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等級4 2023-01-26
765 瀏覽
餐廳位置為太古廣場3期附近,周圍有很多不同餐廳、酒吧等,價錢及定位上是相對的比較高檔。.餐牌在這餐廳的網頁可找到 (沒有價錢),只有英文餐牌,相信主要都是target外國人或附近上班族為主。.👇Young coconut $58 each ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️好特別,每個椰青都刻有餐廳名,我喜歡食椰青肉,這個椰青較熟,肉較厚,比較難食到。.👇Crispy Eggplant $108 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️我覺得這味是全晚的主菜雙冠軍之一🏆🥇,好香脆輕盈的口感,食完一件又一件,食到不能停口,好處是一點都不油膩,而且份量足,不會食幾件就無,十分推介.👇Ember-grilled Octopus $288 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Roasted bone marrow, tamarind, rau ram oil全晚主菜雙冠軍的另一味🏆🥇個汁真係好好味,用牛骨髓煮,感覺好似有種特別而不黐口的油黏感,八爪魚好入味,不會韌似咬橡筋,最好有麵包點那些汁🏆🥇 .👇Green Papaya Salad $138 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 4.5分Watercress, peanuts, pickles, crispy pigs ear這味青木瓜沙律同其他地方的最大分別,便是加人脆口豬耳,豬耳本身共有豬油,炸香了更好香脆,食完一條又一條,這味重點變成了豬耳。😊.👇Beef Tongue Banh Mi $258 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Beef tongues, foie grad pate, cucumber, open-face banh mi, pickles, coriander.👇DIY Rice Paper Rolls ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.👇湯檬 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️這個不知名的湯檬,也是很好味,很足料。.👇Ga Nuong Muoi Ot $308 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️48 hours dry-aged three yellow chicken, house-made chilli dressing這味特製48小時風乾三黃雞,喜歡重口味的朋友會較合適,否則可能會覺得太濃味,而且比較鹹。三黃雞原來是十分有名的,遠在清朝是皇室人員吃的。三黃雞是一種指腳、羽、喙,甚至皮膚都是黃色的雞。.👇Flan $108 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.👇Ca Phe Financier $108 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️這個甜品受類似法式杏仁蛋糕,加上越南咖啡及煉奶,再加上花生粒等,好多層次的味道。.🎈總結好有創意的越南fusion菜,大膽選用獨有食材,例如加炸香的豬耳落平時大家熟悉的青木瓜沙律,價錢略高,同時性價比亦高,這個價錢,給予應有的水準👍 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2023-02-22
137 瀏覽
A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food 🍹After last visit to  alone, I had to bring Joyce here to the hands down best Vietnam restaurant in Hong Kong ❤️We ordered some of my favorites last time including Banh Xeo, Crispy Eggplant and Tom Kho Tau.  surprised us with some of his latest inventions, including the turkey pho. We never tried such tender turkey before and such rich turkey soup. Although Christmas has passed still go for it as it's such a festive and satisfying dish, we actually drank all the pho soup as well 😋We also loved the new desserts Vietnam coffee ice cream and jackfruit ice cream with flan 😋Also thank you for the fermented rice wine, we really had a wonderful time there, bottoms up! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2023-01-19
278 瀏覽
⌇L e G a r ç o n S a i g o n“ 🥗 “ Green Papaya Salad ( $ 1 0 8 )- Watercress, Peanuts, Pickles, Crispy Pig Ears“ 🦐 “ Cha Giò ( $ 1 0 8 )- Pork & Prawn Spring Rolls, Nuóc Mâm Châm“ 🐖 “ Cà Phê Sū’a Pork Ribs ( $ 2 5 8 )- Vietnamese Coffee, Condensed Milk Glaze, Picked Radish“ 🐙 “ Ember - Grilled Octopus ( $ 2 8 8 )- Roasted Bone Marrow, Tamarind sauce, raurãm oil“ 🐖 “ Wood Fire-Grilled Okinawa Pork Collar ( $ 2 8 8 )- Lemongrass, Maple Glaze“ 🍍 “ DIY Rice Paper Rolls ( $ 8 8 )- Pineapple, Cucumber, Lettuce, Pickles, Bánh Hoithis is just not your average vietnamese restaurant, really nice mix of vietnamese ingredients and chef who grew up in america. really nice parisian ambience with really welcoming and helpful staff at the restaurant. many of the dishes focus on the saigonese culture of grilling, was genuinely amazed by how every component of the dish complements so well with each other. would def recommend the 🐙grilled octopus with bone marrow. the contrasting taste and texture from the bone marrow and freshly grilled octopus is just so special and one of a kind! every dishes is full of surprises, would def come agn to try out more other dishes!😻Le Garçon Saigon🌴G/F, 12-18 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai🍞#foodraah_wanchai 繼續閱讀
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[ Le Garçon Saigon | 灣仔 ]This is not your average Vietnamese restaurant. No Pho or mixed noodles served here! Only highlights the most important part of Saigon cooking: the grill. Chef John Nguyen was brought up in America but he stays true to his Vietnamese roots with his latest restaurant. After being chef at Chôm Chôm and executive chef at Xuan, he takes on a new role as Head of Vietnamese cuisine for Black Sheep and is stationed in Le Garçon Saigon. He told me how every dish on the menu came from a story from his life and I and so excited to try it. —— —— Grilled Eel $358 + DIY $88 We ordered this for our main because chef John recommended it. He made this in honor of his father who