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等級4 2013-04-15
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Opened by the same group as a Sake Importer and wholesaler, it is always good to explore some sakes here. They serve them in Wine Glasses so you can experience the whole spectrum of flavours and aromas within the sakes on offer.Food wise - ordered some grilled Beef Tongues with Yuzu Pepper and another fried Tako Octopus with Salt & Pepper. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-01-19
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This Japanese caffe sells coffee by day, and Shochu and Sake with food by night under a different name called 越後. The day time Coffee Barista makes his drip coffee with a Japanese accent, which is something I miss on the odd days I am not craving for 3rd Wave coffee..Kenya Coffee AA -Half way between being all wine like and Japanese brood force. This was not 3rd wave coffee but at last it was balanced. ~ 7/10.Some Earl Grey Tea to start off with. Notice the Hour Glass as Timer for brewing time -Decent but not that exciting I heard but at least they took the effort.. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-01-04
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在12月中open rice 看到已經結業,心中有點疑問。12年12月24日平安夜相約女友到此相會,果然這是一個美麗的誤會,這裡只是黃昏6:00pm 前以咖啡店的形式營業。推門後,酒保先生還在,這麼便安心光顧。是夜點了推介的房島屋 兔心 濁酒 酒有實而厚,點點甜,可口呢。之後再來一瓶美丈夫 麗 也很順心。一如習慣點了魔鬼魚翅,香口~送酒一絕。是夜酒保先生送了芥末八爪魚作平安夜禮物,女友超喜歡其味道,個人對滑溜溜的食物有點厭惡,都淺嚐一點,新鮮的食物。再來一客蛋捲,有味啉,鰻魚,是會比較甜的。因為Merry Christmas ..所以什麼都甜啦。回想來了這店都很多次了,由於酒保先生是日籍,而不才小弟只會廣東話,但酒保先生一直也耐心和盡力用簡單英語和更簡單的廣東話,解釋這酒的特式,而不存硬銷感覺。漸漸大家都習慣了,而自己都會偶爾一人來,帶朋友來或和女友前來,有時候酒意正濃時,酒保先生也會問候一下,所以酒保先生談不上(絕對空虛)。對於個人而言,是喜歡這裡可以安靜的飲酒,酒保先生會給安間但又不會忽視的服務,是可以舒暢地思考和交談的環境。食物方面,個人在這會重飲多過重食,覺得這可以用食物來點綴酒的味道,不過還有一些食物還是出色的..是次沒有點不詳說。會再來光顧,不論是開心/傷心/要思考時,只要在這附近都會考慮這裡。P.S 感謝女友相助,以流暢的英語,清楚向酒保先生解釋我上一次要求的特別飲法。 繼續閱讀
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很有性格的洋風酒処。多款清酒,焼酎及日本威士忌。小量佐酒小食,有戶外位;適合絶對空虛的他;及背著龍紋身的她。Extremely moody bar with alfresco areaMelanchonic managerLarge selection of Sake, Sochu and Japanese whiskey Not for food but for drinks. The horror, the horror:My wife suggested this place for dinner . She tried coffee during the day at the same location and noticed a food menu. It's called "Nishimura Coffee Kan" during the day. But as we found out subsequently, it transforms to a very , very different type of place at night.In heaven, everything is alright. This place is a slightly westernized Japanese drinking den, with a small number of tables indoors (3 tables for 2-4) with comfortable leather chairs. The lightings were extremely dim. Importantly, there is an alfresco area perfect for smokers.A significant part of illumination came from a plasma TV showing the same black and white film repeatedly. The film was by Charlie Chaplain. It's about someone trying to make a living during the great depression. Human spirit was twisted by excessive industrialization and assembly lines. A rather sad movie.First time I really watched anything by Charlie Chaplain. It's actually very touching. I recommend having a look. The placed was manned by a lone Japanese manager. According to other reviewers, he used to be a chef from NAOZEN.He was very quiet and he an extremely melancholic feel to him.The decor, the alcohol selection, the black and white movie and most importantly, the Japanese manager, combined together and reminded me strongly of films like Apocalypse Now or Eraserhead.Selections:We ordered the following (see photos below):Grilled Sting Ray: Very thick and sweet. Most likely marinated in mirin. It both thicker and the texture slightly softer than blowfish. I could recommend this one ; Egg Maki (Egg roll): Very interesting. I was expecting a standard fluffy Japanese-style egg roll but this came as a surprise. It's egg roll but with a large piece of eel inside the egg roll. It had a lot of mirin (sweet Japanese marinade) and seaweed on top.Chicken Tsukune with Egg (Tsukune Tamago Doshi): The moment I see tsukune I had to order