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We chose this Italian restaurant Da Filippo Trattoria for celebrating my friend's birthday. I like the spacious environment and lively atmosphere here.Classic meatballs with tomato sauce, which is made in beef and cooked well and juicy. Immersed in rich tomato sauce, mixed with fried onions and slightly spicy flavor. It is appetizing.Minestrone soup made in mixed vegetables. I like the crunchy broccoli most which wasn't overcooked. The tomato soup base has a thick consistency and sweet and sour taste.Parma ham, a generous portion! Not too salty and served with two slices of toast. It is really appetizing. On the toast, there are special coriander spread and tomato spread. I personally like the coriander one more which is rare and has an appealing herbs aroma.Squid Ink Spaghetti with Caviar and Red Shrimp Tartare is my favorite dish this evening. The spaghetti was covered with squid ink sauce and strong aroma of olive oil. The red prawns are particularly great!  Fresh and sweet which balances well with the salty caviar.4 Cheeses Pizza, which are Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Smoked Scamorza. Smelled super nice! The taste of Gorgonzola cheese stands out most, which is like a bit of mushroom flavor.  The flour they used is Petra 3, imported from Italy. It gives the pizza a texture of soft and al  dente. Yum!BBQ pork ribs, the pork ribs are grilled and then covered in tasty bbq sauce. It has a nice strong charcoal grill flavor and matches perfectly with the refreshing salad with mango sauce.Dessert Eggnog eclair with saffron glaze, the presentation is very beautiful! The upper layer of cream is sweeter but the texture is so smooth. The lower layer custard with a nice fragrance. Which is spread on the puff pastry to give an extra soft and smooth texture.For drinks, the cocktails here are very special. My friend ordered Mango Bloody Caesar, which tastes tangy. In addition to tomato and lemon flavors, it is also a bit spicy. It turned out to be Tabasco! It's the first time I tried spicy cocktails!The Old Fashioned I ordered is actually a cocktail bitter based on bourbon, mixed with angostura bitter and the fruity aroma of orange bitter. Although they are mixed with those  bitters, it tastes  rather refreshing.We all very satisfied with the food and drinks, specially the  cocktails.  We had a happy birthday night. 繼續閱讀
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Italy is synonymous with food, no one will argue with the fact that food is a key component of the Italian lifestyle.  Well-made, rich in taste and texture, there's nothing quite like Italian cuisine.  Lead by Chef Andrea Alimeni from Florence, Italy, who has been awarded Michelin-starred accolades for over 20 years.  Da Filippo Trattoria fulfills all expectations of what an Italian Trattoria should be - casual, laid-back with delicious, wholesome Italian food!  The layout of the place is open and airy, where hearty aromas of bold Italian flavours waft into the dining area from the open-plan kitchen.  Savour the Italian regional classics, traditional dishes from pizza, pasta, risotto and various cold cuts and cheese with a glass of wine ... Buon Appetito!Tuna Avocado Tartare w/Pickled Onions (HK$198)👍👍👍👍👍This starter captures the flavours of both the land and the sea - avocado and tuna, a flavourful and refreshing combination.  Mixed with the pickled onions for an extra pop of tangy and crisp.Classic French Onion Soup (HK$78)👍👍👍👍👍This classic French Onion Soup is one hearty soup that explodes with an intense savouriness despite the absence of meat. Classic Tagliatelle Bolognese (HK$168)👍👍👍👍👍The freshly handmade pasta is totally different than the dry pasta, it’s tender and almost velvety to the tooth.  The flat, ribbon-like tagliatelle were easily strand with the meaty Bolognese sauce evenly.  