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Each dish reflects the Robuchon philosophy of respect for the original flavor of the ingredients using a classic cooking style. They have wine collection with over 5,000 classic French, Italian, American, Spanish, German and Portuguese labels. continue reading
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珍珠雞配鵝肝 香煎鹿兒島和牛伴紅酒燴幼蔥及薯仔梳乎厘 脆炸軟滑雞蛋配魚子醬及煙三文魚 魚子醬拼盤 鮮蟹肉及蕃茄千層餅伴牛油果 鹽焗法國沙鴨胸伴香滑鵝肝配時令水果香露
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Decided to go to Macau for a walk before the 63th Macau Grand Pix and went during the weekdays to avoid the crowd. Booked a table for two online around 2 weeks in advance and seems to be sufficient in time. They then need to confirm your provisional reservation by filling a form which they will send to your e-mail... if failure to attend or cancellation within 24 hours, it'll cost MOP300 per person and if cancellation within 48hrs will cost MOP200 per person. Quite an easy form to fill really.. just you need to print, fill and scan back to them. Robuchon au Dome is located within the Grand lisboa. Taking the lift to 39th floor, you need to pass through the reception and their wine cellar... the view is just incredible. The hallway is also filled with a middle tone fragrance which is quite mindful.After passing through the wine cellar hallway, there will be a private lift to their 43rd floor dining place. The moment you stepped in, your eyes will just focus on the glamorous chandelier and the famous vintage grand piano. Background music is very important for fine dining and there is a guy, dressed formally, playing some famous songs like concerto and sonatas, trying to engage the mood. There was also 2 birthday songs that he played during that day . But as a pianist, I really think the pace was a bit too fast for an enjoyable and relaxed meal. Bring to our seats, service was superb so far. The bread basket has a good range of bread serving different kinds of customers.There is also a home-made butter trolly: one is salted and the other is non salted. Both taste great and I really like the Italian herb bread... soft yet rich rose mary with a cherry tomato. Before finishing the basket, we finally decided on what to order. We both chosen the 6 course meal, one with 2 wine pairing and the other with 3 wine pairing.First, it's the Amuse-BoucheThis amuse-Bouche does look very colourful and you can see the chef's skills just by seeing the decoration. This dish is basically royale of foie gras as the bottom layer, chicken broth that simmer into clear gel as the middle layer and topped with corn mousseline. Whole thing is quite jelly in texture and you can feel the broth partly merging the corn soup and partly merging the foie gras. Occasionally within the foie gras, you can chew bits of smoked duck breast and that did add abit of journey to your palate.Appetizer 1 - Le Saumon d'Ecosse paired with a French white - 2010 Puligny-Montrachet 1er-CruThe appetizer is the scottish salmon tartar paired with caviar sandwiched by checkered potato. The scottish salmon tartar has a rich mix of tomato sauce and mustard with a background mild smokiness. Caviar, slightly salted, is quite carefully chosen without any burst or damaged roe. The popping feeling amplified the salmon tartar nicely. The montrachet has a good minarality with a thick bready and buttery flavour that goes well with the salmon.  The bready and yeasty palate from the wine also integrate with the potato nicely. Appetizer 2 - Le Coco de Paimpol with German RieslingHow about some more foie Gras with some riesling? It's just my favorite. Sliced foir gras with white paimpol beans is nice.  