連續六年榮獲東京米芝蓮星級殊榮的人氣日本法式料理餐館 à nu retrouvez-vous,聯同日本話題手工法式蛋糕品牌été,海外第一分店現登陸尖沙咀海港城。 繼續閱讀
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My birthday celebration continues this week and tonight, I'm meeting up with Agent-I for dinner at à nu retrouvez-vous. Along with HAKU, à nu retrouvez-vous has been sitting on top of my to-do list for a while so I am glad to finally tick those two off my list this week.Located on the 4th floor of OTE (Ocean Terminal Extension), à nu retrouvez-vous is the sister restaurant of à nu retrouvez-vous Tokyo, a Japanese-French fine dining restaurant in Hiroo opened by owner-chef Shohei Shimono (下野 昌平) in 2009. Chef Shimono and his team went on to capture their first Michelin star in 2011 and that's where they've been for the past 6 years. It would be too much to expect Shimono-san to be here for the day-to-day operation so that's where head chef Yusuke Kitade (北出 佑介) comes in. Chef Kitade has been working alongside Shimono-san since 2013 so we knew we will be in very capable hands tonight. While we were offered some bread to start the meal, our server decided to give us a pop quiz on the name of the restaurant. The question was whether we knew how it translates into English (from French obviously). Well, that's a tough one for someone who flunked high school French and ended up taking Español to fulfill the second-language requirements. After a little bit of dead air, he finally had the answer for us (Thank you!). "Just as it is", the wise man said. He went onto explain that it's the mojo of the restaurant - to let the natural flavors of the ingredients shine the way they should.Now that we got our little French lesson out of the way, it's time for more bread. This time, some homemade brioche served with butter and sour cream.Almost at the same time, we got ourselves some amuse bouche. This was a really nice collection of small nibbles (from top to bottom), Hokkaido uni with bonito jelly, marinated tuna and artichoke purée with caviar all performing admirably for us. Before we even started picking apart our amuse bouche, we were handed the first course of our tasting menu. This was a very big piece of hamaguri clam which was served lukewarm with two distinctly different sauces - a wild vegetable vinaigrette (left) and lobster sauce (right). I thought the clam was very fresh and sweet, and personally I found it working much better with the umami-rich lobster sauce.Next up was poached Japanese egg served with in-season white asparagus that has been deep fried with a paper-thin batter. The egg was obviously a very special breed which could only be found somewhere to the south of Mount Fuji and because of what the hen ate, the flavors of the egg tended to be a little spicy (according to our server). I actually thought the egg tasted a bit like burrata cheese. A little cheesy but without the promised spiciness. While I like the texture of the poached egg, the star of this dish was clearly the deep-fried white asparagus. It was a pretty nice match with the saffron Hollandaise sauce that came with a hint of lemon.It was followed by charcoal grilled lobster with yuzu vinaigrette and lemongrass foam. There was a scoop of lobster tartare on the side to give us some contrasting texture and flavor. * From this point on, all photos were taken with my iPhone after the battery of my camera went dead..... *Smoked eel was mixed with silky foie gras terrine and pan seared slightly. What really made this dish extra special was the generous portion of sansho flower (花山椒) laying on top of the sea eel and foie gras terrine. These sansho flowers are only available for a few weeks every year and their season is wrapping up soon.There were a lot of flavors in this elegant dish (though not a lot of textures), with the smoky eel, velvety foie gras and aromatic sansho flower all doing its part in this symphony of flavors which was very enjoyable for our palates.Our fish course was pan fried kinmadai (金目鯛), a fish I'm more familiar as a sushi or sashimi.This had surprisingly nice texture. Perfectly moist and succulent, both signs of a beautifully cooked dish. Even the simplest finishing touches with seaweed butter, choy sum and fennel already did the trick. Finally the dish I have been long waiting for, the restaurant's