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等級2 2019-12-02
1539 瀏覽
Book左7點食飯,但朋友生日唯有早啲拎蛋糕到餐廳,自己一個飲反杯cocktail,個Bar當然係打卡位啦。個個黎都叫嘅雞蛋仔配烏魚子醬仲有麻婆豆腐Dip 中間發生左小插曲,就係我掛住影相,推跌左杯酒。店員好好即刻清理,再倒過杯比我。中間個Asparagus Salad 就無影到啦。之後就到重點,呢個黃酒雞紹興酒冬菇湯拌菊花炒飯真係好好味,可以再翻兜。因為個雞堅係好滑連埋皮都唔會覺得肥,而個飯又吸左黃酒同冬菇湯嘅味,一粒粒軟硬適中。之後就到香煎澳洲和牛胸腹肉炒粉,個粉雖然有檸檬皮但一啲都唔令人抗拒,我覺得個粉仲好食過和牛🙈,如果多啲粉就更加開心啲。唯一遺憾就係甜品得一款Mochi Apple Pie,如果有多啲選擇就好啦。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-11-10
741 瀏覽
My classmates and I were looking for a place for drinks and food. I recommended this shop which is one of my toplist for drinks and quick and delicious bites. We order a few bottles of wine and tried out a few dishes. The pigs brain was a nice adventous attempt to try out but it was surprising good. Also the beef noodle which i forgot the dish name was great and everything we ordered was good. which includes the hk style egg waffle and the fried chicken wings, will surely come again. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-11-01
608 瀏覽
Summary: Inventive and unexpected without ever losing its focus on flavor and eat-ability; Happy Paradise is the best type of modern/fusion cuisine, and does more than enough to justify its above-average price-tag. Some of the most delicious and interesting dishes I've had in HK, and a must-try for everyone who appreciates food that challenges and (mostly) surpasses your expectationsSet just up Aberdeen from Stazione Novella on Staunton, Happy Paradise is a vividly decorated restaurant that strikes an 80's vibe between the Purple Rain lighting and classic soda pop counter that serves as a bar. It had just 4 tables seated on Halloween night, but it's been here for years, so assume it's usually more crowded.The menu is focused on small plates, with just 4 main plates, but the variety is extreme:The wine list is extensive, and they offer a full range of cocktails and beers as well. Prices for drinks are Soho-standard at 120 for a house cocktail and 80+ for a beer. The service is impressive - beyond friendly and attentive, they all know the menu inside-out; whichever server we spoke to was able and happy to detail the ingredients as well as the techniques used for each dish.Here's what we had:Sourdough Egg Waffles (bottarga whip, onion, chives)Okay it looks like the classic HK egg waffle snack, but that's where the similarities end. Made with sourdough and grilled absolutely to perfection, they are an absolute joy to eat, even without the dip. Each ball has that picturesque initial crunch, but the insides are moist and soft without being under-cooked and doughy. Would have enjoyed a plate of these without any dip...That dip though! Okay so according to them, it's actually liquefied bao (aka the Chinese white bun) - soaked in water for six hours, blended up, and served with some olive oil and bottarga. I actually asked two different servers because i didn't believe it. Consistency wise, it's completely emulsified and creamy, and it tastes like a smooth hummus, or taramasalata - there's no way that's a blended bun. Anyway, it's delicious, and the