More sliced Iberico ham making the presentation more consistence is good choice. The strong flavour from foie gras and iberico ham is nicely balanced with the rocket leaf. If there is salad, there should be salad dressing. The three black dot is actually balsamic sauce..... goes well with the leaf... and also goes well with the foir gras. The Green yet fruity aromas from the riesling bring the dish to equilibrium point.  Main course 1 - La Veau and Right bank red The texture of the veal is tender, but considered that it is a veal and had been slow cooked for 36 hours, I will say the texture is still on the chewy side. With less beefy and paired with less tanin red seems to be a good idea theoretically, but the bold licorice, chocolate and blackcoffee hint still slightly override the dish.. Less enjoyable than the appitizer`Main course 2 - Le Canard de Challans with Chateauneuf du papeThere is just so much relation about duck with French cuisine that I must order a duck dish in this restaurant. There seems to be alot of history surround Challans duck and this dish is just fantastic. As you can see, the duck was cooked in perfect pink, extremely tender and extremely juicy. The duck skin won't hinder your chewing experience and topped herbs marinated the duck thoroughly. The sided plum added fruitiness to the palate. Paired with a syrah based wine is also nice. This GSM blend has a pronounce the sweet spice with tanin that blend in with the duck perfectly ... such a perfect marriage. The whole duck experience was splendid especially when they set up a damascus knife for your duck. Normally if you try to cut a duck meat, it is quite hard. With this damascus knife, just one cut and it can reach the bottom and this is how sharp it is.The portion was perfect and the desire for sweets started to crawl. The moment when you lie back and want to enjoy the music with your almost full tummy, you realised that the pianist has gone and background music of some canto pop was playing kind of filled your head with question mark.But anyway, for dessert, you can choose 3-4 items from the dessert trolly.Around 2 types of cheese from the trolly and they paired with typical port wine. Taylor vintage port with cheese is such an iconic pairing. The fresh, creamy and powerful nature with strong raisin  nature, I choose to pair with camenbert and Brie, which ofcus paired with their special crackers. Last but not least, the mignardise trolleyAlso a choice of 3-4 items with coffee or tea as the last course for the meal.At the end when bringing the trolleys, it seems to be slightly overcrowded in waitress and slightly noisy. Each course will be talked through by a waiter or waitress. However, during our 6 courses, we encountered cantonese, mandarine and english explanations which seems to be a bit inconsistent. The food was just too nice that I didn't realise my napkin was out of place. The moment when i realise that the napkin was dropping on the floor, the waitress actually already approaching and offered a new napkin. Reaction was fast and service was remarkable. Time for clearing the plate is good. No rush and do give us the opportunity to cease the eating before clearing each course. Separate utensil was served between meals with new glasses ready for the next course. During the main course, a courtesy effort was made to offer a lid to keep the food warm before my partner return from the lavatory. Although there are still tiny things that can improved to match the 3 star Michelin title, but the overall experience, I would say, is phenomenal. The service, attitude, environment, scent, presentation, taste, pairing, sound, visual and comfort experience were all considered as a whole. All tiny things but huge impression.  continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-07
