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食評 (13)
等級3 2019-04-17
1046 瀏覽
Chef from Nadaman. Worked at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. With those credentials, how can one resist.The restaurant is in a slightly off beat location in Happy Valley. Simple and straight forward to find it. No problem.On this particular Sunday, we came to this beautiful little restaurant that is not typical of Happy Valley. Very modern Japanese, clean and subdued. Wonderful.We ordered the $588 lunch Kaiseki. And also a 180ml of cold sake.Uni, seaweed with Edamamae bean cream. A nice and refreshing start.Steamed egg custard with foie gras and crab meat. Frankly, we cannot see the foie gras inside but there was a distinct taste of foie gras. Very happy with this simple course.Sashimi - Nice small samplying. Hirame fin meat, toro and shimaji. Nice touch.Fried chicken with a yellow mayo. Not bad.A dumpling in clear soup. The dumpling was wrapped in a piece of cherry blossom leaf, to commemorate the cherry blossom season. Inside, is a piece of fish on top of a rice ball of sticky rice.  Very tasty.Large pot of rice cooked with tiny shrimps. Nice finish.A funny looking dessert of a fruit syrup on top of a sticky mess of granola. Not my favorite.They don't serve coffee.Sake recommended to us was very reasonably priced and adequate for this meal. Not the best but acceptable.The overall quality of the food was good, because they do use quality ingredients. And the kaiseki, judging from the lunch version, has dishes that were given careful thought to both taste and presentation, befitting of the kaiseki label. The food seems carefully prepared and definitely reminds me of the Nadaman clean execution. Would be nice to know what other sort of dishes he can make which is less formal and may be more fun. This is classical stuff and has its place.Service was nice and attentive. But then unfortunately we were the only customers there. The price for the lunch kaiseki set is not that different from that of Nadaman. I prefer to be here because of the more intimate setting. We have booked another return lunch for this month.The young looking chef is very professional but definitely not snooty. Married to a local Hong Kong girl and they have young kids. I hope they will do well.Apparently they must have miscalculated, and later to find out kaiseki and at these prices may not enjoy enthusiastic support from the local population at Happy Valley. I really hope they can make it through to some good times. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-04-04
671 瀏覽
早幾天有長輩👴🏻生日🎂,當然要請他吃餐好的!貴點也不要緊啦~最重要好食麻~所以朋友就推薦我來鈴木吃懷石料理了!Omakase Kaiseki (原本的價錢是$880,不過有幾道菜我加錢轉了)海膽甘鯛蒸物(另加$80)海膽份量不少~物超所值啊!五款刺身5款入面我最喜歡😘肉質細嫩的吞拿魚,超級甜的甜蝦!和蒸牛肉球這道菜是用和牛製成的!肉質超軟的~煎飽魚(另加$350)雖然貴,但好好食!整個口都是鮮味☺️蟹肉海膽黑松露釜飯我最最最難忘就是這個飯,從沒想過海膽加黑松露味道是那麼夾的!蘋果味蕨餅味道好特別啊!非常清新~這裏的確是不便宜,但細節位都很用心!用料名貴~來這裡慶生的話是不錯的選擇喔! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-01-28
875 瀏覽
走進店裡就只看到玲木師傅一個人廚房還有一個師傅店裡的食物就由兩個人完成哥說是非常的努力和辛苦座位上的餐紙每張都不一樣的會印上不同的字句這次點了個廚師發版餐先來個餐前小吃つまみ海膽和海膽布甸沒想到連布甸的海膽味道也是濃烈之後是黑松露和魚的蒸蛋好滑啊下一道刺身五款包括了帆立貝,班,赤身,深海池魚,牡丹蝦刺身新鮮師傅在早早已經切片準備好以減少客人的等待時間不過刺身方面沒什麼裝飾在相比之下顯得空虛之後回到熟吃白子和真鯛加上水菜和大根汁配襯得可好也能互相發揮出食物的味道主菜和牛扒最後的漬物清理味蕾後就是味噌湯和鯛魚飯食在下多添加了一碗忘了還有甜品哈整體而言不過不失不過在下比較大食這裡的份量比較少適合小食量的客人由於店裡只有兩個師傅出餐的速度不是快希望大家沒時間別來吃又要投訴來了就慢慢等著慢慢享受師傅用心的料理真的辛苦大家了 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2018-12-21
2056 瀏覽
懷石料理。精緻,細膩,優雅。作為減吃過後的第一餐,吃最好的食物,小口小口地吃,讓胃納慢慢適應,回復當年勇。第一道是上面放了海膽的溫泉蛋,加一點松露醬,下面墊著漬吞拿魚。除了吃意大利菜,不太喜歡松露醬,嫌太重味,蓋過其他滋味。這個就只有一點,輕輕地調味。流心蛋黃厚稠,海膽清甜的汁則較稀,配搭一流。第二道有兩個選擇。海膽下面是糯米飯,浸在汁裡,煙韌而不硬。另一款是菠菜蒸蛋配白味噌。三個食材的味道都很出,白味噌濃但不過重。五款刺身。帶子軟嫩。魷魚很黏,嚼勁一流。蝦亦黏滑又鮮甜。每一啖都是細膩的滋味。蕃茄切成粒,和牛油果做成沙律,是個清新的過場。和牛嫩又豐膩,肉汁豐盈。魚有兩款。右邊的燒完少少乾,少油脂的魚跟和牛成強烈對比。廣島蠔釜飯分成4碗剛好。雖然蠔不是特別鮮甜,但蠔的味滲入飯,吃起來很夠味,是很天然的調味。黏糯的飯,少少軟,不錯。茶漬飯,加芝麻醬是第一次。沒想到效果這麼好,飯沒被茶湯浸腍,清清的茶湯跟芝麻醬很夾。甜品有雲尼拿雪糕,水果啫喱配乳酪,一個清,一個濃,相映成趣。餓了幾天,還以為不夠飽。吃完甜品,才發現不知不覺地,胃已滿。大滿足。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2018-11-11
1315 瀏覽
聽聞金鐘香格里拉酒店灘萬料理的鈴木先生,在跑馬地經營日本餐廳。前幾天晚上,我便帶同家人來試試,我們一行六人點了周年套餐(店員說這是鈴木先生最新設計的menu),第一道菜式是我的至愛——海膽、Tuna和黑松露作的頭盤,非常美味,忍不住地另外再「散叫」一客,另外一道菜是Snow crab配上牛油果和蕃茄的沙律,也是要讚,好清新好回味!而且燒魚、和牛、刺生都很有水準,一邊吃一邊嘆著吟釀米酒,好正!!之後再來一道oyster釜飯和鯛魚茶漬飯(套餐有兩款飯選擇的),簡直十分滿足,連平時不喜歡吃飯的小朋友,也讓著要添飯!不得一提,這𥚃環境舒適、店員友善,令人吃得開懷下次再想食懷石料理的時候,不用到金鐘了,隨隨便便地走到跑馬地這間日本餐廳就是! 繼續閱讀
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