This pasta dish should definitely not to be missed out on if you want to have a taste of true Italian cuisine.Meat Lovers Pizza (HK$198)👍👍👍👍It is impossible to go to an Italian restaurant without ordering a pizza!  The delicious sourdough pizza crust was both crispy, chewy with allthose airy bubbles.  Topped with meaty ingredients: Salami, Parma Ham, Finocchiona, Pancetta, Hot Salami with Mozzarella.  Meat lovers, this is for you.Grilled Hanger Steak (HK$298)👍👍👍👍👍The hanger steak was grilled to perfection, the meat was tender, juicy and every single slice was perfect.  Semifreddo Cappuccino (HK$68)👍👍👍👍👍A lesser-known Italian dessert - Semifreddo.  Semifreddo means half-frozen, the texture of this dessert is somewhat between ice cream and frozen mousse, it’s such a lovely end to the meal.From Miles Away (HK$78)👍👍👍👍👍It’s the mocktail consisted of passion fruit Puree, Vanilla, lime and pineapple juice.Summertime Magic (HK$78)👍👍👍👍👍A tropical concoction with Mango purée, yogurt, lychee syrup and lime.StorefrontInteriorMenu 繼續閱讀
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的確平時搵開邊間邊間餐廳,好多時都係參考網絡上既,憑感覺去判斷究竟食唔食得過。係我過去短短兩年既經驗話比我知,未去之前要知道間野伏唔伏真係無標準,不過最近比我發現呢間米芝蓮星級意大利菜「Da Filippo · Trattoria」CP值頗高,點解我會知?睇落去你咪知囉!👇📌A p p e t i z e r s -▪ Classic Meat Balls · Tomato Sauce - $98▫ 意式第一部曲必食「經典肉丸·番茄醬」,肉丸質感夠腍滑完全唔乾身,食落油脂肉汁同時爆發係口腔內;配搭埋番茄醬濃郁入味,亦唔會有油膩感,唔錯。📌S o u p -▪ Classic · French Onion - $78▫ 第二部曲同樣以經典為主既「經典·法式洋蔥湯」面頭灑上烤過既麵包粒同埋格呂耶爾芝士;多種味覺混集,每一啖都飲到濃香既洋蔥味外,仲有啖啖芝士香,加埋麵包粒口感相當到位。📌Cold · Cut -▪ Parma · Ham - $98▫ 第三部曲就主打小盤cold cut「意大利·巴馬火腿」,份量比預期中多,一入口鹹鮮味相當豐富,完美地打開主菜前奏。📌Handmade · Pizza -▪ S e a f o o d - $188▫ 要尊重pizza一定要食返正宗意式咖啦,佢地既選擇非常多,最後揀左呢個「海 鮮盛 宴」。一定要讚既係佢地用上既麵粉非常講究,一般用上意大利出產既Petra 7220,難怪食落餅皮口感特別煙韌;而topping放滿大量青口、花蛤、魷魚,加埋意大利蕃茄醬,連埋一齊食份外惹味。📌Pasta · Rice - ▪ Seafood Carpaccio Risotto · Cuttlefish Ink - $198▫ 值得一讚既係就連「海鮮薄片·墨汁燉飯」都做到一絲不苛,皆因大廚精選飯粒既貨源都係來自意大利北部既Acquarello 米。呢種米食落比平時既Risotto更加有咬口,配上鮮甜既海鮮,特別濃香入味;當然有埋墨汁既賣相,氣派十足。📌Main · Course - ▪ Pollo · Cacciatora Olives - $208▫ 輪到主菜環節,不得不試意大利傳統名菜「獵人·燴雞」,呢個名聽落好似好霸氣,其實要追溯返古時意大利既獵人,每逢狩獵後都會用意大利橄欖、波特貝拉菇、珍珠洋蔥、紅酒醬去烹調所捕獲既獵物。而一般都係以雞肉為主,食落濃香入味,而且肉質腍滑,果然夠哂「Hunter·Style」! 繼續閱讀
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Haven't had lunch with my friend for quite some time. To convince her to try another restaurant was is quite difficult but glad she decided to try it. Now she said this is one of her new favorites.We ordered 1 set meal and a Pizza and 2 desserts. The salad of the set meal was quite big. It was lightly seasoned and the vegetables were quite fresh.The tagliatelle was al dente and the bolognese was extremely rich. My favorite was definitely the pizza. The gold leaf and burrata was the reason I ordered the pizza but the cured tuna was the best topping of the pizza. The crust was thin, being slightly crunchy without being too hard.For desserts, both were quite good though I cannot say up to stunning. The Tiramisu was rich and creamy though it lacked an extra punch for the alcohol.For the semifreddo, the coffee flavor for me was not strong enough(since the dessert flavor should be cappuccino). With the chocolate toppings and sauce, I think they can make the coffee flavor a bit stronger and still it won't be too overpowering.My friend now has her new favorite restaurant and we will definitely be coming back soon. 繼續閱讀
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最近行海港城都有經過呢間啱啱新開冇耐嘅意大利餐廳-Da Filippo🇮🇹連續20年榮獲米芝蓮名銜星廚Andrea Alimenti出任行政總廚,炮製地道嘅意大利家庭菜,從美食感受意大利風情🥰-秘製吞拿魚牛油果他他配醃洋蔥 $198意大利菜嘅其中一個特色係味道偏濃,呢道他他就正正體現左呢個文化特色,洋蔥味好香亦都比之前食嘅鹹味突出d😋-情人眼裏出肉肉🍕 $188個薄餅嘅皮以自家培植酸麵種 (sourdough)每日新鮮製作💁🏻‍♀️所以唔會好似出面d現成咁過薄搞到冇咩口感🤪另外,面頭鋪上三種salami同parma ham,食落甘甜芳香,細緻。-紅蝦他他魚子醬墨汁意粉 $328食過紅蝦嘅朋友都知道佢本身都好好味,再用佢黎整意粉真係無可挑剔,而且撈埋面頭嘅魚子醬真係鮮味十足😍-卡邦尼亞意粉 $168creamy嘅芝士蛋汁同意大利麵融為一體😎好濃郁嘅蛋同芝士味,成件事好豐富呀🤪-提拉米蘇 $68係DF嘅標誌性甜品,不過呢度嘅tiramisu就冇酒味啦,因為由於呢間餐廳多數係for一家人一齊去食,所以佢地嘅tiramisu唔會有酒嘅成分,老少咸宜🤓冇酒黎講味道都夠🥳-Semifreddo $68係意大利傳統甜品—冰糕,口感好特別呀,介乎溶與未溶之間,質感就好似綿綿冰咁軟🤪係濃濃嘅咖啡味,味道唔錯架🥳 繼續閱讀
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