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To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Food and Health Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has launched the "League of RSS-friendly Restaurants" ("League"). Restaurants participated in the League will offer less-salt-and-sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the League Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here, https://www.fhb.gov.hk/en/our_work/feh/rssf.html

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The restaurant specialises in traditional Cantonese cuisine. Executive chef Siu Hin Chi is highly experienced and skillful in his cooking. Recommended dishes include stir-fried sliced lobster with onions, steamed egg white with king prawn, and pan-fried crab claw filled with shrimp paste. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2018), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2019-20)
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11:30 - 15:00
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Level5 2020-01-01
This Michelin 2-star Chinese restaurant is located in Central, headed by the famous Chef Siu, who came from T'ang Court, then to Duddell's, before coming here, bringing fresh ingredients with traditional Chinese culinary techniques to guests. On the ground floor there is a bar area, featuring a nice range of wines and other liquors. We were shown to the upper floor which is the main dining area, and tonight the restaurant was not particularly busy so we did enjoy a quiet corner for our dinner.The decor is modern, with a nice ambiance highlighting a premium yet comfortable environment. There are some emerald green plates and chopsticks stand which kind of remind me a bit of Yan Toh Heen, though to a much lesser degree in extravagance. The staff are all very friendly and attentive, coming to introduce the menu, each course along with the wine throughout the whole meal.We decided to order the Tasting Menu ($1980 each) to sample more dishes, with wine pairing ($600) for me as well. Before the first course an Amuse Bouche was served, including two small pieces of dried tofu soaked in a nice broth, as well as Chinese style pork terrine. I like the latter more as the gelatin and meat was so rich in flavors and even without dipping any vinegar. A nice starter.The first course was Chilled Sliced Sea Whelk with Jelly Fish and Caviar, along with Wok-fried Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Beef with Scallion and Soy Sauce. Very beautifully plated, the sea whelk is tender, delicate yet flavorful, and the caviar provided a bit of savory to enhance the overall enjoyment. The jelly fish is very crunchy, seasoned well with sesame oil but not overly so. But the beef is the true wonder in this dish. So intense on taste, I found the scallion having a magical effect to showcase the beef flavors as well as the soy sauce. The meat itself is very tender too. The wine paired is Mas de Daumas Gassac Blanc 2016 from Languedoc, and I like the matching also. A great dish.The second course was Baked Lobster with Cheese and Garlic. The two halves are the lobster tail was coated with some cheese and garlic, and I like the chef did it with the right proportion, making the feature still on the lobster and not on the cheese. The lobster was very fresh, with delicate taste yet one can tell the quality with the firm texture of the flesh. The garlic also helped to enrich the whole flavors without overpowering the finesse of the lobster. Very nice indeed.The third course was Steamed Garoupa with Egg White and Hua Diao. When the cover was lifted we already could smell the nice hua diao aromas, and the egg white certainly was silky smooth and soft, complementary to the equally soft garoupa fillet, steamed to perfection with the flesh not 'over-cooked'. A very delicate dish that in my opinion a true test to the ability of the chef to control the temperature and steaming time, the quality definitely for a great chef for Cantonese cuisine.The fourth course was Braised South African Abalone with Pork Belly and Vegetable in Oyster Sauce. The size of the abalone was fairly large, and I guess had been braised for a long while to make it so soft that the knife can cut clean through easily. Very rich in the