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等級2 2013-05-04
236 瀏覽
This was my second visit to this gem of a restaurant. On my initial visit my partner and I shared a lovely meal on the terrace and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had read reviews criticizing the waitstaff's service but I liked that they weren't hovering. Maybe this would be a problem if you had a limited time to consume your meal but I found it refreshing to have them step back and allow us to consume our meal in a leisurely fashion. On the second visit I had a larger party to celebrate my birthday and one person in my party was displeased that he had to signal the waiter. With a larger group that has more demands, the laid back serving style presented a small problem but overall I still liked the relaxed atmosphere.Being American, I am no expert of French cuisine but my french friends seemed very pleased. We ordered three appetizers (frog legs, crab salad and cheese with carmelized onion), a seasonal potato dish, a seasonal entree, two fish, one rabbit and one lamb entree, and shared creme brulee and frozen nougat for dessert. Of the whole meal only the crab appetizer was just okay. The cheese on the other hand was one of the favorites. The french guests raved over the seasonal potato dish, which was made with lots of cheese. I decided to try sweetbreads for the first time (it was the seasonal entree) and it was one of the most delicious dishes that I have ever consumed in my life. It also was very filling and I was almost distraught that I couldn't gobble it all up but had to share it. The fish eaters liked the flavor but the cod dish's many bones were difficult to deal with. I may not recommend Didier for a business lunch but I would suggest it to anyone who wants to have a leisurely dinner. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-12
108 瀏覽
同事生日一行十幾人到此午餐, 侍應生給我們的menu全部A la Carte,唔通冇set lunch, 細問之下先拿給我們介紹, 頭盤有凍湯同沙津,主菜就有南瓜蟹肉論雲吞,牛排同魚大部份的同事都選擇了牛排和魚,過了十分鐘侍應說牛排不夠,有四份要轉,同事們就轉了南瓜蟹肉論雲吞,但全間餐廳只有我們一台客,唔通全店得五塊牛排問侍應有冇普通水就話冇,坐了四個字就有個比較高級女仕話快d幫客人加水,激死我說真的個麵包係全餐最好食,外脆內 ,真係好好食,我食了兩個,牛油要問侍應拿先比凍湯蒜蓉味很重, 我覺得很酸,不過同事說不錯沙津普通牛排ok原條燒倉魚上,幾特別 幾好食南瓜蟹肉論雲吞OK, 男士可能不夠食我覺得A la Carte很貴,set lunch價錢食物質素我覺得滿意.我覺得 首先要改善下個冷氣系統, 其次係上菜速度, 預備好足夠嘅食材, 最重要最重要既系改善服務質素,先可以吸引到更多人來幫襯 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-01-19
49 瀏覽
Walking through a long long way, we finally arrived this restaurant, but what's funny was 'we're at the back door'It's back door seem like front door, quite presentable, and quite nice! My sweetheart had reserved a table for two that night, and we'd one nearby old-fashioned door surrounding in green.The environment is really nice, and it's so comfortable and relax with soft music. We ordered several dishes, and they're all good!(1) Crab meet salad- It's so attractive!- Crab and salad are so fresh and appetitive!- It tastes sweet because of freshness!- It tastes a little bit sour because of the special sauce!(2) Fettucini with salmon and dried Italian tomatoes, olive oils- Again, it's so nice!- I love dried tomatoes, they are all all all delicious!- Sauce is mainly from olive oil, it's a bit oily, but it tastes quite good!- Fettucini is made just-in-time!- Salmon is good, but not surprised(3) Hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream - it is just remarkable!- I love desserts so much!- Although the cake is a bit sweet, with vanilla ice-cream is just right!- and the dish looks really nice!*Services were not very good, but fine. A waitress always presented different dishes for us, and she's fine though. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2011-05-02
29 瀏覽
