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由經驗豐富的師傅主理緬甸菜式,更提供素食選擇,讓你透過美食了解當地文化。餐廳以墨綠色為主調,型格時尚,更掛上多幅與緬甸相關的圖片作裝飾。 繼續閱讀
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Laphet Thoke (fermented tea leaf salad) Mohinga (catfish broth with rice thin noodles) Beef Biryani (wagyu beef cheek)
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💎總評分:8.0/10-好多人對緬甸菜比較陌生,畢竟緬甸餐廳喺香港並不多🇲🇲,今次介紹呢間喺中環斜路綠色外牆嘅餐廳,打開門走落地庫,先係一個bar area同casual dining 枱,入面係絨面梳化嘅卡位🛋️。室內裝修以墨綠色為主,座位唔算多但有足夠空間感,裝修走華麗氣派風⚱️,啱晒食飯同飲嘢。Menu好多菜式都比較陌生😆,選擇貴精不貴多,基本上小編點嘅全部都係店員推介。1️⃣ Village-style Egg Curry Bites $115開邊雞蛋上面先係一層咖喱汁🍳,再灑上蝦乾等香料,烤過嘅nuts香脆可口🥜,夾住雞蛋食增添層次感之餘,亦超級惹味,將平凡嘅雞蛋變成一道美味嘅前菜😋! 2️⃣ La Phet Thoke (Tea Leaf Salad) $140緬甸最signature嘅一個沙律🥗,除左椰菜絲、車厘茄、紫洋蔥,仲有地道D嘅食材例如醃茶葉🍃、脆豆等,口感清新爽脆。店員話salad味道偏鹹,吩咐食嘅時候切記要先將菜撈勻,小編覺得還可以👌🏻,食到魚露嘅味道同茶葉香,特別&值得一試👍🏻。3️⃣ Ohn No Khout Swel (Coconut Noodles) $180開邊流心蛋令賣相變得吸引,但對於提升整體味道方面沒有大幫助😂。有別於一般嘅pasta,食法有d似撈麵🍝,呢款蛋麵嘅質地比較淋身,醬汁有D似叻沙但比較creamy,帶香濃椰汁味🥥。一個人食晒成個portion可能太濟,建議2-3人分享。4️⃣ Burmese Tea Ice-cream $120甜品繼續帶嚟驚喜🤩,雪糕嘅茶味非常突出,底下係朱古力脆片同香蕉蓉🍌,奶茶同香蕉嘅味道出奇地夾,加埋脆片嘅質感,食完令人回味🥰。對於一向喜歡試新嘢嘅小編嚟講,緬甸菜都算比較少接觸🫢。食物夠唔夠正宗恐怕小編都無咩資格評論,但係賣相幾靚味道好食🔥,餐廳環境有異國風情得嚟亦適合同朋友敘舊或慶祝🥳,鍾意試新嘢嘅朋友可以嚟試下呀!-環境服務:⭐⭐⭐⭐食物質數:⭐⭐⭐⭐打卡指數:⭐⭐⭐ 繼續閱讀
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等級5 2022-05-20
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As a foodie I always try to explore new restaurants and cuisine, and Hong Kong is certainly one of the best places in the world for such adventure. However, one of the few countries that was seldomly seen represented in town is Burma. My only recollection on the food was from a small eatery we visited in Macau. Therefore, we had a lot of anticipation when we came to this restaurant on Aberdeen Street. Immediately I got attracted to the beautiful logo featuring a peacock and the dark jade color used extensively in the interior design. Seated at the booth sofa at the back of the restaurant, there was a subtle immersion into the Burmese culture, through the many photos showing glimpses of life in the country, connecting us to the memories of founder Nelson Htoo. Ordering Da Nyin Gone ($98), a mocktail to quench my thirst after walking up the steep road from Central, we asked for some recommendations on food, and the staff did a good job in explaining the different dishes on the menu and helped us navigate some of the signature dishes to order. The first dish was La Phet Thoke, or Tea Leaf Salad ($140). According to the staff, this is the country’s favorite salad and most popular dish. The chef had pickled the tea leaves, then mixed with shredded cabbage and onion, along with some cherry tomatoes, Burmese crunchy peas, and an abundance of sesames. The marinade of fish sauce and lime provided appetizing acidity and savory flavors. While the pickled tea leaves were quite unique in taste, it was a bit too salty.The other appetizer we ordered was Village-Style Egg Curry Bites ($115). Inspired by a local street food, the chef had soft-boiled the free-range eggs in curry and then putting some caramelized onion, dried shrimps, peas, and nuts, with a coriander sauce. We both liked this better than the salad, in the way the different ingredients integrated well to give a complex array of spicy, savory, and sweet flavors, to the contrasting texture of the soft egg and crunchy peas and nuts. Highly recommended. The Mohinga ($170) is a national dish. A soup noodle, the catfish broth was rich in flavors, with the lemongrass bringing in fragrance to the thin round rice noodles. The crispy split peas, soft-boiled egg, coriander, and homemade chili oil all added to a complete feast in taste and texture, with the different elements surprisingly well harmonized. A must try in my opinion.The main dish we ordered was Ngar Kin Chin Sat or Roasted Whole