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等級4 2020-01-08
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Enjoying a unrestricted 180c harbour view at this newly opened Australian restaurant at the Museum of Art. Their weekend brunch menu is priced at $380, including 4 starters to share, main and dessert. Factor in the nice view and satisfactory service, I would consider it a fair price.A few starters for sharing including house bread, ocean trout, buffalo milk burrata, fish croquettes and duck ham. They’re all nice but kinda mediocre.The mains definitely have much rooms for improvement.Starting with the sea bass dish which was nicely pan-fried with crispy skin but paired with a sweet jerusalem artichoke that thrown the whole dish off.The ricotta and yam dumplings is sort of a disaster unfortunately. The dumpling skin is extremely doughy and thick, partly undercooked as well, while the filling is dense, dry and bland. Apparently dumplings is not their strong suit.Desserts are nicer but again nothing particularly wow us. The fig & frangipane cake is crumbly and sweet, don’t think the honey is needed. Wish there’re more figs.It’s a tasty carrot cake, but it’s slightly too dense for me. Cream cheese is needed to balance the sweetness. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-12-15
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尖沙咀最近有很多新餐廳,這是其中一間,位於香港藝術館一樓,要再坐電梯上去。餐廳裝潢高雅,環境寬敞舒適,不同的用餐區域都可以飽覽海景。天花懸掛一盞盞充滿藝術感的燈飾,配襯綠色絲絨沙發座,給予人華麗感。翻開餐廳,有很多Fusion菜式,菜式的設計下了不少心思。⭐️Aspiration$85杯上放了一片烤菠蘿,入口菠蘿梳打味道很突出,酸甜滋味迷人,很好喝。⭐️Ocean Trout$170煙燻三文魚和三文魚籽配上乳酪,配搭烤薯仔,口感非常豐富。三文魚軟滑清爽,烤薯仔味道紮實,兩者吃起來耳目一新。⭐️Sashimi Hamachi$185柚子肉配上魚刺身,清新的柚子把魚生的鮮味都提了出來,吃到魚肉的甜美,也有果肉的酸香,配搭有新鮮感。⭐️Raw Mayura Wagyu$185一片薄薄的和牛,底下舖了一層柚子胡椒醬,上面是一大片厚燒紫菜。紫菜有一定厚度,入口香脆,配上和牛,肉味不算突出,味道稍微鹹了一點,但紫菜的配搭很新穎,加了不少分數。⭐️Pork Loin$340豬里肌切成一片片,厚度適中,肉質偏瘦。本身這個部位肉味淡而嫩,配上特製藍莓醬汁,將肉味提了出來,吃起來有嚼勁,藍莓汁令豬肉更香甜。⭐️Creme Fraiche Mousse $115最厚是我最期待的甜品。這道法式甜品非常吸引,上層點綴著幾顆紅桑子,夾層是法式脆餅和法式酸奶油慕斯。慕斯入口非常香滑,奶香味很突出,配上脆餅和紅桑子,一柔一剛。一旁還有伯爵茶雪糕,非常好吃!⭐️Coconut Ice Cream$115這道雪糕的層次很豐富,最上層是輕盈的忌廉,中間是冰爽的椰子雪糕,最底層是濃稠豐富的忌廉,味道很有層次,看似平凡,但別有心思。▫️除了環境一流,這裏的Fusion菜式也值得一試。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-12-10
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今次黎咗超高質嘅西餐廳!本來喺尖沙咀海旁行下,點知俾我地發現咗呢間有無敵海景嘅西餐廳,佢嘅食物真係好高質,價錢都好親民。我仲好滿意呢度嘅服務添!Appetizers 方面,我地叫咗個pigeon! 佢嘅醬汁好特別,同pigeon嘅味道好配合,仲要好嫩滑添!我地仲叫咗grilled octopus,魷魚烤得好香口,肉質彈牙,好開胃,配埋下面d飯一齊食真係一流😋主菜方面,我地叫咗個鴨胸,佢嘅煮法好特別,喺其他餐廳係食唔到,佢層皮好脆口,食落去一d都唔油,而且好鍾意佢嘅味道,配埋quince puree同黑蒜汁一齊食真係有意想不到嘅味覺層次感,佢地真係好match! 我地仲叫咗個牛,係striploin,磨菇烤得好香,蘿蔔蓉真係冇得頂, 佢嘅口感已經好,食落去入口即溶,而且味道方面都好好,佢同個牛好夾, 總括嚟講個牛同埋啲隔離嘅配菜都整得好好。甜品一樣高質,好耐未食過咁好味嘅甜品呀,食完簡直大滿足。 就算叫咗個mousse佢係earl grey味, 好清甜嘅感覺, 仲叫咗個朱古力撻,佢甜而不膩 ,好想食多幾個添。我哋仲叫咗哈密瓜特飲, 首先哈密瓜都好鮮甜,而且杯飲品係加咗益力多喺度,令到成杯嘢好清新。總括嚟講,呢間餐廳嘅嘢食食物質素真係好高, 而且喺味道配搭方面仲有意想不到嘅驚喜 ,所以下次一定會帶埋其他朋友嚟試。 繼續閱讀
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Lovely rabbits painting~ Meeting my poland friend in hk. I did not bring her to chinese restuant, haha. I chose a new opening western restaurant which has a victoria harbour view.The environment is fine dining, nice view! Hue caesar Cos lettuce wirh anchovies, smoked egg and vadouvanAnchovies is bit sour and salty. Vadouvan is french curry, but it is not spicy at all. It has curry smell ans taste like cream.Carabiners prawns Smoked herring butter sauceHerring is a north atlantic fish. The sauce is creamy with sour. Eat with prawn legs are super nice, a small snack. Do u know what are the black seed? Passion fruit seed! It is very soft, we are suprise! Usually it is a bit hard, right?!Carabiners prawns is deep sea prawn! Full of sea feeling. I ate a lot in spanish in this summer, miss it! It is larger in here, so niceeeeeee. Must