abalone taste and also absorbing the oyster sauce really makes this a dish from heaven. I also like the pork belly a lot. It is not fat at all and equally tender, and while taking on the oyster sauce still retained the nice pork flavors. While I would still rate Forum as the best abalone I had experienced, this dish is among the very good ones I tried. The wine paired was Stags' Leap Chardonnay 2017 from Napa Valley, a nice match with both the abalone and pork belly.The fifth course was Poached Fish Maw with Wolfberry in Chicken Broth. The fish maw was very nicely done, very tender and giving a rewarding and satisfying bite with sufficient thickness. The young kale was also of great quality, without any fibrous chew to show how tender they are. But overall the biggest highlight is the chicken broth. So rich and concentrated, the broth clearly reminded me of the homemade broth in which my mother would put a lot of ingredients to prepare a thick and rich soup like this one, with every ounce of essence tasted. It was so good that I cannot help but to finish the whole broth with a spoon.The sixth course was Fried Rice with Barbecue Pork, Roasted Duck, Shrimp, Crispy Conpoy and Vegetables. Honestly this one was my favorite in the evening, and I don't think I had a fried rice better than this one. With plenty of ingredients, all the different components sort of complement each other, no matter in taste, texture, or colour. Each rice is distinct and individual, creating a harmony in the bowl that I almost tempted to ask for another serving. A must-try in my opinion.Finally it was the Ying Jee Dessert, including Double-boiled Imperial Bird's Nest with Almond Juice, Lotus Seed Paste Puff with Tender Ginger and Preserved Egg, and Glutinous Dumpling with Mango, Egg Custard and Coconut. Unfortunately for dessert I did have a recommendation. I am not sure why but there are simply too much bird's nest added in the almond juice, so very soon the whole dessert became a thick gelatin. With the bird's nest not having taste on its own, the almond note is diluted disproportionately, making it bland and tasteless. It might seem generous and luxurious, but I would rather have less bird's nest in this case. The other two desserts are good but could not rescue the shortfall on the main feature in this course. The wine paired was Szepsy Szamorodni 2013 from Tokaji.My wife told me throughout the meal that she thought one of the staff was familiar. And at the end of the dinner when we chatted a bit we found he also came from T'ang Court, and probably had served us when we were a more frequent customer many years ago. We exchanged cards and I think I would like to visit again to try some other dishes and also the dim sum during lunch. The bill was $5,100 and considering all the elements I would say this is worth the price. continue reading
Level4 2019-12-31
這天一行三人,點了:致營脆香三薈: 千絲酥、荔茸酥和燒餅都香脆不油膩。 鵝肝燒鴨千絲酥:味道好,但吃不到鵝肝 的味道。 黑魚子帶子荔茸酥:味道不錯,帶子爽彈 麻香蟹肉焗燒餅:味道較淡,麻香不足。燒賣:用料新鮮,爽口彈牙。帶子餃:帶子很大隻,味道好。香蔥黑椒牛柳脆春卷:第一次食内饀是牛柳的春卷,皮脆不油膩,香蔥和黑椒牛柳味道很相配,好味道。韮黃鮮蝦帶子腸:蝦和帶子質感佳,味道好,但腸粉皮不夠爽口。豬腳仔:大推,皮爽肉軟味道佳。鴿肉生菜包:炒鴿肉上桌時香氣撲鼻,吃時反而沒那麼香,炒鴿肉中有很多脆脆,用脆嫩的生菜包著吃,口感很好,味道反而一般。糯米飯:好吃不油膩,但份量較少。柚子椰汁糕:上層黃色的有柚子蜜的味道,好吃,下層白色的椰汁味不足,不夠香濃,另兩層的味道不夾,分開食較好。口味方面,我覺得這店食物用料很好,食物味道大致上也很好。環境方面,我覺得也不錯,坐得舒服。服務方面,侍應不時為客人添茶,態度有禮。這店對我來說,唯一的缺點就是貴了一點。 continue reading
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Quick lunch with a friend on New Year's Eve, ordered a dim sum starter, a braised tofu dish and wonton vermicelli pot, plus two bowls of the mushroom double boiled soup.  Must say the dishes were all made with care and beautifully presented, tasted great and executed with precision.  Taken individually the food was all top notch, but as a whole lunch it was spoiled by too much soup. continue reading
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難得老板請食飯,同事福利組組長訂了2星米芝蓮飯店。第一次吃到味道近乎完美的珊瑚芙蓉蝦球皇 --- 原隻大蝦「片」成一朵花,伴在鮮味的蟹膏和細滑的蛋白上,感覺真不能用我所認識的文字來形容。「脆香貴妃鷄」未端上桌已經聞到香味,皮脆但不油膩,雞胸滑且肉汁豐富。聽說是營致會館的名菜之一。「香蔥頭抽爆鹿兒島 A4和牛」入口溶化,卻又不失牛味,亦未被生抽味道蓋過。最後是「魚湯米線」,湯㡳鮮甜,暖暖的,為這一邨劃上完美句號。 超級大推薦! continue reading
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Level3 2019-09-29
今次輪到營致會館啦一行三人叫咗蝦餃,燒賣,叉燒腸粉,豬腳仔,叉燒包,石榴餃,菜餃,春卷,蛋白杏仁茶。啲嘢好好食呀,最鐘意係豬腳仔,啲肉好滑又去咗骨,最啱我呢啲冇骨氣嘅人。而蛋白杏仁茶都做得好,冇杏仁精味,正👍🏻 continue reading
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