it. This was not a standard tsukune. It's a large, burger-sized piece of patty made of minced chicken and slightly...reheated - not fried or grilled - but reheated. Put a sunny side up on top and some ketchup and you get a decent pub grub. However, the chicken didn't really taste like anything. Interesting but not recommended.;Onion Skewer & Buta Bara Skwer (Osaka style): The manager really warned me a number of times not to order it. He told me it's $35 for a small piece of onion or buta bara. I insisted in ordering it. (Why put it on the menu then?) Turns out he was completely right. It's Osaka style kushi, i.e. it's fried with a bit of bread crumbs instead of the tempura batter. Very expensive for the quality and the quantity. Not recommended.Fried chicken nuggets: I had the same conversation with the manager over the chicken as well. He suggested not to order that as it was not value for money. Instead of $3X for one piece of chicken meat, he offered to fry me a number of chicken nuggets for HK$68, which I accepted.Those were pretty aromatic but the chicken cubes were too small. Comparing like with like, I definitely prefer the Saito Chicken at another Sake Bar - "Ome Ome". Eda mame: These came in a big bowl and were quite good. Not heavily salted.Drinks:All in all, the food experience was really just so-so. When it comes to drinks though, this place will not disappoint. Menu in three languages : Chinese, Japanese and English- More than 27 types of sochu to choose from;- Even more Sake and Japanese whiskey;- There is also a decent selection of mocktails. - However, to my utter dismay , just one type of beer- bottled Suntory Premium Malts! We ordered a glass of sochu, one beer, two cocktails, one half-bottle (?) of sake and finally, a Cuba Libre (essentially tasted like Black Russian).You could trust the recommendation of the manager. Just tell him what sort of sake you'd like and he'll recommend a few.Conclusion:The bill came down to more than HK$500 per head. The food is expensive but the drinks were reasonable.You could sit as long as you want. There is also an outdoor area for smokers. Very interesting decor. Good for drinks but not for food. When night falls , this place is not for girls (and guys) who like high-tea, French cuisine, pastel colors and vanilla flavoured cakes (e.g. my wife), it's more for Marlon Brando and the girl with a dragon tattoo...陰暗面:太太中午時候來了同一個地址,但店舖名稱是「西村咖啡館」。她覺得地方挻有趣。晚上,太太提議與另一朋友一起光顧sake bar. 我問那一間,Sakesan, Ome Ome 或其他供應sake 的,原來這西村咖啡晚上就變成「The Sake Bar」!這店藏身在一商業大廈內。不算特別難找。一推開玻璃門便進入了一個燈光昏暗的地方。前面是吧頭。店內有3張枱。私人空間很充足。我挻喜歡它有點英國式的皮櫈。糊口:食物主要是佐酒的小食。定價絕不便宜。點了魔鬼魚:這碟很不錯。比平常的雞泡魚乾肉厚。口感豐富一點。可以一試。燒蛋卷:很有特色。大量味醂及海笞。中間更有鰻魚。味道很甜。免治雞肉加何包蛋:肉厚但是味道一般,有點雪藏味。大阪五花腩串燒,洋蔥串燒。其實日籍負責人已多次強調$38-$48只有一件,但是我堅持點了。結果:性價比很低。不推介。可能定價的與負責人是兩個人?這是我嘗試正面地合理化這奇怪的現像。(已結業的Kushi studio 質素及性價比很高。結業後我暫未找到有供應大阪串燒的地方。)我亦點了雞肉串燒(HK$38一件),負責人提出HK$68替我炸數件雞塊。我不介意。炸雞算香口但沒有什麼特別。【Ome Ome】 的齊藤炸雞好得多。買醉:這確是喝酒的地方。大量清酒及燒酎可供選擇。約有十款日本威士忌,十多款雞尾酒及沒有酒精的Mocktail.但啤酒卻只有一款!叫了一杯嶢酎。名稱忘了。二合的「䈬一」(?)味道偏甜,很濃郁可口。很易上腦!小心。一杯Cuba Libre. 味道很似Black Russian. 有Coke加Rum。兩位女士除清酒外都各點了一杯雞尾酒。埋單約千五。!(◎_◎;)戰後餘生:大電視不斷重覆播著黑白片。是卓別靈的。內容大概是講述一個活在美國工業化時代的小人物,因被過度機械化被逼瘋了。氣氛詭異。一間這樣的酒吧的氣氛很大程度上被主理人的性格影響。日籍負責人雖然有點嚴肅。但他是有禮貌的。我問他可否拍照他說沒有問題,完全不介意。其他時侯他都是靜靜地站在一旁,或偶爾在戸外抽根煙。但可能你會覺得他很酷,很有性格。很有「絶對空虛」的Feel。整個組合令我想起打完越戰美軍的模樣。隨行的兩位日本女士並不習慣這種待人接物方式。但之後我留意到一位應該是熟客的華人,負責人都是這樣的。笑容最多提升半厘米。兼送一包卡樂B。所以應該是外觀問題,並無惡意。(我都是屬於外表嚴肅的一羣。所以我可以理解。)他不會催客人落單,亦不會硬稍任何東西。(甚至叫客人不要點些性價比低的東西!)你點完後你可以慢慢喝酒傾談。絶不會有被趕的感覺。是與朋友慢慢喝酒的好地方。醉生夢死:總結來說,如果你重點是食物,這裏不太適合你。論食物及性價比,我只會給【OK】。如果你喜愛High Tea,甜點,粉色調,法國菜及天然光(像我太太),這裏亦未必適合你。你還可能會覺得有點恐佈。若喜歡在燈光昏暗的環境內,一邊喝著烈酒,一邊抽煙,回憶過去...那絶對空虛的他和內心有龍紋身的她,應十分喜歡這裏。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-05-07
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星期五的晚上, 大雨, 為了方便再一次光顧這裡.很喜歡這裡清靜的環境, 容許你很舒服地坐著和朋友傾談還有一個小露台, 煙民至愛厚厚的一本清酒餐牌, 不想多看, 由老闆瀨谷先生推介他是一個老實人, 你說你的要求, 他便會選合適你的酒, 絕不硬銷是夜喝了這一支名叫龍睡的純米, 可對男士來說有一點點過甜從前吃過這裡的佐酒小食, 全由從前在Naozen工作的瀨谷先生主理, 款式不多卻全都是日式居酒屋的小食這次見食物的款式多了, 有機會要再來試試 繼續閱讀
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