try! Main courseMarket fishQuince puree and black garljc sauceQuince puree juicy and japanese mix chinese style. Western watercress is a superfood, very healthy. Small, round leaves but no 'spicy'. In usual, raw watercress tastes a bit spicy. Compare with steak, it is much lower calorie, haha. Market fish quite soft and no fish bone.'7bone' wagyu steak Rangers valley, burnr carrot puree and shimeji mushroom"shoulder" steak still oily. Men will like it so much, we guess~ The steak cook in medium. It is just perfect with juicy and strong steak taste! Dessert72% butter chocolate tartWith vanilla cream and giandujaBitter at the first bite, erhhhhh...... Vanilla cream added better, eat with gianduja is much much better. It is because it has hazel paste~ Haha black chocate lover must eat item. Frozen yoghurt Yuzu curd, oat crumb and fresh mangoYuzu curd is very sour, juicy-made. Oat crumb eat with yoghurt is great. Texture upgraded! Mango and jelly one hard one super soft, contrast!CocktailsChampagne colada Coconut butter washed plantation 3*rum pineapple juice with Taittinger champagneCoconut creamy on dry piece of pineapple, a snack soooo goood! Champagne in soda texture. Taittinger is very classy non-vientage blend. Light yellow-gold. The nose shows upfront fruit with a tropical touch and a bit cream taste. With fresh pineapple juice, it is very suitable for female. Peaches N' teaHendricks gin, jasmine green tea and peachIt is tea cup cocktail!!!!!! Wow, so special! Dloral notes, sweety and peach favour, girly. First taste is peach on nose, jasmine in mouth. Later, feel like they mix together in the mouth. Second taste likes juicy, easy to drink. Also suitable for girls. 繼續閱讀
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Hue is a modern Australian restaurant, which has a stunning location in the Hong Kong Museum of Art.The contemporary interior design is impressive by using forest green as accent color with a touch of ceramic tile and Art Deco elements. It also features fascinating wallpapers designs. Of course, I do love the panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows.We had lunch set menu 3-courses $318 on Saturday. On the menu, there was an incredible diversity of dishes. Started with house bread, smoked butter and salt.Sashimi spot prawns +$30The presentation surprised me, this dish consisted of 2 parts. On the cover, there was some light green rectangular shape honey melon. Behind, there was some sashimi spots prawns. The sweet flavor of them worked really well. By adding crispy fried prawn head, it was even more delicious.Burrata I like the idea of combining vegetables and pear with burrata. The red color of endive and beetroot was so beautiful and appetizing. It was so refreshing and well-balanced.Ricotta agnolotti Another inventive cuisine, the ricotta agnolotti was rich in flavor, served with crunchy broccolini and plant. It was very fulfilling.Wagyu flank steak +$40You just can’t miss it. The medium-rare wagyu flank steak was perfectly cooked. The texture was so tender and juicy. It was dressed with oyster mayonnaise sauce which elevated the flavor of wagyu beef.Cappuccino /Drinks + $35Seans cheesecake For dessert, the cheesecake was unexpectedly soft as cotton and light as air, served with raspberry mascarpone. It might look ordinary but I am sure nobody can resist it.Peach tea/ Drinks + $35Raspberry red wine sorbet Last but not least, this velvety and fruity red wine sorbet was very creative. It was my first time to try it. It paired with fresh berries & crumbles. This is certainly one of the most delicious sorbets I have ever had. 繼續閱讀
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