Ok, so let's begin to breakdown what happened that evening. First of all,I've been to Didier once before with a great friend a few weeks back. We had a great time, and the food was delicious especially their Duck Confit.....Unfortunately, on this night, everything went wrong! I raved about how delicious their food was at Didier to my significant other and his parents who were visiting from Europe. We were seated promptly at 7pm as expected. It was a slow night for the restaurant. We were sitting outside in the patio. It was nice quiet pleasant evening. Ordered a Duck Confit, 3 Seabass dishes along with two salads : Nicoise and Warm Goat cheese with some greens. We asked for all the food to come all together, because we were hungry. We asked if there was garlic in some of the dishes, and the waitress replied, "yes, this dish does and this dish DOES NOT" (referring to the Seabass). As we trusted the waitress with her knowledge in Didier's food, we find ourselves sadly disappointed...10 minutes after being seated outside, we had moved inside to the other part of the restaurant. Condensation from the A/C units above the restaurant started to drip onto our table! And possibly into my glass of Coca Cola. So, we ventured inside to a table right next to the patio doors. After 40MINUTES, the food was no where to be seen!!!! Bread and water was not enough for a total of 50 minutes at this point. So, we kindly asked how much longer we had to wait? The waitress in the new section checks with kitchen and replied, " it's coming, it's on the way." Another 10 minutes go by, and yet there is no food on our sad table. So, we asked again, to the waiter this time, who is very nice, but, answered, "because the food was ordered all at once, it is not ready." OK OK OK.......stop for a moment....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've worked in restaurants back in the US. I know how the show is run. What to say and how to deal with an incident here and there, to make sure a customer is satisfied and want to dine there again and again. Especially in Hong Kong, when rent is high and turnovers run rampant, the way the staff handled their mistake, questions how do they make money? After the waiter suggested we have the two salads and the Duck Confit first. We agreed in unison. So now "management" swings by our table and speaks to "me." Why direct the conversation to me? I didn't respond in any fashion, just ate my food. Management continues to "explain" the fish (Seabass dish) needs a longer cooking time, so, it's not ready. Ok, so which is it? The food is not ready because it was ordered all at once or the Seabass needed extra time, they did not have enough space, or simply the fish were FROZEN so that's why we waited for almost and hour to get them on our table?!!! Didier had a total of 17 people in the restaurant that night! They were NOT busy at all. I heard crickets outside!! Then the moment of truth arrives. Of course, we were not surprised to find all three seabass dishes were not thoroughly cooked because, they were FROZEN fish with LOADS of chopped garlic, when the waitress specifically said there were none. And management made a big mistake by charging us for 2 out of the 3 Seabass dishes!!! Only 1 Seabass dish was consumed out of hunger. My dish was how I remembered it a few weeks back, but, all I can say is "Sorry, Duck Confit, you are not good enough for my return as a guest. I'll never see you again." Sooooooooooo sad.... 繼續閱讀
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19-3-2011留意咗呢度好耐, 是日終於有機會 lunch 嚟試試了. 約 2:00pm 嚟到仍然有 set lunch 供應, 不過大家想食的 roasted pigeon 及 sea bass 都無了, 結果轉完又轉, 最後 sea bass 變 red snapper, roasted pigeon 又變了 roasted chicken, 但就搞到收費就有點混亂, 到而家我都唔知究竟我哋有無俾多了錢 麵包烘得好熱, 外層厚身, 韌中帶脆, 中間密度幾高, 不過食落又幾軟熟, 帶麵粉香, 再塗點 lightly salted 的牛油, 好食喎. Starter 係 cured ham with pickles and olives: 一向唔喜歡漬菜, 後兩者都無食 Cured ham 片得好薄, 食落幾鹹, 但實在濃香, 正 On the side 仲有一小碗 mixed salad (餐牌又話係 Niçoise salad 來的?), 不過大部分沙律菜都軟撻撻, 生菜仲幾 rusty , vinaigrette 又太少, 食了兩啖立即將佢推埋一邊. Main 叫了 roasted chicken ($148): 係 spring chicken, 皮 roast 得薄脆,切開 d 肉見到不少水份, 不過只有雞脾位置係嫩滑的, 其他的白肉係好嚡又好硬 睇得見醬汁內有不少煮到腍晒的 baby onions (?), 味道則好甜, 仲有 raisins 的味道, 幾特別, 不過唔太啱口味; 旁邊仲有一小碗 potato wedges, 灑了鹽的, 食落唔脆, 薯味 ok, 不過又有點燶, 唔太喜歡.朋友食 whole red snapper ($188), 試了肉少少魚肉都幾鮮香, 不過 grill (?) 始終食唔慣, 亦唔係我喜歡的 red snapper 煮法, 旁邊的一堆 diced tomatoes / onions / olives etc (係咪叫 Provençal sauce?) 亦唔係我喜歡的味道 (鬼叫我唔食 olives...), 唔講太多了. 最吸引反而係配角之一 mashed potatoes, 雖然薯味一般又較多水, 但做得幼滑似 puree, 而且落了味道似 pesto 的調味, 食落香而不膩, 幾喜歡.食物 ok, 環境亦 ok, 不過檯底竟然有幾粒飯 , 仲黐了落我個袋度 , 唔知上幾多手的!? 衛生認真麻麻喎. 連加一埋單約 $163, 朋友的就約 $207, 整體印象麻麻, 唔知 a la carte 會唔會好 d? 不過應該唔會再來食 lunch 了. 繼續閱讀
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