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The chef is famous for designing special dishes such as strawberry and pomelo sago. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2017-23)
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An exceptionally talented culinary team brings Cantonese food to new heights at the superb Ying. Options for guests include 7 private and 3 semi-private rooms. Enjoy a culinary journey through homestyle delicacies and formal fare. Lively ambiance and a spectacular view make Ying a unique treat.
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11:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
11:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:30
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Visa Master Cash AE
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10% Service Charge
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Signature Dishes
Steamed Bean Curd with Pumpkin and Matsutake Mushrooms Sauce Wagyu Beef with Foie Gras and Red Wine Stir-fried Prawns served with Crispy Rice
Review (30)
Level1 2023-05-02
我們已經是第二次去了,這次先不說菜品,單服務就不應該拿星,那麼高級的餐廳也做起了誤導欺騙消費者的勾當!這次首先落座就有一位瘦瘦的剪短髮的中年服務員上來詢問要什麼茶,我說隨便,有什麼茶,她就遞了茶牌給我,然後就對我說,反正都要收茶位費的,不如一人點一壺,我以為都是一樣收的就說好的,在她介紹下點了一壺最便宜的國色天香,48元,然後把餐牌遞還她了,她問我老公和兒子要什麼茶,茶牌並沒有遞給他們看,我們大家都以為都是要點一壺茶才行的,也是差不多收費,兒子就點了凍頂烏龍,老公點了金駿眉,好傢伙,到買單的時候我眼一大亮,烏龍88元,金駿眉168元,我說你原來幹嘛不說,隔離台怎麽要一壺就可以,她有點怕了,就在哪裡囉囉唆唆解析了一堆沒用的東西,她說我們單點的是用礦泉水沖泡的,一般茶位的茶是用自來水沖泡的,我的媽呀,一般茶位費都要20元一位的,大家可要注意喔!我今晚單單茶位都挨騙了三百多,實在有點氣憤😡,本來都想投訴她了!但不知道是不是這個餐廳的黑暗操作,所以一定要清楚明白的寫出來提醒所有的消費者!不要相信她們推銷茶的鬼把戲,點菜吃飯就好!以後都不會再去!被人當做冤大頭宰的滋味真不好受! continue reading
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Level3 2023-04-18
This was the only Michelin star Chinese restaurant that still has seats available two weeks before our arrival so we decided to give it a try. We thought it might not be very good as it was quite empty when we arrive. However, the quality was unexpectedly amazing and we simply enjoyed every dish. We didn’t order anything fancy but everything we had was delicious..🥂Pan-fried Codfish with Premium Soya Sauce MOP$328Contrary to our expectation, it looked like a steak instead of a fish due to the colour of soya sauce and the skin was quite hard to cut. However, the flesh was silkily smooth even though the skin was very crispy. Seasoning was just right and we even finished all the diced gingers below it.🥂Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Italy Vinegar and Port Wine MOP$388Very interesting to see rice crackers to pair with beef cheek but it was such a great match. The beef cheek was very tender and glutinous that resembled fish maw. The sauce has a little sour in taste but balanced well with the crackers together.🥂Stir-fried Vermicelli with Crab Meat and Egg MOP$188It was fried just right without being soggy. Although it’s a little bland in taste, they gave us three different sauces to elevate its flavour.