grew up eating eels in Hanoi. John managed to recreate this by using Hanoi ingredients with the Saigonese grill, effectively blending the North and South. The eel is dry aged, thus creating a crisp exterior with a satisfying crunch without the grease from frying. The flesh is succulent and meaty and perfectly seasoned. This went great with the pungent pineapple and anchovy sauce based on Mắm nêm. The sauce is quite salty so it is best eaten with the eel in a wrap. But it would be delicious with plain rice due to its richness. The pineapple balances out the saltiness with some sweet and tang. However, the thing that made it unforgettable for me was the toasted peanuts on top. So incredibly nutty and crunchy and just works wonders with the salty, tangy sauce. The glass noodles absorb the sauce so well and were the perfect vessel to transport it onto the wrap. The DIY platter has vermicelli coated with some scallion oil, pickled carrots & radishes, cucumbers, herbs, and lettuce. Among the herbs are cilantro, Thai basil, mint and rau ram: The ever so fragrant Vietnamese coriander. —— —— Crispy Eggplant $108 They say this is the best-selling dish of the restaurant but it was my least favourite today (others were phenomenal though). The coating this a bit uneven with some parts thick and others thin. It was probably not served right away as it got a bit soggy and the batter fell apart easily. The sauce though is great. A lovely balance between sweet, spicy, and sour with sweetness as its main flavour profile. The sauce is also not the thick sweet and sour ones in Cantonese cuisine, it is very light and aqueous. —— —— Butter Sweet Corn $88 This grilled corn is my second favourite tonight (after the eel). The sweetness comes from the plump corn and each kernel is extremely juicy. It is also super buttery but not greasy at all and there is no residue oil on the bottom either. The kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass instantly refreshen it and gives it a more Vietnamese taste. I highly recommend squeezing the lime wedge onto it as it brings out the flavours much more. A very generous portion too can be shared between 2-4 people. —— —— Five spice tofu $108 Deceivingly delicious. Braised first so immensely flavorful then fried for that crunchy outside. However, the instead is pale white so you would never expect it to be this flavorful. Loved the crispy lemongrass on top for extra crunch and flavor. This tastes even better with the pungent pineapple anchovy sauce. Don’t be fooled by the pale interior of this tofu. It is insanely flavourful. The tofu is first braised in a five-spice sauce before being fried to achieve that crunchy exterior. The contrast between the soft, silky inside and the crisp outside is one of the many reasons I love this tofu. Another is the fried lemongrass on top which gives it extra crunch and isn’t too strong that it makes the dish taste grassy. —— —— Ca phe Financiar $108 We had to end this delicious meal with a dessert. Financiar is a French almond cake that’s supposed to be light and fluffy and this reimagined Vietnamese version defiantly lives up to it. The coffee flavour is so strong but not bitter. It is even better with condensed milk and it moistens and sweetens it. Just like how normal Vietnamese coffee is served with condensed milk, this coffee cake has to be eaten with that liquid gold to achieve its full potential. The peanuts on top also add an amazing crunch and buttress, giving some umph to all the softness. —— —— 推介 🙆🏻‍♀️💬 Overall, loved the innovative food here that focuses on the grill. All the flavours were on point. The service here is also top-notch, exactly what I expect from a Black Sheep restaurant. Even though the menu is quite limited, the options are still quite varied. 🗓 Revisit? ✅⭕️ / ❎ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2022-09-01
1600 瀏覽
識於微時的老友今秋便會移居外地,盡量把握機會,見得一次得一次。今次約埋中學班主任一齊聚聚,地點當然要就老師,在灣仔一帶最合適。最愛日、月、星街,環境寧靜,附近的餐廳皆有水準,就算隨手選一間,都包無死。找來了這家法式越南餐廳Le Garcon Saigon,裝修好有特色,係個好岩feel既地方。先整兩份沙律,打開胃口。茄子沙律清新,但我更喜歡魷魚沙律,魷魚不過韌,吃起來更豐富有層次。豬筋骨一端上桌,就是無盡的香氣。鬆化的豬筋骨吃過不少,但多半是配以帶略帶甜的燒烤汁醬,估唔到伴越南咖啡打造而成既汁醬,會是如斯吸引。旁邊的蘿蔔片,正好來個中和。沖繩豬肉,用上梅頭部位,入口鬆化,加左錢要份米紙,包裹著梅頭、菠蘿、青瓜等,沾些魚露,是在炎炎夏日的最佳食法。或許有些人會覺得吃牛骨髓口感好肥膩,從而錯失了這極品。廚子將八爪魚切片,放在牛骨髓之上,吃時撈勻,又香,口感又豐富,八爪魚當然亦沒有過韌,真的太欣賞呢個組合,好想再來一份。好想坐耐一陣,傾多幾句,所以柯打幾款甜品。燉蛋很滑,焦糖味亦重,我就是喜歡佢去得夠盡。朱古力蛋糕同樣是濃郁,吃甜品本就應該要這樣。斑蘭多士本已好吃,鋪上香蕉片,比想像中更出色。由十二點食到人家落場,仍有說不完的話題,索性漫步日月星街,繼續雞啄唔斷。每次同呢位老師聚過頭後,總好像會被打通任督二脈咁,昇華到另一層次。 繼續閱讀
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