Sea Bream ($395). The roasted sea bream was nicely seasoned, garnished with an abundance of refreshing ginger and lemongrass. Not only did the herbs provided a sweet spicy and fragrance to the fish, the crunchy bite was also a good complement on texture too. Wrapping up with dessert, we had Burmese Tea Ice-cream ($120). It was a tribute to the tea culture of Burma and the many tea houses across the nation, with the chef making the ice-cream using the elevated Burmese milk tea, adjusted with reduced sweetness to cater for local preference. On the bottom there was the banana crumble, again playing the card of mixing the different texture to provide an interesting contrast on the palate. A nice one as well.Service was good, with the staff friendly and eager to help, despite being very busy with full-booking on a no-special Wednesday evening, demonstrating the restaurant's popularity. The bill was $1,197 which is reasonable. Whether to explore the Burma cuisine, or simply to enjoy a nice meal, this restaurant is a good place to consider. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2022-05-07
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EAST 東 ⇨ feature: @clubrangoonhk 🇲🇲Price: HK$200-400ppQuality: 👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳Recommend: 💖💖💖💖Service: 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️(Ratings out of 5)OVERALL: Authentic Burmese food by @common.abode , we were so excited to come back for brunch (with FREE FLOW available, and non alcoholic free flow as well) - starters to share, choose your main & house dessert feature as a set
DISHES: 🥔samosa - potato samosa, super crispy, the carb on carbs filling along with spices around satisfy all senses🥕veggie fritters - tempura-like dish with veggies, came with a tamarind dipping sauce, pretty tasty but a bit oily🐟🥘fish curry - a dish to die for (first pic) all round hearty and flavors mesh well tgt, highly recommended!!  🍷drinks - $238 for unlimited bloody mary/mojito/ house mixes, easily worth it for boozy brunch cravings 繼續閱讀
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️📍Club Rangoon (Central)🍴為食妹好鍾意食異國菜所以bookmark咗呢間緬甸菜好耐,終於去咗試,門口都幾隱蔽同埋招牌好細,好容易會行過咗,餐廳環境比較昏暗,好似去咗秘密餐廳咁😎餐廳經理好熱情,推薦完餐廳嘅招牌cocktail,再簡單介紹咗餐牌上嘅菜式同招牌菜式,再根據人數提議應該叫幾多道菜,非常貼心🥰~ Small plates • mutton samusa ($100/2)• potato samusa ($40)🍴為食妹一行三人唔想食四件咖哩角但係兩款口味都想試,經理就好好人咁話可以散叫一件嚟試😆,兩款咖哩角都炸到熱辣辣脆卜卜,咖哩鹹牛肉加入咗少少洋蔥粒,鹹香十足,咖哩薯仔就口感綿密,不比鹹牛肉遜色👍🏻~ Salads• la phet thoke ($140) (tea leaf salad)🍴經理介紹呢款茶葉沙律係每逢緬甸人請客必有嘅前菜,材料有醃茶葉、椰菜絲、車厘茄、紫洋蔥同緬甸特製嘅脆豆,成個沙律啲材料都爽爽脆脆,調味酸酸甜甜非常清新🌱,每一口都咀嚼到少少茶葉碎所以口腔內會充滿茶香,仲留有餘韻,非常特別☺️~ Noodles• ohn no khout swel ($180) (coconut noodle)🍴呢道擺盤好靚嘅係椰子麵,廚師將蛋麵放入加咗椰漿嘅雞咖哩,味道有啲似好濃稠嘅叻沙🤣,有好香嘅香茅味,拌勻麵上面嘅辣油後,夾起麵條掛住濃郁嘅椰漿咖哩,帶點辣勁超級惹味😋,雞粒唔算好滑,不過成碗麵食得多會有少少膩,建議三至四個人分享呀🙈~ Large plates• kha yan thee hnat ($150) (aubergine curry)🍴呢款係經理推薦嘅茄子咖哩,茄子畀咖哩煮得軟度啱啱好又入味,唔會爛巴巴,味道甜甜辣辣,估唔到茄子加埋咖哩原來都幾夾喎,配埋個黃豆乾葱炒飯就啱哂喇😎• ngar kin chin sat ($395) (roast whole sea bream)🍴為食妹好鐘意食燒魚,呢條燒鯛魚超大條,燒得外脆內軟,外皮香脆,內裡肉質鮮嫩,仲有肉汁流岀嚟🤤,魚肉一啲都唔腥口感彈牙,魚下面鋪咗一層自家製香茅薑蔥辣醬,都幾辣下🔥,加埋一齊食令魚肉增添辣味,更有東南亞風味🤗~ Sides • yellow pea fried rice with crispy shallots ($50)~ Desserts• burmese tea ice cream ($120)🍴呢款甜品超有驚喜😍,紅茶味雪糕超濃茶味,好軟滑唔會太甜,底下係banana crumble ,軟糯香甜嘅香蕉粒,加上旁邊嘅脆餅碎,同紅茶雪糕非常配搭,又香又甜有軟有脆,層次非常豐富超好味😋~ Drinks• floating garden ($98)• da nyin gone ($98)• ode to dawei ($128)—————————⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💲💲 繼續閱讀
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lunch menu very limited to 3 noodles options plus dessert. so if you are a heavy eater go somewhere else or order 2! noodle broth was very good and rich fish based highly recommended. appeals to the work crowd though not cheap over 100 pp. plush comfortable seating and good for after work drinks 繼續閱讀
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