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This was my first, and probably only, visit to this restaurant. This is probably the Italian restaurant with the worst service I have ever been to.We (3 of us) arrived at aboit 1:30pm to find the upper level closed. There were only 4 guests in total dining then. There were nobody greeting us or taking us to the table. The staff were cold and answered us with an unwelcoming tone. Anything we ask, they replied "wait". Even when we only waved to signal for service, the staff replied "wait".There was no issue with the food. We ordered pizza, penne and a beef sirloin, which were all from the set lunch menus. However, when we were finishing off the food, the waitress came over to tell us that they had given us the pizza of an "a la carte" size by mistake. I noticed one of the tables with two foreigners ordered two pizzas and they were the same size as ours. Another table of local Chinese guests who arrived later than us, got a smaller pizza than ours. What did she mean by that -- charging us extra ? Well, she did not but that was very rude of her. If not for its poor, pathetic service, this restaurant should have been a success given its highly acclaimed chef and its location. Would its management consider removing their existing staff ? I mean all the two waitresses we met exhibited the same cold, impolite manners and their English were poor. Is the management planning to manage this restaurant in a more up-market manner or downgrade it to the same level as a local teahouse ? Mind you, the service at a local teahouse are already much better than here. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-03-31
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I have had a similar experience as the review below me mentions.I had a Groupon. The conditions stated that I had to make a reservation before I went there. However, whenever I had called them - I either did not get through or I was told that they are fully booked. So, I decided to turn up there a little early in the evening at 6pm and try to get a seat. When I went there - It was absolutely empty. So, I was hopeful that I would get a seat. When we went in, the waitress was about to usher us to a table, when one of the other waitresses (all the waitresses are philipinos) asked us if we have a groupon. As soon as I said "Yes", their entire behaviour changed. They asked me if I had a booking or not. When I said "No", they said that they are fully booked and I need to return with a booking. I was stunned !! It was unbelievable !!! I could see that the whole restaurant is empty except for one table in the corner. The whole restaurant was empty !! If they cannot afford coupons, they should not issue them.Anyways, I could see that they were not in good faith and I was feeling cheated. There was no point to argue as they were being quite rude and shameless about it.I will NEVER VISIT AGAIN. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2012-03-24
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We were using Groupon for dinner here. Menu only have 6 choices and 2 unavailable! We are forced to choose from regular menu (no discount anymore!) The service was terrible. There are a lot of empty seats. We booked for 7pm but the waitress insisted that we should leave at 8pm. At last, she served the food at 8:30pm. After we finished the food, she insisted us to pay the bill and leave at 9pm! At that time they still have a lot of vacant seats! The food taste is normal but the service is really bad! Recommend don't use Groupon to try this restaurant! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-03-14
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For the groupon HKD149 for 2 pax for dinner, I went to this Italian restaurant with three Italian guys. The set dinner included:Appetizerbrusthetta with fresh tomato, garlic and basil: the bread was fine and the toppings were lovely.soup or salad of the day. The soup of today was cream of broccoli, which wasn't bad, and the green salad was fresh and included cherry tomatoes. The salad was served plain and balsamic vinegar and olive oil were provided. The taste was quite good. Main Course spaghetti with cuttle fish black ink sauce: This was my dish and it was covered with plenty of ink sauce, which was delicious. The only complaint was that the cuttle fish was very tiny and not much in portion. spaghetti with original bolognaise sauce: The bolognaise sauce was not very remarkable that the only comment was 'just fine'Pan fried sole fillet in white wine or marsala sauce. The food was served lukewarm and was clearly not freshly cooked. Dessert: zabaglione: an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine. The taste was smooth and creamy. mousse cake: too sweet for us.Drinks extra $48 for 2 glasses of house wine In general, it was a disappointing dinner. Though we had booked the table a week in advance, the staff had to put two tables together for us when we arrived there. The staff, a group of Filipinos, were very mediocre and clearly not customer-oriented. The house red wine was flat and tasteless. I guess that's what we get for $24/glass. Although the restaurant promotes itself as an authentic upscale Italian dining experience, the service was not upscale, nor was the food what I would call Italian. The dishes arrived at different times. For example, my boyfriend's mum, her main dish was served even before she'd finished her salad. Were we in the local cafeteria茶餐廳? Again, no sense of service. And as I said earlier, the food was average, not fresh and not even served HOT. This is definitely not something we expected from the fancy restaurant~ 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-03-04
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頭盤可選:是日餐湯或沙律!我們選了沙律,菜是新鮮可口,並有我愛吃的火箭菜*,更顯正宗意式風味!(火箭菜是略帶苦味的菜,喜歡的人會認為其味道特別,與黑醋和初榨橄欖油特別相配)隨頭盤更有番茄粒多士,多士是法國麵麭,番茄粒有香料的味道!很特別主菜每人可自選一款:我們選了Pizza和燒雞胸肉!先評燒雞胸肉,賣相不錯,味道有香料(Basil)香,口感香口,廚師應該是用平常夾Panini Bread的機Grill雞胸,所以外層稍脆!唯一不好是覺得整體有點乾,如上碟時以醬汁伴碟就能略為點綴那雞的味道!Pizza 卻十分出色,是十分正宗的意大利Pizza!簿而且很脆,芝士香而不膩,更用上Salami (沙那美香腸) ,Pizza真的是好吃,且飽肚!甜品的Mousse Cake卻太甜,我接受不了所以沒吃!總括而言,以$180這價錢,吃到如此好質素的意大利二人晚餐,真不錯。 繼續閱讀
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