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等級2 2015-10-23
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Fatty Crab My question is, why does one always remember the bad experience and not the good things? Anime Star drink – the picture was kind of inappropriate so I won’t post a picture of it on here but just think. Graphic. We came here for happy hour expecting to have cheaper food, like the cheap Asians we are, but unfortunately it was not the case. I believe only the drinks are cheaper at this time and only some of them not all. We came before it opened apparently, although their times state otherwise. What really bothered me as that they knew that we were waiting and yet when it was officially opened they didn’t even us any attention. We finally ASKED to be seated which is a definite bummer. For an ENTIRE HOUR, there was no one in the restaurant but us and yet service was not attentive which was good because I liked that but also bad because it was hard to get their attention when we needed them. We started off with the oysters which were delicious and I believe half price. They were juicy but not too big to swallow. Nicely shucked. Then arrived the Scotch Egg which was a delight to look at. The meat on the outside was a bit too salty for me which was unfortunate. The egg was beautifully done though and the vegetables on the side were the highlight. The veggies were a good balance of sour and salty. Then the finally – the gua bao (braised pork belly, soft boiled egg and house srirachi) It was delicious but it got soggy pretty quickly from the sauce. The house srirachi was a very nice touch – it added a great kick to it. The pork belly was melt in your mouth tender but the soft boiled egg added a bit too much richness to it. The problem with this dish was that it lacked freshness (yes you could add the veggies on the side) but I meant the pickled freshness and a bit more crunch (like from peanuts or something). The part that upset me the most was how much they charged us for water. They asked me if I wanted sparkling or still and I should have known that they weren’t going to serve us tap water. I guess its partly my fault but I’m just disappointed a restaurant would not be clearer about such things. They could have said sparkling, still or tap. Overall – an experience with many ups and downs. Will I be back – definitely not. Would I recommend it? (hoping that you get a better experience) – no. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2015-10-12
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The curry duck was so fatty, it has skin on it... The serving was very small too for the price. Nothing impressed me 繼續閱讀
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自從出來工作後,和朋友相約吃晚飯多數都會選在中環或銅鑼灣,這次臨時決定為朋友慶祝生日,便訂了在中環 Soho 區的 Fatty Crab Hong Kong 。搭半山扶手電梯一直上到荷李活道,抬頭看奧卑利街,應該就會看到一隻橙色的蟹招牌。餐廳內環境昏暗,而且剛進門看見是酒吧,一開始以為我們找錯地方了。其實餐廳後半部才是用餐的地方,空間尚算寬敞,但音樂極為吵耳!酒吧區為了氣氛可以理解,但用餐區的音樂也是如此大聲就實在不討喜。我們六個人吃到後來,談話都用吼的,因為音樂後來有愈來愈大聲的趨勢…吃完步出餐廳覺得街上好寧靜喔~Fatty Crab 源自紐約西村,曾獲《米芝蓮指南》推薦,許多荷李活明星也曾是座上客。創辦人之一兼紐約的行政總廚 Zakary Pelaccio,曾在吉隆坡生活並愛上了口味豐富的馬來西亞美食,決定把馬拉的飲食文化帶回美國,並於紐約西村開了第一間Fatty Crab。香港分店則由長期居港的 Harsh 及 Rohit 兩兄弟開設。餐牌選擇不算多,主要分四類Raw Bar (海鮮冷盤)、 Skinny(前菜),Fatty(主菜)和 Sides(配菜)。我們六個人都不算餓,點了一個 Skinny 加三個 Fatty,份量已經足夠。Pork Buns ($60/pc) - 其實是刈包! 單看賣相已經很吸引,一咬下去先是暖而軟的麵包,再是滷得軟嫩、味道又濃郁的豬肉,配上印尼甜醬油和是拉差香甜辣椒醬混合而成的醬汁。只是前菜,已經讓我期待接下來的美食。Nasi Lemak ($150) - 既然是吃南亞菜,那麼椰漿飯是不可少的!咖哩雞、小魚乾和雞蛋配上椰漿和甜辣醬的味道,讓大家忍不住一口接一口地吃。不得不提的是,Fatty Crab 選用的雞腿肉非常嫩,裡裡外外都充滿醬汁的香氣。Duroc Baby Back Ribs ($150/半份) - 相對之下,這道就沒那麼驚艷。炭火香充足,肉質也軟腍,是一道好吃的 Baby Ribs,但並不至讓人一試難忘。Chilli Crab (市價) - 來 Fatty Crab 又怎可以不點它的招牌菜式呢?餐廳特意選用北美洲西海岸一帶的 Dungeness Crab ,肉厚鮮甜,醬汁則有二十多種配料來製作,味道極為濃郁。平時不愛吃蟹的我完全停不下來。吃麵包片時記得蘸上醬汁同吃!說實話比起蟹我更想店家多給我幾塊麵包,因為醬汁真的非常非常非常香~  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-06-01
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何謂東南亞? 其實是由21個國家組成,當中包括星加坡、馬來西亞、印度、越南和泰國等等。共通之處是都在亞熱帶地區,天氣雖熱,但愛辣的程度絕不少於天氣寒冷的地區。由美國來港的Fatty Crab - 名稱來自擁有肥美的蟹產地- 馬來西亞。或許會懷疑為什麼會有咖喱?如果你去過馬來西亞的話,便會發現有不同種族,包括剛才所說的東南亞人,因此馬來西亞的菜式較為濃味,亦更多元化。Anime Star $120shochu, sparkling wine, passion fruit, cinnamon vanilla sugar, fresh limeOysters新鮮的生蠔,配上旁邊的乾葱、洋蔥、辣醬和辣汁,別有另一番風味。Laab Moo Scotch Egg $100蘇格蘭蛋的外面被碎豬肉包著半熟蛋。豬肉帶有淡淡的辣味,加上蛋的香和滑嫩,口中感受兩者的融合,暫時是我食過之中,最好食的!Veggie Buns $60/pc 早前一直紅爆的刈包,真的完全未試過。中間的是炸蔬菜餅,看起來好像很油膩,想不到菜是如此容易的咬開,只因常吃到的炸菜是完全咬不斷,而包亦是軟腍。用手拿起來,沒有醬汁會掉下來的煩惱,對於女生來說,實在是太方便!Crispy Pork with Watermelon Pickle $150 西瓜和豬腩肉,配搭新鮮,亦是意外的驚喜。把豬腩肉煎得熟透,外面非常脆口,油份亦不多,而豬腩肉亦層次分明,肥膏和肉的部分都能清晰可見。肥膏的油份被西瓜的清甜帶走,反而口中有淡淡的西瓜酸甜味,毫不猶豫的吃掉整塊!Smoked Duck Curry $170 咖喱配上煙鴨胸、泰國茄子、菠蘿。紅咖喱較香,比起一般咖喱要為稠,油份較少,加上鴨胸軟腍,送飯一流!Kang Kong通菜以馬拉盞辣椒醬炒,惹味非常,那種辣味直奔喉嚨,辣度實在不容忽視。很特別的是會有白飯一碗在旁,很覺得自己在吃中餐的感覺~Hanger Steak $190 Medium Rare的牛隔膜肉,表面煎得香口,肉汁封鎖得不錯,連牛肉末端的部分都沒有過熟。煙靭而帶有濃郁的牛味,完全加上不用醬汁。Chili Crab (視乎當日的海鮮價) 等了又等,終於等到了蟹!原隻蟹煮熟側放在咖喱之上,非常肥味的雪白蟹肉,分到一隻蟹腳已經是啖啖肉,滑嫩的蟹肉入口即溶,正!極愛這句! 八位以上先會收取10%服務費~Please leave a Fatty Tip (笑~) 繼續閱讀