呢個咁奇幻嘅旅程由早上嘅八點幾開始。因為經常失眠嘅關係,好多時我會日出起身,而奇幻旅程開始嘅呢一日。係八點鐘又瞓咗覺。朋友由八點半開始狂打我部電話。笑説要整部電話比我隻貓。九點八起身覆電話,第一句聽到嘅就係: 我買咗10點半飛,你快啲出門口,港澳碼頭等!呢位朋友由確定我起身開始,就打電話。打去天巢。當然咁出名的米芝蓮星級飯店又點會比您即日訂到枱呢?waiting list 的N 位。上船個刻我打定輸數。無就去食8 啦!由船上到到達我地再打左幾次去,都無枱。。有點灰不過不到黃河心不死,坐的士到新葡京碰運氣,不如上去睇下啦!幸運地收到電話!有枱了!剛好我地已經到樓下了!就這樣,在多個幸運中,我來到了這裡!天巢真真實實係一個天巢,望上去清楚見到天空,天空。是我最愛的天空。位於41 樓,也清楚睇得見澳門塔。你到餐廳嘅中央有現場的鋼琴師為我地演奏。帶着畫家帽的鋼琴家很有禮貌和笑容。選好食物後先出現的就是可愛麵包車麵包款式多達10餘款,配上佢哋自製的純牛油和鹹牛油喜歡就係呢一度嘅麵包好多都係硬包。因為我不吃軟的包啊!午歺時間由12點鐘到兩點半,前菜我點了這個。-Coco de paimpol, slightly smoked foie gras shaving , Iberico , paimpol , beans & ESD mimosa salad . 藝術品的擺佈,底層是均一的豆排列,配上蛋汁,上層是鵝肝片,西班牙火腿,磨菇片,面包片。拼得像花一樣美麗。要將鵝肝醬同西班牙火腿及蘑菇一拼放入口,先可以感受到味道嘅深層次改變!Les Crustaces , shellfish bisque with Crispy shrimp & Espelette pepper 接着呢個海鮮湯配炸蝦丸,海鮮湯都幾濃郁,帶點酒香,炸蝦丸鮮味十足,還要配上如此政治的設計。好吃得很!Le black COD , black cod with Malabar black pepper sauce , bok Chou and coconut foam 主菜,我叫左個同我平時食嘢嘅習慣完全唔同的煎深海鱈魚,事實上近日真係食得太多肉類,反而現在希望追尋一啲簡單的味道,所以喜歡食魚!向來對鱈魚特別喜愛。見到呢一個菜當然一定會選!一件十分之口嘅煎鱈魚,配上帶點濃嘅醬汁以及清新嘅椰子泡沫。一濃一淡帶出與嘅鮮味。極品之作!甜品每人可選兩種,必叫嘅係佢哋嘅王牌拿破崙,無可否認第一次食到拿破崙係如此鬆化,立即要唱謝霆鋒的"年輕得碰着誰亦能像威化般乾脆" ,十分之驚喜,而且毫無油膩感!怪不得這個成了他們的王牌甜品!前邊的那件opera , 十分之香濃細滑。不過我自己就喜歡一些簡單而看似比較奇怪的甜品,我選了這個雲呢拿醬配蛋白,當我點這個甜品是朋友在質疑我。向來簡單就是美!我特別喜歡天空和白雲,所以也喜歡這些輕柔的蛋白質感,配上甜而不膩的雲呢拿醬,兩者於口腔內融合交纏。簡而美。最後還有可愛的糖果車,每一件糖果都精細可愛,全部人工製成,朱古力,法式蛋糕,了結糖,姐哩糖等等應有盡有。我點了一個紅苺macaroon, 法式小蛋糕和rum酒車厘子餅 。三個嘅顏色和大小都配搭得很美!不得不讚下自己。再配上一杯capacinnco, 好可愛啊!說真的macaroon 質感做得好好但是味道有點點怪,法式小蛋糕完美演繹,外硬內軟又煙銀的感覺完全表現無遺。二最欣賞的就是這個Rum酒車里子餅,薄薄的啫喱外層,裏面包住美味的忌廉,中間呢就是有rum 浸過的車厘子。美味!朋友選的咖啡味macaroon, 了結糖和黑加侖子姐你糖。重點我想講的是這個姐你糖,我笑説是能得利。朋友説是想不到的美味。。。。說真的,這個午餐不是如此簡單,當中有許多的奇妙才能帶我到這個提早book 都常full booking 的美麗餐廳。我常常說食嘢都要睇緣份,你估你想食就有呀?幸運地,今天和這裏的完美邂逅。最多謝的是這個記得我說過想去食的朋友,成就這天兩個半小時的美味午餐。 continue reading
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Riding up the lift to the 39th floor at the Grand Lisboa in Macau, I was able to reflect back on the journey that had us about to visit one of the world's great restaurants.We were heading to Macau for the very specific purpose of seeing Russell Peters live in concert, perhaps one of the funniest comedians on the planet at the moment. Our second trip to Macau in twelve months, we didn't need to do the sight seeing thing, our plan was to laugh, relax and lounge by the pool of our hotel. Of course there was never any doubt that we'd be hitting up the best restaurant Macau had to offer.With a string of accolades that very few restaurants can match, we chose the very refined three Michelin starred Robuchon au Dome. Michelin stars are just the beginning for one of Robuchon's top restaurants! Ranked number six restaurant in the world by Elite Traveller's top 100 restaurants; thirty five on the San Pellegrino's top 50 Asian restaurants and the second highest ranked Joel Robuchon restaurant in the La Liste top 1000 restaurants, the French fine diner's a must on any serious foodies list of restaurants to visit.The trip to Macau hadn't started off as I'd have planned. Meeting the girl at the Macau ferry, her first question me was 'where's your camera?'