🥂Poached Vegetables in Tomato and Fish Broth MOP$128Really amazed by this simple dish. It’s rare to see tomato and fish broth to be used in cooking vegetables but the broth here was super flavourful without any fishy taste. We even cleared the last sip of it.🥂Double-boiled Pork Lung with Pholidota MOP$188It’s enough to share between four people and the soup was rich in flavour. It’s just weird that it wasn’t served at the very beginning.After having some exquisite dishes, it’s time for dessert and they were again, beautifully presented..🥂Sweetened Red Date Tea with Snow Clam in Pumpkin MOP$98Thought it would be a weird combination with pumpkin together but turned out it was really good. Not too sweet in taste and felt really good after, such a thing for health rehabilitation. Also the pumpkin was so good that I destroyed it so much in order to take all the pulp out. 🥂Sweetened Almond Tea with Egg White MOP$68My friend got this and I had a sip of it. Loved the subtle and natural taste that’s not so artificial-like.🥂Fried Yogurt (complimentary starter)Our complimentary starter was very appetising. Little sour with crispy exterior, such a cute snack.🥂Petit Four (complimentary dessert)These include sesame, red bean, yuzu and osmanthus in flavour. Nothing special but nice to have them as complimentary.As a Michelin⭐️ restaurant, it definitely lives up to its fame. The staff kindly reminded us to join their membership to receive a 15% off discount which was really a great value after all. Thanks for a lovely evening!Overall rating: 10/10 continue reading
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🥇今次走進了新濠鋒酒店,品嚐了水準一流的米芝蓮一星中菜:帝影樓。這裡主打是傳統粵菜,而菜式設計和賣相亦十分的吸引,各式各樣的粵式點心都顯盡米芝蓮大廚的心思和實力! 🦚當走進餐廳時,第一刻感受非常深刻,餐廳整體的設計顯盡傳統中式紅的設計外,更增添了幾分金黃色的配色,金色的鶴在餐廳裡飛揚,讓餐廳看起來非常華麗。更加吸引的地方是靠近落地玻璃的座位更能欣賞到澳門半島的景色,天色好的時候更加引人入勝呢~ ❤️當然不得不提推薦的菜式是火焰密餞煎頂級韓牛,服務員遞上菜式時還有火焰在韓牛上,牛味十足之餘視覺享受亦極佳~ 第二就是惹味龍蝦騸雞煲,龍蝦與雞的配搭帶出了層次,可以同時體會兩種味道簡直是享受~ 再來是果木伊比利黑豚叉燒,從伊比利的黑豚果然是味道一流,配合果木燒烤後,味道更是令人回味~ 【帝影樓名菜】🦆椰香脆皮妙齡乳鴿🐥惹味龍蝦騸雞煲🦀金桂花蟹肉炒米粉️❄️新鮮天麻涼拌鮮鮑片🤎果木伊比利黑豚叉燒✨家鄉花膠拆魚羹🐟帝影醬皇珍菌骨香龍脷🐮火焰蜜餞煎頂級韓牛🥛桃膠椰皇奶凍( continue reading
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Level1 2021-09-11
餐廳有standard 性價比高風景靚餐廳佈置優雅,符合粵式廣東風格地理環境方便,一下橋就到了酒店停車場餐廳在11樓,很寬敞不會感到擁擠最重要是有一個落地玻璃窗,看得到澳門和橫琴的夜景,呢點我係好喜歡的~我點了八樣菜式本來要點的「XO醬龍脷球」,服務員說賣完了….. 心想天呀~ 沒關係唯有點其他的。1. 花膠拆魚羹2. 清蒸杉斑3. 龍蝦騸雞煲4. 芥末炸蝦球5. 鹿兒島和牛粒6. 果木燒豚肉叉燒7. 濃湯魚肚時蔬8. 帝影樓一品炒飯(有點辣)整體味道偏濃,但煮得幾好食,菜式都很好搭,今晚是慶祝生日的,還有芝士水果蛋糕送👍,下次會想再去試下個早茶,不錯不錯! continue reading
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Level4 2020-07-30
上次提及新濠峰住宿套餐,入住當晚會提供「帝影樓」套餐作為晚餐,終於有機會試下米芝蓮一星餐廳係咩味道。住酒店客人可以房間出來後的升降機落餐廳,如果係平時食飯客人可以係餐廳大樓專用電梯直達到。.⭐️帝影樓至尊套餐(二人)燒味雙拼是日老火例湯老醋軟燜黑蒜牛肉豉汁龍躉蒸豆腐上湯浸時蔬蝦頭醬海鮮炒飯楊枝甘露雙皮奶.燒味雙拼有雞同乳豬,兩款肉質嫩滑,乳豬皮脆卜卜,牛肉粒燜到夠軟,龍躉蒸豆腐可能同其他兩款共同上菜,龍躉肉放涼左少少,令本來唔鐘意魚既我覺得有啲同豆腐唔夾。而海鮮炒飯真心要大贊,每啖食到蝦肉粒蟹肉,炒到粒粒分明,味道亦香口,甜品楊枝甘露雙皮奶,我平時無食過咁既配搭,原來又幾夾,至於餐前及飯後甜點係附送,配搭味道係走特別風格,我印象最深刻係綠色青瓜味啫喱😂。環境服務各方面相當可以,餐點亦算好味,唯獨套餐每款份量夠一人一兩件,味道只能淺嘗,但唔好睇份量精緻,兩個人飽到不得了!.餐廳有主要一片用餐區,仲有幾間私人包廂同半開放包廂,用餐環境相當有feel,基本上用餐區中可以透過落地玻璃窗睇到澳門風景,建議差不多6點半入座,可以將藍天白雲到日落黃昏景色同時收入眼簾,成餐晚餐心情都愉快啲。 continue reading
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