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食評 (13)
等級4 2019-02-08
403 瀏覽
My aunt recommended this place! It wasn't very crowded when we got there at around 7:30pm, so we were quickly seated (5 people). There were crayons on the table for people to draw on the paper tablecloth lol. I was tempted to doodle all over the table, but I didn't want people to judge my terrible art 😂😅 We got caesar salad with salmon, chicken quesadillas, nachos, ham and pineapple pizza, and chicken pesto fettuccine. The caesar salad was nicely decorated with smoked salmon rolled into roses (I forgot to take a picture T.T). It tasted like typical caesar salad though, but I there were either bacon/beef bits in it too. I felt like they could've done a better job in mixing the salad though cuz there were chunks of parmesan cheese stuck together lol.The chicken quesadillas was a disappointment though😞 The portion was really small and it tasted alright, but I feel like there wasn't much chicken in it, and it was $145HKD, so I don't recommend.The pizza and the nachos were the best 😍 The nachos plate was HUGE! There was a mountain of toppings (guacamole, sour cream, salsa, beef, and melted cheese) on top of the nachos. Too bad some of the chips got soggy after sitting under the toppings for too long 😅 We couldn't even finish the nachos so we took it home.The pizza had a double layer crust and it was really thin and crispy 😮 I prefer soft thick crust, but this thin and crispy crust was really good too. The cheese was really stretchy. I recommend getting a pizza, but maybe get more special one since you can get Hawaiian pizza at almost any place that serves pizza. Maybe getting the Jaspas pizza would be nice since its only $10HKD more than the ham and pineapple one.The chicken pesto fettuccine came out last, which was surprising cuz I thought it would come out first. (I forgot to take a picture again sighhh..) I really liked the pesto sauce! The noodles had the right texture too; not too chewy and not too soft.The service was not bad either. They saw that we were missing a set of utensils and quickly gave it to us. They kept filling our water too and took our empty plates right away. It was a nice place to eat too, not too expensive either for typical western food. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2018-01-11
973 瀏覽
今天和同事外出用膳,難得手頭上的工作都忙得七七八八,想吃個relax的午餐,就到附近的jaspas。jaspas的set lunch包一份starter、main dish同dessert / drinks,我們是為了那杯Kim & co coffeee而來的☺️頭盤我們都選了湯,今天的餐湯是蘑菇忌廉湯,喝到打碎的蘑菇,菇味頗濃,但附送的法包沒有烘熱,有點失望,記得以前在這裡吃的餐包不是這樣子的。湯中放的黑胡椒重手了一點,喝過後嘴唇還感覺到有些辣。主菜點了三文魚伴芒果沙律菜及烤黑椒牛仔骨。三文魚煎香後肉質尚算幼嫩,配沙律很清新。黑椒牛仔骨濃味好多,配有烤蔬菜,如茄子、紅椒、黃瓜、青瓜和小馬鈴薯,茄子烤得有點乾,其他還不錯。牛仔骨軟稔,帶兩大塊,份量不少。可以點甜品,今天的甜品是tiramisu ,不過我們是為了咖啡而來,所以沒吃甜品。提一提神,又要開工💪🏻 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-12-27
504 瀏覽
Me and my family went to this restaurant in happy Valley. It is near to the main street so you can find it easily. we are lucky that we don’t have to wait for a long time because there was just 2 of us. We saw the long tables are being reserved, so probably if you come around in a group of people, better callthe restaurant and book the seats.We have ordered soup of the day with a vegetarian pizza. There are three kinds of soup: Mushroom, Tomato and pumpkin. I have chosen pumpkin, with breads and butter served. The soup wasnt heavy at all with rich taste of pumpkin and smooth texture.Also, the pizza (160 hkd) was for vegetarian, all sorts of vege like mushroom and onion etc were the toppings of the pizza. Rich cheese and crispy base enriched the taste of the pizza.The size per serving is super enough to make you full. We shared the pizza and was far too full for both of us after having a bowl of soup. Recommend this restaurant, great vibrancy and music, come chill and relax here at night!Fyi, 10% service charge included tho. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-09-03
555 瀏覽
You'd recognize the place by its colorful though not necessarily tasteful logo. Clearly the idea behind the brand is to offer a more casual and laid-back experience. There's no need for authenticity and pretense here. The deco of the restaurant reflects this philosophy with its bamboo chairs and white, plasticky paper covered tables. Gawdy colors and a basic font on the menu further confirms the message. From char siu pork wraps, szechuan chilli mussels to quesadillas, Korean fried chicken, pizza and halloumi salad, Castelo seemed to have had lots of fun building up a highly international and trendy menu, creating just the right blend of classic and modern, proper and casual, East and West. The strategy works, however. No matter what mood you're in, you'll find something that tickles your fancy. And as the food is really pretty decent, we'll keep coming back.Food RundownBruschetta $78Standard stuff. Good way to kickstart the meal.Caribbean Chicken $168Somewhat unusual sauce for chicken breast—menu says "caramelized with five spices, rum, brown sugar, and soya sauce". I don't know how caribbean this is, but the rum is strong and there's more bitter than sweet in the sauce. I'm not too much a fan of the flavor, although the bird has been really tender for breast meat. Lamb Chop Lollipop $138Lamb's sourced from New Zealand and the chops are juicy, tender, and savoury. Great bargain. Service: Helpful and friendly.Price: Great bargain for the quality of an experienced F&B conglomerate. Approx. $150-300 per head.Special Note: You can draw on that plasticky paper with crayon while waiting for food! Plus, the restaurant provides copies of the SCMP as well as some interesting magazines. Overall a very family friendly restaurant. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-05-26
575 瀏覽
看準了這家餐廳每逢星期一和星期二,主菜買一送一,就決定一試。晚上7點半,餐可能是有優惠促銷的緣故,餐廳大致上滿座。餐牌選擇也比較多元化,有湯,沙拉,漢堡包,披薩,意粉,意大利飯,薯條,墨西哥卷,印尼炒飯,咖喱雞飯,甜品;都是能迎合一般人 口味的菜色。我們兩個人,點了一份鮮蜆意粉 $168,蘑菇雞肉意大利飯 $155,分量不小。意粉味道可以,也彈牙,但太乾;意大利飯味道也不錯,但兩份主食的賣相真系唔掂(見圖),可以加點芫茜或者即刨芝士碎裝飾一下,增加食欲嘛! 繼續閱讀
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