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等級2 2017-08-19
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This was the second repeated weekend we were here and the food did not disappoint. Lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; . They had potato one time and the first time, they had chickpeas and cabbage. Today, they had kala chana (a thinner, smaller and darker version of chickpeas) and squash as the other. Preparations of the meal - on point, Very home style. The dal was out of the park good. We've been living out of suitcases for over a month and a half now, hence, more appreciation for the home style food; Last time, the husband got chola bhatura (chickpeas curry fried leavened flatbread), which was good. A smaller small sized bhatura but nicely done. And we also got the medu vada (fried lentil dumplings for the lack of being able to explain it better ), Which was great. Perfectly fried, cooked inside, crisp outside. And a very very very nice sambhar - the kind I like, in terms of the taste and the tadka. It did not have as many vegetables as we usually put at Home, put it home run for meThis time, it was vada pav and capsicum paneer masala, also known as kadhai paneer. Both were good, again. The panner sabzi gravy was not the smooth ones like you usually get at the North Indian restaurants, but was more chunky. And With lot garlic, it tasted very good The vada pav was not as expected. They served the vadas and the pav breads separately, with a side of sambhar and coconut chutney. It was missing the quintessential dry garlic chutney. And I like green chutney as well with it. The besan ( Chickpea flour batter) layer could have been thicker.  繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-06-25
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尖沙咀一向都有好多印度餐廳,但我最鐘意既就一定係branto啦。branto係做南印素食,當然唔少得食masala alo dosa,表皮脆口,中間有咖哩薯仔好香口好味,palak paneer即係菠菜芝士,亦係我其中一樣最鐘意既印度食物,送飯一流,芝士香濃軟滑! mango lassi唔使講,印度芒果出名好味,有花香架但價錢都唔平,所以適合大班朋友黎share記得訂位,好多人架 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-06-10
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今日同屋企人去完太空館天象廳睇「極光」,睇完都兩點幾鐘,所以就諗住去尖沙咀搵嘢食🤡 之後就去咗呢間Branto 食印度咖哩,原來佢係素食餐廳嚟架!首先嚟到嘅係 豆蓉配包PAV BHAJI $74唔好見佢個豆蓉紅卜卜,其實係因為落咗蕃茄,酸酸辣辣,超級從印度香料味!再配埋佢個包點嚟食,超好味呀!早唧埋啲檸檬汁落去仲開胃!😍👍🏻最值得一讚係佢個餐包,同平時嘅好唔同!應該係落咗粘米粉,所以成個包軟熟之餘好濕潤,而且好彈牙!好好食!裏面仲係搽咗牛油架!😛🍞之後仲叫咗個 印度芝士白咖喱 PANEER KORMA $79🧀呢個芝士白咖哩冇咩咖喱味,而且味道較淡🤔 但就有勁多芝士, 每食一啖就有一舊羊奶芝士!好重手😂 但呢個就有少少膩,最好同人share~ 👭最後因為仲剩返好多豆蓉同咖喱,所以encore多兩個餐包👏🏻😌👅請俾分:7.5/10 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-03-21
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話說半年前去完印度返香港,一直念念不忘南印素菜,餓咗半年,今日終於搵到賣飛佛,真係巧感動啊! 怕無位所以打去book枱,不過佢無叫我留電話。餐廳好易搵,MTR 出左地面向樂道行幾步就到,店子位於大廈一樓。7點去到,未算好full,不過食食下就繼續有客,但多數印度人丶外國人,同外籍華人多。店子細細,不過不算擠迫,上菜比想像中快,又唔趕客,hea食左個幾鐘。叫左個set,呢個餐其實我一個人都絕對𡁻得曬。有印度飯(米身長同輕身d)丶薄餅、脆餅丶蕃茄湯丶乳酪,幾個印度餸,印度炸物,仲有甜品。因為之前喺印度用叉食印度薄餅俾個印度人取笑完之後 ,以後食印度薄餅我都只會用手 。抆開薄餅,薄餅微溫,略煙韌,帶少許麥香,不油賺,用少許薄餅沾豆蓉、茄子或印度芝左等同食,好味!拌白飯的話,如果唔介意可以用手,不過印度人食飯其實又唔係個個都會用手,佢地有部分人都係會用羹。勺一羹豆蓉(或其他餸,再勺少少乳酪,撈埋一羹飯,甘樣食,其實好好味(之前去印度見佢地係甘食法)。2舊炸物,not my cup of tea.白色果碗甜品,無在印度時食果個甘甜,仲有好濃香料味,讚。如果覺得辣,可以食片洋蔥,真係會無甘辣,不過會口臭囉!蕃茄湯味道比想像要濃,湯中有脆脆麵包粒,吸曬濃d精華,真如Do姐話齋,幾得意。脆餅有香料灑在面,鋪了洋蔥碎、蕃茄碎,微辣,惹味。香煎黃豆蓉,唔辣,最正都係加少少乳酪,拌飯同食。青豆菜汁薯仔,唔辣,青豆味濃,帶甜,隱約滲出絲絲芝士味,單拌飯同食,一流; 同薄餅一齊食,亦唔錯。另外再加了2塊薄餅。去食印度野,無理由唔飲Masala tea,奶味濃,滑身,好香香料Masala味。不過同Masala tea比,呢度的tea(含奶)仲正,本來稔住要齋茶,但一時忘記印度的tea例必加奶,齋茶一定要講black tea,不過杯tea又有d驚喜,仲好飲過Masala tea.身邊隻肥野聽到話食素,鬼殺甘嘈話會唔夠飽。傻的嗎?印度素食會食唔飽,無可能囉!飽到上心口呀。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2015-06-19
6146 瀏覽
I am a regular here- I go pretty much every fortnight and I first started going as a child back in 1999. Absolutely amazing food- probably the best South Indian in Hong Kong with very reasonable pricing. Table waiting can vary depending on public holidays/ weekends- I've never amde a reservation and almost had to wait for 20 minutes. In my opinion even a 20 minute wait is nothing compared to the excellent food, friendly and helpful staff and brilliant service. Food comes out very quickly and I can bring non-indians as they have a fully pictured menu for those new to south indian cuisine. Amongst the curries the Palak paneer was amazing and the aloo gobi is also very good. I usually stick to chole bhaturas, pav bhaji and dosas and the starters. If there are people who can't have too spicy food, the staff is happy to cater for this and if you want the masala on the side of dosas they will hapily accommodate and bring you extra sambar if required! It's family friendly and good for groups up to 6 I'd say as the area is quite small but I have a feeling if you call ahead regarding a large table they'd be happy to accommodate. I think they deliver around TST but I'm not too sure. I only wish they delivered on HK Isalnd as I would probably eat their food everyday if they did!  繼續閱讀
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