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Edible Arrangements is the pioneer and world leader in hand-sculpted, gift arrangements made from premium quality fresh fruit designed to look like a bouquet of garden-fresh flowers. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-10-18
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想送份小驚喜俾男朋友, 本身打算訂另一間shop既果籃, google一下之後發現有negative comment, 同時俾我發現到Edible Arrangement既website~我真係好大鄉里, 所以之前從來未聽過呢間咁正既gift shop~ 一去到佢地website, 見到d相已經覺得好靚, 好鐘意~ 知道佢地有3間shop, 最初係想親身去訂, 不過由於太懶最後揀左上網訂~成個online purchase程序都好簡單, 好smooth, 已令我對佢地有幾好印象。另外佢track order既function好update-to-date, 我由收到order confirmation email, 睇住個status由order confirmed到order received by shop, 第二日一早又轉為preparing your order for delivery, out for delivery 到最後delivered。成個過程佢都會keep 住update, 等你可以好放心~佢既送貨服務都好好, 由於第一次送到公司時我男朋友唔係度, 個reception唔肯收。送貨人士即刻打俾我男朋友, 問佢幾時會返到再安排送。而令我最欣賞既係當我男朋友問佢要送d咩黎既時候, 對方只係講'你朋友有份禮物送俾你', 最後成功令我男朋友估唔到係咩之下收到呢份驚喜~因為男朋友公司係尖東, 所以今次揀左佐敦shop落order。男朋友話d生果好新鮮~ 呢個就係我訂既Delicious Celebration。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-06-20
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I was looking for something special (and yummy) as a belated birthday surprise for P, whose birthday was in early June. Originally was in search of a nice birthday cake, but P is on diet (afterall, who isn't) and good cakes are normally too large for two of us. Hmm ... really racked my brain, till I saw this at a friend's fb photo. An edible flower bouquet, sweet and unique, fresh and healthy. I am not particularly fond of Americans but okay, this time I'd admit that I like this US company's idea a lot.Things are made really handy as you just have to go to their website and pick the style (and flavours) you prefer. Basically I just started from the size (I looked for something not too large), then the fruit combination (P doesn't quite like orange and banana), last, any special features (I didn't want those teddy bears nor balloons, but I found the cinnamon-flavoured chocolate dipping interesting, and P loves chocolate. And I was intrigued by the daisy shape pineapple). So this is it, the Harvest Delicious Daisy.I ordered it on a Friday afternoon and payment was made online by credit card. Just click click click, simple and easy. Before you check out and pay, they offer you options for adding additional apple wedges or numbers to your chosen product, at costs from $15 to $25 per piece/number. You may also add a teddy bear or a balloon as well. Quite a flexible arrangement.Delivery would cost another $140 (varied by location) and so I chose to pick up at their Nathan Road shop. The shop is located between Yau Ma Tei and Jodan, quite easy to get spotted if you walk along Nathan Road.I arrived at 1630 hrs, as remarked at my order. The shop was large and warmly decorated but I was not greeted by anyone. The shop was empty. I walked past the reception counter and there was a big "kitchen cum pantry". The door was not closed. It was clean and spacious inside, and I could see three staff members inside, quite idly.Then a man came out and asked if I was there to pick up orders. I showed him the print-out receipt and then he went inside and back with my Daisy pot. It was nicely wrapped, and seemed firm and fresh (chilled). The man carefully put a cardboard base around the pot (so to make it stand more steadily) and put the whole thing into a plastic bag, then dropped a few packs of dry ice inside.The whole process was smooth, and I must say I have nothing to complain about, other than no advice was given on how the pot should be kept to remain its freshness. The man just "silently" got his job done and passed me the nicely wrapped pot.And so I left with the Daisy Pot, in less than five minutes, and funnily in silence.We got 15 minutes to unwrap the plant before a movie  Here came the first peep ... Quite the same as the photo showed. Not bad. Fruit was nicely and firmly arranged on the pot, and while unwrapping, the fresh sweet smell of the fruit and and a hint of the cinnamon made this surprise even more successful! P liked this a lot and the fact that I surprised her got me thrilled as well 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2012-06-14
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So excited to see this flower at my friend b-day party. It's so wonderful. Never imagine fruit can make as a flower. It's beautiful and healthy. Fruits are fresh and sweet. I love the pineappples, it sweet. Like it so much as no syrup dipped on fruit, it's all natural. I'll highly recommand my friend to order this for party in the future. Of coz I'll orden one as well. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2011-02-14
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本以為是不錯的情人節選擇,卻換來一吐氣要求了早上收貨,他們亦同意了,但等了一天還沒有出現,打電話又沒有人聽,留言也沒有用,打亂了情人節的步署,不可靠的服務,有幾好味同特色都無用。收九十蚊送貨費絕對是過份了,重要節日一定不要幫襯這店舖。 繼續閱讀
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等級6 2010-09-17
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生日所收的Surprise Gift,以各式生果拼成的生果花盤,賣相討好吸引,用料新鮮,又能與一衆同事分甘同味,喜慶一番,用來送禮的確不錯![16/9/2010; Thu; Panasonic DMC-FX36] 繼續閱讀
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