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食評 (31)
等級4 2011-08-19
1146 瀏覽
又在團購網上買了優惠券,今次是資深傳媒人、現為名食譜作家馮美基創辦的「一口曲奇」的曲奇半價優惠。優惠包括新出品的紅莓曲奇 (100克包裝,原價 $48) 以及特濃朱古力曲奇 (原價 $53) 各一包。到店取餅時也試食了檸檬曲奇,這個竟然比我買的兩款曲奇更加好食!檸檬味超級強勁,清新而不油膩,現在想起才後悔沒有買。OK,說回手上有的兩款吧。每包曲奇以店子的主題色橙色和白色的紙盒包裝,再綁上同色系絲帶,真是送禮自用皆宜。先吃了特濃朱古力曲奇。可能是經過舟車勞頓,有好幾塊曲奇都已碎裂了,教我好心痛啊。不過那也不礙事,因為它們很快已給消滅了。此曲奇以採用委內瑞拉可可豆的 Valrhona 朱古力製造,深啡色的色澤,足證朱古力份量之足。曲奇入口即融,咬下時卻還有曲奇應有的脆度(那又沒有如 Jenny's 的曲奇「化」的那麼緊要) ,最重要的是,其牛油味香得來,仍有很甘美的朱古力濃香,兩者如水乳交融,相得益彰,朱古力迷一定無法抗拒!紅莓曲奇則比較脆口,撲鼻牛油香今次成為主角,質感鬆脆可人。餅乾內藏原粒小紅莓 (cranberry) 乾,味帶酸甜,煙煙韌韌,是很適合夏日的一款曲奇,配紅茶更添風味。聞名不如見面,一口曲奇果然餅如其名,一口一塊,好快食哂。但始終價錢不便宜(原價買的話還是有點貴),偶一為之好了。為文之時,一口曲奇已遷到灣仔皇后大道東136號地下B舖繼續營業,因此我取貨當日,店員小姐就送我一張 9 月內於新店使用,以購買品牌馳名的 Crunch Cake 的優惠券。到時塊新店買了來吃再為大家報導。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2011-07-29
525 瀏覽
今日有機會試下兩個唻自may’s cookies的旦糕!一個係crunch cake另一個就係white chocolate cheese cake! .may’s cookies的crunch cake 上的cream帶牛奶味,較香、幼滑,sponge cake部份鬆軟,旦糕真係做到好fluffy的感覺! 點石成金的crunch脆而唔會太硬,甜度適中,同整個旦糕配合得好好!但white chocolate cheese cake就比較失色,問題主要出於個朱古力餅底,雖然食落好似jacob橙餅咁ge味,但係再食耐d就會有d苦澀的味道..同埋好漏..下次有興建試埋佢個banoffee pie! 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2011-07-18
377 瀏覽
I have bought a groupon for 2 packs of May's cookies.it include a pack of 100g chocolate biscuit and a pack of cranberry biscuits and the texture of those biscuits are very crunchy and buttery.The chocolate one are full of valrhona chocolate and for sure it is for all chocolate lovers to die for but the cranberry one is just ok, cant really taste the chemical of cranberry and buttery biscuits, they seems does not go well together. Just a drawback from the cookies is the crispy biscuits probably need a more protective packaging pieces a tin as it is easily break into pieces or crumbs. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-07-07
228 瀏覽
五月下旬‧熱到脾有活動,主人家買來這裡不同的曲奇餅,只吃了一款,就是碎朱古力曲奇。薄薄的,脆口。但味道卻很不錯,夠朱古力味也有牛油香。不厚,所以也不膩,不錯。後來知道原來也有不少其他味道的,找一次試多幾味先。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-06-23
246 瀏覽
Mid-June(Gloomy)Trying out cakes that only come in a whole can be really hard if you were born into a family without a sweet tooth. While its okay buying mini cakes which they push away after taking a really small forkful, saying ‘you take the rest’ (and I am reluctant to), I am handicapped in having cakes that dont come in slices. The crunch cake from May’s cookies has always been on my the-cake-i-want-to-have wishlist, however I cant as it doesnt come in a mini. I was thrilled when i learn it would come in a 4-inch, for a limited period in June. It wasnt exactly cheap (i thought, not until i found out how much Maxim’s charged for their 3/4 angel cake), but I ordered one online straightaway.The mini cake was really, really small. It came with a pack of caramel crunch, which was slightly out-of-proportionally big and generous.We cut the cake after our dinner, and I deliberately ate less to save some room for the cake I had always wanted to try. Even the box was tiny – more like a tiny milk carton than a carrier for a cake meant to be shared among four adults.Ta-teh! The cake looked really nice. White and pure, the appearance resonates with the beautiful name of the cake. Its literally an angel, and a beautiful one, too. There was no decor but the little fluffs of cream, spurring outward, were enough.The only decor it needed were the caramel crunches, perhaps. The bag of crunches had enough to cover the whole cake actually, and the photo showed only 2/3 of it. Maybe they did not have a ‘mini’ bag of that and just gave away crunches meant for the cakes in regular sizes.Cutting carefully into the light and fluffy cake I quartered it, exposing the layered sponge cakes. It looked lighter in reality than in the photo but was equally light and sporous. With thick layers of cream in between too. They felt denser and stiffer than what I tasted from Ginger Bakery (which had been whisked really light) and Clover Cake and Coffee (which was much thinner). O was it because I chilled the cake?And finally – I got to taste it. A cake is no good no matter how fancy it looked if it tasted awful. I savored and could taste nothing like cake but the cream and even sweeter crunch. I thought it was the problem with my tastebuds as i quickly sampled a forkful of pure spongecake, but it tasted bland. Like really bland. And I did not mean ‘light’ or ‘healthy’ or ‘sugar-free’ but BLAND. The cake disappointingly tasted as if the chef had forgotten to put sugar or eggs into it. I know Angel’s cake should be made with minimum amount of sugar, no butter but mainly egg white, but there is much difference between a TASTELESS cake and a LIGHT AND FLUFFY cake. There was just no taste in it, not even the slightest hint of sweetness. Or whatever.The stiff cream was also weird as there was a faint hint of…oil that had gone off in it. I could not explain why that was so. It was just WEIRD, tasting stale oil in an Angel’s cake that was supposed to be really light and oil-free. The only thing I like about the cake were the caramel crunches, surely very fresh since they were crunchy, and not TOO sweet, but it was not enough to save the cake. In short, it was a huge disappointment. I do not mean to be offensive, but i really think even the one from Maxims’ was much better than this, not to mention Ginger’s or Clover’s.But I am still glad that i bought and tried it – you never know what’s good without knowing what’s bad. Sadly, this from May’s Cookies was on the ‘bad’ side while the lemonish crunch cake from Ginger was the ‘good’ one.Now i know where I should go for a good slice of Angel’s cake after comparing among different bakerys – Ginger Bakery@Wanchai. Best among what I tried (so far)! 繼續閱讀
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