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食評 (163)
等級4 2022-10-17
1067 瀏覽
食物正常發揮…… 正宗港式日本菜食set lunch 一啲都唔平….要百幾人一個人,但就只係一般菜式令我有點失望而且,佢個menu古怪到盡頭有兩大陀生肉,放在煮食上面…而佢又唔係鍋物/燒烤…真係唔知點解不過,朋友話想食…. 只好奉陪由於無乜expectations …..反而無覺得好差 hahahaha先來了一個蟹子沙律….味道正常,起碼夠凍,同埋夠蟹蟹子,算係交到功課後來的地獄叉燒拉麵地獄就係韓式辣醬味而叉燒只有一塊…. 仲要好硬不過佢又有好多其他配菜… 都算係咁啦….朋友叫了牛肉拉麵來了一碗中式清湯腩!食得,無難食不過唔日式… 仲要百幾蚊…完 繼續閱讀
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05.10.2022 星期三賀喜 (美孚新邨)原本今晚並不打算到美孚吃晚餐,但在誤打誤撞之下來到,於是馬上到Open Rice找找有甚麼推介,錯有錯著,竟然遇上了賀喜這間日式餐廳。餐廳以平實裝修為主,座位不算很多,但座位之間有足夠空間,坐得舒適。餐牌很精美,圖文並茂,一本是散叫,另一來是套餐,選擇很多,真的叫人目不暇給。我倆選擇了一個$788二人套餐,非常豐富,好抵食,包括前菜二付、時令五點刺身、牛油果蟹子沙律二人、大葉蝦膠天婦羅、鰻魚玉子燒、西京二重奏(三文魚,銀雪魚)、手握壽司四件、野菌鯛魚湯二人、生果。因為朋友對蝦蟹敏感,所以原本松葉蟹玉子燒轉了鰻魚。整個餐好用心烹製,剌身新鮮,魚湯好鮮甜,推介。燒物-燒鹿兒島A4和牛肉眼$248因為朋友生日,喜歡吃和牛,所以特意叫多一份A4和牛,味道不錯。想不到遇上一間不錯的日本食肆,有機會去美孚可以試試。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2022-05-19
1323 瀏覽
做野去開美孚,本來都以為冇咩好食, 見到一間食日式野嘅餐廳,於是走入去試下叫左個鰻魚飯,燒牛舌鰻魚飯份量夠大,D鰻魚真係有入口即溶的感覺, 而且燒得好香, 性價比真係好高牛舌有咬口,加少少檸檬汁,好好食,估唔到係住宅區都可以搵到一間好食嘅日式小店下次一定叫多D人黎一齊食,試多D唔同野食 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2022-03-08
1177 瀏覽
午餐外賣柚香角切魚生飯, 套餐配有茶碗蒸、甜點及味增湯 職員服務態度親切友善 魚生飯鋪滿蟹子 很足料 ¨̮♡︎ 每一口魚生飯中都滲透著淡淡柚子香 中和了魚生的膩 角切魚生種類豐富 有三文魚 帶子 油甘魚 吞拿魚等等 亦有青瓜粒粒 同玉子 份量也很足夠 不會飯多過送 ( *•ᵌ•) 口感很好 除了有肥美魚生還有粒粒蟹子卜卜在口中爆開茶碗蒸、甜點及味增湯屬正常發揮普普見到茶碗蒸上有一些黑色的醬?以為是黑松露醬 但食落又唔係 無口味😂 刺身飯黎講 質素對得住價錢 ♪︎ 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2021-11-24
1283 瀏覽
Whenever a suggestion is made, many have heard it, some know how to improve, but few, FEW actually do it, and this restaurant is truly one of the few.Last review, I made a critique on its service, on the attitude of workers and the lack of service on changing seats(at least from what I remembered, though now that I think, the latter could be justifiable).What I really want to say is this has dramatically improved since my last visit, which has prompted me to write this review.Firstly, as I enter the restaurant, the staff tells me they need to pack a table up, and asks us to wait. In which they do pack it swiftly, as we were inside faster than you could respond to a WhatsApp message.Before I took my seat, I made a slight arrangement in flipping my seat to the one towards the more comfortable sofa, for which they agreed. AN EXCELLENT IMPROVEMENT to the suggestion of not being able to change seats last time. I also looked up at the ceiling, and found myself in the best seat with no aircon above me. ANOTHER small detail I pointed out during my last review. They really listened.After ordering my meal, they served us tea, which is warm and refreshing, pleasant to thy senses, before quickly serving the 5u5h1 we ordered.This 5u5hi looks like normal 5u5hi, however, that's what they want you to think. In fact, they are very great taste and appetiser. The salmon gives a firm taste, like normal, but the other one gives off a savory Berry-like taste of march. An extraordinary taste of spring, unseen by me till my first bite. Refreshing sense to the cold winds of winter. Next came the udon, a splendid dish with emphasised taste of the seas. The udon came like a fish soup, and in it are pieces of shrimp, clam, and crab. The use of sodium emphasises such taste in the sense it gives off a sense of warm rain of April. This is coupled with the vegetables inside them, infused with the taste of the youth of plants, and the warm radiance of the sun. I'd give it a 6 star if open rice allows itThis is the salad which I order. The top is laced with salmon roe and mayonnaise with crab meat and cucumber in the bottom. Now normally, I don't add mayonnaise into salads, being traumatised by many western salads ruining their refreshing taste with this sauce, but this salad is not meant to be much of a refreshment, but more of a starter dish to warm up. This means adding mayonnaise will actually help it achieve its purpose of beign a dish that raises the sensation of eating, and I, sure do feel that as my tongue slithers across pieces of cucumber and crab meat. Chomping down on it, my teeth easily bites through the slices with satisfaction as pieces cut off perfectly as if the sharpest blade is cutting through soft clay. Last came the sashimi. This dish contains salmon, squid, and shrimp. The salmon is firm, but easy to break into chunks, the squid gives off a really tense, that you have to chew and ground it before you can swallow. Now this is actually great as the squid releases taste of seas into the mouth like refreshing gums from the department store. The shrimp is large and quite taste, with a refreshing taste given off as soon as it enters the mouth. 繼續閱讀
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