. D'oh, I'd forgotten my camera for what I'd hoped would be a meal for the ages. What would I do? Well, I seriously contemplated buying a new camera, just for the meal. I mean seriously contemplated it. That was, until I saw that the camera I had my eye on was twice the listed price in HK. Luckily the iPhone 6+ camera has improved significantly - while not ideal, it would have to do.Exiting the lift on the top floor of the Grand Lisboa, I cleared my mind of the distraction of forgetting my camera. I had more important things to focus on. First of which was wondering why we'd (again) arrived at a restaurant before opening! With no place to really wait, and over excited security guards that wouldn't let us move outside of the lift well, we had no choice but to wait for the restaurant to open. Thankfully, it was only five minutes until the glass panel door slid silent aside to allow us to enter wonderland.The aptly named Robuchon au Dome sits under the quite spectacular dome that graces the top of the Grand Lisboa hotel - right at the top of the world. As we walked past the full grand piano at the centre of the dome, out to our table, we were able to take in the grandeur of the opulent fixtures of the restaurant. Each of the tables at Robuchon au Dome had the same spectacular views of Macau - right on the edge of the dome - and it was a sight to behold.Our waiter brought over the leather bound menus for us to peruse, but we didn't need to delay, having already decided to check out the Le Menu d’Hiver imaginé par Joël Robuchon - the set tasting menu.Our tasting menu began with our waiter wheeling the bread cart over, running through the various types of bread available for our 'bread basket'. What was most impressive was the cart contained the specially imported hand churned butter that was shaved in front of us with a heated spoon, the soft twirl of the salted butter looking amazing on its plate.Our tasting menu kicked off with an amuse bouche of dark crumble encrusted cream puff and an oatmeal biscuit covered in a red pepper puree. Looking simple and elegant on the plate, the cream puff was my favourite, slightly sweet and oh-so-gooey. Our first course was 'Le Caviar' a beautiful looking dish of Impérial caviar and king crab, sitting at the centre of concentric rings of light cauliflower cream and refreshed with crustacean jelly. It was the second week in a row that I'd been presented with the dish, having experienced the wonder of the dish at Hong Kong's L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon the week before (see post here). The fact that I'd enjoyed the dish the week before didn't diminish my delight at the salty caviar and sweet crab, which was offset by the slightly bitter crustacean jelly. I did think the presentation from L'Atelier was more impressive, the Robuchon au Dome version feeling a little more cramped on a smaller plate.I was super impressed with the presentation and detail in the 'L’Asperge Verte' with the delicate green asparagus slices wrapped around the seasonal vegetable and avocado guacamole. The asparagus was sliced incredibly thinly and wrapped around fresh asparagus tips, pickled onion slices, beetroot and radish. There was a punch from the guacamole that was offset by the cool and refreshing asparagus and the acidity from the pickled vegetables adding complexity. I rarely love vegetarian dishes, but the flavours worked beautifully together for a well balanced dish.The beautiful presentation continued with the 'L’Œuf De Poule' - a crispy egg sat on a parmesan emulsion with shaved black truffle and Iberico ham. While the egg was advertised as being crispy, the yolk inside was warm and gooey, slowly mixing with the creamy parmesan emulsion to form a wonderfully rich sauce. There was crunch from some thin and crispified noodles, adding a very Asian feel to the dish. The noodle had a neutral flavour that didn't really add any value from a flavour profile, but it really wasn't needed for flavour as the egg, parmesan foam and truffle worked so well together. You would think that the lobster dish would be the most luxurious on any menu, and the 'Le Homard' was quite luxurious, the roasted lobster