98) were full of bold, exciting flavours.(6) A set of flaming skewers ($98) of chicken, beef and lamb was served next. The beef and the chicken tasted fine, but were a tad too dry and overcooked. The lamb was the best one amongst the three, and was flavourful with a good bite.(7) We also tried the Deep-Fried Beer Battered Fillet of Cod & Chips ($98). The cod fish had a beautifully fatty taste, and was airy and crispy on the surface, while still succulent and tender on the inside. The potato chips, however, could have been crunchier.(8) Lastly, we shared a portion of French Blue Mussels with Linguine ($135). The French blue mussels had an appealing texture and a delicate taste, while the cream sauce which had a perceptible taste of garlic gave this pasta some zing.The tapas at LUX may not be one of the finest in Hong Kong, but they are overall decent. In terms of pricing, the items on the à la carte menu are normal for restaurants in Central, but the Sunset Tapas set does offer fantastic value. Given the restaurant and bar's prime location in Central, it could be an option if you ever run out of ideas for happy hour venues. 繼續閱讀
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