savory creaminess is a phenomenal dip for the mildly tart crunchy/soft egg waffles - we finished every crumb and smear of this. Simply genius, and i'm struggling to think of another dish I've had which experiments so dramatically with something so common and succeeds so completely.Scallop Noodles (raw scallop, black garlic puree, white fungus, mung bean noodles)The one dish that didn't work -  the server specifically instructed us not to mix the noodles as the garlic puree would overpower the other ingredients. However, the noodles didn't seem to be drained properly, so everything became a bit watered down and nothing, not even the garlic, stood out. I did enjoy the variety in texture between the crunchy fungus, bouncy scallop and chewy noodles, but I'm not sure how the flavors were supposed to come together. IMPOSSIBLE XINJIANG HOT POCKET (patty, cumin, Chinese mustard green)Forced my friend to try a Impossible dish. of which Happy Paradise offers two quite interesting ones (the other is a Mapo Tofu Dip!). Impossible is reliably tasty and creepily meat-colored, but the cumin and Xinjiang flavoring really makes this dish pop. The cumin alone makes the Impossible compound taste like the lamb it's emulating, and the bun is grilled to an excellent crunch. It's more of a snack and is not a must-order, but the fact that this was so readily eaten by my avowedly carnivorous friend shows what alt-meat has become capable ofSZECHUAN FRIED CHICKEN, pickled daikon (1/2 chicken)It tastes like it looks - super juicy (even the breast meat), crunchy and a bit mala spicy. The breading is tastefully thin, and while the whole affair is quite oily, it will not affect your enjoyment. A solid value for 158 (it's a lot of chicken), and a no-brainer if you like fried chicken and don't mind some heat.WHOLE TEA SMOKED PIGEON, 5 spice saltMy friend and i were split on this dish - we were warned ahead of time that it would be medium-rare, not something you see often with smoked pigeon. The wings and thighs are cooked through and absorb the full brunt of the smoking; these are incredibly savory and flavorful, perhaps too much so for some people. However, when you get to the breast and thighs, you can see how pink the meat is - it's not bloody, but it's definitely medium-rare and chewy. While there is a smokey overtone from the tea, these inside pieces are far gamier than the wings. The medium-rareness intentionally magnifies this. I loved this entire dish - the chewiness gives you a chance to breakdown the interplay of tea-smoke with pigeon (which isn't that gamey by itself) with each bite, while the wings are just continual shots of flavor. However, it was all too much for my friend - the heavy taste of the appendages and the rawness of the breast meat. Your mileage may vary on this one, but if you like tea-smoke or the taste of duck/pigeon/quail, you'll enjoy this.SAUTEED PRAWNS, pan roasted pumpkin, supreme stock reduction, dried shrimp roe and prawn oilDon't know about you, but i thought this was beautiful - way beyond the presentation you'd expect for a local Soho eatery.  