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等級4 2021-01-10
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Initially was planning to go to the Frozen exhibition which was postponed due to the pandemic. Luckily they still had a table for 2 here so this became my first brunch of 2021. The view was of course stunning like last time.Their service was good. We chose the free flow option and the tattinger champagne was fruity and smooth. They refilled it quite quickly. Moreover, when they served the croquette and it accidentally fell on the side, they apologized immediately though it was not a big deal. I really appreciated they courtesy.For the starters, they all tasted good especially the ocean trout, which you could eat with the bread as well. However, my comment is that due to all of it being served together, you could see that the table was quite crowded and I wasn't sure which to eat first as due to the cold weather, the bread and croquettes cooled quickly . I would suggest maybe the can serve the bread and trout starter first and then serve the remaining 3 later.For my main, the lamb belly was extremely tender and seasoned just right. My friend's pork belly was described to be grilled with a lovely exterior while remaining juicy. The cauliflower puree was fine and balanced the strong flavor of the pork. However, the blueberries were not too necessary for this dish.Both cakes were rich without being too sweet. I myself preferred the basque cheesecake mainly because it was served with a tarty component (raspberries and yuzu curd) making the dessert more appealing.Basically a solid brunch with just the issue of the starter being served all at once. 繼續閱讀
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2021年情人節只可以堂食午餐揀咗位於尖沙咀香港藝術中心的Hue Dining 事前看介紹知道是澳洲菜餐廳,香港比較少有。餐廳亦位於維多利亞港旁邊,用餐時亦有海景陪伴。情人節套餐每位$1,080,額外$500升級至海景座位,我們沒有升級,但其中一方亦可以斜望着海景享受情人節午餐。餐廳分開了3 round做,每節2小時,時間都足夠食。.🔺2021 情人節套餐內容🔺.開胃小食🔺紫菜脆片|鱈魚子、三文魚子醬🔺貴妃蟹冬甩|燒烤香料醬🔺芝士丸子|香料蛋黃醬.紫菜脆片和貴妃蟹冬甩比較出色,當中紫菜脆片十分香脆可口。貴妃蟹冬甩蟹味濃郁配以香軟冬甩配搭新穎。反而芝士丸子卻是一般。.前菜🔺油甘魚刺身|蘋果、青瓜、薑🔺鵝肝意大利雲吞|鮑魚、乳鴿清湯.另有煙燻紅菜頭沙律選擇.油金魚刺身4件,厚切又新鮮,同時色彩繽紛的擺盤好吸引人目光。.鵝肝雲吞應是指雲吞的餡料,但鵝肝味欠奉。遠看還以為雲吞旁的肉塊是鵝肝(因為菜式名字的關係🤣),其實應是乳鴿胸肉。.主菜🔺澳洲 O’conner 西冷牛排 |忌廉黑椒汁(兩位用 - 每人另加$100).另有鴨胸、水牛芝士雲吞選擇.澳洲O’conner西冷牛排有驚喜,我們都係牛排愛好者,絕大部份都是選擇美國牛排,因為澳洲牛本身味道較淡。但這款澳洲牛排味道香濃,外層做到有Grill的效果,內裏肉質軟林,形成了外脆內軟的口感。唯獨忌廉黑椒汁搶了大部分牛排的味道,我們都喜歡品嚐牛排原本的味道。如果可以醬汁另上更佳。.甜品🔺香梨脆皮泡芙|味噌鹽焦糖、榛子忌廉、青檸🔺蛋白脆餅|軟心白朱古力醬、士多啤梨乳酪雪糕.另有 精選芝士 選擇(每人另加$80).蛋白脆餅配士多啤梨乳酪雪糕,粉色系十分適合做情人節甜品,亦是最佳的配搭。士多啤梨乳酪雪糕的酸味中和了蛋白脆餅的甜味。.泡芙表面看似平平無奇,但內裏有大大塊清甜香梨及忌廉,甜而不漏。.飲品我們自己另加了2杯紅酒🔺Chateau Villa Bel-Air Graves $135🔺Martinborough Te Tera Pinot Noir $115.總評:食物水準不俗,有一流的維港海景陪伴。餐廳樓底高,不嘈吵。但食物定價比較高,認為便宜一半比較合理。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2021-02-22
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Came here for the afternoon tea. It was not too pricey — around $700 for two persons. I wasn’t expecting much but this afternoon tea was below average. The savoury bites were by far better than the sweets. The devilled quail egg was very bland, and nothing really stood out (savoury bites included shrimp cocktail, manchego cheese croquette, cheese puff among other things). The sweet bites were disappointing — many of the items were dry and not pleasing to eat. The only thing worth mentioning was the scones which were light and fluffy. It’s too bad that the food isn’t up to par because the view/atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2021-02-07
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So it was my friend’s birthday and I booked this restaurant because of positive online reviews. Therefore, we went there with high expectation, but we left with disappointment. 1) FoodI would say the food was mediocre and you won’t even want a second bite.2) ServiceWhen you pay nearly $380 ( after plus one ) per head for a tea set, you will expect service of those with similar prices like Mandarin Oriental and the Peninsula. To our utter surprise, they treated us like we were paying $38/set at a “cha chaan teng”. To be fair, the service provided by staff from Hong Kong was alright, though still incomparable with 5-star hotels. However, those non-hong kong staff are horridly ill-mannered. We asked one of the non-Hong Kong staff to take pictures for us. She pulled a long face and didn’t respond to us. After, taking one single picture, without even hinting us with the typical countdown (3,2,1...), we asked courteously if she could take one more. To our dismay, she showed us a pissed face and snapped another shot instantly. Without even one utterance, she left our table promptly as if we were contagious. Who would have expected to be treated like this in a such a “high-class” restaurant?To sum up our experience, it’s a restaurant with food of a 3-star hotel, service of a fast food restaurant while charging you “as if” it’s a 5-star hotel. If you don’t wanna ruin your friend’s birthday or any happy moment of your life, don’t repeat my irreversible mistake. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2021-02-05
490 瀏覽
用餐時間:普通星期一 1200望住維港景色一流。餐牌漏影左一頁。今日叫左兩個weekday set lunch,兩個都係3 courses。餐前麵包鹹鹹地,配埋牛油幾好食。牛肉部分鹹鹹地幾好,不過生菜就有啲苦味。peach (4/5) : 桃味濃郁,飲落幾好。peppermint(3/5) : 味道比較淡,唔係好飲到味道。豬柳口感幾好,配埋椰菜花蓉更加好食(椰菜花蓉好creamy)。牛肉5成生熟度控制得幾好,薯仔都整得幾靚仔,配埋黑椒汁幾夾。蛋糕正常味道,紅梅幾新鮮,柚子醬都幾fresh。味道普通,層次單一,不過隻cream都特別。最後埋單$898,兩個人平均每人$449。呢度食物質素ok,服務態度幾好,店員都好樂意幫客人影相,而且仲要望住維港景色食餐生日飯。總括而言,性價比可以接受。 繼續閱讀
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