A5 sirloin from Saga Prefecture.This was very tender with nice marbling all around. Again, two distinctly different sauces were provided to match the wagyu - beetroot purée and green pepper sauce. This wasn't even close. The beetroot purée was way better in neutralizing the richness of the wagyu. After our main dish, we had a nice pink guava granita with candied kiwi as our palate cleanser.Dessert was à nu retrouvez-vous's signature mango fleur d’été, with slices of fresh mango making up the shape of a rose.On the bottom were diplomat cream and crispy sable biscuit. Not bad but it definitely looked better than it tasted.A small petite four to wrap up this surprisingly impressive meal that lasted almost 3 hours (3 enjoyable hours).Million thanks to my food buddy who treated me to this wonderful birthday dinner tonight. I have just a few more birthday celebration meals to go so hopefully, I can go on a diet in time for my annual body check scheduled for early May. 繼續閱讀
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As an international city Hong Kong has always offered plenty of high end Japanese and French food, many of which claims to be Japanese French fusion, originally trying to get the best of both worlds, but more often than not it's not working. Nevertheless, A Nu is an exception. A very small restaurant located in the rear end of Harbor City with excellent view, A Nu is originally from Tokyo and is a one star restaurant in Tokyo, the manager said all their food are from Japan and are freshly prepared, so you can only have their 8 course tasting menu. Beginning with a starter of 3 kinds of salads. First course is a clam with 2 separate sauces. An Uni scrambled egg. Poaches langoustine which was really really good. Refreshing and tasty. I honestly think it doesn't taste bad but I'm not a great fan of fish sperm so I have to pass on this one. I only ate the risotto underneath. A Japanese red fish that is crispy with a buttery sauce. This was yummy. Main course was a duck which was pretty good. Desserts were pretty and delicious too, especially the chestnut one. The mango dessert had better looks than its taste. Overall speaking I think this was a pretty good dinning experience because the food was great and the services were really good. All the staff are sensitive to your movements and were very attentive. What matters the most is that they will go that extra mile to improve your dinning experience. I'm pretty certain this place will get their deserved recognition in Hong Kong, just like their Japanese counterpart. Although their tasting menu is pretty pricey but I personally find it reasonable given the quality of the food produce there. I'll definitely come back. 繼續閱讀
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生活莫過於享受人生,對自己好啲選擇一些有質素的餐廳,早前看了一段報導有一間日本過江龍米之蓮一星的餐廳進駐香港,餐廳是選用日本時令的食材烹調而成的日式和風法國餐。這間餐廳有一個特點是所有餐枱都是採用了150年歷史的木製成,非常罕有和特別。看著維港的夜景五光十色很有情調,餐廳裝潢優雅時尚,燈光柔和,一邊欣賞夜景一邊享受晚餐。Dinner Menu 有六度菜式加一度甜品,每道菜式好像藝術品,食之餘還有視覺的享受。Menu 也隨著季節性選用不同新鮮的食材而烹調。頭盤有三個小食放在碟上品嚐日本米酒蓮藕有微炸過加埋炸到香脆的金菇新鮮生蠔伴沙律菜在底面上有柚子和醬油調出來的醬汁味道甘甜北海道蛋和海膽加磨菇泡沫自製三款不同的麵包,暖暖的麵包蟹肉好鮮甜伴上菇菌日本金鯛魚,魚的皮煎到黃金色相當脆口肉質好嫩滑主菜日本和牛,和牛煮到五成熟,調較得啱啱好。另一個主菜羊,有三款不同的煮法有炭燒,慢煮及炆。食完主菜再送上了一粒雪葩給我們清一清。玫瑰芒果蛋糕是近年在東京大熱的Fleur d’ été法式甜品。另一款甜品以票子為主,賣相和味道都不錯。食完了甜品餐廳拿了一個盒過來給我們選擇一款茶葉,最後送上一杯熱茶。 繼續閱讀
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à nu retrouvez-vous的本店在東京,是米其林一星的法國餐廳,用的是日本的食材,法國的烹飪手法。香港分店開在海港城。晚餐應該只有一種8道的set menu,因為並沒有讓我們選擇,其中六道是海鮮,一道和牛,一道甜品。先上來三道開胃菜,分別是北海道的海膽hokkaido uni搭配fish stock jelly;snapper 真鯛魚;玉米做的泡沫。第一道是深炸Green eye fish,外皮很薄很脆,裡面魚肉肉質鮮嫩,吃起來很香,除了托盤落了一層油外,其它都很完美。接著上了麵包,每人一份日本牛油的軟麵包,以及seaweed黃油和soybean cream,我又另外選了墨魚大蒜的硬麵包。兩款麵包各有特色,都很好吃!搭配的黃油和奶油也很棒!接著是一道爽口的salad第四道是炭烤鰻魚搭配new spring onion醬汁,撒上黑松露。開始擔心黑松露的香氣會和炭燒鰻魚的香氣相互衝突,但多吃幾口又覺得這個搭配也挺不錯。第五道是藍龍蝦配seafood stock醬汁,旁邊是lobster tartare。擺盤漂亮,藍龍味道中規中矩,旁邊的tartare略顯多餘。第六道是pan fried amadai,搭配lemon mushroom sauce,旁邊佐秋葵。第七道是A5 wagyu beef,搭配一些蔬菜。A5牛肉肥而不膩,口感恰到好處,朋友吃完直說想再來一份!正式甜品上來前,是pink guava 搭配kiwi,用來清口解膩剛剛好。甜點有兩個選擇,朋友選了巧克力榛子的,我點了青蘋果雪葩搭配綠茶凍。青蘋果的味道非常濃郁,酸酸的,搭配greentea jelly中和青蘋果酸爽的味道。又是一道聽起來不搭配,吃起來意外覺得還不錯。最後附贈的甜品是巧克力黑松露馬卡龍和奶油泡芙,以及每人一杯茶。這套菜單的食材沒得說,Amadai,blue lobster,A5 wagyu beef,分量給的也不小氣。法式的烹調手法中規中矩但是味道都很扎實。擺盤用心,環境舒適,海景優美,服務貼心,不加酒1500hkd左右的價位,在香港算性價比高的了。至少我覺得完勝同一棟樓的一星Epure。推薦! 繼續閱讀
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