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At Yè Shanghai, chefs recreate the tastes of the celebrated classic dishes. Every dish is prepared with a touch of innovation for your pleasure as you dine in the intimate setting inspired by the chic era of old Shanghai. Diverse cooking techniques emphasize braising, roasting, quick-frying and steaming to create dishes that are balanced in flavour. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-2017), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2012-13)
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Mon.-Sun.: 11:30-15:00,18:00-23:30
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Review (131)
Level2 2017-04-12
Don't want to read the long post?Quick summary:Food:  Dim sum was good, the appetizers was also great but certain specialty pricey items were sub par.Pricing:  Pricing was fair given the reputation, location and environment. I would go as far as to say it was on the cheap end considering it's peersEnvironment: A bit loud but overall very comfortable. Service was amazing, tables were spacious and i would say a very economical fine dining experienceAfter a bit of shopping at Harbour City after work, We decided to go here (Ye shanghai - 夜上海) for dinner. We are quite particular about the Dining selection. There wasn't anything that we were in the mood for but our usual spots include Al Molo (Italian) and BLT Steak, both on the waterfront closest to the Star Ferry entrance to the mall. Anyways i digress, We had stumbled upon this gem out of desperation as there were no other choices with walk-ins at the time and I'm glad we did. In general, Ye Shanghai offers an above average food product with a superior dining experience.Food: There are a number of great dishes that we have tried over the course of 2 meals but a the same time, there are a few that are one and dones that left us with a lot of disappointment. Items that i would recommend are the Drunken Chicken, the Xiao Long Bao and Pan fried dumpling equivalent (Wor Tip. Yes these are generic shanghainese dishes that you can find everywhere but in my opinion it's these little common dishes that really separate the leaders from the pack. On the contrary,  a few of the pricier dishes that we have tried turned out to be very sub par in comparison to the rest of the other options. There are 2 that stand out, the "Dragon Whisker Freshwater fish" and the Sea Cucumber. For the "Dragon Whisker freshwater  fish" dish, i'm not sure how to write this in chinese but it's a freshwater fish that's cut into tiny strips and fried then served looking like a clump of noodles. Don't get me wrong, it's a great dish when cooked right but the quality of fish just wasn't there for this particular dish. Taste was decent but it was the quality of fish that was disappointing. The dish itself was 320 I believe which was surprisingly cheap as this dish usually runs you up about 5-600. Pricing: As mentioned before, I believe the pricing is actually very fair given the location (Maro Polo Hotel) and the environment + service. Even the pricier options were not that pricey in comparison to similar restaurants of this reputation. While there were no real expensive items, ordering many appetizers and dim sum options will run you up quite a tab without seeing it coming. If i remember correctly, Xiao Long Bao were 60 for 4 pieces, same with the pan fried alternative and other appetizers were about 50-100 dollars a plate which included things like the Drunken chicken etc. Environment: I would say this is the biggest selling point of Ye Shanghai. The restaurant is set up very nicely with beautiful decorations. Tables were very conservatively spaced with lots of room between each, and the overall decor was very clean and organized. The employees were very well trained with most roles being sub-delegated nicely, aka certain individuals would only be in charge of refilling tea, changing plates and other "captains" or managers were strictly in charge of orders and other issues. It's rare you see this nowadays in any less than superstar asian restaurants so that was  a nice change. Overall, i was and am impressed with this establishment as a whole. There are obvious and what seems like a clear issue with the higher end dishes maybe due to the rarity of them being ordered, or just the quality can't be kept when those ones are ordered; but the dim sum and appetizer options are very well prepared. The decor and location is amazing and really makes you feel like you're in a restaurant that is worth the money. I would recommend this venue for people who would like to spend a bit more, but honestly not much more than other, average or slightly above average Shanghainese restaurants such as Ding Tai Fung.  continue reading
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Level1 2017-03-05
我们几个朋友经常在这家吃是因为正中上海味道。可最近去了一次有些失望。改动了甜品餐牌。叫了一个拿破仑、难吃、沾喉咙。给商家的建议是保持原有的,不要改道。想吃西餐一定不会来夜上海。就算来到这里要吃西餐,你们如此招待甜品,下次连吃上海菜都不敢来了。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-12-11
媽咪生日嚟咗呢間慶祝,之前食過都幾好食,嗌咗兩個單人餐另外再省嗌,隻蟹好新鮮,酸辣湯又夠辣,估唔到甜品會係西式,勁好味道👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼,我係好鍾意食黑醋木耳,但佢超酸😕,都係小南國個芥辣木耳最正。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-12-04
Ye Shanghai has two outlets in HK this one and one in Pacific Place. Both have literally identical food, but this one carries a Michelin star. Does it deserve the star? In my view clearly not.We went for lunch on Sunday and could get a table without waiting. The restaurant is large and has a nice decor featuring dark wood.As starter we had chicken with bean jelly in peanut sauce (55 HKD) - one of their signature dishes. Good sauce, but the texture of the bean jelly was much softer then usually in this dish which we didn't like, also I prefer this dish with more cucumber. Overall the weakest version of this Shanghai classic I have seen in a while.As first main dish we had stir fried river shrimp (168 HK). Decent dish, but not better or worse than in any other Shanghal restaurant.Second main dish sautéed string beans with bamboo shoots (HKD 148!!!). Very bland, but the addition of bamboo is a nice element.Finally steamed pork belly wrapped in fragrant leave (HKD 30 a piece). Basically a singe cube of hong shao rou wrapped in a leave, came with a mini bun on top. Relatively lean for pork belly and therefore not "melt in your mouth", but with good flavor.Overall decent food, but nothing that seems to justify a Michelin star as you get the same (or better) quality at most Shanghai restaurants in HK (including the non-stared sister restaurant in PP).Service was friendly, fast and attentive. continue reading
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Level4 2016-11-24
Shanghainese cuisine is one of my favourite types of Chinese cuisines. For this year birthday, I decided to spend my family dinner at Ye Shanghai – a Michelin one-starred restaurant of 2016, where unsurprisingly offers a traditional yet modern Shanghainese fare. The branch we visit is located within Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong at Tsim Sha Tsui, which is seen better than the other branch at Pacific Place in terms of quality. We order some cold starters from the a la carte menu, starting with a smoked whole yellow fish, very silky and full of flavor; and a crispy bean curd roll filled with mushroom strips. Some signatures are Peking duck with steaming hot pancakes and braised beef ribs in brown sauce, which is extremely tender. The remaining duck meat is sauteed with green onions and served with crunchy sesame pocket, while my favourite is a single-serving pork belly cooked in a sweet soy-based thick sauce, along with a piece of fluffy slider bun. Technically a must-have, the steamed pork dumpling is perfectly excelled with a soupy filling. For desserts, they serve a cross between typical Shanghainese and Western menu, where we absolutely fond of the beautifully plated mango sago pudding with sorbet and coconut cream, as well as the pineapple yuzu mousse with a scoop of homemade jasmine tea ice cream. They are so impressive! continue reading
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