bong pro-dry aging
港鐵黃埔站 C1 出口, 步行約4分鐘 繼續閱讀
韓國西餐廳,在香港自設廠房,主打乾式熟成牛肉。景觀不錯,能遠眺到紅磡碼頭。 繼續閱讀
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香港自設廠房 一流「韓式熟成牛排」
bong 設於紅磡嘉里酒店內,遠眺紅磡碼頭海旁,氣氛情調一流。餐廳主打「韓式熟成牛排」,在香港自設廠房用牛肉本身的天然酵素在120天裡熟成,讓肉質嫩滑多汁,甚至媲美一級韓牛肉質。bong 主要用美國中西部伊利諾州的「Aurora 穀飼黑安格斯Prime 級牛扒」,使用的酵素比一般強勁3倍外,120天的熟成期也比坊間的30至60天更久,讓肉質更軟嫩。

除了「韓式熟成牛排」外,bong 也有多道主打菜。先是主菜-「意式章魚沙律配芥末醬」、「藍鰭金槍魚刺生配芥末醬」都是開胃之選。bong 的麵包也是每天新鮮製造,相當鬆軟。


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等級3 2020-10-15
1262 瀏覽
知道呢度嘅house dry age牛扒好出名咁你都特登朋友嚟咗呢度試吓佢有兩個 dinner menu 不過我同朋友決定咗散叫因為set menu 個steak 得 250g我叫左蘑菇湯, dry age rib eye 同一份tiramisu 朋友叫左蕃茄湯 同 dry age rib eye 先講咗松露蘑菇湯普通中上水準松露同蘑菇唔係特別濃郁勝在所有材料都已經blend到傑身唔會食到一粒粒嘅蘑菇再嚟就係主角rib eyes 350g我叫左medium rare 廚師控制個火啱啱好肉身係紅亦唔帶血唔會乾身 亦好夠肉味係差調味差少少加埋佢個peppercorn sauce / 鹽就啱啱好Tiramisu 就不值一試整體 氣氛同環境都舒服主角牛扒亦都控制得好好 繼續閱讀
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疫情之下,日日都在家吃飯,非常沉悶 😞想起和老公不如去high tea 一下,所以臨時於星期六玩即興book 咗The Bong ,初時都冇抱太大期望,因為afternoon tea set來來去去都係個幾樣,好多甜品和蛋糕,得個甜字 😅但呢次有驚喜,佢都有提供好多款鹹點,甜品和蛋糕都有不同味道,價錢兩位只係$360(未加一),下午茶點又多又靚,餐廳位置又有海景睇,絕對係好好嘅打卡點。可能不是太多人知道此間酒店餐廳,人有少,絕對係high tea 的好選擇 👍🏼餐廳職員招呼都唔錯,又幫我哋影相,真係超乎想像的好,我會再去。 繼續閱讀
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Dry-aged steak 真的名不虛傳,不但肉味濃郁香醇,而且肉質幼嫩,把牛扒的肉味完全散發出來! 😋😋😋所謂dry-aged,就是把切好的牛肉,置放在一個溫、濕度都有控制的風乾櫃裏15-28天。在這個風乾櫃裏,在溫濕度的控制下,牛肉會失去多餘水分,而牛肉的肉汁會因為水分的流失而濃縮在既有的牛肉裏;而牛肉天然激素在風乾過程中被纖維分解,肉質會更鮮嫩。真的是牛肉中的極品! 😋😋😋😋😋😋 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2020-05-18
2398 瀏覽
Dry- aged Ribeye 🥩($588) has been hung to dry for several week and makes meat more tender and juicy. The Ribeye was served with 4 choicez of Himalayan pink salt, rock salt, seaweed salt etc and pickles/ mustard... The steak was indeed juicy and tender, but it wasnt the best I’ve had.Crab meat, Cheese and Truffle Linguini 🍝 ($288) generous amount of cheese and crab meat but the truffle was meh.. Service was reallly gooood tho 💯 Kerry hotel is super pretty for pictures esp the long staircase !!! Heard the restaurant is moving soon so better visit it asap 😊 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2020-03-08
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I was very much looking forward to this dinner with my friend, having seen the extended line of positive feedback that this restaurant received prior to our visit. My anticipation remained the same after being seated as the servers were courteous and attentive. My friend and I were planning to order a range of dishes from the menu in order to sample the variety and standard that this restaurant has to offer. To begin with, we ordered three dishes: (i) salmon ceviche with mango salsa, (ii) pan-friend scallop with baby asparagus served with basil pesto, and (iii) lobster bisque. We weren't able to decide on our mains, so we put that off till later.The salmon ceviche and pan-fried scallop arrived first. Admittedly, the presentation of both dishes was rather inviting on appearance. However, their taste failed to match what one would hope such dishes can deliver. Addressing the dishes in turni) Pan-fried Scallop with Baby Asparagus served with Basil PestoThe size of the scallops was rather small. There was hardly any colour on their surface - the sort of golden crust that we were hoping to see. This suggested the skillet wasn't likely to be not hot enough when the scallops were fried in order to create that sear. Given the lack of a golden crust, it came as no surprise therefore that the scallops tasted rather bland. We would say that they felt more like boiled, rather than pan-fried. The foam added no flavour to the dish whatsoever. We didn't even see/taste the basil pesto (could it be that foam...?). We raised to the server that the scallops didn't come out as the pan-fried to the way that we hoped. We also enquired whether the dish was meant to be like this given it was called "pan-fried" scallop after all. The answer that we got was "yes, it was meant to be like this". He didn't even seem bother to take on board our feedback and/or make any attempts to liaise with the kitchen chefs to offer a remake. That certainly left us on a sour note with this dish.(ii) Salmon Ceviche with Mango Salsa To be begin with, we don't understand why this dish would be called 'salmon ceviche' when salmon was being presented like this.  As we understand, ceviche is meant to "a seafood dish where diced cubes of raw fish marinate in a lemon or lime juice mixture, and the reaction of the citrus juices cures the fish protein and causes it to become opaque and firm while absorbing flavour." The flavour of salmon was of what you would expect a salmon, so no surprise there. However, the dish still tasted rather monotonous, with no 'pop' to our taste buds and excitement to go back for more. The salmon didn't pair well with that balsamic-like dressing at all. Given the experience that we had with the way how the server handled our feedback with the scallop dish, we didn't even bother to raise any comments on this dish.At the end, we didn't even finish both dishes as there were nothing inviting for us to continue. Given how disappointing the experience was by the end of the two dishes, we decided to cancel the lobster bisque and leave the restaurant to go somewhere else for dinner. Funny enough, we ended up in yet another Italian restaurant in Wanchai that turned out to be an amazing experience, so at least the other restaurant did save our night! Overall, we think the word 'disappointing' sums it all up. We didn't try enough dishes to be able to comment the quality of the restaurant. However, to say the least, this did come as a surprise against all the other positive comments/reviews that had been posted here. It could well be just our unlucky day, but even so, the way how the restaurant handled the customer feedback was far from satisfactory. For the '5-star' prices that they are charging the customers for their dishes, it leaves us to wonder whether it is worth that experience after all - the answer to our minds was a resounding 'no'. We had planned to spend circa. HKD2,000-3,000 for the whole meal but we ended with HKD1,000 with tummies filled with nothing of substance and joy.  We were glad that we didn't stay for the whole meal, probably a wisest call my friend had made.Finally, I hope the others would have better luck than us on their upcoming visits, but I personally won't be going back any time soon, if at all.  繼續閱讀
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