Sauteed shrimp resting on a thick slice of pumpkin covered in a black sesame foam, and surrounded by a superior stock made from prawn heads. Wow, what a dish! we found the shrimp chunks slightly overcooked and tough, but when you combine them with  the dense, slightly sweet pumpkin, all the rich saltiness of the sesame and shrimp sauce, the combination is just wow. its component parts are a smidge overpowering, but somehow combined, they just work. It's like nothing I'd ever tried before, and well worth an order.MOCHI APPLE PIE, cilantro cream, apple ashI don't eat dessert usually, but this take on a McDonald's apple pie is delicious - imagine apple pie filling with cooked, melty mochi, surrounded in a thin fried (not oily) shell, bathing in a cilantro-vanilla cream sauce. Don't worry if you hate cilantro, it's barely noticeable apart from the beautiful emerald drops in the cream. A terrific end to the meal.Overall, we loved Happy Paradise. My regret is we didn't try their famous Yellow Wine Chicken, which I've heard is phenomenal. Every dish but the mung bean noodles was excellent and many revelatory. It's one of the few times I can recall a restaurant this experimental hitting the mark on (almost) every dish it attempts. It's not cheap per se - the two of us paid 1,040 without drinks and were quite full, but expect about 700 pp if you're having alcohol. Between the remarkable food, the kitschy-cool vibe and excellent service though, Happy Paradise is worth every penny. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-08-11
1844 瀏覽
• 手工天然酵母雞蛋仔配烏魚子醬🍳 •💵Price: $88🍴Food: 5/5❣️-呢間餐廳主打特色中式fushion菜。呢度個chef仲拎到亞洲最佳女廚既名銜,真係唔野少架!創意同實力都不容小覷!就講圖一個前菜先,用左港式雞蛋仔做招來, 取代一般前菜食普通麵包既印象,好有gimmick。賣相好吸晴,咪以為睇落去似chef lemon整嗰個發水雞蛋仔咁,食落去其實好香脆鬆化,用雞湯、雞油整成既鹹雞蛋仔,配上個烏魚子醬,食落鹹香惹味,令人忍唔住一啖食完再一啖😋• 象拔蚌刺身配本地苦瓜🥒 •💵Price: $178🍴Food: 4/5❤️-好清新既配搭!爽脆鮮甜既象拔蚌刺身配味道回甘既苦瓜,上面再撒上中式配料,芫荽同南北杏茸,甜甘交替既感覺同爽脆清新既口感令人不得不佩服呢位女廚既創意!• 墨魚滑釀雞翼🐥•💵Price: $68🍴Food: 4/5❤️-呢個釀雞翼超好食,外脆內軟,雞翼個皮炸到好脆,而入面既墨魚滑鮮甜彈牙,咬落仲食到粒粒既墨魚,而且有好香濃既黑松露味架!🐙• 薑葱炒椰菜花🥦•💵Price: $138🍴Food: 3/5💓-呢個菜聞落食落都好似薑葱炒蟹炒鮑魚個啲味,只係食緊落肚既係健康既椰菜花黎,好特別😆• 香煎澳洲和牛胸腹肉炒粉🐮•💵Price: $178🍴Food: 4/5❤️-呢個非一般既炒牛河個汁好香牛油味,和牛嫩得黎有咬口,上面既鹹檸檬絲食落竟然有啲啲似芝士絲,同厚切河粉一齊食好鹹香惹味🔥• 黃酒雞配紹興酒冬菇湯炒飯🐔 •💵Price: $328🍴Food: 5/5❣️-呢間餐廳既另一招牌菜就係呢款黃酒雞湯飯,用上本地新鮮三黃雞,用慢煮既方式將去骨雞胸同雞脾煮到細軟嫩滑,連雞皮口感都爽脆幼嫩🤤清湯用左冬菇、黃酒、菊花等材料煮成,味道香醇濃郁,夾埋雜菌同索哂汁既飯粒食真係令人回味無窮☺️• 西班牙黑毛豬滑蛋叉燒飯🐷 •💵Price: $158🍴Food: 4/5❤️-呢砵飯比街食到既滑蛋叉燒飯貴三倍同細碗三倍😂值唔值得就真係見仁見智。不過用上既西班牙黑毛豬叉燒的確係肉質較結質,唔會太肥膩,但又唔會瘦到覺得鞋口。下面既滑蛋淨係用左蛋白黎炒,撒上幾匙九龍醬園甜豉油同秘製豬油黎撈飯食,上左年紀既人食一定會感覺傳統得黎又有啲兒時既回憶喇😆但係我呢啲咁後生既會覺得感覺好新鮮嚕🤪 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-06-08
1438 瀏覽
連放三日大假做咩好? 當然要返餐好! 黎到happy paradise一定要試下最出名嘅黑毛叉燒飯啦,一啖豬油一啖鼓油,驚喜程度唔是言語可表達。肥肉雖然偏多,但口感確係唔錯,罪惡感絕對比唔上滿足感乾炒牛河食得多今日食非一般牛肉炒河,食落充滿牛油香,配埋海帶絲同洋蔥,份量大大碟都唔夠食再黎就係熱辣辣嘅炸雞,熱辣辣炸起加埋微辣口味,皮脆又多汁,差杯啤酒咋。煎素菜餅真係好小見到,煎到餅底脆脆,金黃色令到食慾大增,素菜餡料令到整體食落無咁油膩,讚!輪到炒菜出場! 翠肉瓜配埋西蘭花加埋筍,綠綠的令人賞心悅目呢個貌似雞蛋仔其實係都麵包黎㗎,烘過嘅麵包整到雞蛋仔咁款,創意100分,不果味道就普普通通。醬係魚籽沙律醬本身都有啲期望,可惜食落只係普通沙律醬環境幾舒服,啱哂三五知己黎吹下水呢到將平凡食材變得不平凡菜式,創意加哂分最後要提及佢哋服務態度真係一流, 因為我有其中一個朋友皮膚敏感,好多嘢都唔食得。員工問得很清楚再同廚師夾怎樣改餸菜就我朋友,讚!!!!!!! 繼續閱讀
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