perfectly cooked, but there was a slight imbalance with the dish. A black pepper sauce was a little harsh on the palate and the creamy wasabi dressing didn't really do much to sooth the hit of black pepper. The portion of lobster was generous, with a medallion of the tail and a large claw included in the dish. I was conflicted about the dish, as I had been with the similar langoustine dish from L'Atelier the previous week - just too peppery!We'd raced through our meal and were totally shocked to learn that our mains were on their way. The girl had chosen the 'La Caille Royale', Robuchon's very famous free-range quail with foie gras, mashed potato with truffle and a herb salad. We'd been disappointed with the L'Atelier version from the week before, but the au Dome version was right back up to the pinnacle of food. Not only was it twice the size, but the quail cooked perfectly and the sweet and creamy foie gras marrying with the quail so well, it was ethereal. The mash was not the usual buttery concoction, looking and tasting a little strange with truffle imbued throughout - I think it suffered a bit as a consequence.No such issues with the buttery mash with my main of 'Le Bœuf Kagoshima', the famous Japanese beef rib eye seared to perfection and served with wild asparagus and baby artichoke. The dish came with a virtual Béarnaise sauce, but I'd also asked for a serve of their famous creamy mash, the team only too happy to oblige (and for my request of a separate pot of the mash). Look, the beef was incredible, amazing, delicious and totally ridiculous, but I didn't love the baby artichoke that came with the dish, which I mostly left on the side. Needless to say that I polished off the mash and went looking for more!! Much better than the mash from my previous experience the week before at L'Atelier!We'd asked for a break after our mains, needing to let the ultra rich food that we'd consumed so far settle before finishing the meal with dessert. After a break of around fifteen minutes, we felt prepared to face the first of our many desserts for the night.Our first dessert was a tear drop shaped 'La Mangue Exotique' a dessert of mango passionfruit - essentially a very light mille-feuille. The mango flavoured cream filled dessert was light and while not quite as refreshing as a simple sorbet, was a lovely distraction from the very rich main courses that had only just started to settle. Luckily there was a passionfruit sorbet that accompanied the dish and was really appreciated, it was the most refreshing part of the dessert.It was only a precursor to more sweets than any sane person could consume in a sitting! Robuchon au Dome specialises in a dessert trolley, which was paraded in front of us to consider which three delights we would like next. There were countless cakes and tarts and treats on the cart, way too many to remember, but I did settle for a raspberry and lemon curd tart with toasted meringue, the house specialty vanilla mille-feuille and a mango sphere, all of which were delicious and waaaaay too sweet! By the time I'd finished the plate, I thought I couldn't possibly ever eat anything sweet again!But our night wasn't over just yet, once final cart was pushed in front of us, this time a petite four cart with dozens of little bite sized treats that could quite possibly have come out of the mind of Willy Wonka! Incredibly, 'Pure Imagination' from the Willy Wonka movie was playing on the grand piano - giving us the feeling that we'd followed 'Alice down the rabbit hole'. We were so stuffed that we could only half heartedly attempt to eat a couple of macaroons and marshmallow on a stick for me and a nougat bite