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Located on Old Bailey Street, Fatty Crab comes to us from New York serving Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Singaporean cuisines while using western cooking techniques. I actually brushed shoulders with the original Fatty Crab in NYC but never got to try their food until they opened a branch in HK. The restaurant itself is quite hipster and unpretentious with graffiti concrete walls throughout its bar and main dining room which were both dimly lit, making for a casual ambiance for eating while throwing back a drink or two.The entrance is at the bar area while the main dining room is located in the next room - I got confused at first when I first arrived at the restaurant because I didn't realize that this bar was part of Fatty Crab as well. Turns out that the drinks here are something to rave about since the cocktail menu was designed by an award winning mixologist in NYC. Along with the food, the drinks here also reflect that SE Asian influence by incorporating ingredients like spices and homemade infusions.The Vangster ($120) - with tom yom infused vodka, aperol, agave and fresh lime. Yes you read that right - it's a drink that tastes like tom yum soup with a hint of spiciness, sourness and sweetness that actually works as a cocktail. A one-of-a-kind drink that is definitely worth a try here!Anime Star ($120) - with shochu, sparkling wine, passion fruit, cinnamon vanilla sugar and fresh lime. To be honest, I was more intrigued by the comic more than the drink actually (that naughty crab!) but the cocktail was right up my alley as it was fruity and well-balanced in flavors. I love passion fruit as well!One thing that differentiates from the NYC branch is the introduction of the raw bar here in HK with daily selections of oysters, razor clams, shrimps, crabs and more!Daily Selection of Oysters - HK peeps love their oysters so we had to try them which were supposedly from [somewhere in] Canada. I love these kinds of small oysters which tends to be less creamy with a more briny flavor and they reminded me of the Kumamoto oysters from Washington. More interesting was that the oysters were served with green chili sauce as opposed to the usual condiments so you can add a bit of spiciness to your oyster if you'd like. Laab Moo Scotch Egg ($100) - with soft boiled egg and spicy minced pork wrap. An interesting twist to Scotch eggs by replacing sausage meat with Laab Moo which is a classic Isaan pork dish from Northern Thailand. The spicy pork lent a spicy kick in flavors which was oh-so delicious to eat!Pork Buns ($60/pc) - with braised pork belly, soft boiled egg, kecap manis and sriracha. These pork belly buns were awesome! With fluffy soft buns and tender pork belly, I couldn't stop putting these into my mouth one after another. Wait you can actually do that with their all you can eat buns special on every Wednesdays for only $120!Crispy Pork & Watermelon Pickle ($150) - pork belly, thai basil and ginger-lime dressing. I love this pairing of pork belly with watermelon which was refreshing while the pork was awesome as it was perfectly crispy on the outside while tender on the inside!Kang Kong ($60) - malay water spinach and chili tomato sambal. My favorite veggie dish of the night as it was sweet and spicy!Smoked Duck Curry ($170) - red curry, thai eggplant, pineapple and grapes. I love duck curry and while I felt that this could have been spicier, the red curry was spot on and perfect for eating with the coconut rice it came with!Chili Crab - we ended the night with crab of course since this place wouldn't be called Fatty Crab without a crab dish! A signature dish here with a sweet and juicy pacific northwest Dungeness crab soaking in a spicy tomato sauce along with pieces of fluffy pullman toasts. This is a must-have dish especially if you like Dungeness crab like I do but that spicy tomato sauce stole the show for me. It was so good to eat with the toasts that we had to ask for more toasts so we can eat every last drop of it!Verdict - Fatty Crab is a great place for you to get your grub on especially if you like spicy and innovative South East Asian food and drinks!Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/supertastermelFollow me on Instagram @supertastermel 繼續閱讀
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