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等級4 2014-10-09
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Some friends of mine wanted to get hairy crabs before the season ended. According to Fuchsia Dunlop, "The 17th Century playwright Li Yu wrote that his heart lusted after [hairy crabs], and there was not a day in his life when he had not thought of them." I checked and 8 October is the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is when one eats the female crabs. However, upon inspecting some pictures of male vs. female hairy crabs, I believe we got the male ones.I found the menu at this place to be a little disappointing. There was only one noodle dish, and no dumplings-- but hey, we're at a seafood restaurant. However, the seafood didn't strike me as very enticing either. It was stuff like "lobster in cheese sauce," which isn't what I'd call a classic. We settled on these chilis. The menu seemed to say that there were green beans and chilis in the dish, but it was just chilis. However, I quite liked this rendition. The chilis were very firm and not mushy or overcooked, but nicely blistered. They came in a black bean sauce with fried garlic and dried red chilis. The dried chilis were spicy, but I'd have preferred more black beans. Excellent, A-We did get the one and only noodle dish. It was "soy sauce noodles" and that's what you're looking at: onions, scallions, noodles, soy sauce, punkt. I can't say it blew me away but for what it was it was totally acceptable. OK, C+.The other dish we got was pork and lotus root. No one at the table complained about it, but we didn't eat very much of it either. I found that the veggies were just cooked to a slimy mush, the sauce was bland, the pork was tough, and the lotus root was just in too large chunks to enjoy. I'd order something like this again at a different restaurant, but I wouldn't order this very dish again. C-We got only one crab per person. One of the writers for Sassy Hong Kong said it took her 45 minutes to finish her first hairy crab, and we didn't want to be there all night.You can tell it's male because of the two-part underbelly. On females it's just a big oval on the bottom.If you give the crabs a shot, and you're a noob like me, do read up on how to eat them. I read several primers and still had to get a demonstration from one of the servers. The main thing about the crabs is the roe/ semen (depending on whether you've got a female or male crab). There's meat in the claws and a little in the shell but it takes as much effort to get it as regular crabs, and it tastes about as good as regular crabs. The semen had pretty much the taste and texture of runny egg yolks. I'm sure there's something subtle here, but I'm also sure that faux hairy crab would be made with runny egg yolks. I read a rant the other day about how Westerners are lazy and want everything done for them by the chef-- they don't like bone shards or shrimp with the heads and shells still on or-- and I thought, "y'know, that is 100% true, at least as far as I'm concerned." Hairy crabs were fun to try once, but the effort is a lot, and the reward is yolky crab semen. I think I'll have a burger next time.As far as the restaurant goes, I wouldn't come back. But they delivered on the crabs we came for and they were extremely tolerant of our idiocy, so I'm quite happy with the experience at the end of the day. 繼續閱讀
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我們三個女人仔都好大食量,閒時喜歡去厚福漁舫食商務午餐,因為真是大件夾抵吃,個餐約$150,加雜費後埋單3人,每人約$75,食到要打包。有時枱面會沒有了商務午餐點心紙的,一定要問侍應。首先的燒味雙拼,燒鴨油潤夠肉汁。點心任選三款馬拉糕很鬆軟,一直對馬拉糕情有獨中, 必點!粉果和燒賣普通。仲有好多炒粉麵,個餐6人都食得哂。最後仲有一大鍋中湯,好誇張,成鍋給你自己裝,因為整鍋份量極多,自己添很多轉都可以。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-04
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從來不喜歡到這些'夜場'酒家, 事關多數污煙障氣, 嘈喧巴閉, 但是次沒得選擇, 是大夥人的活動, 不知是誰選的, 唯有赴會 脆皮薄羔少許肉, 一啖一啖當開胃小吃都可以很多的鵝腸, 沒嗅味, 很爽口, 略為太辣, 兼太多油不少的份量, 彈牙口感, 但若能更加薄切會更好不過不失的海鮮卷, 少許蝦肉, 偏多的沙律醬, 不太多油很有咬口的鮑, 味道還算清沒怪味, 每隻都算大, 尚算滿意 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-05-01
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星期日和媽打食茶, 見食評唔多, 但全部都係讚, 個舖門面和內部裝修就舊舊地, 十二點半左右到見無乜人, 仲即係有卡位, 講真點心味道算合格, 不過胜在件頭足, 山竹牛肉大大粒, 蝦餃又係大大粒, 蝦夠爽, 皮唔厚唔糊, 係個咸水角稍差, 個皮唔夠脆, 硬硬地, 但涵料足, 我就食晒個涵唔食皮 . 姐姐服務態度好又醒目, 一坐低見我周圍望個冷氣出風口, 就問我係唔係怕吹風, 我即刻話係, 姐姐即刻同我地轉位, .嘿嘿嘿 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-12-15
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今日lunch 又黎呢到拜訪!鍾意佢夠平, 夠快。我地多數叫佢d 特價點心, 最貴都係$10.9馬拉糕, 唔算好軟熟, 但味道ok煎蘿白糕. 油左d , 同埋無料既菜苗餃同潮州粉果, 味道ok, 唔厚皮鳳爪, 夠入味。牛肉球, 好細粒, 變左mini size鳳爪排骨飯, d 飯好濕, 好似好油咁, 無飯焦, 失敗煎釀茄子, 好味, 但都係好油最後埋單一人$33, 抵既, 如果佢無咁油就仲好。 繼續閱讀
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