and a small lemon tart for the girl.Phew!Our Robuchon au Dome meal had been pretty spectacular, no doubt, but I think we'd not done the meal justice. Visiting L'Atelier and Robuchon au Dome on consecutive weekends was probably a tactical error on my behalf, with the tasting menus being almost identical with their ingredients, and in some cases the cooking and presentation. I'll never do that again, I think the optimal time between visits would be six months!Service was faultless, as was the setting and although the food was also close to faultless, there were a couple of little issues that possibly had more to do with our pallets than the cooking itself. The harsh pepper with the lobster left the dish out of balance and I didn't love the baby artichoke, the flavour just not working with the beef for me. If you're in Macau, then a trip to the top of the Grand Lisboa to Robuchon au Dome is a must - just don't follow my example of visiting a week after a trip to L'Atelier!@FoodMeUpScottyThe salted butter was just incredibleSo much bread!Yep, I did fill up on bread - again!Such a beautiful looking dishArt on a plateGenerous serving sizes - meant that we were very full! Unbelievably tender beefPetite four - straight out of Willy WonkaThe girl's haulJust the right mood lightingThe grand piano played show tunes all night! Opulence personifiedNow that's a chandelier Robuchon au Dome has one of the most impressive wine lists in all of AsiaViews to die for continue reading
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專程帶男朋友由香港黎食個生日午餐不過預約都要提早兩星期左右。如果想星期五六日黎就要更早預約定啦!由於香港致電澳門電話要收費所以選擇左上新萄京既官網訂座。佢地每晚都會有人回覆吾算麻煩。然後要填好一張form再send番比佢要填寫信用卡資料。因為如果兩日內冇取消booking而又冇出現佢都會係信用卡扣取200-300作為訂金。餐廳位於新萄京43樓。要先到39樓走過通道再轉lift直達餐廳。一開電梯門已經有服務生問候招待及帶位。外面既光線照入餐廳非常舒服。不過我地當日坐既位置吾係好好。望出去只見到大廈既煙通不停噴煙望吾到澳門既全景。有點可惜🙁一坐低服務員會先問你需要咩飲品。由於我地兩個都吾飲酒所以只點了兩杯暖水。服務員會推牛油車到枱旁再分牛油給每枱客人。一款係有鹽另一款係無鹽。而麵包種類亦頗多。相信好難試得哂咁多隻個人比較喜歡當中既芝士包。所以叫作refill左一次..但其實你鐘意所有麵包都可以不停refill。餐牌比一年前黎既時候大部分菜色都吾同左。我地兩個都揀哂頭盤同湯。其中一個要左兩個主菜。 所有餐都配有開胃菜。依個粟米湯伴棉花球及煙燻鴨胸。粟米味好濃郁。棉花糖入口已經融化只帶有少少甜味。正好同帶點咸既煙燻鴨胸有個對比。 我選既頭盤係脆炸煮蛋配忌廉菠菜及芝士忌廉汁。一切開蛋黃已經湧哂出黎。 再加上外面脆炸過既蛋粉。口感吾錯。鐘意食流心蛋既人不防一試。 男朋友點左生油甘魚薄片伴海膽及香酥鬆餅。賣相特別。男朋友話佢依個既用料比我既頭盤更值錢不過由於我吾食魚生所以冇試到佢果個 慢慢食完個頭盤等左5-10mins左右湯就送上。服務員會先上一隻空碗再係你面前張湯倒到碗中。法式海鮮濃湯佐香脆蝦。好鐘意飲d夠熱既湯👍🏻仲有新鮮既龍蝦肉。不過我男朋友果碗有4-5粒我果碗只有1粒😐除左海鮮味仲帶左少少辣既味道。不過吾食得辣既都會接受到 第一個主菜。緬英龍蝦意粉拌海鮮風味醬汁(需另外附加$90)。可能因為剛飲完個味道偏濃既海鮮湯,感覺依道菜既味道偏淡。不過淨係見到d龍蝦肉都明白點解要加$90。 另外一個主菜係日本和牛及香煎鵝肝迷你漢堡伴焦糖燒燈籠椒及薯仔梳孚厘。依道菜亦係需要另加$90。最初會以為漢堡份量太細男朋友會吾夠飽。但佢食左一個已經有種飽濟感。因為和牛同鵝肝都會令人有種好溜既感覺。所以吾洗擔心食完會吾夠。我只係試左一小片和牛已經食到好強烈既鵝肝味道。 而我就點左香烤鱈魚配伊比利風味蘿勒蔬菜湯。口感比較清新。不過佢面頭果塊皮只食到有粉味又吸收吾到蔬菜湯個味道。個人吾太喜歡所以冇再食到。魚肉好滑份量都岩岩好食得哂。食完個主菜吾經吾覺原來我地都已經食左兩個半小時。 服務員準備上甜品前就將生日蛋糕送上先😳大家如果想要寫特別既字係隻碟度都可以係預約時候講左先。餐廳就會送番個免費既拿破侖做生日蛋糕。我地好好彩果陣咁岩有琴師演奏緊。所以蛋糕送上既時候仲伴隨住現場演奏既生日歌。不過冇人生日都吾緊要。服務員會推架甜品車係你面前比你隨意揀。當中亦包括拿破侖。對上一次黎既時候有限定每人揀兩款。不過今日又冇。只要你想又認為食得落既都可以點☺️ 服務員會將生日蛋糕分好我就揀左個咖啡泡芙同檸檬撻。本身想試埋個蘋果撻但實在覺得太飽食吾落😂檸檬撻味道清新又吾會太酸👍🏻咖啡泡芙亦相當好味👍🏻外皮吾會過淋而且咖啡味都好出 男朋友就揀左朱古力撻同opera蛋糕。朱古力撻撻底佔得較少朱古力比例較多所以有種溜既感覺。但鐘意朱古力既朋友絕對岩食😬除左甜品車既甜品外仲有雪糕可以揀。當中比較特別既係栗子味。我地就分別叫左朱古力味同香草味。香草味睇到成個雪糕都有好多雲尼拿籽。食落特別香滑。食完甜品慢慢飲埋杯餐茶。服務員又會推另一架車出黎比客人揀一d小曲奇同朱古力糖果。全餐飯食左3個半小時。亦會有服務員歡送你到電梯口離開。好滿足地完結😊順帶一提。依度既服務員態度好好。保持親切既笑容。係你用餐既時候又會稍為行得開d。到你有任何需要都會即時行埋黎。要係香港食到d有咁既服務水準既餐廳確係幾難🤔下次有機會絕對會再黎👍🏻 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2016-02-19
第二次来澳门Rubuchon,依度环境真系唔错,首先餐具特别讲究,刀叉都系christoflo,杯系水晶,非常讲究。 我地点左3 courses lunch set。先来面包,种类好多,听到隔离台问食唔完可唔可以带走,waitress回应话要保持食物系最好的状态俾客人享用,如果带翻去就保持唔到质素,所以婉拒左。 之后系送的玉米汤 ,味道清新 前菜我点左长脚蟹沙律,沙律来说味道算ok 主菜我捡左vegetarian option 的rissoto, 味道好惊艳,系我食过做好的Rissoto,黑色的系紫菜丝,送饭食好好味 之后就系甜品车,次次都系想每样都试,但系你只可以选2样。我要左lemon tart同栗子雪糕,lemon tart酸甜适中,但栗子雪糕就没乜栗子味。 最后petite four你可以捡3样,花多眼乱,哈哈 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)