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等級4 2016-02-11
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跟好友Oli的午餐局,約了又約,改了又改,終於在臨過農曆年前,夾得到日子,同佢撐檯腳。大家在約地點時,出了些誤會,幾乎一個去左餐廳A,另一個去了餐廳B,真的7到核爆。可能大家都吸左毒,神志不清。事情是咁的。我收到對方既電話,佢講:「喂喂,我行勻成條街,都搵唔到間餐廳,應該執左喇!」吓?咩執左,我坐低左啦喎~ 我說。Ooops~~ 大家才晃然大悟。幸好,其中一間餐廳,真係執左。結果,我們來到了這家,California Vintage,好有酒吧feel。不過,中午一檯客都無,伏伏地。檯下置有釣,讓客人放袋,算是細心位。雖則,現今好多餐廳食肆,已有這個「裝置」。大家都是細食之人,喝完湯,恐怕唔使再食主菜。因此,我倆均選擇了田園沙律。整個沙律,大致新鮮,但我最欣賞的,卻是那些車厘茄,鮮甜到不得了,被我吃清光。我挑了安格斯牛漢堡,要求Medium的生熟程度。然而,那塊牛肉,乾巴巴的,沒半點肉汁,唯幸,仍有些少肉香。都係多吃幾條薯條,更好。Oli也是吃漢堡(其實都係些牙食啦!),但是迷你版本,牛羊豬的餡料。試了半份豬,嚡個我條脷。據知羊的情況,比豬更壞。又係果句,食多幾條薯條好過啦~雖對這的甜品沒太大期望,但眼見只加十幾蚊至廿幾蚊就可吃到,又好想試試。分別來了朱古力慕思,以及芝士蛋糕。兩者水準也很一般,相比之下,芝士蛋糕要好丁點,起碼芝味濃。那杯Latte,是近年喝過最不濟的。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2015-12-16
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if you're looking for bland food to drown your money in come here.ordered the pumpkin soup and the skirt steak with garlic fries.the pumpkin soup was watery and lacked in richness or any resmeblance to a pumpkin soup.the steak was incredibly tasteless with a burnt outerlayer.. so burnt was the taste.the garlic chips were overcooked and the garlic overpowered everything, besides the great decor and the good service, recommend going somewhere else for food.only good thing would be happy hour, and you'll need it to get through the food 👍🏼 繼續閱讀
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My GF were deeply obsesed with their french frise .To be honest,thats pretty nice though .Original Version erfect skinny french frise with slight herbs on top ,slightly chilli with tomato salsa and cream cheese on side Thin Beef tendarine served with toaste and tomato salsa New Version :No herbs on french frise any more,no salsa on side anymore(thats really a bad news for us)We didnt order beef ,but cod fish.That's really nice!It suprised me a lot !My GF like this either !I am sorry that we didn't provide photos,porperbly that's way too dark for taking photos. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-05-06
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Here's a fact about me: I love tacos. I will go to any HK place that has tacos at least once to try them. This is a place that has tacos, and thus I went to try them.First of all, the menus were confusing. The regular menu has "tacos" (plural) on it, and describes the tacos. It doesn't say "if you order this we will also give you x, y, and z with it." The set lunch menu says "choice of taco" (in the singular) and says it comes with fries (plus the normal set stuff: salad, drink, dessert). Since we wanted more than one taco and fries are a bizarre acompaniment to tacos, we tried to order off the regular menu. After a bunch of confused discussion with the server, we discovered that the tacos on the regular menu, although they don't seem to come with fries, do come with fries; and that the "taco" on the set menu, although it doesn't seem to be in the plural, is in the plural; and thus the menu items, differently described though they may be, are nevertheless identical.OK, so we got the set taco(s). The meal begins with a Caesar salad. I believe that I've never had a Caesar salad come before I was about to eat taco(s). It's pretty paired down: romaine, parmesan, croutons. The croutons were a little weak, but it was mostly fine. It was mediocre given the mad Caesar salad set lunch game some places run in this town. CAlright, french fries with taco(s)? I mean, they obviously have corn tortillas and a deep fryer, and what's more they have tortillas chips and salsa on the menu! Bizarre as that was, the red stuff wasn't ketchup. Cocktail sauce or marinara sauce or something, but not ketchup. And the tacos were meh. Steak tacos are not just pieces of steak in a taco. Or at least they shouldn't be. Not particularly good. C-The carnitas tacos were better, but not by a lot. Here's how you make good carnitas: you slow-cook the pork until it's falling-apart tender, then you fry it in fat to get it crispy. It's amazing and it's pretty easy to do at home. These carnitas were oddly dry and chewy. I don't even know how you do that. CMy ultimate judgment is roughly: "That's not a thing." You don't eat fries with taco(s). You don't dip fries in marinara sauce. You don't just put a piece of steak on a tortilla and call it a steak taco. That's not a thing. Nobody does that. For a reason, nobody does that.It wasn't bad. But it was only OK. 繼續閱讀
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I work in Central and always pass by this restaurant during lunch time. I think I should give a shot to it. I went with three of my fds who love wines. I am definitely not a drinker but I am a 120% meat lover. I was very happy when I look at the menu. There are lots of selection of tacos, and most important they serve a gigantic piece of new york steak. I was thinking just doing beer but the servers recommmanded me trying some of the red. They literally gave me some little tastings. Somehow, I started swirling the wine glasses with my fds. My fd told me they have the so-far most comprehensive Cali wines selection and seems they enjoys the wine.(me too) They also have the "wine machine" that is very cool~ We can like pour our own wines. I guess there are around 15 machines,  collectively have more than 40 diff wines. We are going try this next time.We were sitting at the bar area which is right in front of the open kitchen. The bar area is small but perfectly fit four big man. We have couples of the garlic fries, some sliders tacos and the NY steak. They are absolutely stunning and cooked to perfection!!! One thing to notice is the ventilation system SUCKSSSSSS. It seems not working at all, we were almost choking when eating. I think they need to fix this immediately!!Anyway, we were having a great night! 繼續閱讀
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